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Ling Qi stared at Qing Xi with a very bad look. "Didn't you hear what he just said?"? He will not help the evil emperor. "What he thinks may not be taken seriously. Even if he thinks like this now, it doesn't mean that he will think like this in the future. We can't take risks." As soon as Ling Qi heard this, he became angry. Some people are often like this. They stick a sign of a messenger of justice on themselves. Then what he says must be what he says. Ling Qi has met many such scum before. As a result, she shot them one by one and shot them in the head. Although Qing Xi didn't do anything, his brain was stubborn. At that moment, she didn't have a good tone. She said, "He can't choose to be born, but he can definitely choose his own way in the future. Don't push people too much." Qing Xi frowned, saying that at this point, he either retreated or fought, there was no choice, but the woman's cold and aloof made him reluctant to part with her. But at the thought of the disaster that the evil emperor with four evil sons would bring to the world, Qingxi could no longer care about it. Destiny is hard to disobey. Just after he said those four words, Qing Xi obviously felt that Ling Qi's momentum had a steep increase, and she was shocked. How could she still have the strength to improve? She almost didn't cry out when she saw it. She actually broke through at this critical moment. Although I don't know what strength she has, and her strength is extremely strange, but in this case, it is estimated that she is the only one who can break through in the world. Yan crazy is also very surprised, he never thought a few days ago the strength of the rising Lingqi, today in this case actually broke through, is really exaggerated,artificial plant wall panels, but he likes, is not it? Ling Qi only felt a shock all over her body, and the strength in her body was once again pure. The feeling was full and burning, with a very powerful force condensed in her physical strength, and the black awn emitted by her body was all withdrawn from her body at that moment, but in the next moment it was extremely frightening to surge out to form a human form, black clothes and red eyes, curved sickle cold. At this time,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, the human form is not an indifferent shadow, but can clearly make people feel that he is the existence of the entity, and from his body emitting a more terrible pressure, the six people who are still fighting also stopped in horror. Mo Qiong's mouth opens the eldest brother: "Will not, this woman is so fierce, who is the person behind her?" Mo Sang shook his head, he had never seen this shape of "people", even the well-informed Qingxi did not know how to explain this situation, there are people or gods in the world can live in the human body? Strength is completely enriched in the body, Ling Qi opened his eyes, originally cold eyes now have no temperature, as if only one look will fall into the dark eyes. Ling Qi hooked her lips and smiled, looking more like a God who looked at the world coldly. She looked at Qing Xi and said, "It seems that even the sky won't help you." As soon as the plain hand raises, Faux cherry blossom tree ,faux ficus tree, that white clothes delimits a beautiful arc in the air, above the single hand unexpectedly had a group of black red flames, enchanting uninhibited is burning above her hand. Mo Qiong suddenly shivered, which was the natural sensitivity of the evil son to the dark power. The absolute oppression of the king, Mo Sang shocked eyes can no longer help the praise of Ling Qi, in addition to the evil emperor, she is the most dark talent he has ever seen. Qing Xi tried to calm down the shock in his heart and said to Ling Qi with a gentle face, "What kind of power is this?" "You thought I would tell you," said Ling Qi with a sarcastic look. (Author: She doesn't know.). Ling Qi: Damn, why did you tear me down? Believe it or not, I will ask my subordinates to surround you. Author: You cow, your skirt under the minister is not I reward you. Ling Qi:.. Ha-ha, pure entertainment. Drift away..) Mo Qiong looked at Ling Qi with a worshipful face and shook his hands exaggeratedly: "God, I really admire you so much." Thunder was furious and immediately jumped out and shouted, "How can you be such a woman who doesn't know what's good or bad? If your strength rises too fast, you will die easily. Do you know that?" "I think you're jealous," interrupted Moqiong. Three black lines were pulled down from the top of Ling Qi's head. She glanced at Qing Xi and Mo Sang and said, "If you want to fight, fight. Don't waste my time like a woman.". ” Mo Qiong immediately wailed: "No, but I am helping people ah, really do not know good people, hum." Several people looked at each other in the air, and for a moment the atmosphere was particularly depressing. What Lin Lanxing and others looked at from the bottom was soul-stirring. King Yehuan nagged more than once: "Can you tell the castellan not to be so scary?" Xie Qiu: "The castellan is really awesome. I admire him very much." Lin Lanxing: "I was almost scared to death, this little girl is not a worry." That being said, the pride on his face was clear to everyone. Qingxi's always gentle face finally showed a touch of color, today such an opportunity will not be missed again. As soon as his momentum shook, thunder, wind, far, and lack all took the hint that they would raise their strength to the extreme, and today they must fight to the end. In other words, July 1st came back on another chapter, now not only the body is tired, the spirit is also tired, oh, but for the pro, it's worth it! [58] Chapter 57 The Real Beginning Text & # 32; Chapter 57 & # 32; The Real Beginning & # 32; & # 32; & # 33; & # 33; Everyone is watching the war with their necks up. Maybe the world will be turned upside down from today, but so what? For the God in their hearts, even if the sky falls, they will still cheer. Qing Xi looked at Ling Qi gently, and the momentum of his whole body was frightening: "Have you thought it over?"? You're not alone. Behind you, there are the old and young scholars of Beiqiu, and it is still too late for you to leave now. He didn't say anything, but he believed that she would understand the meaning if she was smart, but he also knew that once a stubborn and arrogant woman like her had identified one thing in her heart, it would be all the way to the end. Sure enough, Ling Qi drew a beautiful arc on his lips and sneered at Qing Xi and the men who claimed to be gods: "Although I am not a good man,silk olive tree, I will never go against my heart. My heart tells me that Yan Kuang is a friend. So today, unless you can destroy my form and spirit, I will not let you go." 。
Police aunt, right? You're gonna catch the killer, aren't you? My mother promised me yesterday that she would cook sweet and sour spareribs for me today, but she died with blood all over her body and was cut in half. I want my mother back. Heart-wrenching crying is contagious, causing other unknown children to cry and howl in the streets. Wen Pin immediately hid behind Feng Ji, and Min Min turned around and wanted to go. Lily of the valley was at a loss to be held by the child's calf, for a moment I do not know what to do. Listen to the tone of the child, it may be the parasite that killed her mother, it may be the player, the child cried bitterly, the surrounding crowd wailed, even NPC, also affected their emotions. Soon, the child's grandmother ran over and took the man away. But the child held out her hand to Lily of the Valley, as if hoping that Lily of the Valley would satisfy her little wish. I understand what Yang Ming meant when he called us here. Today's police station has become a gathering place for all the victims in T City. He brought Lily of the Valley here and asked: Why did you make a bloody storm when you said you were here to defend T City? "He who does not know is fearless." When Bonggil noticed a shrinking head in the corner, he quickly grabbed the man. But Yang Ming is more angry than them. Aren't you the messengers of the other world who defend the peace of T City? "But do you know that because of your arrival, our peaceful city has become miserable!" You brought the flying saucer, didn't you! We only survived if a meteorite had landed in T city. What did you do? Do you know? How many people died in my city? According to incomplete statistics, 102 people have died as of today's time point. As many as 56 houses were damaged,outdoor ficus tree, and hundreds of people were rescued in the hospital. Is this the result of your protection? Don't tell jokes, what to protect, you are actually here to destroy it! He bared his teeth and brandished his claws to vent all his anger, but his limbs were restrained and he could do nothing. Lily of the valley looked straight ahead and said, "All kinds of battles from ancient times to the present are not accompanied by consumption. Ancient wars consume the most human lives and military provisions, so there is an ancient saying that people are as cheap as grass.". Now, the city of T has avoided a disaster. Only a few buildings and a few people were injured. Slow words,faux ficus tree, once again drew Yang Ming's anger, "what your credit, that is T city with Buddha light." "Huh?"? T city has its own Buddha light? Minmin said in disgust, "Can you use your brain before you speak? Do you think T City is Buddha's own son, but also Buddha's light? Think with your pig brain, how can there be such a coincidence in the world?"? In our opinion, you have to thank us, at least we have minimized the loss, you have to be grateful, if we did not come, your city would have been ruled by aliens. You won't stand in front of him and scold him. Minmin scolded full of gas, Wen Pin calmly shook his head, "What's the use of shouting so loudly?"? When they didn't realize that the crisis was just around the corner, artificial grass panels ,decorative palm trees, the ancients with stiff mouths would not believe it. Yang Ming does not believe that compared with the one-sided words of these ferocious'aliens', it is obvious that the experts of the same race with pictures and'truth 'are more reliable. And what injuries are you talking about? Someone is dead! It's not hurt at all. It's dead. I knew you didn't know. Give me back my phone quickly. "Those people were not killed by meteorites or flying saucers, they were killed after being parasitized by aliens." "Aliens?"? Where's your evidence? You want me to believe, you show me the evidence. There is no evidence, and even if there is evidence, he will not believe it. When a person is loyal to something, he will not be easily changed. Four people turned a blind eye to his clamor, "whether you believe it or not, anyway, the next day before we leave, you have to live with us." Yang Ming's chin almost dropped. "Let go of me!" Chapter 49 exclusive publication in Jinjiang. The drizzle fell from the dark sky, just like Yang Ming's mood at the moment. He was inhumanely gagged and clasped on his limbs. When he saw a policeman passing by, he called for help, but the man, who looked like a man, explained, "Why did you tie him up?"? Because after he was hit in the brain by a meteorite fragment yesterday, he became particularly ferocious and bit several people. We are afraid that he will hurt innocent people, so now we need to send him to treatment. Thank you for your kindness. We don't need help. We have a car. A stretched Rolls-Royce arrived. Yang Ming:! Does anyone believe this nonsense? But after seeing the luxury car and the four'sincere 'expressions, the police really believed it! The police is relieved to go, Yang Ming cries in the heart, this group of aliens is really terrible! He is reckless, but he will choose to be reckless rather than hurt his family and friends. Yang Ming thought he was going to die, but what happened? When he was put on the seat, no one cared about him! He listened to the female leader'mastermind 'to the exclusive car housekeeper said this also buy that also buy, but also buy labor and materials, to help the'disaster area' construction, the whole person is confused. It turns out that they are not here to defend the peace of T City, they are here to help the poor! No wonder the first stop is to go to the pawnshop to change money, and now the money has run out to change again. On the way to the start of a new round of money-changing journey, Wen Pin, who will not take the initiative to express his opinions most of the time, unexpectedly opens his mouth. To be honest, I don't want to be led by the nose at all. Why do we have to do the search when they do the blockade work? A team that exists in name only, where should we pay attention to tacit understanding? Yesterday, when we were in danger, we didn't see them hum. Today, when we know what they have done, do we have to do the next thing? There is no time limit for this copy. What we are fighting for is patience. We can eat and drink with them. It's better than being silly as a chess piece in their layout. Min Min unexpectedly looked at Wen Pin, "also said that your brain is not good, now is not very good?"? You are not in a hurry, because you are reluctant to give up delicious food and five-star hotels, anyway,silk cherry blossom tree, the money is not yours, but this time I agree, let's fight with the rat in the trench. 。
Vortex, surrounded by Yue Fan in the center. The arrangement of these soldiers seems to be scattered, but their actions are surprisingly consistent, and every movement seems to pass by. After tens of millions of rehearsals, there was no deviation, and there was no sense of confusion. Surrounded by a dangerous array of soldiers, Yue Fan did not take it to heart at all, but took a step forward. On-On-On- " Thick foot orchid corpse sound, as if stepping on people's hearts. Suffering, throbbing pain, but can not be peaceful. Caress. Every time Yue Fan takes a step, the murderous look on his body will become thicker. As long as the soldiers around are a little closer, they all There will be a feeling of suffocation. Endless fear will make people collapse, and the only way is to resist, desperately resist! "Kill-" As soon as the battle array moves, the fierce attack is overwhelming! Pull one and move the whole body, this is the power of the battle array, with the smallest force, in exchange for the most powerful attack! "Block-Block-" "Pu-Pu-Pu-" "Peng-" Weapons plus body, one after another fell, but Yue Fan's pace still did not stop, step by step. As if forever It won't stop. Fuck off "Roll, roll-" A roar full of hatred filled this piece of heaven and earth, for a while, the air surges, the wind and clouds turn pale! Then, Yue Fan within three Zhangs, give birth to an invisible is cover, any soldier once touch, immediately by this fear. The power of terror erodes one. "Ah-" "Peng-" "Peng-Peng-Peng-" The soldiers in the battle array fell one after another, screaming from Geng Li! They die in pain, seven orifices stay. Blood,PET bottle Mold, if someone went up to check the body at this time, it would appear that the soldiers' bodies were already in a mess. Chaos, viscera, meridians and bones, all shattered! In this way, without any skill, Yue Fan abruptly walked out of the battle array. Seeing such a scene, Luo Kui's face was so gloomy that he was about to drip water. On-On-On- " The footsteps continue to move forward, when Yue Fan is about to approach Luo Kui five Zhangs away, Luo Kui's seven masters end. Yu made a move. As swift as the wind! As fast as electricity! Seven figures rushed to Yue Fanyi like ghosts. These seven people are all congenital masters trained by the Luo family, and each of them has his own unique skill. Seven people in one, coupled with the power of the battle array, it is absolutely a powerful force. No wonder Luo Kui can sit firmly in power here. For so many years, it seems that the inside information in hand is really deep. ~ "蓬 ! Peng! Peng! Peng Er " As soon as they touched the hood, the seven masters, without exception, water bottling line ,liquid bottle filling machine, were bounced back, but they were not like those soldiers. "It's just that some of the internal organs are out of order and the blood is churning." Seven stars, close- Seven people were not discouraged by the failure of one move. After making a few adjustments, they suddenly jumped into the sky. In the sky, the seven figures overlapped perfectly, and the seven innate forces merged to form a stream of nothing. Than great strength. Such a powerful force, has been far out of the innate state of the orange, faintly touched. The edge of heaven. Yes, it is the edge of heaven that triggers the power of heaven and earth! "I wait for seven brothers to join hands to strike, Li Yuefan, you dare to take it!"! Seven people's anger and guffaw, they are very confident of their own trick, if the other side is provoked to take this. Boxing, they will be able to beat each other into serious injury, or even directly killed! At the thought that he and others were going to defeat the legendary figure, the pleasure of the seven people's hearts was simply beyond words. Watch! Under the great power, Yue Fan's expression did not change at all, and even the footsteps of each other did not stop for half a minute. Peng- " The attack of the seven men broke through the invisible shield and fell straight to the top of Yue Fan's head. The latter did not even think about it, and his right hand was at will. Throw a punch! "Chew and crackle." "Peng-" The fist is like the sky, and the killing is decisive! Touching lightly with Yue Fan's fist, the offensive of the seven men was disintegrated like destroying the withered and rotten, together with the seven men. Be blown to pieces! Meat foam flying, blood dancing all over the sky. Bloody! Cruelty! Rage! The scene just now brought not only shock to others, but also fear from the heart! The soldiers stopped their attack. They retreated in terror as if they had seen a ghost. These soldiers have been through so many killings and seen so many lives and deaths that they once thought they were not Will be afraid of death again, but now two in front of this man, with their own actions naked to tell them. There is something more terrible than death in the world, that is despair! The three hundred soldiers who had been alive just now were soon left with less than a hundred. Looking at the corpses on the ground, the mood of desolation and despair arises spontaneously. People get out of the way, Yue Fan's figure directly exposed in front of Luo Kui. The latter stared at each other angrily and exhausted. I can't speak. Those soldiers died also died, in Luo Kui's eyes insignificant, but the seven congenital masters, but It took him decades of hard work to cultivate a master, which is the real power of the Luo family. Now seven people Death at the same time, this blow is undoubtedly in his blood, cut his flesh, the degree of heartache can be imagined. Li Yuefan! You are so cruel! Luo Kui's trembling hand pointed to the other side, where there is still a little bit of the bearing of the feudal officials. Faced with Luo Kui's accusation, Yue Fan could not feel any fluctuation in his heart. He's here for revenge, not for a fight. Yes, naturally there is no need to show mercy, not to mention, the other side has revealed the killing machine, if you still want not to kill innocent people. That is not to move corruption or not to move corruption, but to be a big fool and a big fool. Zehnke, where is it? Yue Fan clenched his fists, and the blue veins on his arms showed his anger. Facing each other's anger, instead of flinching, Luo Kui stepped forward and said, "Li Yuefan, are you serious?" Can't I help you? "Say!"! Yue Fan punched out, with fierce strength and supreme intention to kill Luo Kui's face! Such power, if really hit by a punch,Edible oil filling machine, Luo Kui must die without a burial place. However, when the fist was about to touch Luo Kui, a big hand stretched out from behind Luo Kui and took Yue Fan. Hold one firmly in your fist. "璞 ! There was a muffled sound and a shock of energy.
Is a mythical beast a joke? A lot of Tianjie masters, the teacher may not be willing to fight for them, not to mention you two young boys. All right, I'll take you to buy a cage first, and as for domestication, you have to wait until you really catch the adult mythical beast. Liu Sheng understood that the two men would not give up easily, and it was useless to persuade them, so he politely raised his hand and led them to the interior of the trade union on the second floor. All the way up the marble steps, Liu Sheng motioned to the two guards to get out of the way and approached the magnificent hall on the upper floor of the trade union. Leaning against the wall, there were some cages filled with spirit animals. In the small hall, there were only a dozen people with high status and strength wandering around. Among them, there were several people wearing the micro-chapter of the sky illusion, and several people sitting on one side of the soft seat, carrying delicate cages in their hands, waiting for reception. Many masters come to ask for domestication by capturing the phantom beast themselves, which only needs to pay part of the domestication fee. If they buy the phantom beast directly from the guild, the price will be very expensive. Out of the corner of his eye, Aofeng took a glance at the price of a four-star spirit beast next to him, which was as high as six million Obis. Aofeng could not help sighing that the profession of animal trainer was really robbing money! Now this spirit beast is in front of her, and she doesn't have the courage to domesticate it. Younger Martial Brother Liu Sheng, you're here! As soon as he came upstairs, another man in his thirties,juice filling machine, also wearing a silver robe, came up to him. Seeing that the logo on his robe was also a master of animal training, the man frowned deeply and looked anxious. Liu Sheng asked in surprise, "Big Brother, what's wrong with you?"? Is there a problem in the union? "Something big has happened!" The man almost ran over, took two breaths and then said, master his old man led just took a deal, domesticated a seven-star God beast,juice filling machine, itself is barely enough, but the younger martial sister suddenly rushed up and shouted, the teacher was distracted, fell into crisis on the spot, now the teacher's mental strength has been completely suppressed by the seven-star God beast, can only barely keep Lingtai, But if it goes on like this, sooner or later the teacher will not be able to support the collapse of mental strength! "What?"? Seven-star mythical beast? Liu Sheng gasped and said eagerly, "How could this happen?"? The teacher is not teaching us that we must not domesticate the beast at will, even if it is only one step higher than the six-star, it is also a seven-star mythical beast! Spiritual collapse, the spiritual world will be seriously damaged, light can no longer tame animals, heavy will become an idiot! Countless animal trainers have become idiots in the process of domesticating Warcraft, even some master-level figures are no exception. Unexpectedly, PET blow moulding machine ,Beverage packing machine, this kind of thing happened to Tang Feng, the veteran guild president. The Elder Martial Brother also stamped his feet again and again and lamented, "I can't help it. The other side has too much background. It's the legendary Wandering Illusion Sect. He's a master of the Seven Illusion Sect. The teacher wanted to win this man's favor very much, so he took the deal. Originally, the spirit of the Illusion Beast was already in a state of exhaustion. It should be no problem to domesticate it, but I didn't expect the Younger Martial Sister to suddenly run out. Hey, "It's no use saying anything now." "Wandering Fantasy?"? The favor of a Seven Swords Magic Sect. No wonder. "Liu Sheng opened his eyes wide and frowned again." Ru, "What can I do? Even if we brothers go together, our mental strength is not enough to tame a seven-star mythical beast. That's a high-star mythical beast!" "Lord Liu Sheng, Lord Li Xin, is this true?" "Hai @ Tian @ Zhong @ Wen Net First Issue "Oh, my God, this is a disaster!" As soon as the people in the hall heard about this situation, they all stood up in surprise. The news was really terrible. If it was true, the Imperial Union, the master of animal training, would no longer exist. Who would they look for to domesticate the sacred beast in the future? "Don't say anything, the teacher is anxious to find you in the past to explain the situation of the union to us, prepare for the worst, come with me quickly!"! The man grabbed Liu Sheng and ran inside quickly. Ao Feng frowned and flashed. "Let's go and have a look," he said. "After all, it's still us!"! Yeah, maybe there's something we can do to help. "Let's go and see the president, too." Other dignitaries and experts in the hall also asked one after another. Li Xin and Liu Sheng have no time to take care of other people, they want to follow it, the teacher's situation is the most important. Trotting all the way, the crowd swarmed to a small single room covered with plain carpet, which was more elegant. Aofeng and others followed Liu Sheng in. At a glance, they saw the middle-aged man of about fifty years old in the center. In front of him was a small cage, in which was the seven-star mythical beast. Dragon Eagle. As a Warcraft, Arthur recognized it sharp-eyed: "This is a dragon eagle queen. There is still room for growth. Its attack power is first-class among the high-star gods and beasts, but its mental strength is not strong. No wonder the master of animal training can also be domesticated, but the master of animal training seems to have bad luck. He was interrupted on the way of animal training." Say, Arthur Hei Hei a smile, and there is no guilt, touch the little girl's buttocks is his fault, but Ao Feng has apologized, the little girl is still indomitable, unruly and willful, ran to harm her father, can you blame them? Tang Yu's character is like this, even if there is no such thing, sooner or later it will bring big trouble to her family. Teacher, are you all right? As soon as Liu Sheng and Li Xin saw the middle-aged man in a cold sweat, their eyes were red and they rushed up and shouted. There you are. Good, good.. The middle-aged man opened his eyes with difficulty, smiled weakly at the two men and said, "I am too eager for quick success and instant benefit. Most of the trainers will go this way,water filling machine, and I am not spared. The future trade union will be handed over to you.". "Teacher, don't say that. You must be all right." Liu Sheng and Liu Sheng stood beside him and sobbed. I know my own situation. It's impossible to domesticate this dragon eagle queen at the moment. I can only break down my mental strength. I'm lucky to be able to keep my mind. Tang Feng sighed with a wry smile and said. Why don't we go for a fight? Let's go with a few brothers. Maybe we can domesticate it, and the teacher can get out of danger. Liu Sheng gritted his teeth.
She did not respond, but according to what he said, she swayed her waist slightly, quite unfamiliar at first, and soon matched his rhythm. Do not know when, legs also wrapped around Liu Ying's waist, two people in the case of mutual cooperation to explore each other. This body, stripped of all worldly relations, returns to its source, but a pair of men and women attracted to each other. Liu Ying was so happy that her eyes shone. She kissed her eyelids and said, "Ah Yan, you are great." Zhang Yan, however, snorted bitterly, flashed his claws, and took a bite at his previous wound. The strength of her bite was not light, but Liu Ying did not feel pain, and a pleasant laugh escaped from his throat. She opened her eyes and saw his face close in front of her, and drops of sweat fell from his forehead, revealing a kind of joy of forbearance, obviously to the limit, but from the bone. Pleasure from her body. Sweat runs freely on the skin of two people, and when the pain fades away, a hair sways gently behind them, with a strange rhythm. In some moments, as if touching the base point of the detonation, Zhang Yan could not help but open her lips and sing like a voice. Cry like a smile, with a little soft and sweet. From the hall to the room, the clothes on the ground. In the black Luo tent, two people lead the neck to entangle, the shadow falls on the Luo tent, as if the eternal lingering together. Then, the body hit, as if hit the deepest, but Zhang Yan felt the eyes of the colorful sparks, colorful colors, colorful rotation falling, so that her whole body convulsions, at a loss, had to cling to Liu Ying. Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Guan Sheng waited under the porch, listening to some arguments in the room at the beginning, but slowly there was no sound. A round of golden birds in the west slowly sank to the other end of the mountain, and he could not help sighing and bending his lips. More than half an hour later,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, there was movement inside, the emperor lit the lamp, opened the door, and Guan Sheng hurriedly fell to the ground. "Congratulations to everyone, congratulations to the empress." "Get up." Liu Ying nodded with a smile and ordered, "Let the lady's maid come and wait on her, and then send some hot soup in." "No." Qingkui walked on the long corridor leading to the inner courtyard, panting in his heart, and asked, "This eldest brother, how is my wife now?" Guan Sheng's body stiffened slightly. He turned around and said with a smile, "Madam is fine. You can wait on her carefully later." For many days, Qingkui left Zhang Yan's side and was asked several times by "Lv Langjun". Later, he was taken to a strange place. He had no sense of propriety in his heart. He pushed the door and entered. Far away, he saw Zhang Yan sitting on the bed and exclaimed. Voice, "big lady," rushed forward. " Big lady, that day in the clothing store, I clearly stayed outside, did not go away, the result of the lady actually disappeared, later Lv Langjun they said that the lady was captured. Those who catch the wife are really bad guys. She He said a lot of words, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and the tears were already falling down. Zhang Yan leaned on the bed in a daze, looking tired. Seeing that Qingkui had finally seen the light of day, her face stiffened and she soothed her softly, "Well, Qingkui, I'm not here." "Uh-huh.". Bring me some hot soup-I want a bath and a wash. Qingkui answered, not knowing where the hot water was in the yard. He came out to find someone to ask, but saw two strange maids carrying hot soup. He laughed and said, "Is this sister Qingkui?"? We were told to bring the hot soup. Muddleheaded answer, bring in, pour into the bathtub, try the water temperature, turn around and call out, "Lady, the water is hot." Zhang Yan should, with shoes ready to get up, suddenly get a prick, green sunflower surprised discoloration, hurriedly threw down the hot soup bucket to hold forward, "big lady, what's wrong with you?" Zhang Yan looked slightly strange, did not answer, only said, "I'm all right." As he spoke, the brocade on his body slipped down, revealing a snow-white skin with blue and purple bruises on it, just like flowers blooming. Qingkui exclaimed and covered his mouth. Although she was unconscious, she probably guessed what had happened to her wife before, and tears as big as beans fell from her eyes. Over there, Zhang Yan had already walked to the back of the screen and ordered, "I want to be quiet alone. You go out first and wait outside." She wanted to say something, but after all, she didn't know how to say it. Without saying a word, she went out gently. When she reached the door, she turned around and saw a graceful figure reflected behind the screen. She had already put her retired clothes on the screen, so she took them gently. Come to the door. Do not know why, many years did not ring in the heart of that tune, suddenly reappear in front of us: "The peach tree has the China, the brilliant its rosy clouds, when the door does not fold, flutters for the straight, appeals again appeals!"! The peach tree has the English, Ye Ye its spirit, today this does not fold, the card does not come? Tink! Tink again! Ten years ago, when she first came to this world, in the first silent night, she sang this song to soothe her unspeakable sadness. Therefore, also in the field of Shangshan, saw the colorful peach blossom, she could not help but remember this song, but now, her body is exhausted to the extreme, but do not know why, suddenly fresh up, as if to smell the kind of soil. The characteristic smell of damp and slightly fishy. She lowered her head and immersed her face in the hot soup, smelling the soup and the disorderly skin that had just passed through the soup, as if there was an insect dormant in her heart, precipitating a kind of rotten breath, just like the tide in the field at the foot of Shangshan Mountain ten years ago. Fishy. But with all his strength, he could not smell anything. She was not very sad, she thought. For Liu Ying, this is always the most unusual person in her life. She drew a line for everyone in her life, but Liu Ying, no matter what he did to himself, was always within the line. Even if, He just raped himself. The lines of the palm were beautiful, with tangled curves, and she gazed at the open palm under the water,ultrasonic molten metal, through the smoke of the hot soup, the more crystal clear it looked. Not exactly rape, perhaps.
It turned out that Zhao Hongrun's lack of confidence stemmed from his fear that he could not accurately grasp the movements or intentions of the Dangshan Army and the Chenggao Army and could not cooperate with them. The purpose of tinkering with the mud plate is not to grasp the movements of the Capricorn people, but to intuitively "capture" the two friendly forces. (To be continued.) Chapter 414 of the main text: Hidden uneasiness. You seem upset? That's strange. Mi Jiang looked at Zhao Hongrun's eyes, showing a bit of surprise. It was no wonder that Zhao Hongrun, who had promised to win the battle in front of the tribal chiefs, looked sad afterwards and sat on the edge of the blanket bed in the yurt with his forehead in his hand, which made Mi Jiang feel incredible. You know, in the heart of Mi Jiang, Zhao Hongrun, a dwarf, is quite conceited, and it is rare for him to have such a worrying situation. There will be a war with the Capricorn people soon. The king is worried about the situation of the war. What's so strange about it? May be interrupted by Mi Jiang's interruption, Zhao Hongrun said with some displeasure. But hearing this, Mi Jiang was even more surprised. He couldn't help saying: "Last year, you led more than thirty thousand Wei soldiers, but defeated Mr. Xiong Tuo and Xiong Hu's one hundred and sixty thousand Chu troops with a small loss." Although it is said that the 160,000 troops of the State of Chu have only been trained for less than three months, they are more difficult to deal with than the slaves of the Cape people outside the city, aren't they? "That's different." Zhao Hongrun shook his head and said irritably. When Mi Jiang heard this, he frowned slightly and said with displeasure, "Do you mean that my soldiers of the State of Chu are not even as good as the slaves of the Capricorn people?" "You.." Zhao Hongrun raised his head and said grumpily, "Can it be the same as commanding an army to fight a war on a single battlefield with the enemy and commanding multiple armies to fight a war on multiple battlefields with the enemy at the same time?"? These are two completely different concepts! "Tell me about it." In any case, you are so anxious at the moment that you probably can't think of any brilliant plan. “……” Zhao Hongrun glared at Jiang and sighed helplessly after half a ring: "Well,ultrasonic welding transducer, you were right." Then he organized his vocabulary and explained, "Last year, when we fought with the State of Chu, the king fought all the way. It was only a single battlefield, so the king could control it.". But this time, there are three battlefields at the same time, Luocheng side of the battlefield this king can grasp, but the mountain army and Chenggao army. The king knew nothing about the on-the-spot dispatch of the two generals,ultrasonic cutting machine, Sima An and Zhu Hai, their intentions and their way of fighting. "You don't believe those two generals?" "It's not that you don't believe it. Why don't you understand?" Zhao Hongrun glanced at Mi Jiang and patiently explained: "On the battlefield, local wars often affect the whole body and affect the overall situation." For example, the Dangshan army is very close to the front line. When the king learns about this, do you want to cooperate? General Wanyi Sima'an thought that the king would send troops to help, but in fact the king did not send troops to help. It seems that this kind of misjudgment will often ruin an army and directly affect the whole war situation. This Zhao Hongrun is not an exaggeration, after all, command of a single battlefield war, in fact, at best is only the category of "general", any general who can take charge of his own side, can deal with this kind of situation well. Although there are many things involved, to sum up, it is nothing more than "insight into the first opportunity, timely remedy of our own loopholes, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, always keep an eye on the enemy, and look for flaws from the enemy.". But if you command several armies at the same time and fight with several enemy forces in several battlefields, this is the category of "commander". And in this area, there will be a lot of unstable factors, after all, the strategy is dead, and the general in charge of the front battlefield is alive, although "improvisation" is one of the criteria for whether a general is qualified to be called a famous general, but this also makes it more difficult for the "commander in chief" to plan the overall situation. As a result, a general thought it was a correct judgment and changed the established tactics without authorization, while the commander in chief was kept in the dark, which was very likely to lead to a failure in the overall situation. Therefore, Zhao Hongrun's mind at the moment is actually not in Luocheng side, on the contrary, he is more concerned about the movement of Dangshan Army and Chenggao Army. After Zhao Hongrun's explanation, Mi Jiang finally understood the former's concerns. Hearing this, he was puzzled and asked, "Since you know that there will be such a drawback, why did you let Dangshan Army and Chenggao Army leave Luocheng?"? Is it not good to defend Luocheng hand in hand? "Then the battle will be lost." Zhao Hongrun shook his head and said with a straight face, "The reason is very simple.". First of all, this Luo city is too small, only two miles less than square, converted down, a wall placed about four thousand foot soldiers, this is the limit, if the meaningless increase, will only compress the wall foot soldiers dodge move space, but will increase casualties.. Four thousand people on one side of the wall, only sixteen thousand people on four sides of the wall. What do the rest of the soldiers do? I can only stare as a reserve army in the city. That is to say, except for the sixteen thousand foot soldiers, the rest of the soldiers did not play a role at all, which is a waste of troops. “……” "Secondly, if the Dangshan army, Chenggao army, Shang Shuijun are trapped in Luo Cheng, then the Capricorn people to deal with us is more simple, nearly three hundred thousand military forces, or even more than three hundred thousand people, they can only surround Luo Cheng on all sides, can make Luo Cheng become an isolated city.." An isolated city that has been cut off from water and grain and grass transportation cannot be defended. Thirdly, since ancient times, no war has ever been won by passive defense. If you want to win the other side, you must seize the enemy's lifeblood, weakness and weakness at the critical moment and take the initiative to attack. Therefore, in this battle, Ben Wang and the Shang Shui Army will be transformed into a'shield ', dragging the footsteps of the Jie Jiao people here, so that they can not get close to each other. The Dangshan Army and the Chenggao Army are the two'sharp spears' of Ben Wang, which pierce the hearts of the Jie Jiao people! "That is to say,ultrasonic handheld welder, the key to victory in this war lies in the Dangshan Army and the Chenggao Army." Mi Jiang was suddenly enlightened and said. You finally understand. Zhao Hongrun breathed a sigh of relief and said with a wry smile, "Now you should understand why the king is so anxious." Mi Jiang nodded silently and then asked curiously, "Where is the sentry?" 。
Qin Xiaoyi wanted to ask her husband Zhang Tianshi for help, but she was holding a baby in her hands. If she was found, wouldn't it be bad? So she only told Tianshi West Palace guards to send troops to search for her. Then she thought about the danger of her daughter and had to find Song Liangli quickly, hoping that he could find the enemy with the psychic method. But Song Liangli was injured and fled, where would he be? Since the search is not the way, Qin Xiaoyi then returned to Yixin Garden, put the baby aside, then kneel down to worship piously, shouting: "Child prodigy, if you have a spirit, please respond immediately and come quickly. Amy has been captured by the enemy and needs your help to rescue her." Kneel down constantly. Song Liangli hid in the strange array of Longevity Hill in the Inner Palace to avoid all interference. After all, his mood fell to the bottom of the valley, but he felt that life was gloomy, and it was inevitable to escape. He even wanted to become a monk from then on and get rid of love. On the occasion of repentance, His Holiness the Green Tortoise suddenly appeared and said with a smile, "You have finally tasted the pain of love. Wonderful!" "Master," said Song Liangli sadly, "do I really have a predestined relationship with Buddha?" "How could I look for you if I had no chance?" Asked the Green Tortoise King. "But why did you let me fall in love?" Asked Song Liangli. "Everyone practices differently," said the Green Tortoise Dharma King. "Forcing is ineffective! You can return to vulgarity at any time. "Is falling in love with her a spiritual practice?" Asked Song Liangli. "Living in the world," said the Green Tortoise Dharma King, "everything you do is in spiritual practice. There are all the barriers of color, love, life, and money. When you understand them, when you become a Buddha!" "What if I don't want to become a Buddha?" Asked Song Liangli. The Green Tortoise said with a smile, "That is also a kind of spiritual practice." "Don't you object to my returning to the secular world?" Asked Song Liangli. The Green Tortoise said with a smile, "You haven't become a monk at all. How can you return to the secular world?"? Go ahead! The origin of love is the most grinding, and everything is between thoughts. After that, Song Liangli still wanted to ask, "Master, are you asking me to go after her or to practice?" The Green Turtle Dharma King never responded again. Song Liangli shouted a few times, knowing that His Holiness would no longer appear. He has the wisdom to understand that since he is in the world, spiritual practice is inevitable, and any three disasters and nine difficulties may occur. What His Holiness said should mean that when the time for spiritual practice comes, one can have an epiphany and become a Buddha. Of course, love is a kind of spiritual practice. It is a common thing to taste all the ups and downs. If one has chosen, there is no need to blame others or oneself. After all, it is a path of one's own choice. In any case, the appearance of the green tortoise Dharma king and his enlightenment had reduced the pain suffered by song and Liu. He sighed lightly, saying that he had nothing to do with the night startle, and did not dare to climb up. It was only by chance that they had the opportunity to develop, and then through the matchmaking of the holy king of bliss, they finally developed into a heart-to-heart situation. However, as fate would have it, the sea of love, after twists and turns, turned against each other, and the head was broken and bleeding, inflatable amusement park , and everything returned to the original point. Song Liangli sighed again and laughed at himself: "I am the toad who wants to eat swan meat. That's all right. I'm light and have nothing to worry about. I don't have to bear any more.." After all, his birth is not very noble, don't miss others. After self-spiritual treatment and comfort, everything seems to be indifferent and resigned. Song Liangli began to deal with his wound. The jade flute was not light, and it split several inches long. Fortunately, after taking Ziyu Xianzhi, the flesh and blood congealed more quickly, so he did not lose too much blood. He found clean water to wash the dirty blood from his hair and face, and then tied on a larger green scarf. After the treatment, the top of his head was still swollen and painful, forming a strange head shape. He didn't care. He didn't even change his bloody clothes, so he took a sip of wine and prepared to fall to the ground and sleep soundly, forgetting three thousand worries. However, just as he wanted to fall asleep, he suddenly sensed Qin Xiaoyi's prayer. Song Liangli said, "Zhang Meiren was robbed?!"! Who would take her? Start to carry the psychic Dafa to search. Qin Yi still kept praying: "Little prodigy, good people do in the end, you quickly show up to help me again, please, please." Song Liangli smiled bitterly: "Can I not help?" Forehead search, unexpectedly reflected the scene of Yu Tianjun robbing people, can not help but be surprised: "Is he?!" This is not good, immediately from the secret way to sneak out of the palace, know it hiding in the ruins of a place in the south of the city, quickly swept away. Incandescent Angel Bookstore OCR Team Chapter 7 Jin Dou Fan Quan Yu Tianjun did not dare to live in the inn, so he could only wander around in the ruins, but he felt that it was originally Yang Gong's mansion, which later became an empty house because of ghosts. Over time, it became a ruin of its own. Yu Tianjun feels that the haunted house is the most ideal, and hides here. It was originally a dense ghost here, but he had a magic amulet and stuck it to the doors and windows on all sides, so it was quiet. This house has a bed, Yu Tianjun put Zhang Meiren on the bed, still constantly performing the "Five Immortals" to cure the sweetheart. However, apart from the cold sweat, there was no other reaction. Song Liangli went through emotional trauma and had no intention of playing tricks on him. He chased him to the ruins and said in a cold voice, "Yu Tianjun, let him go. Go back to your hometown. Let's avoid hurting the harmony." Yu Tianjun suddenly heard the sound and was shocked. This man could find him here without a sound. His skill and magical powers were simply superior to his own. He quickly put on a guard and shouted, "Who is it?!" When Song Liangli stepped out calmly, Yu Tianjun suddenly saw Song Liangli. His courage swelled and he said coldly, "So it's you. I thought it was Zhang Tianshi!" "It's the same for anyone," said Song Liangli. "Let her go so as not to hurt the harmony." Yu Tianjun said angrily, "I still want to settle accounts with you. Why should I listen to you?"? What tricks are you playing to make her disown her relatives? "She will be played to death by you," said Song Liangli coldly. "Nonsense," Yu Tianjun scolded. "This is my mother's secret. How can you play with the dead?" Song Liangli said, "Take a needle and stab her on the forehead. She will die if she is not hurt. How much torture can she endure from you? Maybe she has become an idiot!" Yu Tianjun was not sure for a moment, but how could he admit defeat? He said angrily, "If you hadn't played tricks on her, how could she have become like this? Wake her up and give her back to me, or I'll never stop with you!" "You won't give up until you reach the Yellow River," said Song Liangli! All right, let's make three moves against each other. If you win,Inflatable outdoor park, I'll solve the demon for her immediately. If you lose, get out of here immediately! Yu Tianjun sneers: "Great!"! I'm afraid I have no one to fight with! Immediately jumped over, Tyrannosaurus cactus a move "dragon swallow mountains and rivers.".
As soon as Ziqianhao's wrist shook, the tip of his sword trembled into thousands of stars, like a stone in the Milky Way. It was so erratic, and it poured down to the enemy in such a hurry: "Nothing else, just the gold and silver in your castle." Wei Qiang struggled desperately to parry, and stepped back in impetuosity: "You, you, you, your despicable behavior, aren't you afraid of Jianghu chivalry denouncing it with one voice?" Ziqianhao's body was fluttering, and his four dazzling swords flashed like lightning. They were like flowing clouds, like angry waves, like phoenixes, and like a row of waves. He said lightly, "If they have this pleasure, of course I, Ziqianhao, will accompany them!" The figures of the two men suddenly separated and gathered, and between them, the shadow of the sword was like a mountain, pressing down heavily, the whip was like a waterfall, and the surging waves greeted each other. In the clangorous sound, in the blink of an eye, each of them had attacked and rejected seventeen strokes and twenty-nine styles! On the other hand- Wu Tong was fighting to the death with the middle-aged scribe. His big saber was exquisite and skillful, but the other side was a fleshy palm. Although the man was bony and scaly,inflatable water slide, his palm was powerful and ever-changing. Wu Tong held a blade in his hand, but he couldn't get any advantage! With overwhelming superiority, the troops of the Guzhu Gang had cut down most of the enemies who had rushed in advance in an instant. However, with only twenty enemies left, the Yuma Fort behind them had already taken over. There were about four hundred people in this group. As soon as they rushed, the situation changed immediately. The two sides had turned from a one-sided form into a melee, a flesh-and-blood melee! The young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes, with the help of a big man with a spot top, led more than two hundred Yumapao characters to the right side of the green gauze tent, and before they reached it,Inflatable meltdown, more than forty were broken, only arrows penetrated their hearts, but now they had shouted and rushed in.. In the melee, the four cool-looking young men of the Guzhu Gang were fighting with three old men in their fifties. The three old men were two thin and one fat. The two thin men each held a pair of short poles and rotten silver hooks, while the fat one used a pure steel axe. The Guzhu Gang was four to three, and the situation was not too strong. While fighting with Wei Qiang, Ziqianhao watched the evolution of the battle around him. In the midst of his nine swords, he said with a smile, "Lord Wei, if you are willing to hand over ten thousand taels of gold and three thousand bags of white face and one thousand bolts of silk, Ziqianhao will withdraw his troops immediately, eh?" With a big face like a black pot, he still said, "Don't dream. My surname is Zi. I'd rather have my head broken than be bent. Just see if Yuma Fort is as easy to bully as you imagine!" Thick eyebrows suddenly stood up, and his eyes seemed to be flowing with waves of blood. Ziqianhao shouted, "I'll know you won't be good. Wei Qiang, you go first on the way to the underworld!" In the shouts, the four dazzling swords suddenly trembled like waves, inflatable bounce house with slide ,Jumping castle with slide, and the strange sounds of "sniff", "sniff", "whoosh" and "whoosh" interwoven into a net of life and death, while the flashing layers were heavy, the Hui people were flying, and the tip of the sword trembled into stars, floating and sinking up and down, which was so powerful and fierce that it was no longer like a sword held in the hands of a "person". In the dark at the same time out of the sword to help! Yes, this is exactly one of the unique skills of Ziqianhao, who is known as "Magic Blade and Ghost Sword": "Eighteen Styles of Samsara"! Climbing the moon with six fingers, Wei Qiang suddenly felt purple electricity everywhere, like snowflakes in riotous profusion, and like the fierce sun in his eyes. In anger, he crossed his heart, and the dragon scale whip suddenly changed into a round circle with his left hand. When he saw the moon arc in the air, he flew down the cover and circled vigorously. At the same time, his huge right palm with six fingers had sunk out, like the iron fist of the God of six Ding, so it came and went without a shadow and split! The arc of light reflected each other, the whips and swords collided with each other, and Ziqianhao's voice shouted: "What a good hand to'climb the moon and chop the laurel '!" In the cry, the figure will be in a hurry, Ziqianhao "grinning" poured out three Zhangs, four dazzling sword to the air, with the power of the sword, his footsteps slightly floating to grab two steps to stop, here, big finger climbing Wei Qiang is covered with blood, a black face has become the color of pale gold, but he is holding the dragon scale whip in his hand, a pair of eyes like a copper bell staring at each other, his body, God, There are seven wounds that are bleeding! A loud cry of horror and joy came from the mouth of a big fellow of Yuma Fort who had discovered such a scene: "No, the old castle owner was injured." The cry was long and mournful, containing infinite fear and panic, so that there was a sudden chaos in Yumapao, and in a moment it had retreated a large part! The three characters of the Jade Horse Castle rushed desperately to their castle owner's side, intending to save them. Three feet away, Ziqianhao snorted coldly and fell in. Four dazzling swords fluttered and flashed. In a series of "poof" slashes, the three burly men had fallen to the ground at the same time before they had even had time to cry! Six fingers climb the moon "wow" spurting a big mouthful of blood, "choke" sitting on the ground, his whole body twitching, pointing to Ziqianhao with a trembling hand: "You.. You You are so.. Disabled. Cool. You Is there any.. A little People Human nature! Ziqianhao smiled proudly and said coldly, "The two countries are fighting against each other. Lord Wei, how can we talk about human nature again?" Six Fingers Climbing the Moon was so angry that he let out a wild roar. Suddenly, there was a great pain in the wound. His face suddenly changed. Beads of sweat as big as soybeans trickled down his forehead. Ziqianhao said coldly, "Lord of the Great Castle, let's see the Guzhu Gang sweep across the Jade Horse Castle!" As soon as he had finished speaking, there was a sudden sound of clothes and wind, followed by a sharp voice of grief and indignation: "Father, my daughter wants to avenge you.." ww w.xIaoshuotxt.。 com Bamboo and Sword Chapter 2 Four Dazzling Swords Seize the Soul (/t/xt | Xiao/Shuo Tian | Tang) Ziqianhao quickly turned around. Ha, a girl with a graceful figure and a beautiful face flew through the crowd in the fierce fight. She was dressed in a powder-blue tights, wearing a powder-blue headscarf, and holding a pair of Mandarin duck swords in both hands. Well, typical Wulin girl posture! Staring at her coldly, Ziqianhao was speechless. Sitting on the ground, Wei Qiang,Inflatable indoor park, who was covering his cell with his hand, had already seen him. He gasped and shouted hoarsely, "Mushrooms are going together.." Hurry up Go 。
The two masters of "Prince Yi" and "Black Youwang" who broke in, when they saw the furious Hua Tiandu and the magical power of the mountain and the earth, they could not help but feel fear in their hearts and wanted to retreat. "Prince Yi, you can go, but the Black Youwang Devil must stay with me." Hua Tiandu escaped Panwu yuanshen from one side of his head, turned into a big hand, grabbed it at the cracked ground, surrounded it with both hands, and killed the Black Youwang with Panwu Shenjian, while the Taoist alchemy furnace also flew up, and the mouth of the furnace was aimed at the Dark Youwang, sending out a whirlpool of suction. Forcibly suck the Black King into the alchemy furnace. "My alchemy furnace is called the Great Wilderness Ancient Furnace. It is the object of Panwuxianzun's alchemy in those years. It is a top-grade Taoist vessel. After the Black Youwang absorbs you, even if you explode the Dharma of Heaven and Earth and the Dark Primordial Spirit, there is no use for you. The remaining essence can still be refined into many elixirs for me and nourish many treasures." Hua Tiandu brazenly made a move, like a king in the world. He actually wanted to directly refine the "Black Youwang", a man with nine magical powers, into a strong person with the Dharma of Heaven and Earth, and directly absorb it into the alchemy furnace as a material to refine. What kind of overbearing power is this? Moreover, his Pan Wu yuan Shen had to go after Fang Han, who was drilling into the ground. "This man is really tough and overbearing, vigorous, not pulling out mountains, or cracking the ground, and shaking the water of the lake, the strength is too great." Prince Yi's mind swayed, gritted his teeth, and retreated. By this time,Inflatable bouncer, Fang Han had already drilled into the depths of the ground, but suddenly he felt that in the earth behind him, a force of terror seeped in and clung to himself. In the face of this force of terror, the earth behind us is constantly cracking the novel t-xt heaven. Chapter 311 Dragon Eggs. (Hand hit Chinese net 724 hours uninterrupted update pure txt hand hit novel m) (hand hit Chinese net 724 hours uninterrupted update pure txt hand hit novel m) "This Hua Tian is not pulling up mountains, is tearing the earth, magic power is several times or even ten times stronger than me, head-on confrontation, I am really no match for him." Feeling that the earth behind him was constantly being torn apart, the force surged like a tide, tightly forced to come over,Inflatable mechanical bull, not giving himself a chance to breathe, Fang Han knew that this was being stared at by Hua Tian. This time, he snatched all the dragon skeletons, black water king snakes, blood dragon crystal peaks, and the powerful elixir magic weapon in the Dragon Palace. The soup did not leave a little. How could he make Hua Tian not furious? Although this harvest is worth billions of elixirs, it has to run away. "Benming amulet, great cutting technique" A twisted black light shone out from the original amulet, and wherever it went, the hard rock plates all turned into powder, which was illuminated by the light of the Yellow Emperor's way and melted into water, making Fang Han drill through without any effort. At this time, he used the great cutting technique and the great magic power of the five emperors to cut the earth's rock plates, melt the rocks and soil, complement each other, run fast, and gradually go deep into the depths of the earth, trying to avoid the pursuit of Hua Tiandu. His big cutting technique has been refined into a true form, Inflatable dry slide ,large inflatable water slide, slightly small, although it is far from Dacheng, Dzogchen, derived from the void God thunder, but cutting hard rocks is still no problem. With this mutual use, the degree of drilling has increased sharply, which is no slower than the degree of some monks flying in the sky. However, still can not get rid of Hua Tiandu. Hua Tian always displays the primordial spirit of Panwu, and the Dharma of Heaven and Earth catches him. The Dharma of Heaven and Earth condenses into an entity, and when it disperses, it becomes an airflow. It can drill into the cracks of the earth, but it is not as convenient as Fang Han. "Seize the magic weapon in front of me, take away the dragon skeleton, you are looking for death." The sound of rolling like thunder behind him was conveyed, and in the crevices of the earth, there were sound waves of Hua Tiandu everywhere. Between the sound waves, the land within a radius of ten miles was so hard that it turned into concrete thousands of times harder than steel. "Drink the ground into steel" Fang Han was immediately obstructed by drilling, and his figure slowed down, but he did not expect that in this case, Hua Tiandu could still display all kinds of magical powers. This move is the magic of "drinking the earth into steel", which uses magic power to make the earth harder than steel, so that no one can shuttle on the ground. "Crack me open." Fang cold dark drink, palm forward fierce tear, magic inflammation rolling, with their own life amulet, the forbidden land, unexpectedly he was forced to tear open, once again break out of the ban. He used both the power of the body and the power of the amulet. Now his body is no less than a Taoist vessel, which is fused with six tablets of gods in the six internal organs, and the magic hand and magic skill of covering the sky are all integrated into the bones of his body. His internal organs, bones, skin and flesh, meridians, acupoints and orifices are full of Gang Qi and extremely powerful magic treasures. If at this time, there is a master to kill him, draw out each of his bones, can be refined into an extremely powerful treasure flying sword, his tendons can be refined into a more powerful treasure than the chicken to the sun rope, it can be said that Fang Han's body now, although not as valuable as the ancient dragon skeleton, but not far from it. "Eh?"? Such a powerful body, since you robbed my ancient dragon skeleton, I will catch you and refine your body into a magic weapon. You think that you can escape from my control of the earth's laws and orders by virtue of a little magical power to drill into the earth. Listen to my command to forgive. "In the earth, the voice of Hua Tiandu sounded again, and his voice seemed to be the voice of the demons outside the territory." It also seemed to be the voice of the earth itself, and between the words, the earth resonated, the plates shook together, and the terrain twisted, as if to squeeze Fang Han out. In an instant, Fang Han felt the vitality of the earth, the crazy surge and his own exclusion, as if he was a sinner who could not tolerate heaven and earth, to exclude and obliterate himself. "What is this Taoism?" "This is an extremely brilliant magical power in the Great Chaos of the Five Elements. It has been refined by Hua Tiandu to be able to reverse the Five Elements and confuse Yin and Yang. It is extremely powerful. Originally, the Great Magic Power of the Five Emperors can suppress the vitality of the earth, but your realm is far from that of Hua Tiandu. Reversing the Great Chaos of the Five Elements can suppress your Great Magic Power of The Five Emperors." Yan's spirit conveyed, "unfortunately, I want to fuse the dragon skeleton, to show their true shape,Inflatable water park on lake, it will take a long time, now can not help you, it all depends on your means." Crash
The man who looked like a zombie did not show weakness, but with a cold howl, he chanted in a strange voice: "Take the lead in the depths of the five prisons." In the throat of the toad-shaped man, there was a burst of "cluck" and "cluck", the sound of which was like a frog chirping, chanting word by word: "I am the first in the four seas and five lakes." The hunchback person hey hey a sneer, muffled voice muffled voice to: "Dominate Jiuzhou for thousands of years." His voice was dull and cold. The four of them chanted and then returned to their original cold silence, glaring at each other without saying a word. Suddenly the pudgy old man smiled and looked up with a dry laugh, and the four valleys responded like a hundred owls. The hunchback said angrily, "What are you laughing at?" The man who was called Sanshan Shenmue replied, "I laugh at what we are doing here. Do you want to work until dawn?" His voice did not fall, and the man who looked like a zombie also laughed miserably beside him, and his voice was like a woman's night cry, frightening people's hair. The hunchback turned his head and shouted, "Why are you laughing?" Hong You replied, "Bai Han, your'Turtle Spirit Skill 'is just a big turtle. How dare you call yourself the God of Jiuzhou? Isn't it ridiculous that you want to overwhelm us with your nickname?" Jiuzhou Shenmue Bai Han said coldly, "Compared with my magic skill, your'Zombie Skill 'is like the fluorescent light of rotten grass. You are only qualified to rule the roost in the five prisons. How dare you laugh at me?" "Bai Han," shouted Huang can, the God of the Three Mountains, "stop raving. Tonight I will tell you about the harm." Jiuzhou Shenmue Bai Han sneered and said, "Your'Five Poison Skill 'is nothing special. It seems that the three of you have joined hands to deal with me tonight. Your demon master hasn't seen you yet." The toad-shaped man crouched beside him without saying a word. When he heard the sound of "cluck", his eyes were angry, his legs were backward, and his body was like an arrow. The man had jumped more than thirty feet high. In the air, a "toad turned over" and turned into a head and feet. His arms were straight out,x70 line pipe, and his fingers were like hooks. A frog entered the water and rushed down to the head of the gods and demons of Jiuzhou. Jiuzhou Shenmue was already ready to go. When he saw him coming, he didn't dare to neglect him. He took a quick step forward, arched his back, and met him with the hump on his back. At the same time, he turned his palms upward and hit him in the lower abdomen. With a sound of "flapping", the toad-shaped man grasped his opponent's hump with ten fingers. He felt that it was soft and hard, and its elasticity was very great. He could crack the stone and break the gold with the force of grasping, but he did not grasp it. Just as he was about to bounce up, two strong winds had "banged" and "banged" twice, which were firmly imprinted on his lower abdomen. He carried the "toad gas" to his feet,316ti stainless steel, and the two palms of Jiuzhou Shenmue Baihan, like beating a leather drum, did no harm to him. With the power of his palms, he turned upside down in the air and jumped back to the original place. "Cluck" and "cluck" said twice: "Turtle Spirit Skill is just so so." Jiuzhou Shenmue gave a cold snort and answered, "The toad's skill is not very good." Hong You, the God and demon of the five prisons, howled miserably. Said: "Sihai Shenmue Lanqi, don't be ruthless. With your nickname, I can't tolerate you." With a cluck in his throat, his bulging eyes turned and he said angrily, "If you don't accept it, just try it!" Hong You, the God and demon of the five prisons, howled miserably, with shoulder-length hair, standing up; his joints were peeling all over his body, his eyes were green, his arms were raised, and he was slowly approaching Lan Qi step by step. Sihai Shenmue Lanqi's clothes and trousers gradually bulged up, x56 line pipe ,uns s32750 sheet, his throat "cluck" low roar, and the toad gas drum feet, sitting there, motionless, his eyes are doomed to each other in an instant. Sanshan Shenmue Huang can saw that they were ready to do it. Seeing that it was cheap, he suddenly jumped behind Hong You, the Shenmue of the Five Prisons, with a "centipede jump". He stretched out his five poisonous fingers and thrust them into his back. At the same time, he shouted, "It's better to do it first. Kill one by one!" Bai Han, the God of Jiuzhou, also seized the opportunity. With a sneer, he said in a muffled voice, "If you don't know how fierce I am tonight, I don't deserve to be called the God of Jiuzhou.." He followed the words, turned around, and jumped upside down, bumping the hump on his back straight behind the three mountain gods and demons. Seeing the four famous gods and demons in Jianghu, they are about to start a life-and-death melee. Just then, a long roar, from the top of the cliff behind the tomb, the sound is like a dragon singing, lasting for a long time, shaking the echo in the valley buzzing, vegetation rustling! When the four gods and demons were United and separated, they would strike out their strength and take it back. Their bodies flashed together, and they looked up at the top of the cliff along with the sound. At this time, on the top of the cliff, a figure appeared through the air, but saw that the man's two long sleeves were blown by the night wind, fluttering and dancing, hunting sound. As soon as the whistle fell, the man had already performed the "crane" posture, with his head down and his feet up, his arms stretched horizontally, and he swooped down from the top of the cliff. He was in the air, with an elegant expression and graceful posture. When he reached the sky above the four demons, he did not land. He circled around their heads, then folded his body and landed lightly on the ground. He was really neat and light as a leaf. The man was a middle-aged man in his forties, with thick eyebrows and five short whiskers. He was dressed in a long gown with thin and round flowers, and his feet were on double-beam cloud shoes. His bearing was graceful, and his power was intimidating. When the four demons saw his posture in the air, they were already startled, and when they saw the man's face, they were even more shocked. It was none other than Xiahou Yun, the "chivalrous king of benevolence and righteousness" admired by everyone in the black and white of Wulin today. Not only is he extremely skilled in martial arts, ranking among the seven best in Wulin, but also he is praised by Wulin for his upright behavior and generosity. The four characters of "Benevolence and Righteousness Chivalrous King" are the honorific titles given to him by Wulin to show their respect for him. When the four demons saw him coming, they looked at each other. Although their faces were expressionless, they secretly planned their own ways to deal with him. Xiahou Yunfeng opened her eyes slightly and glanced at the faces of the four of them. She laughed twice and brushed her short beard with her hand. She said, "I just peeped at the top of the cliff. I pray for your forgiveness." The four demons and eight eyes doomed him, and he did not move. Xiahou, the chivalrous king of benevolence and righteousness, made another ha-ha and said, "It is a grand occasion for you to argue about nicknames here. However, nicknames are external things. It seems unwise for you to sacrifice your lives for this." Suddenly, the four figures flashed, and the four demons started together. The two gods and demons of the Four Seas and the Five Prisons leapt into the air, brandishing their arms and brandishing their claws,x70 line pipe, and pounced on their heads; the two gods and demons of the Three Mountains and the Nine Continents, probing and raising their fingers, pounced forward from left to right.
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