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Ling Qi stared at Qing Xi with a very bad look. "Didn't you hear what he just said?"? He will not help the evil emperor. "What he thinks may not be taken seriously. Even if he thinks like this now, it doesn't mean that he will think like this in the future. We can't take risks." As soon as Ling Qi heard this, he became angry. Some people are often like this. They stick a sign of a messenger of justice on themselves. Then what he says must be what he says. Ling Qi has met many such scum before. As a result, she shot them one by one and shot them in the head. Although Qing Xi didn't do anything, his brain was stubborn. At that moment, she didn't have a good tone. She said, "He can't choose to be born, but he can definitely choose his own way in the future. Don't push people too much." Qing Xi frowned, saying that at this point, he either retreated or fought, there was no choice, but the woman's cold and aloof made him reluctant to part with her. But at the thought of the disaster that the evil emperor with four evil sons would bring to the world, Qingxi could no longer care about it. Destiny is hard to disobey. Just after he said those four words, Qing Xi obviously felt that Ling Qi's momentum had a steep increase, and she was shocked. How could she still have the strength to improve? She almost didn't cry out when she saw it. She actually broke through at this critical moment. Although I don't know what strength she has, and her strength is extremely strange, but in this case, it is estimated that she is the only one who can break through in the world. Yan crazy is also very surprised, he never thought a few days ago the strength of the rising Lingqi, today in this case actually broke through, is really exaggerated,artificial plant wall panels, but he likes, is not it? Ling Qi only felt a shock all over her body, and the strength in her body was once again pure. The feeling was full and burning, with a very powerful force condensed in her physical strength, and the black awn emitted by her body was all withdrawn from her body at that moment, but in the next moment it was extremely frightening to surge out to form a human form, black clothes and red eyes, curved sickle cold. At this time,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, the human form is not an indifferent shadow, but can clearly make people feel that he is the existence of the entity, and from his body emitting a more terrible pressure, the six people who are still fighting also stopped in horror. Mo Qiong's mouth opens the eldest brother: "Will not, this woman is so fierce, who is the person behind her?" Mo Sang shook his head, he had never seen this shape of "people", even the well-informed Qingxi did not know how to explain this situation, there are people or gods in the world can live in the human body? Strength is completely enriched in the body, Ling Qi opened his eyes, originally cold eyes now have no temperature, as if only one look will fall into the dark eyes. Ling Qi hooked her lips and smiled, looking more like a God who looked at the world coldly. She looked at Qing Xi and said, "It seems that even the sky won't help you." As soon as the plain hand raises, Faux cherry blossom tree ,faux ficus tree, that white clothes delimits a beautiful arc in the air, above the single hand unexpectedly had a group of black red flames, enchanting uninhibited is burning above her hand. Mo Qiong suddenly shivered, which was the natural sensitivity of the evil son to the dark power. The absolute oppression of the king, Mo Sang shocked eyes can no longer help the praise of Ling Qi, in addition to the evil emperor, she is the most dark talent he has ever seen. Qing Xi tried to calm down the shock in his heart and said to Ling Qi with a gentle face, "What kind of power is this?" "You thought I would tell you," said Ling Qi with a sarcastic look. (Author: She doesn't know.). Ling Qi: Damn, why did you tear me down? Believe it or not, I will ask my subordinates to surround you. Author: You cow, your skirt under the minister is not I reward you. Ling Qi:.. Ha-ha, pure entertainment. Drift away..) Mo Qiong looked at Ling Qi with a worshipful face and shook his hands exaggeratedly: "God, I really admire you so much." Thunder was furious and immediately jumped out and shouted, "How can you be such a woman who doesn't know what's good or bad? If your strength rises too fast, you will die easily. Do you know that?" "I think you're jealous," interrupted Moqiong. Three black lines were pulled down from the top of Ling Qi's head. She glanced at Qing Xi and Mo Sang and said, "If you want to fight, fight. Don't waste my time like a woman.". ” Mo Qiong immediately wailed: "No, but I am helping people ah, really do not know good people, hum." Several people looked at each other in the air, and for a moment the atmosphere was particularly depressing. What Lin Lanxing and others looked at from the bottom was soul-stirring. King Yehuan nagged more than once: "Can you tell the castellan not to be so scary?" Xie Qiu: "The castellan is really awesome. I admire him very much." Lin Lanxing: "I was almost scared to death, this little girl is not a worry." That being said, the pride on his face was clear to everyone. Qingxi's always gentle face finally showed a touch of color, today such an opportunity will not be missed again. As soon as his momentum shook, thunder, wind, far, and lack all took the hint that they would raise their strength to the extreme, and today they must fight to the end. In other words, July 1st came back on another chapter, now not only the body is tired, the spirit is also tired, oh, but for the pro, it's worth it! [58] Chapter 57 The Real Beginning Text & # 32; Chapter 57 & # 32; The Real Beginning & # 32; & # 32; & # 33; & # 33; Everyone is watching the war with their necks up. Maybe the world will be turned upside down from today, but so what? For the God in their hearts, even if the sky falls, they will still cheer. Qing Xi looked at Ling Qi gently, and the momentum of his whole body was frightening: "Have you thought it over?"? You're not alone. Behind you, there are the old and young scholars of Beiqiu, and it is still too late for you to leave now. He didn't say anything, but he believed that she would understand the meaning if she was smart, but he also knew that once a stubborn and arrogant woman like her had identified one thing in her heart, it would be all the way to the end. Sure enough, Ling Qi drew a beautiful arc on his lips and sneered at Qing Xi and the men who claimed to be gods: "Although I am not a good man,silk olive tree, I will never go against my heart. My heart tells me that Yan Kuang is a friend. So today, unless you can destroy my form and spirit, I will not let you go." 。

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