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The man who looked like a zombie did not show weakness, but with a cold howl, he chanted in a strange voice: "Take the lead in the depths of the five prisons." In the throat of the toad-shaped man, there was a burst of "cluck" and "cluck", the sound of which was like a frog chirping, chanting word by word: "I am the first in the four seas and five lakes." The hunchback person hey hey a sneer, muffled voice muffled voice to: "Dominate Jiuzhou for thousands of years." His voice was dull and cold. The four of them chanted and then returned to their original cold silence, glaring at each other without saying a word. Suddenly the pudgy old man smiled and looked up with a dry laugh, and the four valleys responded like a hundred owls. The hunchback said angrily, "What are you laughing at?" The man who was called Sanshan Shenmue replied, "I laugh at what we are doing here. Do you want to work until dawn?" His voice did not fall, and the man who looked like a zombie also laughed miserably beside him, and his voice was like a woman's night cry, frightening people's hair. The hunchback turned his head and shouted, "Why are you laughing?" Hong You replied, "Bai Han, your'Turtle Spirit Skill 'is just a big turtle. How dare you call yourself the God of Jiuzhou? Isn't it ridiculous that you want to overwhelm us with your nickname?" Jiuzhou Shenmue Bai Han said coldly, "Compared with my magic skill, your'Zombie Skill 'is like the fluorescent light of rotten grass. You are only qualified to rule the roost in the five prisons. How dare you laugh at me?" "Bai Han," shouted Huang can, the God of the Three Mountains, "stop raving. Tonight I will tell you about the harm." Jiuzhou Shenmue Bai Han sneered and said, "Your'Five Poison Skill 'is nothing special. It seems that the three of you have joined hands to deal with me tonight. Your demon master hasn't seen you yet." The toad-shaped man crouched beside him without saying a word. When he heard the sound of "cluck", his eyes were angry, his legs were backward, and his body was like an arrow. The man had jumped more than thirty feet high. In the air, a "toad turned over" and turned into a head and feet. His arms were straight out,x70 line pipe, and his fingers were like hooks. A frog entered the water and rushed down to the head of the gods and demons of Jiuzhou. Jiuzhou Shenmue was already ready to go. When he saw him coming, he didn't dare to neglect him. He took a quick step forward, arched his back, and met him with the hump on his back. At the same time, he turned his palms upward and hit him in the lower abdomen. With a sound of "flapping", the toad-shaped man grasped his opponent's hump with ten fingers. He felt that it was soft and hard, and its elasticity was very great. He could crack the stone and break the gold with the force of grasping, but he did not grasp it. Just as he was about to bounce up, two strong winds had "banged" and "banged" twice, which were firmly imprinted on his lower abdomen. He carried the "toad gas" to his feet,316ti stainless steel, and the two palms of Jiuzhou Shenmue Baihan, like beating a leather drum, did no harm to him. With the power of his palms, he turned upside down in the air and jumped back to the original place. "Cluck" and "cluck" said twice: "Turtle Spirit Skill is just so so." Jiuzhou Shenmue gave a cold snort and answered, "The toad's skill is not very good." Hong You, the God and demon of the five prisons, howled miserably. Said: "Sihai Shenmue Lanqi, don't be ruthless. With your nickname, I can't tolerate you." With a cluck in his throat, his bulging eyes turned and he said angrily, "If you don't accept it, just try it!" Hong You, the God and demon of the five prisons, howled miserably, with shoulder-length hair, standing up; his joints were peeling all over his body, his eyes were green, his arms were raised, and he was slowly approaching Lan Qi step by step. Sihai Shenmue Lanqi's clothes and trousers gradually bulged up, x56 line pipe ,uns s32750 sheet, his throat "cluck" low roar, and the toad gas drum feet, sitting there, motionless, his eyes are doomed to each other in an instant. Sanshan Shenmue Huang can saw that they were ready to do it. Seeing that it was cheap, he suddenly jumped behind Hong You, the Shenmue of the Five Prisons, with a "centipede jump". He stretched out his five poisonous fingers and thrust them into his back. At the same time, he shouted, "It's better to do it first. Kill one by one!" Bai Han, the God of Jiuzhou, also seized the opportunity. With a sneer, he said in a muffled voice, "If you don't know how fierce I am tonight, I don't deserve to be called the God of Jiuzhou.." He followed the words, turned around, and jumped upside down, bumping the hump on his back straight behind the three mountain gods and demons. Seeing the four famous gods and demons in Jianghu, they are about to start a life-and-death melee. Just then, a long roar, from the top of the cliff behind the tomb, the sound is like a dragon singing, lasting for a long time, shaking the echo in the valley buzzing, vegetation rustling! When the four gods and demons were United and separated, they would strike out their strength and take it back. Their bodies flashed together, and they looked up at the top of the cliff along with the sound. At this time, on the top of the cliff, a figure appeared through the air, but saw that the man's two long sleeves were blown by the night wind, fluttering and dancing, hunting sound. As soon as the whistle fell, the man had already performed the "crane" posture, with his head down and his feet up, his arms stretched horizontally, and he swooped down from the top of the cliff. He was in the air, with an elegant expression and graceful posture. When he reached the sky above the four demons, he did not land. He circled around their heads, then folded his body and landed lightly on the ground. He was really neat and light as a leaf. The man was a middle-aged man in his forties, with thick eyebrows and five short whiskers. He was dressed in a long gown with thin and round flowers, and his feet were on double-beam cloud shoes. His bearing was graceful, and his power was intimidating. When the four demons saw his posture in the air, they were already startled, and when they saw the man's face, they were even more shocked. It was none other than Xiahou Yun, the "chivalrous king of benevolence and righteousness" admired by everyone in the black and white of Wulin today. Not only is he extremely skilled in martial arts, ranking among the seven best in Wulin, but also he is praised by Wulin for his upright behavior and generosity. The four characters of "Benevolence and Righteousness Chivalrous King" are the honorific titles given to him by Wulin to show their respect for him. When the four demons saw him coming, they looked at each other. Although their faces were expressionless, they secretly planned their own ways to deal with him. Xiahou Yunfeng opened her eyes slightly and glanced at the faces of the four of them. She laughed twice and brushed her short beard with her hand. She said, "I just peeped at the top of the cliff. I pray for your forgiveness." The four demons and eight eyes doomed him, and he did not move. Xiahou, the chivalrous king of benevolence and righteousness, made another ha-ha and said, "It is a grand occasion for you to argue about nicknames here. However, nicknames are external things. It seems unwise for you to sacrifice your lives for this." Suddenly, the four figures flashed, and the four demons started together. The two gods and demons of the Four Seas and the Five Prisons leapt into the air, brandishing their arms and brandishing their claws,x70 line pipe, and pounced on their heads; the two gods and demons of the Three Mountains and the Nine Continents, probing and raising their fingers, pounced forward from left to right.

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