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The two masters of "Prince Yi" and "Black Youwang" who broke in, when they saw the furious Hua Tiandu and the magical power of the mountain and the earth, they could not help but feel fear in their hearts and wanted to retreat. "Prince Yi, you can go, but the Black Youwang Devil must stay with me." Hua Tiandu escaped Panwu yuanshen from one side of his head, turned into a big hand, grabbed it at the cracked ground, surrounded it with both hands, and killed the Black Youwang with Panwu Shenjian, while the Taoist alchemy furnace also flew up, and the mouth of the furnace was aimed at the Dark Youwang, sending out a whirlpool of suction. Forcibly suck the Black King into the alchemy furnace. "My alchemy furnace is called the Great Wilderness Ancient Furnace. It is the object of Panwuxianzun's alchemy in those years. It is a top-grade Taoist vessel. After the Black Youwang absorbs you, even if you explode the Dharma of Heaven and Earth and the Dark Primordial Spirit, there is no use for you. The remaining essence can still be refined into many elixirs for me and nourish many treasures." Hua Tiandu brazenly made a move, like a king in the world. He actually wanted to directly refine the "Black Youwang", a man with nine magical powers, into a strong person with the Dharma of Heaven and Earth, and directly absorb it into the alchemy furnace as a material to refine. What kind of overbearing power is this? Moreover, his Pan Wu yuan Shen had to go after Fang Han, who was drilling into the ground. "This man is really tough and overbearing, vigorous, not pulling out mountains, or cracking the ground, and shaking the water of the lake, the strength is too great." Prince Yi's mind swayed, gritted his teeth, and retreated. By this time,Inflatable bouncer, Fang Han had already drilled into the depths of the ground, but suddenly he felt that in the earth behind him, a force of terror seeped in and clung to himself. In the face of this force of terror, the earth behind us is constantly cracking the novel t-xt heaven. Chapter 311 Dragon Eggs. (Hand hit Chinese net 724 hours uninterrupted update pure txt hand hit novel m) (hand hit Chinese net 724 hours uninterrupted update pure txt hand hit novel m) "This Hua Tian is not pulling up mountains, is tearing the earth, magic power is several times or even ten times stronger than me, head-on confrontation, I am really no match for him." Feeling that the earth behind him was constantly being torn apart, the force surged like a tide, tightly forced to come over,Inflatable mechanical bull, not giving himself a chance to breathe, Fang Han knew that this was being stared at by Hua Tian. This time, he snatched all the dragon skeletons, black water king snakes, blood dragon crystal peaks, and the powerful elixir magic weapon in the Dragon Palace. The soup did not leave a little. How could he make Hua Tian not furious? Although this harvest is worth billions of elixirs, it has to run away. "Benming amulet, great cutting technique" A twisted black light shone out from the original amulet, and wherever it went, the hard rock plates all turned into powder, which was illuminated by the light of the Yellow Emperor's way and melted into water, making Fang Han drill through without any effort. At this time, he used the great cutting technique and the great magic power of the five emperors to cut the earth's rock plates, melt the rocks and soil, complement each other, run fast, and gradually go deep into the depths of the earth, trying to avoid the pursuit of Hua Tiandu. His big cutting technique has been refined into a true form, Inflatable dry slide ,large inflatable water slide, slightly small, although it is far from Dacheng, Dzogchen, derived from the void God thunder, but cutting hard rocks is still no problem. With this mutual use, the degree of drilling has increased sharply, which is no slower than the degree of some monks flying in the sky. However, still can not get rid of Hua Tiandu. Hua Tian always displays the primordial spirit of Panwu, and the Dharma of Heaven and Earth catches him. The Dharma of Heaven and Earth condenses into an entity, and when it disperses, it becomes an airflow. It can drill into the cracks of the earth, but it is not as convenient as Fang Han. "Seize the magic weapon in front of me, take away the dragon skeleton, you are looking for death." The sound of rolling like thunder behind him was conveyed, and in the crevices of the earth, there were sound waves of Hua Tiandu everywhere. Between the sound waves, the land within a radius of ten miles was so hard that it turned into concrete thousands of times harder than steel. "Drink the ground into steel" Fang Han was immediately obstructed by drilling, and his figure slowed down, but he did not expect that in this case, Hua Tiandu could still display all kinds of magical powers. This move is the magic of "drinking the earth into steel", which uses magic power to make the earth harder than steel, so that no one can shuttle on the ground. "Crack me open." Fang cold dark drink, palm forward fierce tear, magic inflammation rolling, with their own life amulet, the forbidden land, unexpectedly he was forced to tear open, once again break out of the ban. He used both the power of the body and the power of the amulet. Now his body is no less than a Taoist vessel, which is fused with six tablets of gods in the six internal organs, and the magic hand and magic skill of covering the sky are all integrated into the bones of his body. His internal organs, bones, skin and flesh, meridians, acupoints and orifices are full of Gang Qi and extremely powerful magic treasures. If at this time, there is a master to kill him, draw out each of his bones, can be refined into an extremely powerful treasure flying sword, his tendons can be refined into a more powerful treasure than the chicken to the sun rope, it can be said that Fang Han's body now, although not as valuable as the ancient dragon skeleton, but not far from it. "Eh?"? Such a powerful body, since you robbed my ancient dragon skeleton, I will catch you and refine your body into a magic weapon. You think that you can escape from my control of the earth's laws and orders by virtue of a little magical power to drill into the earth. Listen to my command to forgive. "In the earth, the voice of Hua Tiandu sounded again, and his voice seemed to be the voice of the demons outside the territory." It also seemed to be the voice of the earth itself, and between the words, the earth resonated, the plates shook together, and the terrain twisted, as if to squeeze Fang Han out. In an instant, Fang Han felt the vitality of the earth, the crazy surge and his own exclusion, as if he was a sinner who could not tolerate heaven and earth, to exclude and obliterate himself. "What is this Taoism?" "This is an extremely brilliant magical power in the Great Chaos of the Five Elements. It has been refined by Hua Tiandu to be able to reverse the Five Elements and confuse Yin and Yang. It is extremely powerful. Originally, the Great Magic Power of the Five Emperors can suppress the vitality of the earth, but your realm is far from that of Hua Tiandu. Reversing the Great Chaos of the Five Elements can suppress your Great Magic Power of The Five Emperors." Yan's spirit conveyed, "unfortunately, I want to fuse the dragon skeleton, to show their true shape,Inflatable water park on lake, it will take a long time, now can not help you, it all depends on your means." Crash

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