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It turned out that Zhao Hongrun's lack of confidence stemmed from his fear that he could not accurately grasp the movements or intentions of the Dangshan Army and the Chenggao Army and could not cooperate with them. The purpose of tinkering with the mud plate is not to grasp the movements of the Capricorn people, but to intuitively "capture" the two friendly forces. (To be continued.) Chapter 414 of the main text: Hidden uneasiness. You seem upset? That's strange. Mi Jiang looked at Zhao Hongrun's eyes, showing a bit of surprise. It was no wonder that Zhao Hongrun, who had promised to win the battle in front of the tribal chiefs, looked sad afterwards and sat on the edge of the blanket bed in the yurt with his forehead in his hand, which made Mi Jiang feel incredible. You know, in the heart of Mi Jiang, Zhao Hongrun, a dwarf, is quite conceited, and it is rare for him to have such a worrying situation. There will be a war with the Capricorn people soon. The king is worried about the situation of the war. What's so strange about it? May be interrupted by Mi Jiang's interruption, Zhao Hongrun said with some displeasure. But hearing this, Mi Jiang was even more surprised. He couldn't help saying: "Last year, you led more than thirty thousand Wei soldiers, but defeated Mr. Xiong Tuo and Xiong Hu's one hundred and sixty thousand Chu troops with a small loss." Although it is said that the 160,000 troops of the State of Chu have only been trained for less than three months, they are more difficult to deal with than the slaves of the Cape people outside the city, aren't they? "That's different." Zhao Hongrun shook his head and said irritably. When Mi Jiang heard this, he frowned slightly and said with displeasure, "Do you mean that my soldiers of the State of Chu are not even as good as the slaves of the Capricorn people?" "You.." Zhao Hongrun raised his head and said grumpily, "Can it be the same as commanding an army to fight a war on a single battlefield with the enemy and commanding multiple armies to fight a war on multiple battlefields with the enemy at the same time?"? These are two completely different concepts! "Tell me about it." In any case, you are so anxious at the moment that you probably can't think of any brilliant plan. “……” Zhao Hongrun glared at Jiang and sighed helplessly after half a ring: "Well,ultrasonic welding transducer, you were right." Then he organized his vocabulary and explained, "Last year, when we fought with the State of Chu, the king fought all the way. It was only a single battlefield, so the king could control it.". But this time, there are three battlefields at the same time, Luocheng side of the battlefield this king can grasp, but the mountain army and Chenggao army. The king knew nothing about the on-the-spot dispatch of the two generals,ultrasonic cutting machine, Sima An and Zhu Hai, their intentions and their way of fighting. "You don't believe those two generals?" "It's not that you don't believe it. Why don't you understand?" Zhao Hongrun glanced at Mi Jiang and patiently explained: "On the battlefield, local wars often affect the whole body and affect the overall situation." For example, the Dangshan army is very close to the front line. When the king learns about this, do you want to cooperate? General Wanyi Sima'an thought that the king would send troops to help, but in fact the king did not send troops to help. It seems that this kind of misjudgment will often ruin an army and directly affect the whole war situation. This Zhao Hongrun is not an exaggeration, after all, command of a single battlefield war, in fact, at best is only the category of "general", any general who can take charge of his own side, can deal with this kind of situation well. Although there are many things involved, to sum up, it is nothing more than "insight into the first opportunity, timely remedy of our own loopholes, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, always keep an eye on the enemy, and look for flaws from the enemy.". But if you command several armies at the same time and fight with several enemy forces in several battlefields, this is the category of "commander". And in this area, there will be a lot of unstable factors, after all, the strategy is dead, and the general in charge of the front battlefield is alive, although "improvisation" is one of the criteria for whether a general is qualified to be called a famous general, but this also makes it more difficult for the "commander in chief" to plan the overall situation. As a result, a general thought it was a correct judgment and changed the established tactics without authorization, while the commander in chief was kept in the dark, which was very likely to lead to a failure in the overall situation. Therefore, Zhao Hongrun's mind at the moment is actually not in Luocheng side, on the contrary, he is more concerned about the movement of Dangshan Army and Chenggao Army. After Zhao Hongrun's explanation, Mi Jiang finally understood the former's concerns. Hearing this, he was puzzled and asked, "Since you know that there will be such a drawback, why did you let Dangshan Army and Chenggao Army leave Luocheng?"? Is it not good to defend Luocheng hand in hand? "Then the battle will be lost." Zhao Hongrun shook his head and said with a straight face, "The reason is very simple.". First of all, this Luo city is too small, only two miles less than square, converted down, a wall placed about four thousand foot soldiers, this is the limit, if the meaningless increase, will only compress the wall foot soldiers dodge move space, but will increase casualties.. Four thousand people on one side of the wall, only sixteen thousand people on four sides of the wall. What do the rest of the soldiers do? I can only stare as a reserve army in the city. That is to say, except for the sixteen thousand foot soldiers, the rest of the soldiers did not play a role at all, which is a waste of troops. “……” "Secondly, if the Dangshan army, Chenggao army, Shang Shuijun are trapped in Luo Cheng, then the Capricorn people to deal with us is more simple, nearly three hundred thousand military forces, or even more than three hundred thousand people, they can only surround Luo Cheng on all sides, can make Luo Cheng become an isolated city.." An isolated city that has been cut off from water and grain and grass transportation cannot be defended. Thirdly, since ancient times, no war has ever been won by passive defense. If you want to win the other side, you must seize the enemy's lifeblood, weakness and weakness at the critical moment and take the initiative to attack. Therefore, in this battle, Ben Wang and the Shang Shui Army will be transformed into a'shield ', dragging the footsteps of the Jie Jiao people here, so that they can not get close to each other. The Dangshan Army and the Chenggao Army are the two'sharp spears' of Ben Wang, which pierce the hearts of the Jie Jiao people! "That is to say,ultrasonic handheld welder, the key to victory in this war lies in the Dangshan Army and the Chenggao Army." Mi Jiang was suddenly enlightened and said. You finally understand. Zhao Hongrun breathed a sigh of relief and said with a wry smile, "Now you should understand why the king is so anxious." Mi Jiang nodded silently and then asked curiously, "Where is the sentry?" 。

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The Wall

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