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She did not respond, but according to what he said, she swayed her waist slightly, quite unfamiliar at first, and soon matched his rhythm. Do not know when, legs also wrapped around Liu Ying's waist, two people in the case of mutual cooperation to explore each other. This body, stripped of all worldly relations, returns to its source, but a pair of men and women attracted to each other. Liu Ying was so happy that her eyes shone. She kissed her eyelids and said, "Ah Yan, you are great." Zhang Yan, however, snorted bitterly, flashed his claws, and took a bite at his previous wound. The strength of her bite was not light, but Liu Ying did not feel pain, and a pleasant laugh escaped from his throat. She opened her eyes and saw his face close in front of her, and drops of sweat fell from his forehead, revealing a kind of joy of forbearance, obviously to the limit, but from the bone. Pleasure from her body. Sweat runs freely on the skin of two people, and when the pain fades away, a hair sways gently behind them, with a strange rhythm. In some moments, as if touching the base point of the detonation, Zhang Yan could not help but open her lips and sing like a voice. Cry like a smile, with a little soft and sweet. From the hall to the room, the clothes on the ground. In the black Luo tent, two people lead the neck to entangle, the shadow falls on the Luo tent, as if the eternal lingering together. Then, the body hit, as if hit the deepest, but Zhang Yan felt the eyes of the colorful sparks, colorful colors, colorful rotation falling, so that her whole body convulsions, at a loss, had to cling to Liu Ying. Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Guan Sheng waited under the porch, listening to some arguments in the room at the beginning, but slowly there was no sound. A round of golden birds in the west slowly sank to the other end of the mountain, and he could not help sighing and bending his lips. More than half an hour later,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, there was movement inside, the emperor lit the lamp, opened the door, and Guan Sheng hurriedly fell to the ground. "Congratulations to everyone, congratulations to the empress." "Get up." Liu Ying nodded with a smile and ordered, "Let the lady's maid come and wait on her, and then send some hot soup in." "No." Qingkui walked on the long corridor leading to the inner courtyard, panting in his heart, and asked, "This eldest brother, how is my wife now?" Guan Sheng's body stiffened slightly. He turned around and said with a smile, "Madam is fine. You can wait on her carefully later." For many days, Qingkui left Zhang Yan's side and was asked several times by "Lv Langjun". Later, he was taken to a strange place. He had no sense of propriety in his heart. He pushed the door and entered. Far away, he saw Zhang Yan sitting on the bed and exclaimed. Voice, "big lady," rushed forward. " Big lady, that day in the clothing store, I clearly stayed outside, did not go away, the result of the lady actually disappeared, later Lv Langjun they said that the lady was captured. Those who catch the wife are really bad guys. She He said a lot of words, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and the tears were already falling down. Zhang Yan leaned on the bed in a daze, looking tired. Seeing that Qingkui had finally seen the light of day, her face stiffened and she soothed her softly, "Well, Qingkui, I'm not here." "Uh-huh.". Bring me some hot soup-I want a bath and a wash. Qingkui answered, not knowing where the hot water was in the yard. He came out to find someone to ask, but saw two strange maids carrying hot soup. He laughed and said, "Is this sister Qingkui?"? We were told to bring the hot soup. Muddleheaded answer, bring in, pour into the bathtub, try the water temperature, turn around and call out, "Lady, the water is hot." Zhang Yan should, with shoes ready to get up, suddenly get a prick, green sunflower surprised discoloration, hurriedly threw down the hot soup bucket to hold forward, "big lady, what's wrong with you?" Zhang Yan looked slightly strange, did not answer, only said, "I'm all right." As he spoke, the brocade on his body slipped down, revealing a snow-white skin with blue and purple bruises on it, just like flowers blooming. Qingkui exclaimed and covered his mouth. Although she was unconscious, she probably guessed what had happened to her wife before, and tears as big as beans fell from her eyes. Over there, Zhang Yan had already walked to the back of the screen and ordered, "I want to be quiet alone. You go out first and wait outside." She wanted to say something, but after all, she didn't know how to say it. Without saying a word, she went out gently. When she reached the door, she turned around and saw a graceful figure reflected behind the screen. She had already put her retired clothes on the screen, so she took them gently. Come to the door. Do not know why, many years did not ring in the heart of that tune, suddenly reappear in front of us: "The peach tree has the China, the brilliant its rosy clouds, when the door does not fold, flutters for the straight, appeals again appeals!"! The peach tree has the English, Ye Ye its spirit, today this does not fold, the card does not come? Tink! Tink again! Ten years ago, when she first came to this world, in the first silent night, she sang this song to soothe her unspeakable sadness. Therefore, also in the field of Shangshan, saw the colorful peach blossom, she could not help but remember this song, but now, her body is exhausted to the extreme, but do not know why, suddenly fresh up, as if to smell the kind of soil. The characteristic smell of damp and slightly fishy. She lowered her head and immersed her face in the hot soup, smelling the soup and the disorderly skin that had just passed through the soup, as if there was an insect dormant in her heart, precipitating a kind of rotten breath, just like the tide in the field at the foot of Shangshan Mountain ten years ago. Fishy. But with all his strength, he could not smell anything. She was not very sad, she thought. For Liu Ying, this is always the most unusual person in her life. She drew a line for everyone in her life, but Liu Ying, no matter what he did to himself, was always within the line. Even if, He just raped himself. The lines of the palm were beautiful, with tangled curves, and she gazed at the open palm under the water,ultrasonic molten metal, through the smoke of the hot soup, the more crystal clear it looked. Not exactly rape, perhaps. fycgsonic.com

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