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Is a mythical beast a joke? A lot of Tianjie masters, the teacher may not be willing to fight for them, not to mention you two young boys. All right, I'll take you to buy a cage first, and as for domestication, you have to wait until you really catch the adult mythical beast. Liu Sheng understood that the two men would not give up easily, and it was useless to persuade them, so he politely raised his hand and led them to the interior of the trade union on the second floor. All the way up the marble steps, Liu Sheng motioned to the two guards to get out of the way and approached the magnificent hall on the upper floor of the trade union. Leaning against the wall, there were some cages filled with spirit animals. In the small hall, there were only a dozen people with high status and strength wandering around. Among them, there were several people wearing the micro-chapter of the sky illusion, and several people sitting on one side of the soft seat, carrying delicate cages in their hands, waiting for reception. Many masters come to ask for domestication by capturing the phantom beast themselves, which only needs to pay part of the domestication fee. If they buy the phantom beast directly from the guild, the price will be very expensive. Out of the corner of his eye, Aofeng took a glance at the price of a four-star spirit beast next to him, which was as high as six million Obis. Aofeng could not help sighing that the profession of animal trainer was really robbing money! Now this spirit beast is in front of her, and she doesn't have the courage to domesticate it. Younger Martial Brother Liu Sheng, you're here! As soon as he came upstairs, another man in his thirties,juice filling machine, also wearing a silver robe, came up to him. Seeing that the logo on his robe was also a master of animal training, the man frowned deeply and looked anxious. Liu Sheng asked in surprise, "Big Brother, what's wrong with you?"? Is there a problem in the union? "Something big has happened!" The man almost ran over, took two breaths and then said, master his old man led just took a deal, domesticated a seven-star God beast,juice filling machine, itself is barely enough, but the younger martial sister suddenly rushed up and shouted, the teacher was distracted, fell into crisis on the spot, now the teacher's mental strength has been completely suppressed by the seven-star God beast, can only barely keep Lingtai, But if it goes on like this, sooner or later the teacher will not be able to support the collapse of mental strength! "What?"? Seven-star mythical beast? Liu Sheng gasped and said eagerly, "How could this happen?"? The teacher is not teaching us that we must not domesticate the beast at will, even if it is only one step higher than the six-star, it is also a seven-star mythical beast! Spiritual collapse, the spiritual world will be seriously damaged, light can no longer tame animals, heavy will become an idiot! Countless animal trainers have become idiots in the process of domesticating Warcraft, even some master-level figures are no exception. Unexpectedly, PET blow moulding machine ,Beverage packing machine, this kind of thing happened to Tang Feng, the veteran guild president. The Elder Martial Brother also stamped his feet again and again and lamented, "I can't help it. The other side has too much background. It's the legendary Wandering Illusion Sect. He's a master of the Seven Illusion Sect. The teacher wanted to win this man's favor very much, so he took the deal. Originally, the spirit of the Illusion Beast was already in a state of exhaustion. It should be no problem to domesticate it, but I didn't expect the Younger Martial Sister to suddenly run out. Hey, "It's no use saying anything now." "Wandering Fantasy?"? The favor of a Seven Swords Magic Sect. No wonder. "Liu Sheng opened his eyes wide and frowned again." Ru, "What can I do? Even if we brothers go together, our mental strength is not enough to tame a seven-star mythical beast. That's a high-star mythical beast!" "Lord Liu Sheng, Lord Li Xin, is this true?" "Hai @ Tian @ Zhong @ Wen Net First Issue "Oh, my God, this is a disaster!" As soon as the people in the hall heard about this situation, they all stood up in surprise. The news was really terrible. If it was true, the Imperial Union, the master of animal training, would no longer exist. Who would they look for to domesticate the sacred beast in the future? "Don't say anything, the teacher is anxious to find you in the past to explain the situation of the union to us, prepare for the worst, come with me quickly!"! The man grabbed Liu Sheng and ran inside quickly. Ao Feng frowned and flashed. "Let's go and have a look," he said. "After all, it's still us!"! Yeah, maybe there's something we can do to help. "Let's go and see the president, too." Other dignitaries and experts in the hall also asked one after another. Li Xin and Liu Sheng have no time to take care of other people, they want to follow it, the teacher's situation is the most important. Trotting all the way, the crowd swarmed to a small single room covered with plain carpet, which was more elegant. Aofeng and others followed Liu Sheng in. At a glance, they saw the middle-aged man of about fifty years old in the center. In front of him was a small cage, in which was the seven-star mythical beast. Dragon Eagle. As a Warcraft, Arthur recognized it sharp-eyed: "This is a dragon eagle queen. There is still room for growth. Its attack power is first-class among the high-star gods and beasts, but its mental strength is not strong. No wonder the master of animal training can also be domesticated, but the master of animal training seems to have bad luck. He was interrupted on the way of animal training." Say, Arthur Hei Hei a smile, and there is no guilt, touch the little girl's buttocks is his fault, but Ao Feng has apologized, the little girl is still indomitable, unruly and willful, ran to harm her father, can you blame them? Tang Yu's character is like this, even if there is no such thing, sooner or later it will bring big trouble to her family. Teacher, are you all right? As soon as Liu Sheng and Li Xin saw the middle-aged man in a cold sweat, their eyes were red and they rushed up and shouted. There you are. Good, good.. The middle-aged man opened his eyes with difficulty, smiled weakly at the two men and said, "I am too eager for quick success and instant benefit. Most of the trainers will go this way,water filling machine, and I am not spared. The future trade union will be handed over to you.". "Teacher, don't say that. You must be all right." Liu Sheng and Liu Sheng stood beside him and sobbed. I know my own situation. It's impossible to domesticate this dragon eagle queen at the moment. I can only break down my mental strength. I'm lucky to be able to keep my mind. Tang Feng sighed with a wry smile and said. Why don't we go for a fight? Let's go with a few brothers. Maybe we can domesticate it, and the teacher can get out of danger. Liu Sheng gritted his teeth.

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