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Qin Xiaoyi wanted to ask her husband Zhang Tianshi for help, but she was holding a baby in her hands. If she was found, wouldn't it be bad? So she only told Tianshi West Palace guards to send troops to search for her. Then she thought about the danger of her daughter and had to find Song Liangli quickly, hoping that he could find the enemy with the psychic method. But Song Liangli was injured and fled, where would he be? Since the search is not the way, Qin Xiaoyi then returned to Yixin Garden, put the baby aside, then kneel down to worship piously, shouting: "Child prodigy, if you have a spirit, please respond immediately and come quickly. Amy has been captured by the enemy and needs your help to rescue her." Kneel down constantly. Song Liangli hid in the strange array of Longevity Hill in the Inner Palace to avoid all interference. After all, his mood fell to the bottom of the valley, but he felt that life was gloomy, and it was inevitable to escape. He even wanted to become a monk from then on and get rid of love. On the occasion of repentance, His Holiness the Green Tortoise suddenly appeared and said with a smile, "You have finally tasted the pain of love. Wonderful!" "Master," said Song Liangli sadly, "do I really have a predestined relationship with Buddha?" "How could I look for you if I had no chance?" Asked the Green Tortoise King. "But why did you let me fall in love?" Asked Song Liangli. "Everyone practices differently," said the Green Tortoise Dharma King. "Forcing is ineffective! You can return to vulgarity at any time. "Is falling in love with her a spiritual practice?" Asked Song Liangli. "Living in the world," said the Green Tortoise Dharma King, "everything you do is in spiritual practice. There are all the barriers of color, love, life, and money. When you understand them, when you become a Buddha!" "What if I don't want to become a Buddha?" Asked Song Liangli. The Green Tortoise said with a smile, "That is also a kind of spiritual practice." "Don't you object to my returning to the secular world?" Asked Song Liangli. The Green Tortoise said with a smile, "You haven't become a monk at all. How can you return to the secular world?"? Go ahead! The origin of love is the most grinding, and everything is between thoughts. After that, Song Liangli still wanted to ask, "Master, are you asking me to go after her or to practice?" The Green Turtle Dharma King never responded again. Song Liangli shouted a few times, knowing that His Holiness would no longer appear. He has the wisdom to understand that since he is in the world, spiritual practice is inevitable, and any three disasters and nine difficulties may occur. What His Holiness said should mean that when the time for spiritual practice comes, one can have an epiphany and become a Buddha. Of course, love is a kind of spiritual practice. It is a common thing to taste all the ups and downs. If one has chosen, there is no need to blame others or oneself. After all, it is a path of one's own choice. In any case, the appearance of the green tortoise Dharma king and his enlightenment had reduced the pain suffered by song and Liu. He sighed lightly, saying that he had nothing to do with the night startle, and did not dare to climb up. It was only by chance that they had the opportunity to develop, and then through the matchmaking of the holy king of bliss, they finally developed into a heart-to-heart situation. However, as fate would have it, the sea of love, after twists and turns, turned against each other, and the head was broken and bleeding, inflatable amusement park , and everything returned to the original point. Song Liangli sighed again and laughed at himself: "I am the toad who wants to eat swan meat. That's all right. I'm light and have nothing to worry about. I don't have to bear any more.." After all, his birth is not very noble, don't miss others. After self-spiritual treatment and comfort, everything seems to be indifferent and resigned. Song Liangli began to deal with his wound. The jade flute was not light, and it split several inches long. Fortunately, after taking Ziyu Xianzhi, the flesh and blood congealed more quickly, so he did not lose too much blood. He found clean water to wash the dirty blood from his hair and face, and then tied on a larger green scarf. After the treatment, the top of his head was still swollen and painful, forming a strange head shape. He didn't care. He didn't even change his bloody clothes, so he took a sip of wine and prepared to fall to the ground and sleep soundly, forgetting three thousand worries. However, just as he wanted to fall asleep, he suddenly sensed Qin Xiaoyi's prayer. Song Liangli said, "Zhang Meiren was robbed?!"! Who would take her? Start to carry the psychic Dafa to search. Qin Yi still kept praying: "Little prodigy, good people do in the end, you quickly show up to help me again, please, please." Song Liangli smiled bitterly: "Can I not help?" Forehead search, unexpectedly reflected the scene of Yu Tianjun robbing people, can not help but be surprised: "Is he?!" This is not good, immediately from the secret way to sneak out of the palace, know it hiding in the ruins of a place in the south of the city, quickly swept away. Incandescent Angel Bookstore OCR Team Chapter 7 Jin Dou Fan Quan Yu Tianjun did not dare to live in the inn, so he could only wander around in the ruins, but he felt that it was originally Yang Gong's mansion, which later became an empty house because of ghosts. Over time, it became a ruin of its own. Yu Tianjun feels that the haunted house is the most ideal, and hides here. It was originally a dense ghost here, but he had a magic amulet and stuck it to the doors and windows on all sides, so it was quiet. This house has a bed, Yu Tianjun put Zhang Meiren on the bed, still constantly performing the "Five Immortals" to cure the sweetheart. However, apart from the cold sweat, there was no other reaction. Song Liangli went through emotional trauma and had no intention of playing tricks on him. He chased him to the ruins and said in a cold voice, "Yu Tianjun, let him go. Go back to your hometown. Let's avoid hurting the harmony." Yu Tianjun suddenly heard the sound and was shocked. This man could find him here without a sound. His skill and magical powers were simply superior to his own. He quickly put on a guard and shouted, "Who is it?!" When Song Liangli stepped out calmly, Yu Tianjun suddenly saw Song Liangli. His courage swelled and he said coldly, "So it's you. I thought it was Zhang Tianshi!" "It's the same for anyone," said Song Liangli. "Let her go so as not to hurt the harmony." Yu Tianjun said angrily, "I still want to settle accounts with you. Why should I listen to you?"? What tricks are you playing to make her disown her relatives? "She will be played to death by you," said Song Liangli coldly. "Nonsense," Yu Tianjun scolded. "This is my mother's secret. How can you play with the dead?" Song Liangli said, "Take a needle and stab her on the forehead. She will die if she is not hurt. How much torture can she endure from you? Maybe she has become an idiot!" Yu Tianjun was not sure for a moment, but how could he admit defeat? He said angrily, "If you hadn't played tricks on her, how could she have become like this? Wake her up and give her back to me, or I'll never stop with you!" "You won't give up until you reach the Yellow River," said Song Liangli! All right, let's make three moves against each other. If you win,Inflatable outdoor park, I'll solve the demon for her immediately. If you lose, get out of here immediately! Yu Tianjun sneers: "Great!"! I'm afraid I have no one to fight with! Immediately jumped over, Tyrannosaurus cactus a move "dragon swallow mountains and rivers.".

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