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Vortex, surrounded by Yue Fan in the center. The arrangement of these soldiers seems to be scattered, but their actions are surprisingly consistent, and every movement seems to pass by. After tens of millions of rehearsals, there was no deviation, and there was no sense of confusion. Surrounded by a dangerous array of soldiers, Yue Fan did not take it to heart at all, but took a step forward. On-On-On- " Thick foot orchid corpse sound, as if stepping on people's hearts. Suffering, throbbing pain, but can not be peaceful. Caress. Every time Yue Fan takes a step, the murderous look on his body will become thicker. As long as the soldiers around are a little closer, they all There will be a feeling of suffocation. Endless fear will make people collapse, and the only way is to resist, desperately resist! "Kill-" As soon as the battle array moves, the fierce attack is overwhelming! Pull one and move the whole body, this is the power of the battle array, with the smallest force, in exchange for the most powerful attack! "Block-Block-" "Pu-Pu-Pu-" "Peng-" Weapons plus body, one after another fell, but Yue Fan's pace still did not stop, step by step. As if forever It won't stop. Fuck off "Roll, roll-" A roar full of hatred filled this piece of heaven and earth, for a while, the air surges, the wind and clouds turn pale! Then, Yue Fan within three Zhangs, give birth to an invisible is cover, any soldier once touch, immediately by this fear. The power of terror erodes one. "Ah-" "Peng-" "Peng-Peng-Peng-" The soldiers in the battle array fell one after another, screaming from Geng Li! They die in pain, seven orifices stay. Blood,PET bottle Mold, if someone went up to check the body at this time, it would appear that the soldiers' bodies were already in a mess. Chaos, viscera, meridians and bones, all shattered! In this way, without any skill, Yue Fan abruptly walked out of the battle array. Seeing such a scene, Luo Kui's face was so gloomy that he was about to drip water. On-On-On- " The footsteps continue to move forward, when Yue Fan is about to approach Luo Kui five Zhangs away, Luo Kui's seven masters end. Yu made a move. As swift as the wind! As fast as electricity! Seven figures rushed to Yue Fanyi like ghosts. These seven people are all congenital masters trained by the Luo family, and each of them has his own unique skill. Seven people in one, coupled with the power of the battle array, it is absolutely a powerful force. No wonder Luo Kui can sit firmly in power here. For so many years, it seems that the inside information in hand is really deep. ~ "蓬 ! Peng! Peng! Peng Er " As soon as they touched the hood, the seven masters, without exception, water bottling line ,liquid bottle filling machine, were bounced back, but they were not like those soldiers. "It's just that some of the internal organs are out of order and the blood is churning." Seven stars, close- Seven people were not discouraged by the failure of one move. After making a few adjustments, they suddenly jumped into the sky. In the sky, the seven figures overlapped perfectly, and the seven innate forces merged to form a stream of nothing. Than great strength. Such a powerful force, has been far out of the innate state of the orange, faintly touched. The edge of heaven. Yes, it is the edge of heaven that triggers the power of heaven and earth! "I wait for seven brothers to join hands to strike, Li Yuefan, you dare to take it!"! Seven people's anger and guffaw, they are very confident of their own trick, if the other side is provoked to take this. Boxing, they will be able to beat each other into serious injury, or even directly killed! At the thought that he and others were going to defeat the legendary figure, the pleasure of the seven people's hearts was simply beyond words. Watch! Under the great power, Yue Fan's expression did not change at all, and even the footsteps of each other did not stop for half a minute. Peng- " The attack of the seven men broke through the invisible shield and fell straight to the top of Yue Fan's head. The latter did not even think about it, and his right hand was at will. Throw a punch! "Chew and crackle." "Peng-" The fist is like the sky, and the killing is decisive! Touching lightly with Yue Fan's fist, the offensive of the seven men was disintegrated like destroying the withered and rotten, together with the seven men. Be blown to pieces! Meat foam flying, blood dancing all over the sky. Bloody! Cruelty! Rage! The scene just now brought not only shock to others, but also fear from the heart! The soldiers stopped their attack. They retreated in terror as if they had seen a ghost. These soldiers have been through so many killings and seen so many lives and deaths that they once thought they were not Will be afraid of death again, but now two in front of this man, with their own actions naked to tell them. There is something more terrible than death in the world, that is despair! The three hundred soldiers who had been alive just now were soon left with less than a hundred. Looking at the corpses on the ground, the mood of desolation and despair arises spontaneously. People get out of the way, Yue Fan's figure directly exposed in front of Luo Kui. The latter stared at each other angrily and exhausted. I can't speak. Those soldiers died also died, in Luo Kui's eyes insignificant, but the seven congenital masters, but It took him decades of hard work to cultivate a master, which is the real power of the Luo family. Now seven people Death at the same time, this blow is undoubtedly in his blood, cut his flesh, the degree of heartache can be imagined. Li Yuefan! You are so cruel! Luo Kui's trembling hand pointed to the other side, where there is still a little bit of the bearing of the feudal officials. Faced with Luo Kui's accusation, Yue Fan could not feel any fluctuation in his heart. He's here for revenge, not for a fight. Yes, naturally there is no need to show mercy, not to mention, the other side has revealed the killing machine, if you still want not to kill innocent people. That is not to move corruption or not to move corruption, but to be a big fool and a big fool. Zehnke, where is it? Yue Fan clenched his fists, and the blue veins on his arms showed his anger. Facing each other's anger, instead of flinching, Luo Kui stepped forward and said, "Li Yuefan, are you serious?" Can't I help you? "Say!"! Yue Fan punched out, with fierce strength and supreme intention to kill Luo Kui's face! Such power, if really hit by a punch,Edible oil filling machine, Luo Kui must die without a burial place. However, when the fist was about to touch Luo Kui, a big hand stretched out from behind Luo Kui and took Yue Fan. Hold one firmly in your fist. "璞 ! There was a muffled sound and a shock of energy. gzxilinear.com

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