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Police aunt, right? You're gonna catch the killer, aren't you? My mother promised me yesterday that she would cook sweet and sour spareribs for me today, but she died with blood all over her body and was cut in half. I want my mother back. Heart-wrenching crying is contagious, causing other unknown children to cry and howl in the streets. Wen Pin immediately hid behind Feng Ji, and Min Min turned around and wanted to go. Lily of the valley was at a loss to be held by the child's calf, for a moment I do not know what to do. Listen to the tone of the child, it may be the parasite that killed her mother, it may be the player, the child cried bitterly, the surrounding crowd wailed, even NPC, also affected their emotions. Soon, the child's grandmother ran over and took the man away. But the child held out her hand to Lily of the Valley, as if hoping that Lily of the Valley would satisfy her little wish. I understand what Yang Ming meant when he called us here. Today's police station has become a gathering place for all the victims in T City. He brought Lily of the Valley here and asked: Why did you make a bloody storm when you said you were here to defend T City? "He who does not know is fearless." When Bonggil noticed a shrinking head in the corner, he quickly grabbed the man. But Yang Ming is more angry than them. Aren't you the messengers of the other world who defend the peace of T City? "But do you know that because of your arrival, our peaceful city has become miserable!" You brought the flying saucer, didn't you! We only survived if a meteorite had landed in T city. What did you do? Do you know? How many people died in my city? According to incomplete statistics, 102 people have died as of today's time point. As many as 56 houses were damaged,outdoor ficus tree, and hundreds of people were rescued in the hospital. Is this the result of your protection? Don't tell jokes, what to protect, you are actually here to destroy it! He bared his teeth and brandished his claws to vent all his anger, but his limbs were restrained and he could do nothing. Lily of the valley looked straight ahead and said, "All kinds of battles from ancient times to the present are not accompanied by consumption. Ancient wars consume the most human lives and military provisions, so there is an ancient saying that people are as cheap as grass.". Now, the city of T has avoided a disaster. Only a few buildings and a few people were injured. Slow words,faux ficus tree, once again drew Yang Ming's anger, "what your credit, that is T city with Buddha light." "Huh?"? T city has its own Buddha light? Minmin said in disgust, "Can you use your brain before you speak? Do you think T City is Buddha's own son, but also Buddha's light? Think with your pig brain, how can there be such a coincidence in the world?"? In our opinion, you have to thank us, at least we have minimized the loss, you have to be grateful, if we did not come, your city would have been ruled by aliens. You won't stand in front of him and scold him. Minmin scolded full of gas, Wen Pin calmly shook his head, "What's the use of shouting so loudly?"? When they didn't realize that the crisis was just around the corner, artificial grass panels ,decorative palm trees, the ancients with stiff mouths would not believe it. Yang Ming does not believe that compared with the one-sided words of these ferocious'aliens', it is obvious that the experts of the same race with pictures and'truth 'are more reliable. And what injuries are you talking about? Someone is dead! It's not hurt at all. It's dead. I knew you didn't know. Give me back my phone quickly. "Those people were not killed by meteorites or flying saucers, they were killed after being parasitized by aliens." "Aliens?"? Where's your evidence? You want me to believe, you show me the evidence. There is no evidence, and even if there is evidence, he will not believe it. When a person is loyal to something, he will not be easily changed. Four people turned a blind eye to his clamor, "whether you believe it or not, anyway, the next day before we leave, you have to live with us." Yang Ming's chin almost dropped. "Let go of me!" Chapter 49 exclusive publication in Jinjiang. The drizzle fell from the dark sky, just like Yang Ming's mood at the moment. He was inhumanely gagged and clasped on his limbs. When he saw a policeman passing by, he called for help, but the man, who looked like a man, explained, "Why did you tie him up?"? Because after he was hit in the brain by a meteorite fragment yesterday, he became particularly ferocious and bit several people. We are afraid that he will hurt innocent people, so now we need to send him to treatment. Thank you for your kindness. We don't need help. We have a car. A stretched Rolls-Royce arrived. Yang Ming:! Does anyone believe this nonsense? But after seeing the luxury car and the four'sincere 'expressions, the police really believed it! The police is relieved to go, Yang Ming cries in the heart, this group of aliens is really terrible! He is reckless, but he will choose to be reckless rather than hurt his family and friends. Yang Ming thought he was going to die, but what happened? When he was put on the seat, no one cared about him! He listened to the female leader'mastermind 'to the exclusive car housekeeper said this also buy that also buy, but also buy labor and materials, to help the'disaster area' construction, the whole person is confused. It turns out that they are not here to defend the peace of T City, they are here to help the poor! No wonder the first stop is to go to the pawnshop to change money, and now the money has run out to change again. On the way to the start of a new round of money-changing journey, Wen Pin, who will not take the initiative to express his opinions most of the time, unexpectedly opens his mouth. To be honest, I don't want to be led by the nose at all. Why do we have to do the search when they do the blockade work? A team that exists in name only, where should we pay attention to tacit understanding? Yesterday, when we were in danger, we didn't see them hum. Today, when we know what they have done, do we have to do the next thing? There is no time limit for this copy. What we are fighting for is patience. We can eat and drink with them. It's better than being silly as a chess piece in their layout. Min Min unexpectedly looked at Wen Pin, "also said that your brain is not good, now is not very good?"? You are not in a hurry, because you are reluctant to give up delicious food and five-star hotels, anyway,silk cherry blossom tree, the money is not yours, but this time I agree, let's fight with the rat in the trench. 。

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