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Guiyang is located in the center of Guizhou Province. It is surrounded by mountains. There are two cities, the old and the new, which are built with stones and embrace each other in an oval shape. It has developed transportation and a large population. It is an important town in the south of China. There are many scenic spots and historic sites outside the city, among which Qianling Mountain, Fufeng Mountain, Zhaobi Mountain and Nanyue Mountain are the most famous. Ruixue Villa, the main hall of the Foxtail Gang, is located on another mountain beside Qianling Mountain. This is not a very tall mountain, in fact, it is only an unknown mountain behind it, stretching out of a flat cliff. The left and right sides of the mountain are cut walls, standing one or two hundred feet high. In front of it is a slope, shaded by trees. Under the mountain is a river like a belt, turning around the mountain, forming a natural barrier of the mountain. The river is deep and wide, extremely dangerous. The top of the mountain is flat, stretching into a rectangle to the back hill, hundreds of Zhangs long and hundreds of Zhangs wide. The junction with the back hill is also a cliff, which can not be easily passed. The leader of the Foxtail Gang, Qiannan Yisou, chose this piece of flat land to build the main hall of the gang, which was really a good location. He built a broad building in the center of the place, and built many wing rooms around it for the people in the gang to live in. After Ying Qinghua and Bai Rushuang entered Guizhou, they found many people carrying a feather along the way. These people carry different places, different industries, some in the head, some in the lapel,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, others such as belts, pockets and so on. The colors of these feathers are also different, with white being the most common, followed by blue, and yellow being even rarer. Whether there are other colors or not cannot be confirmed. When they discovered this phenomenon, they suspected that it was the foxtail gang. It was not until it entered Kaiyang County near Guiyang that it was confirmed that it was correct. At that time, the two of them were riding slowly, talking and laughing on the official road, when suddenly two riders came after them, brushed past,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, and heard the sound of "Yi" on the horse. Suddenly he reined in his horse and looked at the other man. "Third brother," he said, "isn't this the'White Dragon 'of the Sect Leader? How can this acid Ding ride it? Stop and let me ask before I go. Both of them were big men with yellow feathers on their heads, with swords on their backs and overbearing expressions. According to Bai Rushuang's meaning, he wanted to teach them a lesson. Fortunately, Ying Qinghua stopped him in time to prevent him from having a conflict with Guwei Gang for this trivial matter, so as not to damage Leng Yanxue's face. He just seriously took out the jade amulet given by Leng Yanxue from his bag and said to the other party, "You don't have to ask me about my origin. You can know it when you go back." Sure enough, as soon as the two men saw the jade amulet, they immediately dismounted and knelt down in front of the horse to ask for forgiveness, which made Bai Rushuang, who was still angry, smile and send them away easily. After entering Guiyang City, Ying Qinghua stayed in a hotel near Gongbianmenfu. Find out the direction and route of Ruixue Villa to the bartender, prepare to explore it in the evening, first meet with Leng Yanxue to discuss in detail, and then decide the way to deal with this matter. Unexpectedly, the bartender was also a member of the Guwei Gang, Brushless Gear Motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, and when he saw the peerless manners of Ying and Bai, he knew that they were extraordinary people. Seeing that they had inquired about the route of Ruixue Villa, they knew that they had come, so in the conversation, they even asked Ying Qinghua about the origin and the purpose of going to the villa. After half a year's experience, Ying Qinghua has made great progress. He has a deep understanding of these treacherous and unpredictable things in Jianghu. Therefore, from the words of the bartender, he knows that he is a member of the Foxtail Gang. Seeing that he inquired about his origin, he used the excuse of visiting relatives to perfunctory him, which made the bartender feel even more mysterious, thinking that he was a relative of the Dharma Protector or the head of the hall, and he was even more enthusiastic in greeting and trying to please him. At the beginning of the third watch, the waning moon was misty, and Ying Qinghua and his wife had arrived at the riverside of Ruixue Villa. The width of the river was only about five branches, and as far as their skill was concerned, it was not worth their while to jump across, but because the other side was built by the foxtail gang with a wall one or two feet high, standing along the river, leaving only a gap, with a suspension bridge across the river, so that people could not see the situation inside the wall except through the suspension bridge. Only the brilliant lights from the forest crevices on the mountain can tell that the mountain is the real mountain villa. At the same time, there are people on the suspension bridge to watch in shifts, and there are also people on the wall along the river to patrol back and forth, indicating that this Ruixue Villa is really very attentive in terms of security, and is worthy of being the location of a group of general halls. When Ying Qinghua came to the river, he hid his figure and observed it carefully. But because the wall blocked his view, he could not see the situation inside the wall, and because the forest was deep and the trees were dark on the mountain, he could not see the truth, so he hesitated for a moment and could not think of a proper way. Bai Rushuang, impatient with waiting, leaned close to his body and whispered in his ear, "Brother Hua, what are you waiting for?"? Let's go. "Don't worry," said Ying Qinghua in a low voice. "I'm not afraid of anything, but I don't want them to find out about Xuemei's situation. I want to find a proper place to spend it. It's better than a hard room for us." By this time, Ying Qinghua had discovered that there was a big tree with dense branches and leaves in the wall on the other side of the river, which was twenty feet above the wall. It was a good place to stop and look, and it was not easy to be found. So, after he told Bai Rushuang in a low voice, he jumped up first, flew over the other side like a night crane, and landed gently on the top of the tree. A little look around the situation, and then flew to the woods on the hill. White as frost followed and entered, not to mention the need to bother to watch, she only in the tree on a slight force, like a bird in the woods, shooting straight at the top of the mountain. Should. After stepping on the branches and leaping to the top of the mountain, the two men stopped in a tree and silently observed the direction and position. Ying Qinghua said to Bai Rushuang, "Sister Shuang, judging from the shape of these houses, the central building must be an important place. But where Xuemei lives, we have to go through some exploration to know. Let's go left and right separately, carefully look at the situation on both sides, and finally meet at the building." But remember that this is a meeting with Xuemei, not a formal worship of the mountain. We should try our best to avoid fighting or bumping into them. If they find out as a last resort, we would rather quickly retreat to the original place at the foot of the mountain and wait, so as not to be entangled with each other. White as frost answered lightly, then flashed down to the ground and disappeared into the shadow on the left. Ying Qinghua was about to fall to the ground when he suddenly realized that the houses on both sides did not need to be explored,Vending Machine Motor, and that it was not the place where Leng Yanxue lived, but only the central building, which was worth considering.
The first possibility is much greater than the second. Girl. Don't hide. Are you too ugly to come out to see people? I say you, don't come out if you are too ugly. What if you scare people? Even if you can't scare people, it's not good to scare flowers and plants. If you're so scared that flowers dare not open and grass fails immediately, it's a sin. Teachers teach us to take care of the environment from an early age. No matter what the circumstances. Ruffians are always so unreasonable. How interesting This little brother is really good at joking. With laughter. A graceful woman came out from behind a big tree 20 meters in front of Fang Xin. The woman's forehead is dotted with cinnabar, like a pink eye shadow with slender Danfeng eyes, which can capture the soul of the world with a smile, and a short emerald green skirt in a thin gauze. The snow-white shoulder and the big retreat are faintly revealed, which attracts people's reverie. The bitches were all old bachelors, and they stared at each other. Drool flowed all over the floor. Daoyou, am I ugly? The woman walked up to the thunder and smiled at him. It was a pity that she chose the wrong person, and there was only Fang Xin in the thunder's heart. Thunder looked at her with scornful eyes, then snorted and stopped talking. The woman in the green shirt saw that the thunder was not in her tunnel, flashed a trace of surprise, and then turned her target to Fang Xin. Daoyou, am I ugly? Fang Xin hadn't pretended to be in a daze for a long time. Suddenly,Small Geared Motors, he became interested. He pretended to be a sour scholar and pointed at the woman in the green shirt and cursed her: "Nonsense! How can you, a girl, show so much skin in front of a man?". What your parents taught you is really immoral. Then he covered his eyes with his hands and kept saying in his mouth: "Do not look at indecent assault, do not look at indecent assault..." The woman in the green shirt was ignored twice. Inevitably, she was a little angry, but fortunately she found comfort in the bitches. The three feet of saliva hanging over the river proved that she was not without charm,Gear Reduction Motor, but that they did not know how to appreciate it. Brother, am I ugly? The woman in green shirt came to Tuanzi and drew a circle on his chest with her slender little hands. Tuanzi wiped off his saliva like a pig, and then buried her head in the chest of the woman in green shirt. Her face was intoxicated, and she didn't know what she was thinking about. You How interesting It's so ugly. While the woman in green shirt was not paying attention, Tuanzi took out a brick and patted her on the back of the head with her left hand. Niang, you are a fox spirit. Fortunately, my heart has already been given to the crescent moon. You have charmed my body, but you can't charm my heart. All of them stretched out their fingers to despise it, and just now it was clear that they did not want to go home. The woman in green was humiliated again and again and finally got angry. As soon as she waved, there were two more young women in the forest dressed like her, but they looked younger. Hum, micro gear motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, I don't know how to lift. The woman in green snorted coldly, "Don't compare me with those cheap little foxes. I'm not like them. I can't do anything except confuse men." "Bitch?"? If I remember correctly, your Huang Yanhua belongs to the Fox Clan. Aren't you afraid that he will kill you if you commit a crime like this? Fang Xin wanted to frighten the woman in the green shirt, but the woman in the green shirt looked up and laughed. Joke, his flame China also deserves to be the emperor of my water enchanting, I Bah! "You're not one of Yanhua's men?" Fang Xin was surprised. Did I say I was? Shui Rao gave him a white look. Who said that the forest of gravity was full of fireworks? So you are. Fang Xin wondered. Shui Rao smiled at Xuan Mo, "My son has invited the elder to Zishuitan to get together, the childe said to thank the elder for his enthusiasm, the elder detour is clearly not to give him face, when the time comes." Hum. Shui Rao glanced around gently, and the threat was very obvious. It seems that I can't go, hehe. Xuan Mo jumped to the ground to return to normal size, straight to the depths of the forest, water Rao to Fang Xin made a "please" action, it seems that light Xuan Mo alone is not enough. Shuiyi smiled and saluted Tuanzi, but Tuanzi saw a murderous look in her eyes. This time it was miserable. It seemed that he would soon return to Yueqing Gang and reunite with Feiyun. What is the background of the other party? Fang Xin asked Lan You. But Lan You smiled and said, "It seems that those who are coming can't escape." The purple pool was the poison pool in the middle of the purple fog. On the poison pool stood a black-robed man with blue bruises on his eyes. Beside him stood four beautiful women, white on the left and black on the right. The beautiful woman on the left said respectfully to the black-robed man, "Master, sister Shuirao has gone to invite someone. She should be back soon." "Mmm." The black-robed man nodded and took two leaves from her hand and put them on his eyes. Damn Xuan Mo, I haven't seen him for two thousand years to steal the white heart grass, but Shuanglong went to sea and hurt his eyes. Do you know the rules? Don't hit people in the face. The fifth volume is life experience Chapter 92 Purple Black Jiao (2). In the fog, the road was narrow, and the team formed a long queue. Xuan Mo walked in the most enchanting water, and the other two women in green shirts walked at the end. Along the way, there were many poisonous insects hiding far away when they saw them. Originally, Fang Xin thought that he would meet a powerful demon cultivator. Xuan Mo said that the closer he got to the poison pool, the more powerful the demon cultivator would be. Fang Xin frowned. He noticed that there were at least ten divine senses observing him. As for the source of these divine senses, he had no way of knowing. If he followed the traces of divine senses rashly, he would frighten the snake instead. Those who cultivate demons dare not act rashly must be afraid of offending the "childe" in Shuirao's mouth. Fang Xin, who can hurt Xuan Mo, is also very curious. Aren't you afraid of being eaten? Xuan Mo sees Fang Xin one face is comfortable, cannot help wanting to destroy his good mood. Fang Xin shook his head with a smile. If the other party really wanted to kill them, he would have done it long ago. Why bother to ask them to go there? He guessed that he mostly wanted to kill Xuan Mo's face in front of everyone, so that he would not be too arrogant in other people's territory in the future. It was not him who lost face. Of course, he was comfortable. Xuan Mo spat at him. How could the Elder Martial Brother like to see the Younger Martial Brother lose face? There is no noble sentiment of respecting the old and loving the young. Counting his age,Low Rpm Electric Motor, he should be a respected old man. Counting his height, he should be a little brother who should be loved. Who would have thought that he would meet such a boy, who has no morality and sympathy. He was really wrong at the beginning. But it seems that it was because of this that I chose the Chinese letter at the beginning.
Ji Jinchuan raised his eyebrows: "So, are you calling to question?" "Shouldn't it be?" She retorted. Ji Jinchuan smiled instead of being angry. He smiled softly, with a delicate texture through his deep voice: "Where are you?" Shen Yiran on the other end of the phone wondered if she had misheard him. Although she had not known Ji Jinchuan for a long time, she had heard that he was fickle. It was on Shen's birthday that she saw him greeting the crowd with a polite but alienated smile. She glanced out of the window and said truthfully, "On the way back." "Have lunch together," he said. Chapter 63 Lao Ji always cares. Ben Shen Yiran asked the driver to park the car on the side of the road. She got out of the car and stood waiting on the side of the road after paying the fare. Before long, Ji Jinchuan's car stopped in front of her. She pulled the car to sit in, see the car in addition to Xiao Cheng only Ji Jinchuan, joked: "Ji always does not accompany Miss Bai is not afraid of her anger." Ji Jinchuan folded his legs together, leaned comfortably on the back of his chair, raised his eyes slightly, looked at her lightly, and said lazily, "Are you jealous?" She squinted, and when she smiled, her eyes were dark and bright, and her cheeks were dimpled. "Of course, our relationship is not over yet, is it?" With these words, she snuggled up and held his arm against his shoulder. Ji Jinchuan smiles but does not speak, along the way two people are not speaking, Xiao Cheng is more like an invisible air person. The two went to the Berlin Hotel. When the waiter saw Ji Jinchuan, he immediately called their manager. As soon as Manager Liu arrived, he greeted him with a smile: "Ji Zong, you're here." Ji Jinchuan answered lightly and asked for a box. Manager Liu personally took them to the box and accompanied them to order. Manager Liu took the menu in the waiter's hand and handed it to Ji Jinchuan. Ji Jinchuan raised his jaw lightly. Manager Liu immediately handed the menu to Shen Yiran. Shen Yiran took the menu and thanked him. Manager Liu politely replied, "No," and then took a menu and handed it to Ji Jinchuan. Shen Yiran casually ordered a few dishes, she ordered more vegetarian, in California in the past few years, her taste has become very light. When Ji Jinchuan saw that she had finished ordering, he added a few more meat dishes. Then he handed the menu to Manager Liu and looked at her and said, "You are too thin to eat only vegetarian food." A little flattered, she lifted the curtain and looked at the person opposite. She said sincerely, "Lao Ji always cares." While waiting for the waiter to serve the food, Shen leisurely went to the bathroom. On the way back to the private room, he passed by a private room and heard a girl's faint sob inside. The door of the box was not closed, leaving a gap through which she could see that the people in the box were He Jiashan and others. The sobbing woman was in her early twenties. She looked pure and clean. She was wearing a white skirt. Her tears were whirling, as if she were asking for congratulations to Jiashan. She recognized that the girl crying in the box was Xu Chengyan's former girlfriend, face recognition identification kiosk , the girl she met in the cafe a few days after she returned home, who seemed to be Murphy. Standing outside the box, she listened to the matter probably, Murphy left Xu Chengyan with He Jiashan, but a few days later He Jiashan was tired of playing and changed his female companion. Murphy is pregnant, let He Jiashan be responsible, and He Jiashan is a famous playboy in a city, how can he compromise because a woman is pregnant with a child. He Jiashan brought his female companion to dinner, but he didn't want the woman in front of him to come and disturb his mood. He leaned back lazily and looked coldly at the crying woman with pear flowers and rain. Seeing that He Jiashan was unmoved, Murphy knelt down with a splash and said tearfully, "He Shao, I'm really pregnant. You said you would only love me." Shen Yiran gently shook his head, this woman is really silly, he Jiashan this kind of person said the words also believe, before with he Jiashan, did she not go to inquire about his conduct? Behind him came a deep magnetic voice: "Peeping is not a good behavior." Chapter 64 women who don't like to push their luck. Ben She slanted her head and saw that Ji Jinchuan was already standing behind her. The act of peeping was immoral, and she was caught. She smiled shyly. "Why did you come out?" Ji Jinchuan raised his left arm and touched the dial on his wrist with his finger. Although she did not make it clear, she knew that she was saying that she had been away for a long time. In the box, He Jiashan embraced his female companion and looked down at the humble woman who begged him: "I will give you a sum of money to abort the child." Although Shen Yiran felt sorry for Murphy, she could not be foolish enough to provoke He Jiashan for a stranger. It was only because she was wrong and fell in love with He Jiashan, a scum. He Jiashan is what kind of person, in a city everyone knows, only she is stupid enough to fall into. At the other end of the corridor, a man came in a rush. It was Xu Chengyan who came. When he saw Shen Yiran, he was stunned for a moment. He rushed into the private room and pulled Murphy up on the ground. Xu Chengyan took one look at He Jiashan with a ruffian face, and then looked at Murphy with tears on his face. "What happened?" He asked. Outside the door, Shen Yiran, who was ready to return to the private room, stopped at his feet. Oh, the hero saved the United States, but looking at Xu Chengyan's appearance, he should not know the entanglement between Murphy and He Jiashan. She was not surprised that Xu Chengyan, the property of the Xu family in the Berlin Hotel, suddenly appeared here. Ji Jinchuan was slightly dissatisfied with her behavior of joining in the fun. He frowned and said, "Why don't you go?" Shen Yiran smiled at him and hurriedly followed him. They returned to the box, the food had been served, sat down and just ate a few mouthfuls, Ji Jinchuan's phone rang, after connecting, he hardly spoke, just listened quietly, but his face was not very good. When he hung up the phone, Shen Yiran asked curiously, "What's wrong?" Ji Jinchuan took a tissue and wiped the corners of his mouth slowly: "I have to go in advance." She wanted to hold his arm like other women and let him accompany her to finish the meal, but she knew she couldn't and couldn't.
"Young man!"! You just said that the rosefinch king is dead! Is it your masterpiece? The drunkard asked pleasantly surprised, "This rosefinch heavenly king is the most ferocious heavenly king among the four heavenly kings of the Fengshen Society, and he is also the one with the highest martial arts.". Ha ha, retribution, retribution! Two months ago, the old drunkard was chased by a group of killers led by the Xuanwu Heavenly King of the Society in Huguang. After he fled to Nanjing like a lost dog, his resentment has not yet dissipated! I didn't expect you to kill his partner, the rosefinch heavenly king, and finally managed to get a bad breath out for me. Young man, how did you kill him? "This guy is so insidious that he attacked me with a dagger.". Fortunately, I had taken precautions in advance and gave him a silver magic hand, otherwise it would have been so easy to get back the jade screen with two large bags of precious gold and silver. He explained how he had entered the Cuizhu Temple at night, and gave the two large packages of treasures to the dragon beyond the Great Wall: These treasures are temporarily stored in the Governor's Office for disaster relief in the future. There is a small amount of addictive pills in it. Please send them to the capital to be disposed of by the Medicine King. The fact that the Heavenly King of the Rosefinch was transformed into the dust-free abbot and often went to Lu Yankui's official residence to give lectures is enough to prove that Lady Ru and Master Liu were undoubtedly members of the Fengshen Society. Now the only thing that needs to be verified is Lu Yankui himself. Was he actually coerced? Or was he originally a member of the society, or was he disguised by someone from the Fengshen Society? Please ask the Governor to check this carefully. "Humble and obedient." The dragon beyond the Great Wall bid farewell to the crowd. He left the shop with his subordinates who were waiting outside the room. Ling Hanbo asked Shen Ye strangely, "How do you know that the dust-free abbot is the rosefinch heavenly king?" "It was learned from the magic knife that he was a deacon under the rosefinch heavenly king,thermal imaging camera, and of course he knew the identity and whereabouts of his immediate superior." Can you talk about it later? I'm so hungry that my chest sticks to my back. Young man, why don't you order wine and food to fill the temple of the five viscera? The drunkard shouted that he was waiting to call the two demons to order the shopkeeper to send wine and food. Suddenly there was a knock at the door from the shopkeeper: "Mr. Shen, there is a guest who wants to see you." "Oh!"! Who is it? ' He opened the door and asked. It's the old man who disturbs the childe! The bearer turned out to be Szeto Yan with a golden knife dressed as a gentleman. Ah! It's the senior! Please come in. Shen Ye was greatly surprised and ordered the store to send wine and food on the spot. The elder is here, and I don't know if you have any advice? The younger generation has not yet thanked the kindness of the secret message that day! "Childe, please don't stand on ceremony. The news of that day was actually provided by the children of the Seven Star Sword, but it was inconvenient for them to come forward,information kiosk price, so they were replaced by the old man." Jin Dao's face gradually turned serious: "The old man came to help tonight. At present, he has encountered a big problem. He is going to ask the Childe to help." "Senior, please say, I respect the senior.". As long as I can, I will never refuse. Shen Ye sincerely said that Jin Dao would be entrusted to escort the silver dart for disaster relief, and asked Shen Ye to help him based on the morality of Jianghu and thousands of victims. When Shen Ye heard this, he hesitated and remained silent, without any expression. Jin Dao could not help but tighten his heart: "Mr. Shen, do you have any difficulties?"? The old man just.. "Senior, please don't misunderstand. Since I have promised first, how can I go back on my word?"? What's more, digital signage screen ,temperature screening kiosk, it concerns millions of victims in Shaanxi. I was thinking about other problems, and I lost my temper for a while, which made my predecessors laugh. He explains immediately, lest golden knife misunderstands, turn a head to ask at the same time drunkard: "Elder to the decision below, what opinion do you have?" "Young man, as long as you decide, the old drunkard will not have any opinions, how to do, you can explain it." "What about you two?" He asked the two demons. "The master's decision is the decision of my brothers." Jin Dao is not clear about the name and relationship between them, and his heart is full of doubts. Without waiting for Shen Ye to open his mouth, Ling Hanbo said first, "Sister Han and I both listen to you. There's no need to ask our opinions." Seeing this, Jin Dao was very excited and said, "The chivalrous friendship of Mr. Shen and all of you. Not only are the old people impressed, but even the victims will worship with their hearts. "The elder's words are too serious. If you say it again, you will blush." Shen Ye resumed his cynical expression: "But the problem of this trip is complicated. Difficult, even if the land can save the day, but the waterway is bound to be a problem. ” "Why did you say so?" Asked Jin Dao in surprise. "Have you heard anything?" "The senior is not an outsider, so I will make it clear." He said with a straight face, "Did the elder ever predict that those people would rob the silver?" "The old man has never thought of this problem, but recently there have been many unidentified mysterious figures in the city, among whom there may be those who attempt to rob the dart." "Do you know that all the things between you and Qixing Villa are the ghosts of Fengshen?" "The old man disdained to go with them after he saw the magic sword begging for punishment in the Seven Star Villa. So he didn't know the reason. After the first battle of Chaoyangping, the Seven Star Sword came to the Escort Agency to apologize to the old man." "The Fengshen Society is very ambitious. It not only wants to dominate Jianghu, but also wants to be the emperor!" Therefore, after it became addicted to a kind of tempting pill, it immediately controlled its use, and at the same time, it actively opened up a wide range of financial resources as a military expenditure for the rebellion. The amount of silver for the disaster relief was so large that it was not the best goal of the society. The golden knife was simply shocked. Didn't the senior just say that the waterway from Nanjing to Wuchang was escorted by officers and soldiers sent by the military? "That's right.". So the old man doesn't worry about the waterway, he only worries about the land section. Said the golden knife. This is where the problem lies. Are the officers and men assisting in the waterway assigned by the commander? "Yes." "Lu Yankui has long been addicted to poisons, and has been controlled by the Fengshen Society. If the officers and soldiers assist in escorting the waterway dart, is it not inviting the wolf into the house? In other words, it is tantamount to giving the dart silver to the Fengshen Society?" The golden knife listened dumbfounded, cold sweat through the clothes, "this." Is this true? Jesus Christ! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't believe it! He said in a hasty way. Of course it's true,facial recognition thermometer, and I have real evidence. Shen Ye said with a straight face: "I was just meditating for this matter. In order not to make the plot of Fengshen Hui succeed, and for the sake of tens of thousands of victims, I decided to go all out to protect this dart to reach the destination." 。
Renqiu County is the nearest and largest assembly point of the Japanese army from the base area of the 12th District Team. It is of great military value. It can threaten the Baiyangdian base area of the Yanling Team on the waterway and the base areas of the 12th District Team on the land route at the same time. Last time, because Li Wei threw himself into the trap and led the 12th district team to attack Renqiu County, the Japanese army focused on strengthening its military strength in Renqiu County. Make this hard bone become more difficult to gnaw, even the forces are not qualified to be at the gates. When the news of the siege of Li Wei's Ninth Combat Team reached Fan Guowen's ears through the headquarters of the 12th District Team. I almost worried him to death. However, the combat mission given by Captain Wang Bao of the Headquarters of the 12th District Team quickly dispelled Fan Guowen's idea of returning to help. The 5,000 Japanese puppet troops could not be easily transferred. They could only pose a sufficient threat in the Japanese security zone in order to attract the attention of the enemy's main force. Fan Guowen was now leading a nearby combat group to assemble a temporary platoon, and nearly a thousand militiamen surrounded the entire Renqiu County. Fan Guowen and others were majestically standing more than two miles away from the east gate of Renqiu County, pointing out the rivers and mountains. If in normal times, Fan Guowen certainly didn't have so much courage to approach the heavily guarded county, unless the more than one thousand militia were all replaced by the regular Eighth Route Army, but behind him a row of twenty-two 60 mortars and three 92-type infantry guns became the biggest capital to support him, each shell box was opened, revealing the dark green shell body inside. According to Fan Guowen's mood at the moment, it is to see who is not pleasing to the eye on his mother. At this moment, the fifth platoon has concentrated all the heavy firepower of the whole 12th district team. The attack power reached the strongest peak of the 12 district teams, and the attack density was the same for a while. What's more,smartboards in classrooms, in the left and right sides also in nearly ten thousand people in the cheer for them, this line-ups let Fan Guowen have a kind of lead thousands of horses of the sense of loyalty, this is his mother's war, but the district captain Wang Bao authorized "attack" Ren Qiu county, but not really attack Ren county, but in order to attract the main force of the Japanese puppet army in the base to do Of course, this troops want to capture the county,digital touch screen board, is still some not enough to see. Directly ahead of the target! Renqiu Chengtou set goal! Prepare for a three-shot burst! Fan Guowen looked contemptuously at the flurried enemy troops at the head of Renqiu County in the distance. Chengtou the enemy obviously didn't think of the eighth route army outside the city was so big put out such a huge shelling line-ups, there are left and right wings of countless indistinct figure, can't figure out the situation of Renqiu County garrison thought it was to a good big eight routes. Fire Fan Guowen's voice just fell, a deafening noise, a row of black spots draw a parabola, straight ahead, continuous dense explosions and fires, instantly flooded the entire Renqiu County East Gate Chengtou. Mortar training is basically a routine training program in the district team, except for the Type 92 infantry artillery, which requires special gunners. Three salvos in a row to make the county gate above the bricks and stones flying scattered, no more a living life, interactive digital whiteboard ,classroom interactive whiteboard, whether the enemy or Fan Guowen side of the army and people, after the shelling all show a silent reaction, are all shocked by this swift, completely overwhelming firepower coverage, this high-intensity firepower attack, whether in Jizhong or other base areas, Both the Japanese army and the Eighth Route Army are hard to see, not to mention the astonishing consumption, no side is willing to use such a dense rain of bullets to hit the gate of a county town, pure use of shells to open the way, luxury to describe is not too much, of course, inevitably, the party said, this is the black sheep. Fan Guowen, who was psychologically prepared, also hesitated for three or four seconds before he came to his senses. He gnashed his teeth and blushed eerily on his face. He said, "Niang, it's fun!"! Brothers, machine gun fire! Almost dozens of firepower points outside the city poured out firepower to the head of Renqiu County. The dense crossfire network made the Japanese and puppet troops on the head of the city completely unable to raise their heads. From the beginning of the attack, Fan Guowen's firepower had already shown an overwhelming advantage. The enemy in the city alone did not even have any ability to fight back. In the rain of bullets, to bring unprecedented pressure on the enemy at the same time, even during the period of Fan Guowen's position, there is a lot of water in the firepower point, more than 100 iron oil drums, countless hanging fat full of fat intestines firecracker wheel with wild sound, like countless machine guns in fire, and the front of the enemy's ChengTou bullet point debris burst The frightened Japanese and puppet troops did not even have the courage to raise their heads to look at the situation. All the old bottom of the 12th district team, all kinds of light and heavy machine guns are mostly concentrated here, at the moment outside Renqiu County as if launched a weapons exhibition in general, even the big lifting pole of Baiyangdian Lake was carried hard to cheer, pouring dense soybean iron sand on the wall of Renqiu County, the original mortar position began to draw out more than a dozen mortars, transferred to other gates and began to The defenders of Renqiu County created an unprecedented illusion that the main force of the Eighth Route Army had attacked Renqiu County. Three Type 92 infantry guns were steadily and steadily knocking down the bunkers and firepower points outside the city gate one by one. Ha ha ha, cool! If we see who is unhappy in the future, we will also have a'fireworks' with them. Fan Guowen was very heartless and said that he was addicted to it. At the moment, his mood was just like that of Tian Xin. The consumption of this battle was paid by Wang Bao, the captain of the district. He was also happy to see a huge firework. The traffic in the Chinese battlefield was not smooth,touch screen whiteboard, so it was doomed that the supply of war materials would not be very smooth, so it was very rare to see such firepower pouring out. All the people who came to cheer were shocked by the performance of the fifth platoon. With such unprecedented firepower, the Japanese and puppet troops in the city were beaten so hard that they could not raise their heads. Who had ever seen such power and prestige? There was a wave of cheers in the position of watching and cheering beyond the range of rifles outside the city.
Feng Zhenghui looked at her silently for a moment and suddenly asked, "Don't you have three questions?" Gu Yao said, "I already have the answer to the third question." Feng Zhenghui was obviously stunned, he frowned, but did not ask Gu Yao what the third question was, just because he instantly thought of her hint, his face followed by the wrong. Feng Zhenghui pursed his lips and his voice was a little tight. "What do you mean?" Gu Yao looked at him and noticed that his breathing rate began to quicken, and it was obvious that she had stepped on Feng Zhenghui's dead hole. From just now to now, from Feng Zhenghui mastering all the rhythm, to now being led by her nose, Gu Yao through this turning point has been enough to guess what part of the truth Feng Zhenghui is trying to hide. From beginning to end has not changed, is Chen Yumin, also only Chen Yumin. This, Gu Yao is not anxious, anxious instead is Feng Zhenghui. Come to think of it, how can Feng Zhenghui not worry? Gu Yao obviously has a plan in mind, see through the secret he wants to hide, what if she tells these guesses to the police? Feng Zhenghui took a deep breath and quickly walked to the table, his hands on the table, his knuckles white,smart boards for conference rooms, the back of his hands blue veins, he was trying to suppress his emotional fluctuations. Then, under Gu Yao's indifferent gaze, Feng Zhenghui said, "This has nothing to do with her." His voice is very low and soft. He also knew that Gu Yao knew who he was talking about. Gu Yao also asked softly, "Is it worth it?" Feng Zhenghui did not answer, but the calm in his eyes gave the answer. With a sigh, Gu Yao stood up and tried to leave the visiting room. Feng Zhenghui's voice suddenly sounded,interactive flat panel display, "She has experienced too much in her life, I only hope that between me and her, there is a person who can live well!" It's almost a plea. Gu Yao did not look back, but the heart because of this sentence and the rise of indescribable emotions. She quickly opened the door of the visiting room and went out without looking back. Xu Shuo waited outside the door and saw Gu Yao come out with a sullen face. Xu Shuo is just about to ask, Gu Yao has come to the front, slowly exhaled a breath, shook his head. The two men walked all the way out of Jiangcheng Men's Prison without a word until they got on the bus. Gu Yao leaned back in her chair and stared out of the window for a long time before whispering, "Chen Yumin is still alive." Xu Shuo was obviously stunned. "Are you sure?" Gu Yao nodded, "Feng Zhenghui has been persistent in looking for Chen Yumin, he made this appearance, somewhat acting, is to let everyone believe and believe that'Chen Yumin is missing ',' Chen Yurin was killed by those five people ', otherwise why did he kill?"? But there are still some of his true feelings. He wanted to go back to the past and find Chen Yumin and himself when he was a child. That was the happiest time Feng Zhenghui spent. Xu Shuo then said, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,interactive touch screens education, "Today Feng Zhenghui suddenly confessed to all the crimes, because the plan he deployed has been implemented. As long as he confessed and carried the five lives on his back, the missing Chen Yumin can get a new life completely." "Feng Zhenghui knew where Chen Yumin was from the very beginning. He set up the whole Bureau in order to let Chen Yumin spend the rest of his life without future trouble. As long as he was sentenced because of the case of Shao Xiaofeng's five people, it would mean that the only witness in the world who could prove that these five people were related to Chen Yurin would shut up. Who else would get to the bottom of the matter and reverse the verdict?"? Even if someone wants to turn it over, there's no way to turn it up. "On the day of Fang Qi's sudden heart attack, the person who did it should be the nurse named Lin Meng." "The photo on the copy of the ID card is blurred, but I guess the person in the photo is Chen Yumin, and the ID card should be forged." "But there is a problem. If Lin Meng is Chen Yumin, it is impossible for Fang Qi not to recognize her." Gu Yao thought for a moment and thought it was a bug. Could it be that Chen Yumin has been wearing a mask in the Fang family? Fang Qi seldom goes home on weekdays, and seldom contacts with nurses. He has been living a life of black and white reversal since he returned home. Xu Shuo quickly denied, "This explanation can only barely make sense, the risk of operation is too great, if accidentally hit it?" Gu Yao sighed, clearly has confirmed that Chen Yumin is still alive, and this woman is close at hand, only one step away, but it is still a move short of chess, was stumped by this foot in front of the door. Gu Yao held her head and murmured, "Is there any way to meet without knowing each other?" Xu Shuo answered with some carelessness, "Yes, there are two more." Gu Yao looked over in surprise. "Which two?" "First, let Fang Qi lose his memory, like you." Gu Yao suddenly felt absurd, "Amnesia can not be deliberately caused." Xu Shuo smiled, "second, plastic surgery." Gu Yao ".." Gu Yao's hair stood up one by one, instinctively feeling that it was really too ridiculous, but when you think about it carefully, it seems reasonable, but also can fill all the small questions that have not yet been solved. Gu Yao surprised at the same time, Xu Shuo also pointed out that "Chen Yumin gave Feng Zhenghui 1500000, is it just to let him take the blame for the cost?"? With the two of them, as long as Chen Yumin is in trouble, Feng Zhenghui must be duty-bound, and Chen Yumin is the victim, Feng Zhenghui can not want the money. Gu Yao said, "So it's not a shame fee, it's the money for cosmetic surgery." "If Chen Yumin's father's account is transferred to the hospital, it will be found out." "After Feng Zhenghui gets the money, he still needs to pour his hands several times and finally pay it to the hospital." "This is why Chen Yumin can work as a nurse in the identity of Lin Meng and has been taking care of Fang Qi's grandfather in the Fang family, but no one has noticed.". Remember, Fang Qi's photo album is a photo of Chen Yumin, even if she can hide from Fang Qi, also can not hide from Fang Qi's family who saw the album. Gu Yao nodded and frowned again. Although Chen Yumin's secret has been revealed, there is still a question in her mind that has not been solved. When Xu Shuo saw her frowning,electronic board for classroom, he soon understood, "Do you want to say, why is Feng Zhenghui so anxious to recognize everything?" 。
We're all witnesses at the scene! The disciples of Shangqing Sect, who thought so, suddenly straightened up one by one, with a strong expression on their faces, and stood there motionless. ……” Elders of Shangqing Sect. Suddenly the eyebrows jumped, these little bastards. Final It was Ye Guanghan who said, "Everyone else went out except Ye Fog." “……” Disciples of Shangqing Sect. One by one, even if the heart is unwilling, or move the pace, go out. Very fast. The scene is empty. The ice cave, which had been crowded with people, was empty in an instant. Only the head of Shangqing Zong, the elders, and Ye Wushen, who reported the case, were left. When the elders saw the huge pit, they immediately twitched the corners of their mouths and were speechless. This It's really collapsed. Over there, Ye Wushen also actively provided clues, pointing to the pit and saying to the elders: "Here, here, the prisoner is inside!" Hearing his name, the elders of Shangqing Zong couldn't help twitching the corners of their mouths? This is really a new name. Hearing the sound, the elders also walked over,interactive boards for classrooms, slightly bowed their heads, and looked into the pit. Wait to see the scene in the pit. ……” Elders. That's true. The one in the pit raised his lips and smiled, waving to them, full of energy, "Yo!" With a cry, isn't it the Younger Martial Brother An whom they haven't seen for hundreds of years? "Long time no see, brothers." An Yihe said with a fresh voice and a lively tone. Hearing his speechless greeting, the elders immediately twitched the corners of their mouths. Only the headmaster,smart board touch screen, who was laughing like Maitreya Buddha all the way, looked forward and saw An Yihe standing in the pit. He responded to him with a smile, "Younger Martial Brother An, it's really you. I haven't seen you for a long time." "Elder Martial Brother Wu!" When An Yihe saw him, he greeted him with the same smile and said, "You look a lot older." "Ha ha ha, Younger Martial Brother An is still as young as before." The master still answered with a smile. ……” The elders of Shangqing Zong, who were listening to the conversation between the two of them, immediately twitched the corners of their mouths, as if they were mentally retarded. Interesting "Ha ha ha ha." An Yihe in the pit and the head of the pit looked at each other with a smile. One side of the leaf fog looks, how can there be a kind of commercial mutual praise? Then, An Yihe's eyes looked aside, as if he had seen something, and his eyes burst out with surprise, "Brother Ye!" He shouted to Ye Guanghan, who was standing aside with a cold face, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,smartboard for business, "I haven't seen you for a long time. I really miss you, Younger Martial Brother!" “……” Ye Guanghan. The originally ruthless face suddenly showed an expression of disgust. My master, your uncle, how are you? An Yihe continued to say sincerely. Hearing this, Ye Guanghan's face paused. Then he opened his mouth lightly and said, "It's neither good nor bad." One side of the leaf fog sink, listening to this dialogue, the whole person is not good. What the fuck This dialogue contains a huge amount of information! Look, what do I hear? His master, my father and uncle? —— How many martial uncles does my father have? Answer, one! In Ye Wushen's mind, I can't help but think of the granduncle who stayed on the top of the Tibetan Sword Peak all day long, in a bamboo house, dressed in a green shirt, a string of Bodhi beads, and was wary of penance. The eyebrows are calm and the face is clear. Full of clean sleeves, neither sad nor happy. He looked more like a bitter bamboo than a man. Bitter bamboo rooted on the top of Tibetan Sword Peak. Ye Wushen had seen his uncle when he was a child, and he was very curious about him. He had never seen a man like him, so unlike a man, infinitely close to the existence of the legendary immortal. Ye Wushen used to wonder why his uncle had no disciples. In the realm of cultivation, it is extremely important to inherit the orthodoxy. Every monk, when the time comes, has to accept disciples and pass on the orthodoxy. However, Ye Wushen had never heard that his uncle had a disciple. For this reason, he also asked Ye Guanghan. How did Ye Guanghan answer him at that time? "How about letting you be a disciple of your uncle?" Ye Guanghan looked at him and said. ……” The leaves are foggy. Are you ***ing kidding me? Ye Wu was speechless. He was his uncle. How could he be his apprentice? I'm afraid this generation is not a pill? However, he still imagined that if he really became an apprentice to his uncle. Then his father, why don't you call him Younger Martial Brother? Wow- It feels a little cool! One side of Ye Guanghan looked at the expression of reverie on his face, lowered his eyes, and gave a cold hum in his heart, silly! In this way, Ye Guang's cold belt was deflected by the heavy mist. I completely forgot what he asked in the first place. It turns out that Martial Uncle has disciples. Leaf mist sink heart way. Then, the eyes looked into the pit a few eyes, this guy is the disciple of uncle, that is not his uncle? Ye Wushen's mood suddenly became a little complicated. The culprit who brought down his practice place was his uncle. Then, Ye Wushen turned his head without hesitation and said to Ye Guanghan beside him, "Dad, he asked me if my mother was a member of Luofu Sect, Hehuan Palace, Yinyue Sect, Blood Bat Palace and Ghost Sect." Finish saying, facial expression is particularly innocent looking at his father, say: "Father, is my mother them?" “……” Ye Guanghan. His face suddenly sank. Looking at An Yihe in the pit again, there was no melancholy and nostalgia just now, only a gloomy murderous look. ……” An Yihe is in prison in the pit. Suddenly the smile on his face was a little stiff. He turned his head and looked at Ye Wushen, who was standing on the pit. "You are unkind, Younger Martial Nephew," he said in a tone of condemnation. To tell the truth behind one's back! Heheda.. Ye Wushen looked back at him, "I'm telling him face to face, okay?"? Do you dare to do it but not deserve it? "Who is your nephew?" Ye Wushen said proudly, "I don't remember that I have a little uncle." When Ye Guanghan heard this,interactive panel board, he said in a faint voice, "It's unfortunate, but he's really your uncle." “……” The leaves are foggy. Fine.
Jesus said, "No one can serve two masters.". You cannot be a servant of God and a slave of money at the same time. I understand this passage as: a person's life goal can only be positioned in one direction, or the pursuit of spiritual greatness, nobility, transcendence, or the pursuit of secular interests, it is impossible to walk in two directions at the same time. Of course, in real life, it is entirely possible for a person who is spiritually excellent to be materially rich. Whether a person is a slave of money or a master of money depends not on whether he has money or not, but on his attitude towards money. It is when a person is rich that we can see this more clearly. A poor man has to worry about survival. Money means life to him. We have no right to judge his attitude towards money. Jesus went on to emphasize that we should not worry about our daily needs. He told a parable: The clothes of the illustrious King Solomon are not as beautiful as a wild flower. The wild flower blooms in the morning and falls in the evening, and God dresses it like this. Why do you worry about clothes? What he means is that in material life, we should let nature take its course and be satisfied with the simple conditions provided by nature, so that we can concentrate on spiritual undertakings. A fornicating woman One day when Jesus was preaching in the temple, some scripture teachers and Pharisees who were trying to frame him brought a woman and asked him, "This woman was caught in the act of fornication.". Mosaic law says such a woman should be stoned to death. What do you think? Jesus bent over and wrote on the ground with his finger. The men kept asking, and he straightened up and said, "If any of you has not sinned, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." With these words, he bent down and wrote on the ground again. Everyone slipped away, and in the end, only Jesus and the woman were left. Then Jesus stood up and asked her,silk ficus tree, "Woman, where are they?"? Is there no one left to condemn you? The woman said, "No, sir." Then Jesus said, "Well, I do not condemn you either.". Go and sin no more. The story recorded in the Gospel of John made me feel good about Jesus, a wise man with wisdom,large ficus tree, humor and understanding of human nature. Think of him bending over and scribbling with his fingers on the ground, looking neither at the malicious accuser nor at the poor defendant, and what pleasant thoughts are going through his mind. How easily he defeated the plot of the scribes and Pharisees against him, saved the life of the woman, and, more importantly, broke a cruel law of Judaism. In any autocratic system, there must be a harsh moral court, whose duty is to judge human nature as evil in the name of morality. In fact, on such a scale, everyone is guilty, or at least potentially so. But, perhaps because of this, moral judgment is more likely to arouse crazy enthusiasm. According to my guess, people's psychology may be like this: on the one hand, fake blossom tree ,outdoor ficus tree, what they want to do but dare not do, someone actually does it, so the jealousy will be disguised as righteous anger to erupt violently, of course, must not let the person who got the advantage have a good end; On the other hand, if you have done something similar, it becomes an instinctive reaction of self-protection to firmly identify with the court and draw a clear line with the sinner, as if the higher the tone of condemnation, the safer you will be. Therefore, wherever moral courts prevail, people are bound to be full of cruel struggles, human nature is bound to be distorted, and love is bound to be strangled. Jesus was wise not to judge the case itself, but to take a drastic measure against the traditional moral court of Judaism: since everyone is subject to human weakness, and in this sense everyone is guilty, then no one has the right to be a judge. Through this story, I am also very envious of the world at that time. After listening to what Jesus said, all the people present asked themselves and retreated from sin, which showed that their conscience was still there. In another era, for example, during our Cultural Revolution, what would have happened? It can be concluded that as soon as Jesus' voice fell, people would immediately rush to stone the woman to prove their innocence, and the woman would immediately die under the stones. As for Jesus himself, he would certainly be sent to the cross in advance by the revolutionary masses on the charges of being a black backstage supporter and an apologist of an adulteress. Jealousy in the Spiritual Realm A vineyard owner hired workers to tidy up his vineyard and agreed that each person would be paid a silver coin for a day. On this day, he hired five groups of workers, some in the early morning and some in the evening. When he settled his salary, he gave everyone a silver coin. The workers who came early in the morning protested. His answer was, "I didn't take advantage of you.". Didn't you agree to a silver dollar a day? I also give the last so much, do I have no right to use their own money? Are you jealous of my generosity? Jesus used this story to illustrate that in the Kingdom of Heaven, God treats all people alike, whether they are religious or not. Undisguisedly contemptuous of those who envy the latecomers because they are early, he declares categorically, "Those who are second will be first, and those who are first will be second." Indeed, in the spiritual field, including religious beliefs, ideological exploration, artistic creation and so on, qualifications are totally ineffective. If someone is jealous of the achievements of later generations because of his seniority, then the more jealous he is, the more he shows his spiritual inferiority, and the more his position will be inferior. There is no prophet in the eyes of native people. When Jesus returned to his hometown to preach, the people were surprised and said, "Isn't he the son of the carpenter?"? Isn't his mother Maria? Are not James, Joseph,Faux cherry blossom tree, Simon, and Judas his younger brothers? Don't his sisters live with us? Where on earth did he get all this? So they rejected him. Jesus reasoned about this, "a prophet is not without honor in his own country and in his own house." (Matthew) Or: "a prophet is never welcome in his own country." (Luke).
Who is Changyi? He didn't interfere with how many people she had in her harem, but he didn't know anything. Xue Changyi, whom she called, was just one of them, and she had often called her to accompany him since he entered the palace. Remembering what Grandfather Gao had said to him, Xiao Wangzhi could not help laughing. The man behind him moved more boldly, hugged him from behind, and even kissed his ear with his mouth. Is becoming more and more presumptuous. Xiao Wangzhi had no scruples and directly started to slip people in front of him. She seemed to wake up a little confused by this action, and even though her hands and feet were weak, she could barely stand still, her eyes searching for something. Your Majesty. Xiao Wangzhi put his palm around the arm of the person in front of him, lest she really fall, and shouted to her, trying to awaken her consciousness. Her eyes followed the sound and fell on his face, and the confusion accumulated in her eyes dispersed. The corners of her mouth curved and she said happily, "You're here." Xiao Wangzhi frowned, but she came over, put her arm around his neck, put her tender face on his, and asked reproachfully, "Why did you come to me?" Delicate, shy,faux ficus tree, is Xiao Wangzhi has never seen before. Her soft body leaned over, her mouth smiling in a trance, her whole body emitting a sweet taste, so gently kissed his lips. Xiao Wangzhi's body straightened, under a touch, immediately started to push her away. Such a gesture was bound to arouse her displeasure, and she simply took his face in her hands and kissed him again. With her eyes closed, she took the initiative to stretch out the tip of her tongue and lick his lips carefully. I thought people were already a little sober,silk cherry blossom tree, but now like this, where is it like that? She thought he was the boy toy in her harem, or the lover in her dream, so she wanted to do intimate things with him. Xiao Wangzhi is more sober than ever. Knowing that she could no longer be allowed to fool around like this, he was very honest and did not hesitate to knock the person who was doing bad things unconscious, and at the same time reached out to catch the person who was soft. As before that time, Xiao Wangzhi sent people back to the palace directly. He was not going to mention what had happened that night, but he was thinking about how to give her a good reminder. When Su Xi woke up the next day, it was already a quarter past noon. He was about to finish grooming under the service of the palace people. Grandfather Gao came in from the outside and bowed down, saying, "Your Majesty, Lord Xiao is asking for an interview outside the palace." Su Xi was lazy and asked with a smile, "So early?" Follow the command to go down and invite people in. No matter her expression, look or attitude at this time, it seems that she can't remember what happened last night. Xiao Wangzhi strode into the hall, fake ficus tree ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, just take a look at the appearance of Su Xi, already know. He restrained his mind and only saluted to pay his respects. Su Xi seemed to be in a good mood and gave him a seat without ceremony. He ordered the palace people to serve tea. When the people in the palace left and right, Su Xi smiled and said happily, "Lord Xiao, I was just looking for you." Xiao Wangzhi asked calmly, "I don't know what your majesty is doing?" Su Xi did not answer him immediately, but also asked, "What did you go to the palace for?" "But because of your Majesty's drunkenness last night," said Xiao Wangzhi. When Su Xi heard this, his eyes suddenly turned round. "Is that why you're here?" He asked in surprise. Xiao Wangzhi looked at her and made sure that her face was full of joy, not melancholy, so he knew that what he said was not the same thing. I dreamed of him! Su Xi said to Xiao Wangzhi with a smile, "I dreamed that he came to me last night, and I heard him calling me!"! Can you try your best to find someone earlier? It's been months! Xiao Wangzhi: "..." Su Xi was completely immersed in his own world and said to himself, "Why do I have to drink before he appears?"? Should I do this every day to see him? Lord Xiao, don't you think this is very strange? Xiao Wangzhi: "..." Such a thing came out of her mouth, and it was very outrageous. Xiao Wangzhi interrupted, "Please let me ask. Does Your Majesty still remember what happened after he got drunk last night?" Su Xi frowned, thought for a moment and said, "I remember some of them.". ” "What does Your Majesty remember?" Asked Xiao Wangzhi. Su Xi sighed softly and nodded. "Yesterday, the moon was very round. It was windy and cool at night, but I fell asleep in the small garden.". Fortunately, I'm in good health, otherwise I'm afraid I'll catch a cold and have to toss about again. Xiao Wangzhi: "..." "And then?" Silence for a moment, Xiao Wangzhi asked. Su Xi said in a strange and natural tone, "Then naturally I met him again in my dream." Xiao Wangzhi: "..." Su Xi looked at Xiao Wangzhi, frowned, and said incredulously, "Lord Xiao, you are a little strange today." Originally was prepared to say well and she said Xiao Wangzhi, suddenly feel that these things simply can not communicate. He chose to give up. "Your Majesty worries too much," said Xiao Wangzhi. "It's just that Grandfather Gao said that Your Majesty hasn't thought about tea or food recently. He was drunk last night and worried about Your Majesty's health. Let me also persuade Your Majesty. The first emperor's order, all dare not humiliate, also hope your majesty treasure. Su Xi stretched his eyebrows and said with a smile, "But you don't have to be so serious after drinking twice, do you?" Without waiting for Xiao Wangzhi to speak, she said first, "This is the only thing to ask you, if even you have no way, others will not work." Xiao Wangzhi hesitated a little and asked her, "Does Your Majesty still remember the appearance of the man in the dream?" "If I remembered, I would have found it long ago." Su Xi sighed secretly. Xiao Wangzhi then said, "I tell you the truth. I don't remember what he looks like, and I have no other news. Maybe he doesn't exist." Su Xi shook his head and completely disagreed: "Maybe there is such a person?"? How can you give up easily? Xiao Wangzhi added, "I'm afraid it will come to nothing in the end. Your Majesty will be sad." Su Xi looked at him with pitiful eyes and said with emotion, "Lord Xiao, you don't understand love." Xiao Wangzhi did not want to deny this. Su Xi didn't seem to want to talk any more. He took the initiative to ask, "What do you think of the proposal made years ago?" Listening to her ask about serious things,artificial grass panels, Xiao Wangzhi's expression also became serious. He said: "With the current situation of the court, first of all, there is a lack of officials who can do this.". This is the first problem to be solved if it is to be implemented. 。
Linghu Miao took out the diamond ring from the red velvet box, "see if it fits first." Can't help saying that it was put on the hands of Xinmei. He had the ring made to order. How could it be inappropriate? At the moment of the heart eyebrow, can not tell is joy, is panic or happiness at a loss, the line of sight becomes blurred, only trembling said: "I … …" I'm allergic to metal. Linghu Miao seems to be very natural and unrestrained on the surface, not to mention how nervous in the heart, the heart eyebrow of the word "I" let his heart almost jump out, the second half of the sentence is completely beyond his imagination. He knew that Xinmei was allergic to pollen, but when did she become allergic to metal? What does she mean by that? The heart eyebrow collected, "I am really allergic to metal, you see I never wear anything like earrings and bracelets." Linghu Miao thought about it carefully. It seemed that she had never worn any metal ornaments, not even a watch, but where did he know. Even if you know, this is not a metal proposal ring, I'm afraid there's no place to look for it with a lantern. The doctor said,large palm trees for sale, "I'm not allergic to all metals, but I don't know which ones I'm allergic to until I touch them." She lowered her head and turned the ring on her ring finger and whispered. It was not a positive answer, but at least it showed that she was willing to try it on. Linghu Miao is not elated, but the flower in his heart is in bud. One more thing. Linghu Miao just had a little bottom of his heart and raised it again. Our school is sending me to France for three months. It was decided last week. Deputy Director Guo once talked to her about studying French in France in the past, first, because he wanted to train her as a French talent in the school,outdoor ficus tree, and second, because he wanted her to avoid the limelight. Linghu Miao's joy just got up and was immediately hit. Three months, say long is not long, say short is not short, think of the New Year Xinmei in the United Kingdom New Year's Day, not very good ah. But from Xinmei's point of view, he is still happy for her. Not everyone has the opportunity to go abroad for further study. And she has been in a good and bad mood recently, so it should be good to change the environment at this time. Xinmei is still not ready for marriage, she is more willing to use these three months to think, but also to test their relationship, test their feelings. Three months is enough time to know if she is allergic to the ring. What about your French class? "Anyway, silk ficus tree ,artificial plant wall panels, it's close to the holiday time, and the school says it's going to finish classes ahead of schedule." "Okay." Linghu Miao sighed with melancholy, "I'm going to see you and your parents by the way." Although it would be troublesome to transfer his visa from France to Britain, he still wanted to meet Xinmei's parents so that they could trust their daughter to him. The heart eyebrow smiles but does not answer, turned around to take a small thing, "gives you." She bought Linghu Miao a set of exquisite bookmarks, and they knew each other because of the book, so what she sent was also related to the book. Linghu Miao turned out one of them, "I want to use this bookmark when you come back from France." It is the word "a cut of plum" that contains the name of the heart eyebrow: Red Lotus Root Fragrance Remnant Jade Autumn. Untie Luo's clothes lightly and get on the orchid boat alone. Who sent the brocade book in the clouds? When the wild goose word returns, the moon fills the West Tower. Flowers drift by themselves and water flows by itself. A kind of lovesickness, two idle sorrow. This feeling can not be eliminated, just under the eyebrows, but on the heart. Epilogue 57 Epilogue Four months later. The weather in early autumn is cool and pleasant, and the cool wind makes the leaves rustle and have a bleak meaning. Xinmei and Linghu Miao carried a lot of gifts to visit Zhao Minzhi, who was still on maternity leave. Minzhi gave birth to a little daughter about three months ago. Today is a hundred days. It was Wu Ji who opened the door, holding a spatula in his hand, wearing a brightly colored apron, and sweating profusely to let the two men in. As soon as Minzhi finished feeding the baby, he put his arms around the baby and patted her gently for fear that she would choke. When he saw Xinmei and Linghu Miao coming, he looked up and said with a smile, "Hurry up." When Xinmei saw such a pink and meaty little thing, she felt so gentle that she couldn't help but want to kiss and pinch it. Then she reached out her hand to touch the child's head. Suddenly, the little fellow grabbed one of her fingers and waved it up and down, giving out a loud laugh. She turned to Linghu Miao and said, "Look how cute this child is!" Linghu Miao smiled and hugged her. "Yes, these eyebrows and eyes are really like the religious leader." Instead, Zhao Minzhi sighed, "This child is concentrating on the shortcomings of me and her father." "Women have changed a lot, and the more they change, the better they look.". It's only been a few months, and you're worried like this. Zhao Minzhi caught a glimpse of the light on the ring finger of his eyebrows and grabbed it in a hurry. "Yo, when did you put it on?" Heart eyebrow embarrassed to look at Linghu Miao, Linghu Miao know they have some private words to say, excuse to help Wu Ji, the two women left in the bedroom. Only then did Xinmei open her mouth. "Just after I came back from France." "I said, why haven't you seen it before?" One of Zhao Minzhi pushed his eyebrows and smiled like a flower. During these days in France, Xinmei realized how strongly she missed Linghu Miao. Fortunately,decorative palm trees, he flew to England with her on his annual leave and passed the examination of Xinmei's parents. So as soon as she came back from the airport, Linghu Miao saw the ring on her hand and was so happy that he picked her up and turned around a few times, attracting the attention of the people around her.