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"Young man!"! You just said that the rosefinch king is dead! Is it your masterpiece? The drunkard asked pleasantly surprised, "This rosefinch heavenly king is the most ferocious heavenly king among the four heavenly kings of the Fengshen Society, and he is also the one with the highest martial arts.". Ha ha, retribution, retribution! Two months ago, the old drunkard was chased by a group of killers led by the Xuanwu Heavenly King of the Society in Huguang. After he fled to Nanjing like a lost dog, his resentment has not yet dissipated! I didn't expect you to kill his partner, the rosefinch heavenly king, and finally managed to get a bad breath out for me. Young man, how did you kill him? "This guy is so insidious that he attacked me with a dagger.". Fortunately, I had taken precautions in advance and gave him a silver magic hand, otherwise it would have been so easy to get back the jade screen with two large bags of precious gold and silver. He explained how he had entered the Cuizhu Temple at night, and gave the two large packages of treasures to the dragon beyond the Great Wall: These treasures are temporarily stored in the Governor's Office for disaster relief in the future. There is a small amount of addictive pills in it. Please send them to the capital to be disposed of by the Medicine King. The fact that the Heavenly King of the Rosefinch was transformed into the dust-free abbot and often went to Lu Yankui's official residence to give lectures is enough to prove that Lady Ru and Master Liu were undoubtedly members of the Fengshen Society. Now the only thing that needs to be verified is Lu Yankui himself. Was he actually coerced? Or was he originally a member of the society, or was he disguised by someone from the Fengshen Society? Please ask the Governor to check this carefully. "Humble and obedient." The dragon beyond the Great Wall bid farewell to the crowd. He left the shop with his subordinates who were waiting outside the room. Ling Hanbo asked Shen Ye strangely, "How do you know that the dust-free abbot is the rosefinch heavenly king?" "It was learned from the magic knife that he was a deacon under the rosefinch heavenly king,thermal imaging camera, and of course he knew the identity and whereabouts of his immediate superior." Can you talk about it later? I'm so hungry that my chest sticks to my back. Young man, why don't you order wine and food to fill the temple of the five viscera? The drunkard shouted that he was waiting to call the two demons to order the shopkeeper to send wine and food. Suddenly there was a knock at the door from the shopkeeper: "Mr. Shen, there is a guest who wants to see you." "Oh!"! Who is it? ' He opened the door and asked. It's the old man who disturbs the childe! The bearer turned out to be Szeto Yan with a golden knife dressed as a gentleman. Ah! It's the senior! Please come in. Shen Ye was greatly surprised and ordered the store to send wine and food on the spot. The elder is here, and I don't know if you have any advice? The younger generation has not yet thanked the kindness of the secret message that day! "Childe, please don't stand on ceremony. The news of that day was actually provided by the children of the Seven Star Sword, but it was inconvenient for them to come forward,information kiosk price, so they were replaced by the old man." Jin Dao's face gradually turned serious: "The old man came to help tonight. At present, he has encountered a big problem. He is going to ask the Childe to help." "Senior, please say, I respect the senior.". As long as I can, I will never refuse. Shen Ye sincerely said that Jin Dao would be entrusted to escort the silver dart for disaster relief, and asked Shen Ye to help him based on the morality of Jianghu and thousands of victims. When Shen Ye heard this, he hesitated and remained silent, without any expression. Jin Dao could not help but tighten his heart: "Mr. Shen, do you have any difficulties?"? The old man just.. "Senior, please don't misunderstand. Since I have promised first, how can I go back on my word?"? What's more, digital signage screen ,temperature screening kiosk, it concerns millions of victims in Shaanxi. I was thinking about other problems, and I lost my temper for a while, which made my predecessors laugh. He explains immediately, lest golden knife misunderstands, turn a head to ask at the same time drunkard: "Elder to the decision below, what opinion do you have?" "Young man, as long as you decide, the old drunkard will not have any opinions, how to do, you can explain it." "What about you two?" He asked the two demons. "The master's decision is the decision of my brothers." Jin Dao is not clear about the name and relationship between them, and his heart is full of doubts. Without waiting for Shen Ye to open his mouth, Ling Hanbo said first, "Sister Han and I both listen to you. There's no need to ask our opinions." Seeing this, Jin Dao was very excited and said, "The chivalrous friendship of Mr. Shen and all of you. Not only are the old people impressed, but even the victims will worship with their hearts. "The elder's words are too serious. If you say it again, you will blush." Shen Ye resumed his cynical expression: "But the problem of this trip is complicated. Difficult, even if the land can save the day, but the waterway is bound to be a problem. ” "Why did you say so?" Asked Jin Dao in surprise. "Have you heard anything?" "The senior is not an outsider, so I will make it clear." He said with a straight face, "Did the elder ever predict that those people would rob the silver?" "The old man has never thought of this problem, but recently there have been many unidentified mysterious figures in the city, among whom there may be those who attempt to rob the dart." "Do you know that all the things between you and Qixing Villa are the ghosts of Fengshen?" "The old man disdained to go with them after he saw the magic sword begging for punishment in the Seven Star Villa. So he didn't know the reason. After the first battle of Chaoyangping, the Seven Star Sword came to the Escort Agency to apologize to the old man." "The Fengshen Society is very ambitious. It not only wants to dominate Jianghu, but also wants to be the emperor!" Therefore, after it became addicted to a kind of tempting pill, it immediately controlled its use, and at the same time, it actively opened up a wide range of financial resources as a military expenditure for the rebellion. The amount of silver for the disaster relief was so large that it was not the best goal of the society. The golden knife was simply shocked. Didn't the senior just say that the waterway from Nanjing to Wuchang was escorted by officers and soldiers sent by the military? "That's right.". So the old man doesn't worry about the waterway, he only worries about the land section. Said the golden knife. This is where the problem lies. Are the officers and men assisting in the waterway assigned by the commander? "Yes." "Lu Yankui has long been addicted to poisons, and has been controlled by the Fengshen Society. If the officers and soldiers assist in escorting the waterway dart, is it not inviting the wolf into the house? In other words, it is tantamount to giving the dart silver to the Fengshen Society?" The golden knife listened dumbfounded, cold sweat through the clothes, "this." Is this true? Jesus Christ! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't believe it! He said in a hasty way. Of course it's true,facial recognition thermometer, and I have real evidence. Shen Ye said with a straight face: "I was just meditating for this matter. In order not to make the plot of Fengshen Hui succeed, and for the sake of tens of thousands of victims, I decided to go all out to protect this dart to reach the destination." 。

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