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Renqiu County is the nearest and largest assembly point of the Japanese army from the base area of the 12th District Team. It is of great military value. It can threaten the Baiyangdian base area of the Yanling Team on the waterway and the base areas of the 12th District Team on the land route at the same time. Last time, because Li Wei threw himself into the trap and led the 12th district team to attack Renqiu County, the Japanese army focused on strengthening its military strength in Renqiu County. Make this hard bone become more difficult to gnaw, even the forces are not qualified to be at the gates. When the news of the siege of Li Wei's Ninth Combat Team reached Fan Guowen's ears through the headquarters of the 12th District Team. I almost worried him to death. However, the combat mission given by Captain Wang Bao of the Headquarters of the 12th District Team quickly dispelled Fan Guowen's idea of returning to help. The 5,000 Japanese puppet troops could not be easily transferred. They could only pose a sufficient threat in the Japanese security zone in order to attract the attention of the enemy's main force. Fan Guowen was now leading a nearby combat group to assemble a temporary platoon, and nearly a thousand militiamen surrounded the entire Renqiu County. Fan Guowen and others were majestically standing more than two miles away from the east gate of Renqiu County, pointing out the rivers and mountains. If in normal times, Fan Guowen certainly didn't have so much courage to approach the heavily guarded county, unless the more than one thousand militia were all replaced by the regular Eighth Route Army, but behind him a row of twenty-two 60 mortars and three 92-type infantry guns became the biggest capital to support him, each shell box was opened, revealing the dark green shell body inside. According to Fan Guowen's mood at the moment, it is to see who is not pleasing to the eye on his mother. At this moment, the fifth platoon has concentrated all the heavy firepower of the whole 12th district team. The attack power reached the strongest peak of the 12 district teams, and the attack density was the same for a while. What's more,smartboards in classrooms, in the left and right sides also in nearly ten thousand people in the cheer for them, this line-ups let Fan Guowen have a kind of lead thousands of horses of the sense of loyalty, this is his mother's war, but the district captain Wang Bao authorized "attack" Ren Qiu county, but not really attack Ren county, but in order to attract the main force of the Japanese puppet army in the base to do Of course, this troops want to capture the county,digital touch screen board, is still some not enough to see. Directly ahead of the target! Renqiu Chengtou set goal! Prepare for a three-shot burst! Fan Guowen looked contemptuously at the flurried enemy troops at the head of Renqiu County in the distance. Chengtou the enemy obviously didn't think of the eighth route army outside the city was so big put out such a huge shelling line-ups, there are left and right wings of countless indistinct figure, can't figure out the situation of Renqiu County garrison thought it was to a good big eight routes. Fire Fan Guowen's voice just fell, a deafening noise, a row of black spots draw a parabola, straight ahead, continuous dense explosions and fires, instantly flooded the entire Renqiu County East Gate Chengtou. Mortar training is basically a routine training program in the district team, except for the Type 92 infantry artillery, which requires special gunners. Three salvos in a row to make the county gate above the bricks and stones flying scattered, no more a living life, interactive digital whiteboard ,classroom interactive whiteboard, whether the enemy or Fan Guowen side of the army and people, after the shelling all show a silent reaction, are all shocked by this swift, completely overwhelming firepower coverage, this high-intensity firepower attack, whether in Jizhong or other base areas, Both the Japanese army and the Eighth Route Army are hard to see, not to mention the astonishing consumption, no side is willing to use such a dense rain of bullets to hit the gate of a county town, pure use of shells to open the way, luxury to describe is not too much, of course, inevitably, the party said, this is the black sheep. Fan Guowen, who was psychologically prepared, also hesitated for three or four seconds before he came to his senses. He gnashed his teeth and blushed eerily on his face. He said, "Niang, it's fun!"! Brothers, machine gun fire! Almost dozens of firepower points outside the city poured out firepower to the head of Renqiu County. The dense crossfire network made the Japanese and puppet troops on the head of the city completely unable to raise their heads. From the beginning of the attack, Fan Guowen's firepower had already shown an overwhelming advantage. The enemy in the city alone did not even have any ability to fight back. In the rain of bullets, to bring unprecedented pressure on the enemy at the same time, even during the period of Fan Guowen's position, there is a lot of water in the firepower point, more than 100 iron oil drums, countless hanging fat full of fat intestines firecracker wheel with wild sound, like countless machine guns in fire, and the front of the enemy's ChengTou bullet point debris burst The frightened Japanese and puppet troops did not even have the courage to raise their heads to look at the situation. All the old bottom of the 12th district team, all kinds of light and heavy machine guns are mostly concentrated here, at the moment outside Renqiu County as if launched a weapons exhibition in general, even the big lifting pole of Baiyangdian Lake was carried hard to cheer, pouring dense soybean iron sand on the wall of Renqiu County, the original mortar position began to draw out more than a dozen mortars, transferred to other gates and began to The defenders of Renqiu County created an unprecedented illusion that the main force of the Eighth Route Army had attacked Renqiu County. Three Type 92 infantry guns were steadily and steadily knocking down the bunkers and firepower points outside the city gate one by one. Ha ha ha, cool! If we see who is unhappy in the future, we will also have a'fireworks' with them. Fan Guowen was very heartless and said that he was addicted to it. At the moment, his mood was just like that of Tian Xin. The consumption of this battle was paid by Wang Bao, the captain of the district. He was also happy to see a huge firework. The traffic in the Chinese battlefield was not smooth,touch screen whiteboard, so it was doomed that the supply of war materials would not be very smooth, so it was very rare to see such firepower pouring out. All the people who came to cheer were shocked by the performance of the fifth platoon. With such unprecedented firepower, the Japanese and puppet troops in the city were beaten so hard that they could not raise their heads. Who had ever seen such power and prestige? There was a wave of cheers in the position of watching and cheering beyond the range of rifles outside the city.

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