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Linghu Miao took out the diamond ring from the red velvet box, "see if it fits first." Can't help saying that it was put on the hands of Xinmei. He had the ring made to order. How could it be inappropriate? At the moment of the heart eyebrow, can not tell is joy, is panic or happiness at a loss, the line of sight becomes blurred, only trembling said: "I … …" I'm allergic to metal. Linghu Miao seems to be very natural and unrestrained on the surface, not to mention how nervous in the heart, the heart eyebrow of the word "I" let his heart almost jump out, the second half of the sentence is completely beyond his imagination. He knew that Xinmei was allergic to pollen, but when did she become allergic to metal? What does she mean by that? The heart eyebrow collected, "I am really allergic to metal, you see I never wear anything like earrings and bracelets." Linghu Miao thought about it carefully. It seemed that she had never worn any metal ornaments, not even a watch, but where did he know. Even if you know, this is not a metal proposal ring, I'm afraid there's no place to look for it with a lantern. The doctor said,large palm trees for sale, "I'm not allergic to all metals, but I don't know which ones I'm allergic to until I touch them." She lowered her head and turned the ring on her ring finger and whispered. It was not a positive answer, but at least it showed that she was willing to try it on. Linghu Miao is not elated, but the flower in his heart is in bud. One more thing. Linghu Miao just had a little bottom of his heart and raised it again. Our school is sending me to France for three months. It was decided last week. Deputy Director Guo once talked to her about studying French in France in the past, first, because he wanted to train her as a French talent in the school,outdoor ficus tree, and second, because he wanted her to avoid the limelight. Linghu Miao's joy just got up and was immediately hit. Three months, say long is not long, say short is not short, think of the New Year Xinmei in the United Kingdom New Year's Day, not very good ah. But from Xinmei's point of view, he is still happy for her. Not everyone has the opportunity to go abroad for further study. And she has been in a good and bad mood recently, so it should be good to change the environment at this time. Xinmei is still not ready for marriage, she is more willing to use these three months to think, but also to test their relationship, test their feelings. Three months is enough time to know if she is allergic to the ring. What about your French class? "Anyway, silk ficus tree ,artificial plant wall panels, it's close to the holiday time, and the school says it's going to finish classes ahead of schedule." "Okay." Linghu Miao sighed with melancholy, "I'm going to see you and your parents by the way." Although it would be troublesome to transfer his visa from France to Britain, he still wanted to meet Xinmei's parents so that they could trust their daughter to him. The heart eyebrow smiles but does not answer, turned around to take a small thing, "gives you." She bought Linghu Miao a set of exquisite bookmarks, and they knew each other because of the book, so what she sent was also related to the book. Linghu Miao turned out one of them, "I want to use this bookmark when you come back from France." It is the word "a cut of plum" that contains the name of the heart eyebrow: Red Lotus Root Fragrance Remnant Jade Autumn. Untie Luo's clothes lightly and get on the orchid boat alone. Who sent the brocade book in the clouds? When the wild goose word returns, the moon fills the West Tower. Flowers drift by themselves and water flows by itself. A kind of lovesickness, two idle sorrow. This feeling can not be eliminated, just under the eyebrows, but on the heart. Epilogue 57 Epilogue Four months later. The weather in early autumn is cool and pleasant, and the cool wind makes the leaves rustle and have a bleak meaning. Xinmei and Linghu Miao carried a lot of gifts to visit Zhao Minzhi, who was still on maternity leave. Minzhi gave birth to a little daughter about three months ago. Today is a hundred days. It was Wu Ji who opened the door, holding a spatula in his hand, wearing a brightly colored apron, and sweating profusely to let the two men in. As soon as Minzhi finished feeding the baby, he put his arms around the baby and patted her gently for fear that she would choke. When he saw Xinmei and Linghu Miao coming, he looked up and said with a smile, "Hurry up." When Xinmei saw such a pink and meaty little thing, she felt so gentle that she couldn't help but want to kiss and pinch it. Then she reached out her hand to touch the child's head. Suddenly, the little fellow grabbed one of her fingers and waved it up and down, giving out a loud laugh. She turned to Linghu Miao and said, "Look how cute this child is!" Linghu Miao smiled and hugged her. "Yes, these eyebrows and eyes are really like the religious leader." Instead, Zhao Minzhi sighed, "This child is concentrating on the shortcomings of me and her father." "Women have changed a lot, and the more they change, the better they look.". It's only been a few months, and you're worried like this. Zhao Minzhi caught a glimpse of the light on the ring finger of his eyebrows and grabbed it in a hurry. "Yo, when did you put it on?" Heart eyebrow embarrassed to look at Linghu Miao, Linghu Miao know they have some private words to say, excuse to help Wu Ji, the two women left in the bedroom. Only then did Xinmei open her mouth. "Just after I came back from France." "I said, why haven't you seen it before?" One of Zhao Minzhi pushed his eyebrows and smiled like a flower. During these days in France, Xinmei realized how strongly she missed Linghu Miao. Fortunately,decorative palm trees, he flew to England with her on his annual leave and passed the examination of Xinmei's parents. So as soon as she came back from the airport, Linghu Miao saw the ring on her hand and was so happy that he picked her up and turned around a few times, attracting the attention of the people around her. hacartificialtree.com

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