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Ji Jinchuan raised his eyebrows: "So, are you calling to question?" "Shouldn't it be?" She retorted. Ji Jinchuan smiled instead of being angry. He smiled softly, with a delicate texture through his deep voice: "Where are you?" Shen Yiran on the other end of the phone wondered if she had misheard him. Although she had not known Ji Jinchuan for a long time, she had heard that he was fickle. It was on Shen's birthday that she saw him greeting the crowd with a polite but alienated smile. She glanced out of the window and said truthfully, "On the way back." "Have lunch together," he said. Chapter 63 Lao Ji always cares. Ben Shen Yiran asked the driver to park the car on the side of the road. She got out of the car and stood waiting on the side of the road after paying the fare. Before long, Ji Jinchuan's car stopped in front of her. She pulled the car to sit in, see the car in addition to Xiao Cheng only Ji Jinchuan, joked: "Ji always does not accompany Miss Bai is not afraid of her anger." Ji Jinchuan folded his legs together, leaned comfortably on the back of his chair, raised his eyes slightly, looked at her lightly, and said lazily, "Are you jealous?" She squinted, and when she smiled, her eyes were dark and bright, and her cheeks were dimpled. "Of course, our relationship is not over yet, is it?" With these words, she snuggled up and held his arm against his shoulder. Ji Jinchuan smiles but does not speak, along the way two people are not speaking, Xiao Cheng is more like an invisible air person. The two went to the Berlin Hotel. When the waiter saw Ji Jinchuan, he immediately called their manager. As soon as Manager Liu arrived, he greeted him with a smile: "Ji Zong, you're here." Ji Jinchuan answered lightly and asked for a box. Manager Liu personally took them to the box and accompanied them to order. Manager Liu took the menu in the waiter's hand and handed it to Ji Jinchuan. Ji Jinchuan raised his jaw lightly. Manager Liu immediately handed the menu to Shen Yiran. Shen Yiran took the menu and thanked him. Manager Liu politely replied, "No," and then took a menu and handed it to Ji Jinchuan. Shen Yiran casually ordered a few dishes, she ordered more vegetarian, in California in the past few years, her taste has become very light. When Ji Jinchuan saw that she had finished ordering, he added a few more meat dishes. Then he handed the menu to Manager Liu and looked at her and said, "You are too thin to eat only vegetarian food." A little flattered, she lifted the curtain and looked at the person opposite. She said sincerely, "Lao Ji always cares." While waiting for the waiter to serve the food, Shen leisurely went to the bathroom. On the way back to the private room, he passed by a private room and heard a girl's faint sob inside. The door of the box was not closed, leaving a gap through which she could see that the people in the box were He Jiashan and others. The sobbing woman was in her early twenties. She looked pure and clean. She was wearing a white skirt. Her tears were whirling, as if she were asking for congratulations to Jiashan. She recognized that the girl crying in the box was Xu Chengyan's former girlfriend, face recognition identification kiosk , the girl she met in the cafe a few days after she returned home, who seemed to be Murphy. Standing outside the box, she listened to the matter probably, Murphy left Xu Chengyan with He Jiashan, but a few days later He Jiashan was tired of playing and changed his female companion. Murphy is pregnant, let He Jiashan be responsible, and He Jiashan is a famous playboy in a city, how can he compromise because a woman is pregnant with a child. He Jiashan brought his female companion to dinner, but he didn't want the woman in front of him to come and disturb his mood. He leaned back lazily and looked coldly at the crying woman with pear flowers and rain. Seeing that He Jiashan was unmoved, Murphy knelt down with a splash and said tearfully, "He Shao, I'm really pregnant. You said you would only love me." Shen Yiran gently shook his head, this woman is really silly, he Jiashan this kind of person said the words also believe, before with he Jiashan, did she not go to inquire about his conduct? Behind him came a deep magnetic voice: "Peeping is not a good behavior." Chapter 64 women who don't like to push their luck. Ben She slanted her head and saw that Ji Jinchuan was already standing behind her. The act of peeping was immoral, and she was caught. She smiled shyly. "Why did you come out?" Ji Jinchuan raised his left arm and touched the dial on his wrist with his finger. Although she did not make it clear, she knew that she was saying that she had been away for a long time. In the box, He Jiashan embraced his female companion and looked down at the humble woman who begged him: "I will give you a sum of money to abort the child." Although Shen Yiran felt sorry for Murphy, she could not be foolish enough to provoke He Jiashan for a stranger. It was only because she was wrong and fell in love with He Jiashan, a scum. He Jiashan is what kind of person, in a city everyone knows, only she is stupid enough to fall into. At the other end of the corridor, a man came in a rush. It was Xu Chengyan who came. When he saw Shen Yiran, he was stunned for a moment. He rushed into the private room and pulled Murphy up on the ground. Xu Chengyan took one look at He Jiashan with a ruffian face, and then looked at Murphy with tears on his face. "What happened?" He asked. Outside the door, Shen Yiran, who was ready to return to the private room, stopped at his feet. Oh, the hero saved the United States, but looking at Xu Chengyan's appearance, he should not know the entanglement between Murphy and He Jiashan. She was not surprised that Xu Chengyan, the property of the Xu family in the Berlin Hotel, suddenly appeared here. Ji Jinchuan was slightly dissatisfied with her behavior of joining in the fun. He frowned and said, "Why don't you go?" Shen Yiran smiled at him and hurriedly followed him. They returned to the box, the food had been served, sat down and just ate a few mouthfuls, Ji Jinchuan's phone rang, after connecting, he hardly spoke, just listened quietly, but his face was not very good. When he hung up the phone, Shen Yiran asked curiously, "What's wrong?" Ji Jinchuan took a tissue and wiped the corners of his mouth slowly: "I have to go in advance." She wanted to hold his arm like other women and let him accompany her to finish the meal, but she knew she couldn't and couldn't.

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