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The first possibility is much greater than the second. Girl. Don't hide. Are you too ugly to come out to see people? I say you, don't come out if you are too ugly. What if you scare people? Even if you can't scare people, it's not good to scare flowers and plants. If you're so scared that flowers dare not open and grass fails immediately, it's a sin. Teachers teach us to take care of the environment from an early age. No matter what the circumstances. Ruffians are always so unreasonable. How interesting This little brother is really good at joking. With laughter. A graceful woman came out from behind a big tree 20 meters in front of Fang Xin. The woman's forehead is dotted with cinnabar, like a pink eye shadow with slender Danfeng eyes, which can capture the soul of the world with a smile, and a short emerald green skirt in a thin gauze. The snow-white shoulder and the big retreat are faintly revealed, which attracts people's reverie. The bitches were all old bachelors, and they stared at each other. Drool flowed all over the floor. Daoyou, am I ugly? The woman walked up to the thunder and smiled at him. It was a pity that she chose the wrong person, and there was only Fang Xin in the thunder's heart. Thunder looked at her with scornful eyes, then snorted and stopped talking. The woman in the green shirt saw that the thunder was not in her tunnel, flashed a trace of surprise, and then turned her target to Fang Xin. Daoyou, am I ugly? Fang Xin hadn't pretended to be in a daze for a long time. Suddenly,Small Geared Motors, he became interested. He pretended to be a sour scholar and pointed at the woman in the green shirt and cursed her: "Nonsense! How can you, a girl, show so much skin in front of a man?". What your parents taught you is really immoral. Then he covered his eyes with his hands and kept saying in his mouth: "Do not look at indecent assault, do not look at indecent assault..." The woman in the green shirt was ignored twice. Inevitably, she was a little angry, but fortunately she found comfort in the bitches. The three feet of saliva hanging over the river proved that she was not without charm,Gear Reduction Motor, but that they did not know how to appreciate it. Brother, am I ugly? The woman in green shirt came to Tuanzi and drew a circle on his chest with her slender little hands. Tuanzi wiped off his saliva like a pig, and then buried her head in the chest of the woman in green shirt. Her face was intoxicated, and she didn't know what she was thinking about. You How interesting It's so ugly. While the woman in green shirt was not paying attention, Tuanzi took out a brick and patted her on the back of the head with her left hand. Niang, you are a fox spirit. Fortunately, my heart has already been given to the crescent moon. You have charmed my body, but you can't charm my heart. All of them stretched out their fingers to despise it, and just now it was clear that they did not want to go home. The woman in green was humiliated again and again and finally got angry. As soon as she waved, there were two more young women in the forest dressed like her, but they looked younger. Hum, micro gear motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, I don't know how to lift. The woman in green snorted coldly, "Don't compare me with those cheap little foxes. I'm not like them. I can't do anything except confuse men." "Bitch?"? If I remember correctly, your Huang Yanhua belongs to the Fox Clan. Aren't you afraid that he will kill you if you commit a crime like this? Fang Xin wanted to frighten the woman in the green shirt, but the woman in the green shirt looked up and laughed. Joke, his flame China also deserves to be the emperor of my water enchanting, I Bah! "You're not one of Yanhua's men?" Fang Xin was surprised. Did I say I was? Shui Rao gave him a white look. Who said that the forest of gravity was full of fireworks? So you are. Fang Xin wondered. Shui Rao smiled at Xuan Mo, "My son has invited the elder to Zishuitan to get together, the childe said to thank the elder for his enthusiasm, the elder detour is clearly not to give him face, when the time comes." Hum. Shui Rao glanced around gently, and the threat was very obvious. It seems that I can't go, hehe. Xuan Mo jumped to the ground to return to normal size, straight to the depths of the forest, water Rao to Fang Xin made a "please" action, it seems that light Xuan Mo alone is not enough. Shuiyi smiled and saluted Tuanzi, but Tuanzi saw a murderous look in her eyes. This time it was miserable. It seemed that he would soon return to Yueqing Gang and reunite with Feiyun. What is the background of the other party? Fang Xin asked Lan You. But Lan You smiled and said, "It seems that those who are coming can't escape." The purple pool was the poison pool in the middle of the purple fog. On the poison pool stood a black-robed man with blue bruises on his eyes. Beside him stood four beautiful women, white on the left and black on the right. The beautiful woman on the left said respectfully to the black-robed man, "Master, sister Shuirao has gone to invite someone. She should be back soon." "Mmm." The black-robed man nodded and took two leaves from her hand and put them on his eyes. Damn Xuan Mo, I haven't seen him for two thousand years to steal the white heart grass, but Shuanglong went to sea and hurt his eyes. Do you know the rules? Don't hit people in the face. The fifth volume is life experience Chapter 92 Purple Black Jiao (2). In the fog, the road was narrow, and the team formed a long queue. Xuan Mo walked in the most enchanting water, and the other two women in green shirts walked at the end. Along the way, there were many poisonous insects hiding far away when they saw them. Originally, Fang Xin thought that he would meet a powerful demon cultivator. Xuan Mo said that the closer he got to the poison pool, the more powerful the demon cultivator would be. Fang Xin frowned. He noticed that there were at least ten divine senses observing him. As for the source of these divine senses, he had no way of knowing. If he followed the traces of divine senses rashly, he would frighten the snake instead. Those who cultivate demons dare not act rashly must be afraid of offending the "childe" in Shuirao's mouth. Fang Xin, who can hurt Xuan Mo, is also very curious. Aren't you afraid of being eaten? Xuan Mo sees Fang Xin one face is comfortable, cannot help wanting to destroy his good mood. Fang Xin shook his head with a smile. If the other party really wanted to kill them, he would have done it long ago. Why bother to ask them to go there? He guessed that he mostly wanted to kill Xuan Mo's face in front of everyone, so that he would not be too arrogant in other people's territory in the future. It was not him who lost face. Of course, he was comfortable. Xuan Mo spat at him. How could the Elder Martial Brother like to see the Younger Martial Brother lose face? There is no noble sentiment of respecting the old and loving the young. Counting his age,Low Rpm Electric Motor, he should be a respected old man. Counting his height, he should be a little brother who should be loved. Who would have thought that he would meet such a boy, who has no morality and sympathy. He was really wrong at the beginning. But it seems that it was because of this that I chose the Chinese letter at the beginning.

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