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Guiyang is located in the center of Guizhou Province. It is surrounded by mountains. There are two cities, the old and the new, which are built with stones and embrace each other in an oval shape. It has developed transportation and a large population. It is an important town in the south of China. There are many scenic spots and historic sites outside the city, among which Qianling Mountain, Fufeng Mountain, Zhaobi Mountain and Nanyue Mountain are the most famous. Ruixue Villa, the main hall of the Foxtail Gang, is located on another mountain beside Qianling Mountain. This is not a very tall mountain, in fact, it is only an unknown mountain behind it, stretching out of a flat cliff. The left and right sides of the mountain are cut walls, standing one or two hundred feet high. In front of it is a slope, shaded by trees. Under the mountain is a river like a belt, turning around the mountain, forming a natural barrier of the mountain. The river is deep and wide, extremely dangerous. The top of the mountain is flat, stretching into a rectangle to the back hill, hundreds of Zhangs long and hundreds of Zhangs wide. The junction with the back hill is also a cliff, which can not be easily passed. The leader of the Foxtail Gang, Qiannan Yisou, chose this piece of flat land to build the main hall of the gang, which was really a good location. He built a broad building in the center of the place, and built many wing rooms around it for the people in the gang to live in. After Ying Qinghua and Bai Rushuang entered Guizhou, they found many people carrying a feather along the way. These people carry different places, different industries, some in the head, some in the lapel,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, others such as belts, pockets and so on. The colors of these feathers are also different, with white being the most common, followed by blue, and yellow being even rarer. Whether there are other colors or not cannot be confirmed. When they discovered this phenomenon, they suspected that it was the foxtail gang. It was not until it entered Kaiyang County near Guiyang that it was confirmed that it was correct. At that time, the two of them were riding slowly, talking and laughing on the official road, when suddenly two riders came after them, brushed past,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, and heard the sound of "Yi" on the horse. Suddenly he reined in his horse and looked at the other man. "Third brother," he said, "isn't this the'White Dragon 'of the Sect Leader? How can this acid Ding ride it? Stop and let me ask before I go. Both of them were big men with yellow feathers on their heads, with swords on their backs and overbearing expressions. According to Bai Rushuang's meaning, he wanted to teach them a lesson. Fortunately, Ying Qinghua stopped him in time to prevent him from having a conflict with Guwei Gang for this trivial matter, so as not to damage Leng Yanxue's face. He just seriously took out the jade amulet given by Leng Yanxue from his bag and said to the other party, "You don't have to ask me about my origin. You can know it when you go back." Sure enough, as soon as the two men saw the jade amulet, they immediately dismounted and knelt down in front of the horse to ask for forgiveness, which made Bai Rushuang, who was still angry, smile and send them away easily. After entering Guiyang City, Ying Qinghua stayed in a hotel near Gongbianmenfu. Find out the direction and route of Ruixue Villa to the bartender, prepare to explore it in the evening, first meet with Leng Yanxue to discuss in detail, and then decide the way to deal with this matter. Unexpectedly, the bartender was also a member of the Guwei Gang, Brushless Gear Motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, and when he saw the peerless manners of Ying and Bai, he knew that they were extraordinary people. Seeing that they had inquired about the route of Ruixue Villa, they knew that they had come, so in the conversation, they even asked Ying Qinghua about the origin and the purpose of going to the villa. After half a year's experience, Ying Qinghua has made great progress. He has a deep understanding of these treacherous and unpredictable things in Jianghu. Therefore, from the words of the bartender, he knows that he is a member of the Foxtail Gang. Seeing that he inquired about his origin, he used the excuse of visiting relatives to perfunctory him, which made the bartender feel even more mysterious, thinking that he was a relative of the Dharma Protector or the head of the hall, and he was even more enthusiastic in greeting and trying to please him. At the beginning of the third watch, the waning moon was misty, and Ying Qinghua and his wife had arrived at the riverside of Ruixue Villa. The width of the river was only about five branches, and as far as their skill was concerned, it was not worth their while to jump across, but because the other side was built by the foxtail gang with a wall one or two feet high, standing along the river, leaving only a gap, with a suspension bridge across the river, so that people could not see the situation inside the wall except through the suspension bridge. Only the brilliant lights from the forest crevices on the mountain can tell that the mountain is the real mountain villa. At the same time, there are people on the suspension bridge to watch in shifts, and there are also people on the wall along the river to patrol back and forth, indicating that this Ruixue Villa is really very attentive in terms of security, and is worthy of being the location of a group of general halls. When Ying Qinghua came to the river, he hid his figure and observed it carefully. But because the wall blocked his view, he could not see the situation inside the wall, and because the forest was deep and the trees were dark on the mountain, he could not see the truth, so he hesitated for a moment and could not think of a proper way. Bai Rushuang, impatient with waiting, leaned close to his body and whispered in his ear, "Brother Hua, what are you waiting for?"? Let's go. "Don't worry," said Ying Qinghua in a low voice. "I'm not afraid of anything, but I don't want them to find out about Xuemei's situation. I want to find a proper place to spend it. It's better than a hard room for us." By this time, Ying Qinghua had discovered that there was a big tree with dense branches and leaves in the wall on the other side of the river, which was twenty feet above the wall. It was a good place to stop and look, and it was not easy to be found. So, after he told Bai Rushuang in a low voice, he jumped up first, flew over the other side like a night crane, and landed gently on the top of the tree. A little look around the situation, and then flew to the woods on the hill. White as frost followed and entered, not to mention the need to bother to watch, she only in the tree on a slight force, like a bird in the woods, shooting straight at the top of the mountain. Should. After stepping on the branches and leaping to the top of the mountain, the two men stopped in a tree and silently observed the direction and position. Ying Qinghua said to Bai Rushuang, "Sister Shuang, judging from the shape of these houses, the central building must be an important place. But where Xuemei lives, we have to go through some exploration to know. Let's go left and right separately, carefully look at the situation on both sides, and finally meet at the building." But remember that this is a meeting with Xuemei, not a formal worship of the mountain. We should try our best to avoid fighting or bumping into them. If they find out as a last resort, we would rather quickly retreat to the original place at the foot of the mountain and wait, so as not to be entangled with each other. White as frost answered lightly, then flashed down to the ground and disappeared into the shadow on the left. Ying Qinghua was about to fall to the ground when he suddenly realized that the houses on both sides did not need to be explored,Vending Machine Motor, and that it was not the place where Leng Yanxue lived, but only the central building, which was worth considering.

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