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Who is Changyi? He didn't interfere with how many people she had in her harem, but he didn't know anything. Xue Changyi, whom she called, was just one of them, and she had often called her to accompany him since he entered the palace. Remembering what Grandfather Gao had said to him, Xiao Wangzhi could not help laughing. The man behind him moved more boldly, hugged him from behind, and even kissed his ear with his mouth. Is becoming more and more presumptuous. Xiao Wangzhi had no scruples and directly started to slip people in front of him. She seemed to wake up a little confused by this action, and even though her hands and feet were weak, she could barely stand still, her eyes searching for something. Your Majesty. Xiao Wangzhi put his palm around the arm of the person in front of him, lest she really fall, and shouted to her, trying to awaken her consciousness. Her eyes followed the sound and fell on his face, and the confusion accumulated in her eyes dispersed. The corners of her mouth curved and she said happily, "You're here." Xiao Wangzhi frowned, but she came over, put her arm around his neck, put her tender face on his, and asked reproachfully, "Why did you come to me?" Delicate, shy,faux ficus tree, is Xiao Wangzhi has never seen before. Her soft body leaned over, her mouth smiling in a trance, her whole body emitting a sweet taste, so gently kissed his lips. Xiao Wangzhi's body straightened, under a touch, immediately started to push her away. Such a gesture was bound to arouse her displeasure, and she simply took his face in her hands and kissed him again. With her eyes closed, she took the initiative to stretch out the tip of her tongue and lick his lips carefully. I thought people were already a little sober,silk cherry blossom tree, but now like this, where is it like that? She thought he was the boy toy in her harem, or the lover in her dream, so she wanted to do intimate things with him. Xiao Wangzhi is more sober than ever. Knowing that she could no longer be allowed to fool around like this, he was very honest and did not hesitate to knock the person who was doing bad things unconscious, and at the same time reached out to catch the person who was soft. As before that time, Xiao Wangzhi sent people back to the palace directly. He was not going to mention what had happened that night, but he was thinking about how to give her a good reminder. When Su Xi woke up the next day, it was already a quarter past noon. He was about to finish grooming under the service of the palace people. Grandfather Gao came in from the outside and bowed down, saying, "Your Majesty, Lord Xiao is asking for an interview outside the palace." Su Xi was lazy and asked with a smile, "So early?" Follow the command to go down and invite people in. No matter her expression, look or attitude at this time, it seems that she can't remember what happened last night. Xiao Wangzhi strode into the hall, fake ficus tree ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, just take a look at the appearance of Su Xi, already know. He restrained his mind and only saluted to pay his respects. Su Xi seemed to be in a good mood and gave him a seat without ceremony. He ordered the palace people to serve tea. When the people in the palace left and right, Su Xi smiled and said happily, "Lord Xiao, I was just looking for you." Xiao Wangzhi asked calmly, "I don't know what your majesty is doing?" Su Xi did not answer him immediately, but also asked, "What did you go to the palace for?" "But because of your Majesty's drunkenness last night," said Xiao Wangzhi. When Su Xi heard this, his eyes suddenly turned round. "Is that why you're here?" He asked in surprise. Xiao Wangzhi looked at her and made sure that her face was full of joy, not melancholy, so he knew that what he said was not the same thing. I dreamed of him! Su Xi said to Xiao Wangzhi with a smile, "I dreamed that he came to me last night, and I heard him calling me!"! Can you try your best to find someone earlier? It's been months! Xiao Wangzhi: "..." Su Xi was completely immersed in his own world and said to himself, "Why do I have to drink before he appears?"? Should I do this every day to see him? Lord Xiao, don't you think this is very strange? Xiao Wangzhi: "..." Such a thing came out of her mouth, and it was very outrageous. Xiao Wangzhi interrupted, "Please let me ask. Does Your Majesty still remember what happened after he got drunk last night?" Su Xi frowned, thought for a moment and said, "I remember some of them.". ” "What does Your Majesty remember?" Asked Xiao Wangzhi. Su Xi sighed softly and nodded. "Yesterday, the moon was very round. It was windy and cool at night, but I fell asleep in the small garden.". Fortunately, I'm in good health, otherwise I'm afraid I'll catch a cold and have to toss about again. Xiao Wangzhi: "..." "And then?" Silence for a moment, Xiao Wangzhi asked. Su Xi said in a strange and natural tone, "Then naturally I met him again in my dream." Xiao Wangzhi: "..." Su Xi looked at Xiao Wangzhi, frowned, and said incredulously, "Lord Xiao, you are a little strange today." Originally was prepared to say well and she said Xiao Wangzhi, suddenly feel that these things simply can not communicate. He chose to give up. "Your Majesty worries too much," said Xiao Wangzhi. "It's just that Grandfather Gao said that Your Majesty hasn't thought about tea or food recently. He was drunk last night and worried about Your Majesty's health. Let me also persuade Your Majesty. The first emperor's order, all dare not humiliate, also hope your majesty treasure. Su Xi stretched his eyebrows and said with a smile, "But you don't have to be so serious after drinking twice, do you?" Without waiting for Xiao Wangzhi to speak, she said first, "This is the only thing to ask you, if even you have no way, others will not work." Xiao Wangzhi hesitated a little and asked her, "Does Your Majesty still remember the appearance of the man in the dream?" "If I remembered, I would have found it long ago." Su Xi sighed secretly. Xiao Wangzhi then said, "I tell you the truth. I don't remember what he looks like, and I have no other news. Maybe he doesn't exist." Su Xi shook his head and completely disagreed: "Maybe there is such a person?"? How can you give up easily? Xiao Wangzhi added, "I'm afraid it will come to nothing in the end. Your Majesty will be sad." Su Xi looked at him with pitiful eyes and said with emotion, "Lord Xiao, you don't understand love." Xiao Wangzhi did not want to deny this. Su Xi didn't seem to want to talk any more. He took the initiative to ask, "What do you think of the proposal made years ago?" Listening to her ask about serious things,artificial grass panels, Xiao Wangzhi's expression also became serious. He said: "With the current situation of the court, first of all, there is a lack of officials who can do this.". This is the first problem to be solved if it is to be implemented. 。

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