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We're all witnesses at the scene! The disciples of Shangqing Sect, who thought so, suddenly straightened up one by one, with a strong expression on their faces, and stood there motionless. ……” Elders of Shangqing Sect. Suddenly the eyebrows jumped, these little bastards. Final It was Ye Guanghan who said, "Everyone else went out except Ye Fog." “……” Disciples of Shangqing Sect. One by one, even if the heart is unwilling, or move the pace, go out. Very fast. The scene is empty. The ice cave, which had been crowded with people, was empty in an instant. Only the head of Shangqing Zong, the elders, and Ye Wushen, who reported the case, were left. When the elders saw the huge pit, they immediately twitched the corners of their mouths and were speechless. This It's really collapsed. Over there, Ye Wushen also actively provided clues, pointing to the pit and saying to the elders: "Here, here, the prisoner is inside!" Hearing his name, the elders of Shangqing Zong couldn't help twitching the corners of their mouths? This is really a new name. Hearing the sound, the elders also walked over,interactive boards for classrooms, slightly bowed their heads, and looked into the pit. Wait to see the scene in the pit. ……” Elders. That's true. The one in the pit raised his lips and smiled, waving to them, full of energy, "Yo!" With a cry, isn't it the Younger Martial Brother An whom they haven't seen for hundreds of years? "Long time no see, brothers." An Yihe said with a fresh voice and a lively tone. Hearing his speechless greeting, the elders immediately twitched the corners of their mouths. Only the headmaster,smart board touch screen, who was laughing like Maitreya Buddha all the way, looked forward and saw An Yihe standing in the pit. He responded to him with a smile, "Younger Martial Brother An, it's really you. I haven't seen you for a long time." "Elder Martial Brother Wu!" When An Yihe saw him, he greeted him with the same smile and said, "You look a lot older." "Ha ha ha, Younger Martial Brother An is still as young as before." The master still answered with a smile. ……” The elders of Shangqing Zong, who were listening to the conversation between the two of them, immediately twitched the corners of their mouths, as if they were mentally retarded. Interesting "Ha ha ha ha." An Yihe in the pit and the head of the pit looked at each other with a smile. One side of the leaf fog looks, how can there be a kind of commercial mutual praise? Then, An Yihe's eyes looked aside, as if he had seen something, and his eyes burst out with surprise, "Brother Ye!" He shouted to Ye Guanghan, who was standing aside with a cold face, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,smartboard for business, "I haven't seen you for a long time. I really miss you, Younger Martial Brother!" “……” Ye Guanghan. The originally ruthless face suddenly showed an expression of disgust. My master, your uncle, how are you? An Yihe continued to say sincerely. Hearing this, Ye Guanghan's face paused. Then he opened his mouth lightly and said, "It's neither good nor bad." One side of the leaf fog sink, listening to this dialogue, the whole person is not good. What the fuck This dialogue contains a huge amount of information! Look, what do I hear? His master, my father and uncle? —— How many martial uncles does my father have? Answer, one! In Ye Wushen's mind, I can't help but think of the granduncle who stayed on the top of the Tibetan Sword Peak all day long, in a bamboo house, dressed in a green shirt, a string of Bodhi beads, and was wary of penance. The eyebrows are calm and the face is clear. Full of clean sleeves, neither sad nor happy. He looked more like a bitter bamboo than a man. Bitter bamboo rooted on the top of Tibetan Sword Peak. Ye Wushen had seen his uncle when he was a child, and he was very curious about him. He had never seen a man like him, so unlike a man, infinitely close to the existence of the legendary immortal. Ye Wushen used to wonder why his uncle had no disciples. In the realm of cultivation, it is extremely important to inherit the orthodoxy. Every monk, when the time comes, has to accept disciples and pass on the orthodoxy. However, Ye Wushen had never heard that his uncle had a disciple. For this reason, he also asked Ye Guanghan. How did Ye Guanghan answer him at that time? "How about letting you be a disciple of your uncle?" Ye Guanghan looked at him and said. ……” The leaves are foggy. Are you ***ing kidding me? Ye Wu was speechless. He was his uncle. How could he be his apprentice? I'm afraid this generation is not a pill? However, he still imagined that if he really became an apprentice to his uncle. Then his father, why don't you call him Younger Martial Brother? Wow- It feels a little cool! One side of Ye Guanghan looked at the expression of reverie on his face, lowered his eyes, and gave a cold hum in his heart, silly! In this way, Ye Guang's cold belt was deflected by the heavy mist. I completely forgot what he asked in the first place. It turns out that Martial Uncle has disciples. Leaf mist sink heart way. Then, the eyes looked into the pit a few eyes, this guy is the disciple of uncle, that is not his uncle? Ye Wushen's mood suddenly became a little complicated. The culprit who brought down his practice place was his uncle. Then, Ye Wushen turned his head without hesitation and said to Ye Guanghan beside him, "Dad, he asked me if my mother was a member of Luofu Sect, Hehuan Palace, Yinyue Sect, Blood Bat Palace and Ghost Sect." Finish saying, facial expression is particularly innocent looking at his father, say: "Father, is my mother them?" “……” Ye Guanghan. His face suddenly sank. Looking at An Yihe in the pit again, there was no melancholy and nostalgia just now, only a gloomy murderous look. ……” An Yihe is in prison in the pit. Suddenly the smile on his face was a little stiff. He turned his head and looked at Ye Wushen, who was standing on the pit. "You are unkind, Younger Martial Nephew," he said in a tone of condemnation. To tell the truth behind one's back! Heheda.. Ye Wushen looked back at him, "I'm telling him face to face, okay?"? Do you dare to do it but not deserve it? "Who is your nephew?" Ye Wushen said proudly, "I don't remember that I have a little uncle." When Ye Guanghan heard this,interactive panel board, he said in a faint voice, "It's unfortunate, but he's really your uncle." “……” The leaves are foggy. Fine. hsdsmartboard.com

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The Wall

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