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Feng Zhenghui looked at her silently for a moment and suddenly asked, "Don't you have three questions?" Gu Yao said, "I already have the answer to the third question." Feng Zhenghui was obviously stunned, he frowned, but did not ask Gu Yao what the third question was, just because he instantly thought of her hint, his face followed by the wrong. Feng Zhenghui pursed his lips and his voice was a little tight. "What do you mean?" Gu Yao looked at him and noticed that his breathing rate began to quicken, and it was obvious that she had stepped on Feng Zhenghui's dead hole. From just now to now, from Feng Zhenghui mastering all the rhythm, to now being led by her nose, Gu Yao through this turning point has been enough to guess what part of the truth Feng Zhenghui is trying to hide. From beginning to end has not changed, is Chen Yumin, also only Chen Yumin. This, Gu Yao is not anxious, anxious instead is Feng Zhenghui. Come to think of it, how can Feng Zhenghui not worry? Gu Yao obviously has a plan in mind, see through the secret he wants to hide, what if she tells these guesses to the police? Feng Zhenghui took a deep breath and quickly walked to the table, his hands on the table, his knuckles white,smart boards for conference rooms, the back of his hands blue veins, he was trying to suppress his emotional fluctuations. Then, under Gu Yao's indifferent gaze, Feng Zhenghui said, "This has nothing to do with her." His voice is very low and soft. He also knew that Gu Yao knew who he was talking about. Gu Yao also asked softly, "Is it worth it?" Feng Zhenghui did not answer, but the calm in his eyes gave the answer. With a sigh, Gu Yao stood up and tried to leave the visiting room. Feng Zhenghui's voice suddenly sounded,interactive flat panel display, "She has experienced too much in her life, I only hope that between me and her, there is a person who can live well!" It's almost a plea. Gu Yao did not look back, but the heart because of this sentence and the rise of indescribable emotions. She quickly opened the door of the visiting room and went out without looking back. Xu Shuo waited outside the door and saw Gu Yao come out with a sullen face. Xu Shuo is just about to ask, Gu Yao has come to the front, slowly exhaled a breath, shook his head. The two men walked all the way out of Jiangcheng Men's Prison without a word until they got on the bus. Gu Yao leaned back in her chair and stared out of the window for a long time before whispering, "Chen Yumin is still alive." Xu Shuo was obviously stunned. "Are you sure?" Gu Yao nodded, "Feng Zhenghui has been persistent in looking for Chen Yumin, he made this appearance, somewhat acting, is to let everyone believe and believe that'Chen Yumin is missing ',' Chen Yurin was killed by those five people ', otherwise why did he kill?"? But there are still some of his true feelings. He wanted to go back to the past and find Chen Yumin and himself when he was a child. That was the happiest time Feng Zhenghui spent. Xu Shuo then said, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,interactive touch screens education, "Today Feng Zhenghui suddenly confessed to all the crimes, because the plan he deployed has been implemented. As long as he confessed and carried the five lives on his back, the missing Chen Yumin can get a new life completely." "Feng Zhenghui knew where Chen Yumin was from the very beginning. He set up the whole Bureau in order to let Chen Yumin spend the rest of his life without future trouble. As long as he was sentenced because of the case of Shao Xiaofeng's five people, it would mean that the only witness in the world who could prove that these five people were related to Chen Yurin would shut up. Who else would get to the bottom of the matter and reverse the verdict?"? Even if someone wants to turn it over, there's no way to turn it up. "On the day of Fang Qi's sudden heart attack, the person who did it should be the nurse named Lin Meng." "The photo on the copy of the ID card is blurred, but I guess the person in the photo is Chen Yumin, and the ID card should be forged." "But there is a problem. If Lin Meng is Chen Yumin, it is impossible for Fang Qi not to recognize her." Gu Yao thought for a moment and thought it was a bug. Could it be that Chen Yumin has been wearing a mask in the Fang family? Fang Qi seldom goes home on weekdays, and seldom contacts with nurses. He has been living a life of black and white reversal since he returned home. Xu Shuo quickly denied, "This explanation can only barely make sense, the risk of operation is too great, if accidentally hit it?" Gu Yao sighed, clearly has confirmed that Chen Yumin is still alive, and this woman is close at hand, only one step away, but it is still a move short of chess, was stumped by this foot in front of the door. Gu Yao held her head and murmured, "Is there any way to meet without knowing each other?" Xu Shuo answered with some carelessness, "Yes, there are two more." Gu Yao looked over in surprise. "Which two?" "First, let Fang Qi lose his memory, like you." Gu Yao suddenly felt absurd, "Amnesia can not be deliberately caused." Xu Shuo smiled, "second, plastic surgery." Gu Yao ".." Gu Yao's hair stood up one by one, instinctively feeling that it was really too ridiculous, but when you think about it carefully, it seems reasonable, but also can fill all the small questions that have not yet been solved. Gu Yao surprised at the same time, Xu Shuo also pointed out that "Chen Yumin gave Feng Zhenghui 1500000, is it just to let him take the blame for the cost?"? With the two of them, as long as Chen Yumin is in trouble, Feng Zhenghui must be duty-bound, and Chen Yumin is the victim, Feng Zhenghui can not want the money. Gu Yao said, "So it's not a shame fee, it's the money for cosmetic surgery." "If Chen Yumin's father's account is transferred to the hospital, it will be found out." "After Feng Zhenghui gets the money, he still needs to pour his hands several times and finally pay it to the hospital." "This is why Chen Yumin can work as a nurse in the identity of Lin Meng and has been taking care of Fang Qi's grandfather in the Fang family, but no one has noticed.". Remember, Fang Qi's photo album is a photo of Chen Yumin, even if she can hide from Fang Qi, also can not hide from Fang Qi's family who saw the album. Gu Yao nodded and frowned again. Although Chen Yumin's secret has been revealed, there is still a question in her mind that has not been solved. When Xu Shuo saw her frowning,electronic board for classroom, he soon understood, "Do you want to say, why is Feng Zhenghui so anxious to recognize everything?" 。

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