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The action is a hundred times more wonderful. The swimming of Sakura, a wax dragon lady, is simply an amazing artistic performance. She is born to live in the water. Once she enters the water, her strength will be several times stronger than that of the land. Today is the first watch! Everybody continues to support, has the vote to smash the vote. Xiafei will try to update! bk Chapter 455: The woman who wants to touch me? Kill without mercy! Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight Chapter 455: The woman who wants to touch me? Kill without mercy! Yueyang followed the graceful dragon lady and swam for another half an hour. From time to time along the way to avoid those hunting deep-sea Warcraft, for ordinary warriors, powerful and huge deep-sea Warcraft is almost invincible existence. For Yueyang and the Dragon Lady, it is not a big threat. The only trouble is that they are afraid that they will alarm the sea emperor when they are killed, so they adopt an evasive plan. Finally, the crimson cherry stopped at a very deep submarine cliff. In front of us, we found a small grotto entrance, which is not very impressive. Anyone who sees it will think that it is the residence of deep-sea electric eels, or the nest of deep-sea octopuses. The Dragon Lady spat out a string of bubbles and sent a message to Yueyang: "This is it. There is a big cave inside, and there is also an ancient transport array. Let's go inside first today and explore it. If the Sea Emperor has discovered the secret of the spirit liquid of the Earth Mother for ten thousand years, then we won't come out. Lurk up and wait for two days to grab it!"! I hope he hasn't found out yet, or he'll be in trouble. "Perhaps there is another treasure in the abyss trench, if it is the spirit liquid of the mother of ten thousand years, the sea emperor will say it out." Yueyang did not agree with her inference. This is true, the fire island unexpectedly came so many treasure hunters,Calacatta Quartz Slab, the sea emperor should not reveal that there is a treasure at home. Perhaps there is such a coincidence, there is another treasure in the abyss trench, perhaps the propaganda of the sea emperor, deliberately said so, so that more people come to the fire island to play. However, as far as we were concerned, this was not a good situation. The sea parrot was already alert and began to pay attention to me. Thanks to your good idea, you can bring me out,Artificial Marble Slabs, otherwise I will be trapped on it for two days! The Dragon Lady took the lead and swam into the small grotto. Narrow and deep at first. The grotto passages are several kilometers long and curved like intestines. At the end, there is a nearly circular cave, which seems to have been inhabited by fish creatures, but has been abandoned. Jiang Ying searched carefully and found an entrance under a black boulder. The huge stone weighs hundreds of thousands of kilograms. With it blocking the way, it is impossible to move, and there is no door to enter. Of course, this can only baffle ordinary people, but not the congenital strong. Dragon Lady Crimson Cherry and Yueyang determine the location, use a short distance of space transmission, and enter smoothly. After entering, I found that there was a hole in the hole, which was really a secret. Although in the fire island, also belongs to the sea emperor influence, under the innumerable shrimp soldier crab will patrol, still nobody discovered here. About two kilometers ahead, Grey Marble Slab ,White Marble Slabs, there is a big cave, inside the stone wall, I do not know how long the existence of the ancient transport array, in the wall slightly emitting brilliance. This is the only entrance to the Undersea Funeral Ground. The undersea funerary ground was originally a sub-space area connected by the Tower of Babel, called the Blue Water Palace. Because in ancient times, a super-large-scale naval battle broke out, at least 100 congenital strong people and 100,000 ships were buried here, the whole space collapsed because of the war, islands and all buildings sank to the bottom of the sea, all life was extinct, and lost contact with the Tower of Babel. Therefore, in the historical records, people call it the'undersea funeral ground '! No one knows that in the abyss trench of the Fire Island, there is still an ancient transport array leading to the undersea funeral ground. My God, this is really a funeral home! After being sent in, Crimson Cherry found that the sky here was dark, the vast sea was like a pool of stagnant water without waves, not even a ripple, nor any islands or human buildings, but it could be seen that there were a few huge and broken ships, either under the head and on the tail, or under the tail and on the head, firmly inserted across the sea, extremely broken. It shows the tragic situation of the great naval battle in those years. There doesn't seem to be any living things here. Dead and spooky. We have to be careful. My grandfather said that this is not only a funeral ground, but also a slaughterhouse. In the sea battle, some super-powerful Warcraft did not die in the collapse of space. They hid at the bottom of the sea and later became monsters. When my grandfather came here, he had experienced fierce fighting, and almost all his companions died. Jiang Ying was not strong enough before. She had only been to the cave of the abyss trench to confirm the entrance. She had not really entered the undersea funeral ground. She did not know the specific fighting power of the deep-sea monsters here. But she knew that although hundreds of years had passed since her grandfather's exploration, those deep-sea monsters were certainly not dead. They were still hiding somewhere, waiting for an opportunity to attack. ……” If Yueyang had not entered the temple of the prison emperor, he would not have guessed the reason why the deep-sea monster has survived since ancient times. However, after the previous battle in the temple of the prison emperor, he had already known a secret. When space collapses, there is life in it that would have died. When the prison emperor forcibly sealed the temple of the prison emperor, the space collapsed, but only a few of the strong people in the temple of the prison emperor died, and many of them escaped. The reason is that they used a very shameless secret art to blend their bodies with the war beasts, relying on the characteristics of the war beasts to survive. Undersea funeral ground here, I believe, is also the use of this shameless secret. Rather than say what deep-sea monsters, rather, those guys are the congenital strong who died in the war! In order to save their lives, they merged with their war beasts, became monsters, and finally survived. There were no waves on the sea, and it was dead silent. Calm as a mirror. Yueyang felt a kind of murder burst out from under his feet in an instant,Agate Slabs For Sale, and he reacted very quickly to embrace the crimson cherry and shoot angrily into the sky. The soles of the feet, almost at the same moment. A fish-shaped monster more than ten meters long rushed out of the water. It opened its huge mouth, ferociously chasing Yueyang and Crimson Cherry.

"Huh?"? He? Good baby? Bing Ning is silly. Volume 2 Jia Ye's Journey Chapter 54 Unforgivable The air in the Dragon Hall is freezing. The neatly dressed Yuehua's eyes fluttered everywhere, but she dared not look at Bingning. Her hateful eyes could kill the dragon now. The other dragons in the hall did not dare to make a sound, and let the parties explain the trouble caused by their own prince, which was sooner or later, but they did not expect it to be so soon. Dragon: I wanted to tell her the truth after the prince ate her up. Xi:.. Dare to eat her ? Then the whole dragon clan will be finished. She's so angry! This is the reason for the strange eyes of the Dragon Clan last night. She was so silly that she hugged a big man for two months and kissed and rubbed him every day. What's more, she slept together every night, but he didn't refuse. (Xi: At first, the protest was invalid, but later he was too lazy to protest again.). That's what Solia was going to say last night, and he wouldn't let Solia say it, because it was clear that he was going to cheat her, and so were the other dragons, who knew it and helped him cover it up, a bunch of bastard dragons! (Xi: They also help their relatives but not their relatives. The dragons are very protective of their shortcomings, especially those of the royal family.) "Shining girl, don't be angry. Yuehua is also very cute. He is also one of the ten handsome men of our dragon clan.." Sister Moni reluctantly found a reason to explain for her brother. " Did you do it on purpose? Bing Ning asked coldly. Uh.. No Actually.. It was an accident We didn't expect you to pick Yuehua, who had just been plotted against and needed to change back to Xiaolong's body shape to recover.. "Moni told Bingning what had happened." Then you didn't tell me he was an adult! Are you trying to mess with me? Damn it, she's lost her face this time. This I forgot at first. Because everyone knows about Yuehua's coming of age, which is common sense to us, and we thought you also knew.. "Then why didn't you say it later, and were you going to hide it from me last night?" Gas! Gas! "It's really hard to explain. I'm afraid it's a big blow to you. Father has always stressed to you that Yuehua is his son's, and you don't understand..". Yuehua didn't let anyone say it last night. 。” Moni, who did not want to be embarrassed any more, kicked the responsibility back to Yuehua. I was afraid you'd hit me too hard, and.. It's humiliating "Yuehua finally spoke under the pressure of the frozen eyes." You know I've lost face, and you don't say when you recovered. Do you want to take advantage of me? Thinking of what had happened in the morning, her anger came up again, and she held the magic amethyst necklace tightly in her right hand. I don't know. It's the effect of the elixir last night. This morning, my body is also automatically restored to human form. I didn't mean to scare you.. "It's really not intentional. If it's intentional, I won't let her know. I'll eat her first..". "You.." When it comes to what happened in the morning, she thinks of Bian Long. She wants to leave. If she stays any longer, she can't help fighting. This can't be said to be the fault of the Dragon Clan. If you want to blame yourself, you can only blame yourself for choosing someone else's son as a pet without knowing anything, and you can't understand their advice, Agate Stone Price ,Agate Slabs Countertops, but.. She can't swallow it. ! Bing Ning fled from the hall to her room, locked the door, and the wall was restored by her restoration magic. She cried with shame and anger. Ning, don't be angry. The sound of the night called the ice up from the bed. Night, did you see it? Even he also saw, she did not live, even the ghost is not, who will let her out of her wits! Seeing her blushing and wandering eyes, the night knew that she was going to be upset again, knowing that the truth was a great blow to her, and he didn't say it last time. Ning, the dragons didn't do it on purpose. You always knew? And you won't tell me? The night also bullied her like this, she did not want to see people! Bing Ning pushed the night away, and she wanted to hide to the ends of the earth to grow mushrooms and mildew, and never let any creature see her again. Ning, don't be angry. I didn't mean it. I was just afraid that you would be embarrassed.. "The night took Bing Ning and tried to shake off his hand." I'm embarrassed enough now! Even you.. Even you ... Purr It's so irritating that everyone is not a good person. Xi: They are dragons and the God of death. They are not human beings. How can there be the saying of "good people and bad people"? "I'm sorry." The night hugged her and kissed the tears in her eyes. Night, my chest is so stuffy and painful, whine.. Everyone lied to me. In front of the night, the ice congeals to reveal the child's mind. (Xi: She is really small compared to Ye) "I'm sorry. It's all my fault that I didn't make it clear at the beginning. You're so angry. Do you want me to kill the dragons?" She was also very unhappy to see her holding the dragon all the time. (Xi: Calm people are more terrible when they are jealous.) “... Forget it It's my own fault, they hinted at it at the beginning, but I don't understand.. "But I'm still angry!"! Purr Looked at her to endure the grievance, on the face or the expression of resentment, the night knew that she had not completely put down. He sat down on the bed, held the ice in his lap, and gently stroked her hair to calm her down. Ning, will you go back to the nether world with me? Seeing more and more men submit to her charm, the night can not care. Night.. Wait, okay ? Let me spend the rest of my life with Mommy and Daddy.. Bing Ning did not want to refuse the night, but she clearly saw a flame in the eyes of the night, which was so strong that she was afraid. After some ideological struggle, the night agreed in the slightly frightened pleading eyes of the ice congealed. After twenty-five years of waiting, he was a little regretful for giving her parents such a long life. Xi: I tell you quietly, there is a big suggestion that you use some means to kill her parents, you can monopolize her, wow, want me to help? Shiny girl, are you in there? Don't be angry. We didn't mean it. Just forgive the prince. Shiloka knocked on the door and said. Ning,white marble mosaic, I'll go back to the nether world first. If you have something to do, you can ask Meihuang to go back to me. The night reluctantly let go of the ice. Night, I have a question. How did you know I was coming to Dragon Island? She was puzzled for a long time and had no answer. (Xi: She didn't dare to think about the real answer.).

Zhang Wuge was so angry that he trembled all over, twisted his face and jumped, and seized the whip in his hand. Look, it's made of cowhide and steel wire. Can be used to drive a horse, can also be used as a weapon, because of a sneer at a way: "The household goods is good household goods, but it is a pity that your ability is not as big as the shelf!"! I deserve to be whipped by you for nothing because of my low position? If you dare to fart (nine spoons) again, I won't stand on ceremony! Then he pulled and pulled, clucking a few times, and the steel whip was broken one after another. He threw his hand into the ditch by the side of the road. There were dozens of people standing nearby, all of whom were petrified at the moment. Olundai was surprised to see him doing so, but in front of everyone, he could not face down. He flew down and kicked the fifth brother at the waist, then raised his legs and feet to kick the fifth brother in the face. Zhang Wuge saw in a flash that his boots were nailed with hard teeth, as if he was going to take his own life. He jumped back hurriedly, lifted Olundai's tiptoe and turned it over. As soon as he got it, Olundai fell into the palace ditch ten feet away with a somersault in the air. Donkey dung and horse urine splashed all over his body and head. As soon as Olundai jumped up, he drew out his waist knife and forced him to come up. He ordered several small bodyguards who were watching from the side: "What are you waiting for?"! Tie this beast up and deal with it rudely before you! "What kind of gentleman are you, '?"? " Behind him suddenly came the voice of Kangxi, originally I do not know when, he took De Leng Tai, Liu Tiecheng, holding the eunuch came. Kangxi stood in the misty rain and fog. "I've been listening to you for a long time," he said with a livid face! I thought you were just a proud and arrogant son, but now it seems that you are deliberately humiliating people! "The slave dare not!" Olendai had no choice but to kneel down, but with an unconvinced look on his face, he kowtowed and said, "It's always the slave who is frivolous and impetuous. He doesn't serve well and makes the master angry." Although his face was not good,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, his words were not out of line. Kangxi was so angry that he swallowed his breath. "I know you're not convinced," he said. Is it because the eight elder brother recommended you to be the general of Gansu, not as you wish, you look like this, want to compare with Feiyang Gubi? You can only lift his shoes! Although Wu Dan is a member of the Han Dynasty, he has been a bodyguard for more than forty years. Even he is not in your eyes. Do you know the law? Did I treat you badly? "The slave didn't say that the emperor treated the slave badly!" Olendai twisted his face and said, "Although the slave has no military exploits, he has only done his best to patrol the south several times, but he has never dared to climb up the high branch.". The emperor just rest assured, the slave has a distraction to make a force, always want to be crushed to pieces to repay your kindness! When Kangxi read these words, he became more and more evil, but he could not find fault with them. "I also told you to rest assured," he said with a sneer. "If you are distracted, Brushless Gear Motor ,Small Geared Motors, you will get retribution. I never fail people, if people fail me, will not have a good end. Get up! On such a cold day, the car is parked in the rain. Is it possible to spend the night in the woods? "Yes!" Olundai glared at Zhang Wuge and kowtowed to Kangxi again, saying, "The slave is guilty. It's hard to spend the night here." He got up and went away. With a sullen face, Kangxi followed him far away, ignoring Zhang Wuge. He boarded the imperial chariot and urged the chariot to go. Stunned, he gazed out of the window at the grim autumn scenery. Remembering the rogue appearance of Olendai just now, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He lifted the curtain and ordered Liu Tiecheng, "Go to the back and ask Zhang Tingyu to come over!" Zhang Tingyu and Ma Qi followed the elder brother's car, wearing oil clothes and riding horses. Just now the front motorcade stopped for a long time, and I don't know what happened. Hearing Kangxi's call, Zhang Tingyu said hello to Ma Qi. He galloped to the front of Kangxi, dismounted and climbed the shaft. He wiped the raindrops on his head and asked, "What's the matter with you?" "You come up!" "This.." "Come up." Kangxi's tone was dull, and with another command in a low voice, he put down the window curtain. Zhang Tingyu hurriedly stepped back, looked at the imperial chariot with a respectful bow, got on the car carefully, and stood sideways beside Kangxi. As soon as the car shook, it rolled forward again. Neither of the two men spoke for a moment, only to hear the monotonous sound of the eight mules in front of them stepping on the muddy water. The emperor's face was a little pale. For a long time, Zhang Tingyu stammered. Is not the body uncomfortable? Or you're angry with someone. Would you like to pass on the Imperial Physician? Kangxi waved his hand, did not say a word, but breathed heavily for a day. From the back window, Zhang Tingyu saw several eunuchs close together. He stretched out his head and ordered, "Xing Nian, tell them to lean back.". You just stay here and listen. When Kangxi saw that he was so careful, he could not help nodding his head, and his face calmed down a little. Then he told him about the trouble caused by Olendai, and said, "For many days in a row, I have been in a restless mood.". I always felt like something was going to happen to this hunt. The bodyguard is close to the armpit. It's not a matter of carelessness. Ma Qiren is honest, but he is too kind. Tell me, is it unintentional or intentional for Olendai to do this today? Shall we send him out at once? Zhang Tingyu gazed out of the window for a long time without saying a word. Then he said thoughtfully, "Oroondai is a man with a rough heart. But because of his meritorious service in escorting him on his previous tour to the south, and because he is the cousin of the Eighth Master, he is still a relative of the emperor, so he is less polite in doing things.". Among the bodyguards, Delengtai was an honest Mongolian man, and Liu Tiecheng was pulled up from the mud by the emperor. They don't have two minds about the emperor. So you have to be relieved. When Olendai did this, the slave thought that he could no longer stay with the emperor. Rong Nucai consulted with Ma Qi and transferred him to a foreign post in Chengde. When Kangxi heard this, he smiled sullenly and said, "Your words are very euphemistic. I know you don't trust these people either.". You have your unspeakable place. The elder brother inside my heart is bright,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, Oren Dai is looking at the prince when these are not satisfied, save other ideas, unexpectedly in my side to play power and prestige. Who do you think will fill the vacancy after the departure of the Olendai? How about asking Zhao Fengchun to come up? 。
Obviously is a very simple thing, but this time actually produced do not know how to say the feeling. She rolled her eyes at the blank chat box and took a deep breath. Thought about it. When Jin Xiaoming opened his eyes, he saw the Black Marshal looking at himself in surprise. Meow, meow? "Chirp?" "Meow, meow, meow!?" Looking at Lin Yuliang, who had fallen into a deep sleep on the bed. Jin Xiaoming: Meow Meow Meow? It feels shocked. For them, the birth of any new life is worth looking forward to. Life always has infinite possibilities. But Jin Xiaoming pricked up his ears and immediately felt a great sense of pressure and urgency! Isn't it wrong to say on the Internet that you can't keep a pet during pregnancy? Qin Feifan glanced at the list in his hand. The heart is a little surprised, Lin Yuliang has always been diligent, unexpectedly has not come yet. Although there is no play for her today, she is always present as a director. He made a phone call, and the voice on the other side was a little floating. I'll be right with you. I always feel a little out of my mind. When Lin Yuliang arrived,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, Qin Feifan was even more certain. Yes, I'm out of my mind. For Lin Yuliang, it is a very rare thing. What's more, her acting skills seem to have gone up to a higher level recently, and even herself is very surprised. Bottlenecks don't bother her much. It seems that one.. I realized something in the night. 。 He looked at Lin Yuliang in front of him and frowned. "Is everything all right?" Lin Yuliang shook his head,Small Dc Gear Motor, "it's all right." She pursed her lips again, remembering her operation. Although people are not here, but. She took a picture of the two red lines and sent it to Yang Jian. # Since it feels wrong to say anything, it's better to speak with photos # # If you don't know what to say, let the opposite side say # Qin Feifan: Although I keep calm, I always feel that there is something wrong with Lin Yuliang? It's very different from the usual calm feeling. It seems to have suffered a big blow? "If you have something to do, you can take a little rest first." Qin Feifan thought about it and opened his mouth to comfort Lin Yuliang. Lin Yuliang shook his head. "It's all right." "Really?" "Well.." I have something to do to go to the side. Looking at Lin Yuliang's quick departure, Qin Feifan shook his head and said that he was all right and felt that he was floating. It's no big deal recently. Is there something wrong with your relationship? He frowned, a little worried. Yao Ji:?? "What is this?" He frowned slightly and then quickly turned his head to one side. What expression are you going to make in this picture? After he clicked on the picture, micro gear motor ,small geared motors, after a long time, the picture finally loaded out, thought for a while before replying to the message, looking at the next grid signal, he was a little worried, but fortunately it was sent out. Lin Yuliang:.. As a meme contestant, she felt sad for the first time. This is a photo instead of a meme to act cute!!! She pressed hard on her cell phone. I! Huai! Pregnant! Here we go! Man. JPG!!! ". "Oh." Wait, what did you say? "Poof." Yao Ji looked at his son in front of him and threw his mobile phone on the ground as soon as he loosened his hand. "Hey, you're serious. At least you're visiting your father's grave. Don't play with your mobile phone." “……” I took a look at the mountain in front of me. Although I didn't say I was dead, there should be some. Yao Ji watched her son's expression change from calm to shocked, and finally it was obviously distorted. How. What's the matter? He looked at his son with a little shock. ……” With an expressionless face, he picked up the phone and pulled back the chat records. New news. Pulled it back. The opposite side sent another picture, and he clicked and stared at it for a while before it slowly came out. Congratulations on becoming a father.jpg. The pregnancy test stick with two red lines has been DIY and turned into a veritable expression picture. Yao Ji:?? Yang Jian:.. She looked at her son in front of her. "What's wrong?" Lin Yuliang looked at the mobile phone in front of him with a happy look. Happy. Obviously, I was not the only one who was shocked. Yang Jian pressed his cell phone. Then I found a little red dot on it. Your message failed to be sent. After all, the signal in this place is really bad. He tried to resend it several times. The signal is gone again. Worse than the signal of the underworld. ***, I don't know how his mother found this place in the first place. Yao Ji looked at her son. "Jiro??" "It's okay." He paused, looked at what was in front of him, tried a few more times, and found that there was no signal at all. Yang Jian:.. In this kind of place where Reiki is isolated, the signal is really bad. He thought for a moment and then looked at his mother in front of him. Mother. "Huh?" Yao Ji looked at her son in front of her with a little shock. She has rarely seen her son so pleasant since the last time King Kong did not fall. She is also relatively honest not to die recently: "Be nice to your father." Think about the recent events, she clearly did nothing! It's okay to play mobile phone. At least wait for the tribute to be finished. He looked meaningfully at Yao Ji. "Yuyu is pregnant, and then." I haven't answered yet. He shook the cell phone in his hand: "There is no signal." "Oh." Wait. After Yao Ji was silent, she was shocked to find out what her son had said. She immediately threw the basket in her hand in front of her. "Don't go to the grave. Let's go." Why did I come to see this ghost! If I had known, I wouldn't have come. All right, go, go, go. There's no need to waste time on the dead. Sorcerer Yang:.. Yao Ji, why didn't I knock you to death! Knock you, knock you, knock you to death! Chapter 380 Chapter 380 [Expression Emperor]: Very urgent,24v Gear Motor, I heard that pregnant women can not keep pets, as a pet, how can we maintain the status of the previous! [Former Emperor of Expression]:?? Aren't you at the fish? Why are you worried about this.
Wu Pan suddenly panicked, "Ren Chujing, what happened?" Once, when she woke up and found herself in a different time and space and did not know where to go, she did not cry. She did not cry when she was burned as a scourge. So, she's really scaring him now. Ren Chujing did not pay attention to him, just let the tears vent heartily. She didn't care whether she was a queen or not, whether she would be laughed at or not. At this moment, she just wanted to cry. Even if she did not want to say, it is not difficult for him to guess the pressure and hardship hidden in her heart, over the past few years, she has done so many things, the motivation is from Qin Ming, because of his love, but also because of his love to support. Therefore, it must be him who can make her collapse. In the dark, Qin Ming saw this scene and could no longer hold back, approaching the two men. Aware of his footsteps, Wu Pan stood up slowly, but had no intention of leaving. The cold in the green eyes must be no less than his. Qin Ming just glanced at him in a hurry and put his eyes on the figure that made him worried. If Wu Pan was shocked by her tears, so was he. She did not seem to be aware of his appearance, perhaps,interactive whiteboard prices, for her, who now appears has nothing to do with her. He did not disturb her, nor did he pay any attention to her, but stood silently in front of her, bearing the pain that her tears had carved in his heart. If a woman who once loved deeply wants to shed tears behind her back, does that mean that he hurt her too deeply? But what did he do to her? He had never seen such a fragile Ren Chujing. It was a long time before he turned around and glanced at him again. His green eyes were full of anger. After a moment, he turned around and left silently. Crying enough, the heart is bright,interactive kiosk price, the gas is also smooth, she finally raised her head, red and swollen eyes let people see the heart like a needle prick. Who is this guy? Eyes cry blurred, how can not see the appearance of the people in front of him, Ren Chujing rubbed his eyes hard, but only saw a blurred outline. What are you doing here? As soon as the words fell, Qin Ming knelt on one knee in front of her and hugged her, imprinting the two red lips soaked by tears. His sudden kiss made the remaining anger in her heart erupt again, trying to push him away, but he hugged him tightly, even despite her biting his lips because of her struggle, but more firmly sucked all her weakness and helplessness. The tenderness she wanted to give her at first turned into aggression in her place of resistance. With a trace of heartache and apology in the wild kiss, she lingered between her lips and teeth. She was already crying in the dark, and there was no room for support. After exhausting the last trace of strength, she could only let him attack, outdoor digital signage displays ,smart interactive whiteboard, but the tears that had just stopped soaked her cheeks again. The salty liquid melted on the tip of her tongue, with a trace of bitterness, which seemed to be the taste of her heart at the moment. He sucked it for her again and again, until she finally calmed down in his arms and let go of the two lips that had already been trampled and slightly swollen, and his forehead touched hers lightly. Little witch, I can't lose you. Without more words, a few short words have expressed his heart. Although the hoarse voice was very low, she still heard it clearly, and the pain in her heart was miraculously much better. He couldn't lose her, and so was she? But something has happened, and you can't pretend not to care, and I can't pretend not to know. He's spoken his mind, hasn't he? "What do you mean?" What has happened? Somehow, there was a sudden pain in his heart, and subconsciously he thought of Wu Pan. Did he have to ask her to open the wound for him? Because she had just cried, her heart was much calmer now, although it was still very painful, but she was able to face him bravely. Do you know what is the most comforting and reassuring thing about you? It's your trust in me. She raised her head slightly and looked at him. Her black eyes were still full of affection, but she dared not let herself sink into it again. Once upon a time, his trust in her did not need any words to explain, no matter what happened, he was always on her side, even when Zuo went to expose all the truth, he did not have a trace of doubt about her. He was the only one who made her feel that he had given her his whole heart, even if she would break his heart into pieces, without complaint or regret. But now that his trust in her has been shaken, he will also feel that she is the kind of skittish woman, right? The black eyes suddenly became deeper and heavier because of her voice. "How can you think I have such an idea?" Didn't you tell me yourself? You don't want a woman who can flirt with everyone. If he didn't suspect her, how could he say such a thing? Qin Ming's throat suddenly choked, did he really say such a thing? At that time At that time, he had already lost his reason because of her conversation and behavior, and that sentence was just a vent. With regret, he pulled her into his arms, as if afraid that she would leave him, "I'm sorry." In front of you, I am also an ordinary man. I also have the selfishness and possession of ordinary men. How can I be indifferent when I see you with other men? What's more, that man is so good, good enough to make her fall in love. What you said.. Is it all from the heart? Or is it just to comfort me? I don't want us to be together in the future, there is still any rift in each other's hearts, if that is the case, I would like to make it clear now, even if. Even if it's with you. Realizing what she was going to say, he suddenly raised her chin, quickly pecked her lips, cut off her unfinished words, and finally sighed, "When have you ever seen me compromise?" ------------------ Finally, the second chapter came out. Oh, go to eat. I'm hungry. Happiness (36) Even if she was so spoiled and loved,face recognition identification, it was rare for him to say such a thing to her, which made Ren Chujing feel both shocked and delighted, but still asked uneasily: "But about me and Qin Yue.." 。
"Of course you don't, but that doesn't mean others don't." Guan Rongkuan said with some helplessness, "After all, you are not deeply involved in the world, and Shen Chunfei is a scheming woman, so naturally she can eat you to death.". Gefei, don't you know yet? Shen Chunfei was not pregnant at all. He shook his head with a wry smile. "I haven't even kissed her lips. How can I have a child like this?"? My ability is too strong! You.. You mean.. Ren Gefei thought about the last sentence he said and his face suddenly turned red. How so? She. Why did she lie to me? "I don't want to waste my breath. She'll probably be back in a few days. She'll explain it to you then." He shook his head and sighed. Why are you sighing? In fact, she can guess seven or eight points. I lamented that I was really a failure in life, and even my closest girlfriend didn't believe me. Fortunately, however, you did not leave me because of the provocation of others, which is a great fortune in misfortune, right? His words made Ren Gefei feel so guilty that he lowered his head, vaguely feeling that there seemed to be a lot of doubts in what Shen Chunfei had arranged, and that she seemed to have wrongly blamed Rong Kuan, so. Fortunately,digital signage screen, she still has a deep affection for Rong Kuan's stubbornness, or as early as when Shen Chunfei told herself that she was pregnant, she would have helped them without saying a word, wouldn't she? However, the reason why she hesitated again and again was that she could not give up her deep affection for Rong Kuan, because without him,temperature check kiosk, she really did not know how to live. Guan Rongkuan looked at her and said nothing. He felt that what he had just said seemed to be too serious. He stroked her face lightly. "I just said something too serious. I'm sorry." Ren Gefei shook his head with red eyes. "It's my fault. I shouldn't have misunderstood you just by listening to Miss Shen's one-sided words. I.." "Don't say it. You are too kind to be cheated without one thing and one wisdom." Guan Rongkuan could not bear to see her tearful, so he teased her, "I have already thought about what to give you as a wedding gift." He gave a mysterious smile. A wedding gift? As expected, she succeeded in diverting her thoughts, and her little face was stained with red clouds. Yes. I'm going to give you a pair of chains and lock you to me forever, and you'll have to follow me wherever I go, so that people won't have a chance to spread rumors about you. Ren Gefei was stunned, knowing that he had been tricked, and swung his fist, "You lied to me!" And then he chased after him. A wife who beats her husband is a wicked woman! He ran and laughed, and then they chased him into the house. There was a lot of noise in the international airport. Nanguan Xiuchen was dressed in a suit and leather shoes. He was nearly sixty years old, and he was still very handsome. The smile at the corners of his mouth was even more free and easy. Today he is going to dress up and go back to the United States, Interactive digital signage ,smart whiteboard price, and things here have come to an end. However, when Rong Kuan gets married next month, he will come back again. His only son is overjoyed, and it seems unreasonable for a father not to go to the banquet. The only thing that makes him regret is that he attended his son's wedding banquet as a good friend of Rong Kuan, because everyone who is familiar with the official family knows it. Guan Fengjun's "husband" has passed away for many years, but also some irony, some helplessness, this is a pity. Looking at his son and future daughter-in-law who came to see him off, he asked in a tone that seemed to mutter to himself: "She.." Still didn't come? Guan Rongkuan had enough tacit understanding to know who she was referring to in her father's mouth. Mom said she wasn't feeling well and asked me to wish you a pleasant journey. The last sentence was added by himself. When he was ready, he found his mother in front of the French window of the study and asked her if she was going to see her off at the airport. She was silent all the time. After a while, she sighed faintly and said she was not feeling well. Then there was endless silence. Nanguan Xiuchen did not say anything, but knew in his heart that Guan Fengjun still could not accept the nature of his work. He recalled the conversation they had had yesterday when they went to a very emotional curator. "I'm going back to America tomorrow." It didn't seem very romantic, but he had to say it anyway. Guan Fengjun seemed to have nothing to say for a while before he opened his mouth. "Here, after all, I can't keep you, can I?"? You still think organization is more important than anything else. 。” "This idea seems to have been deeply rooted in my life." He doesn't deny it. It's not that he doesn't love his family, but.. He believed that she should know his difficulties and not repeat them again. I have no choice, and I will not choose again. "Then I have nothing to say." She smiled bitterly. "I only hate Lang's heart." "There's one thing you probably never thought about, because I'm not going to let that happen." He continued, "I'm afraid there is no peace in your life when you live with me." He laughed at himself, "There are very few police officers who have no enemies, right?" "That's no reason." "You think, you just say a few words with Qi Ao, has become the target of others, if people know that your husband is Nangong Xiuchen, is the head of the wind and cloud organization, you can live until now?" Guan Fengjun had nothing to say for a moment, but she was not reconciled. In that case, why did you marry me? You know your life is in danger if you marry you, don't you? ? Could it be …… Do you regret your decision? "No!" His tone was firm. I don't regret it at all. Remembering that year, his tone softened. The only thing I feel wrong about now is that I shouldn't have thought I could take care of both my career and you. I was naive. With the beauty of Guan Fengjun in those years, how many men are still pursuing them when they have become boyfriend and girlfriend! He believed she had a better choice, but he was selfish and just wanted her for himself. There's no need to mention the things of that year. She asked herself, if everything could be done again and time could be turned back, wouldn't she be in deep trouble again? Ironically, she's still willing to be a fool. Feng Jun, in this life,temperature scanning kiosks, I am destined to owe you. "Maybe I owe you so much in my previous life that I have to pay it back in this life?" Her heart sank and tears welled up. Sometimes. I really hate myself for being a woman, if not, maybe we can go through life and death together! Being your partner at work gives you more access than being your wife. 。
Zhan Feng is not interested in listening. "With the martial arts of the fierce mirror," said Yilang, "even if you take him by surprise, you can't succeed so easily. A fatal knife? Hum, it took more than ten strokes to defeat the fierce mirror in the dark night. Zhan Feng stopped. Yilangcan said with a smile, "Yingyi is the undercover agent of the underground river. You secretly practiced the martial arts of the underground river, secretly colluded with the city without knives in the world, planted the murder case of Duanleizhuang to Cao Renqiu, and shielded the knives of the army grass.." The fierce mirror knows all this. Zhan Feng straightened up. Yilang's voice was as cruel as a wild animal: "Do you know why Liemingjing never blames you?" "Because he feels guilty," said Zhan Feng hoarsely. "No one will tolerate you so much because of a guilty conscience." Zhan Feng said angrily, "He killed my father, Zhan Feitian. That's why he feels guilty!" Yilang smiled with a cruel and strange smile. "Liemingjing did all this because he loved you.". Besides, even if he feels guilty and he kills Zhan Feitian, it's not you who's sorry. Yilang paused. It's like a wolf waiting for its prey to die. The bag was mixed by Liemingjing himself. Lieruge is the daughter of Zhan Feitian. And you are Liemingjing's own son. This sentence is very light. There was a dazzling flash of lightning in the night sky. Thunder thundered in the distant sky. All the breath of Cantabile was taken away. Her mind was white. Yu Zihan was also stunned. The wave seemed to glance in their direction. The war maple looked up to the sky and laughed wildly: What a big joke! Do you think I will be deceived by you? Descendants wave way: "Why don't you ever wonder why your eyes are blue?" “……” The eyes of Zhan Feitian and Dark Night are black. Only there was a woman who was a dancer in the Western Regions. She had a pair of beautiful big blue eyes. When she was pregnant, she could dance as light as a swallow. The dark blue of Zhanfeng's fundus is like a storm: "Impossible!"! Cantabile is three years younger than me! Descendants wave way: "For fear that the night Luo suspected the identity of Cantabile, the fierce mirror found an immortal to seal her.". Seal her for three years,smartboards in classrooms, seal her three years of growth, seal the energy in her body, seal her appearance. Come to think of it, the seal of Cantabile has been lifted, because she looks more and more like Dark Night, and her preference for wearing red clothes since childhood is no different from her uncle Dark Night Luo. Zhan Feng clenched his hands: "Why did the fierce mirror do this?" Descendant wave looked at him,touch screen interactive whiteboard, slow track: "Because all the disciples of the Fire Villa are no match for Night Luo, and it is easy for Night Luo to destroy the Fire Villa.". However, the dark night Luo hated to marry the dark night of the war flying apsaras, so he made a condition, as long as the fierce mirror personally killed the war flying apsaras, he can let go of the fire villa. Zhan Feng is silent. He knew that this was the character of Night Luo, not only to let the man die, but also to let the man die in the hands of those he trusted, which would be more painful. So the fierce mirror killed Zhan Feitian? "Yes." "Did Zhan Feitian volunteer to die?" "No one knows." Yilang said, "I was still young at that time. I only remember that Zhan Feitian said to Liemingjing, 'Take good care of the child.' He probably knew that as long as he died, 86 smart board ,smartboard for business, the dark night would not live alone." "Later?" A lot of things happened that night. Zhan Feitian died, dark night Ming and dancing girl Feng Niang gave birth to a baby at the same time, after the fierce mirror switch, dark night Luo came. Dark Night Ming stabbed Dark Night Luo and forced him to swear that he would not show himself for nineteen years. After the dark night Luo left, the dark night Ming also let go of the world. Zhan Feng could no longer speak. He suddenly felt that everything was so funny. The sapphires glowed wildly, and the blue of his eyes billowed like a tsunami, and the downpour drenched his clothes and stuck to him like a wet snake. Rain wet his hair, strands like a surging river, cold wet his face. Zhan Feng began to tremble. His stomach seemed to be stabbed by thousands of frozen knives, and the intense pain made him bend over, and he began to vomit. It's raining cats and dogs. On the side of the grassy mountain road, Zhan Feng's face was pale, and his bent and trembling body was like a dying shrimp, spitting out only bile. Yilang looked at him with a strange look in his eyes, like hatred, like comfort, and some jealousy: "Liemingjing is your own father.". And you killed him yourself. He deliberately said very slowly, so that every word into the bone marrow of the war maple. That knife- Stabbed into the chest of the fierce mirror! Blood spurting! The fierce mirror suddenly opened its eyes wide! There seemed to be tears in his eyes. At that moment, Zhan Feng turned his head, but he always remembered the eyes of the fierce mirror. There are tears.. There is pain.. However, there is no hatred for him. Chapter 13 Rain, as if there is no end, has been falling for a day and a night. The leaves were washed wet and bright, the green was fresh and green, the flowers were scattered, the petals were scattered in the accumulated rain, and the air was filled with the smell of grass. Because of the rain. The spring day suddenly became cold. Cantabile hugged his knees and sat under the eaves. The rain flowed down the eaves, the rain poured down, the thunder roared, and the world was white and chaotic. Her mind was white, too. Suddenly it's like a nightmare! Originally, the so-called right and wrong, right and wrong can be so easily subverted. Zhanfeng's deliberate revenge, her hatred for Zhanfeng, became so strange and funny in an instant. Is it true what Yilang said? "Yes." "Zhan Feng is my father's child, and my father is Zhan Feitian?" "Yes." "Why didn't you tell us earlier that Dad had a lot of opportunities to say,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, why did he watch Zhan Feng hate him?" "Because the fierce mirror loves you." Ruge lips pale: "Dad loves me, doesn't he love Zhan Feng?" "Yes, so he wants you to marry Zhan Feng." A pain in my heart like a song.
Yan Bai's face, which was covered under his hood, was half dark, and his eyes looked quietly at Lin Su's porcelain, and his lips moved slightly. Lin Su Porcelain saw the words clearly. Half ring, the people who can still stand in the yard move, but it is a clenched teeth, spell the golden elixir broken Qianjun potential, recruit the life of the instrument, sharp sword potential directed at the banquet cypress deep. Banquet Bai Shen's sword, Lin Su Porcelain once saw it. It's just too long ago. This time, he clearly saw how the sword flowing with dark light turned into the most brilliant light between heaven and earth in Yanbai's deep hand. Strong wind, Lin Su porcelain behind the bamboo forest has already been destroyed to break all over the ground, with the strong wind, many of the green bamboo with thick legs are broken at the waist. Bamboo leaves fell all over the sky, and with the wind, they drifted down to the ground in the small courtyard. Two more people flew out and fell to the ground, hitting the fence post not far away. The man opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. There are only two people left standing. A male nun and a female nun. The two men looked at each other with bitter eyes. Devil Banquet Ran! Even if you kill us all this time, someone will know about your crime. I,interactive panels for education, the Lin family, will certainly want you to pay for your blood! The woman held out her chest and her face was full of anger. Yan Bai Shen did not pay attention to the woman's words at all. He raised his hand and rushed away with a sword. The woman raised her hand and threw out the defensive amulet. She stepped back quickly, but she was always slow. The defensive amulet was directly broken by the sword gas and hit her firmly. There's only one person left. The man held the sword tightly in his hand and sweated on his forehead. Banquet! Are you going to make an enemy of the Lin family? The male nun tore his throat and shouted loudly. Yan Bai raised his eyelids and said, "It's you who are against me." The voice is still his voice, but his tone has changed a lot. As soon as Lin Su Porcelain heard his voice, he was in a daze. So cold, as if there was no trace of life in the glacier dry well,smart boards for conference rooms, totally different from the tenderness in front of him. You killed the people in Lin Zhixi's yard! You killed Mr. Left, too! What is this if not an enemy of the Lin family? The man stepped back warily, carefully helped the fallen nun up, and managed to move together with his already injured companions. In this way, Bai Qingkong and Lin Zhixi, who were not with them, were exposed. Bai Qingkong is fine, but Lin Zhixi has been blindfolded. He had just experienced a great tragedy, and the successive events did not give him the slightest preparation, and he was stunned one after another. Bai Qingkong tried to reason with people: "I came with this one. When we came, Mr. Zuo was already dead." "You guys still want to excuse him?!" In that group of people, someone cried and shouted, "Poor Mr. Zuo, 65 inch touch screen ,smart board whiteboard, he took care of Lin Zhixi so much before his death, but this little beast actually brought the devil to take his'sex 'life!" Lin Zhixi was scolded, and his dizzy head began to recall the deep existence of the banquet from last night to now. When they came, they were traveling together, and they led the way as he pointed. Finally, before arriving at the bamboo forest, he and Bai Qingkong were in front of him. Banquet Bai Shen, there is no such time. It's not me.. It's not him. Lin Zhixi's voice was trembling and weak. He shook his voice and said slowly. But no one listened to him. A sword through the heart, on the spot broke Mr. Zuo's golden elixir, this strength, in addition to the yuan Ying stage of the banquet, who else? "But yuan Ying Friar is not the only one." He's one. Bai Qingkong also helped, "your accusation comes for no reason." "There is indeed more than one yuan Ying Friar, but there is only one who kills innocent people indiscriminately, who has no'sex 'in his heart, and who can attack anyone without guilt." "What's more, it was he who killed the other people in Lin Zhixi's house, and the remnants of his spirit can be counted!" Yes, that's right! What's more, that said, the devil appeared, Mr. Zuo is in trouble, let us come to help as soon as possible. ” Lin Su-tsu heard these words clearly. He clenched his teeth, but he was too far away from the yard. What he said could not be passed on. He glared at the man behind him and said, "Are you sure that my Elder Martial Brother killed someone by one word?"? You must be out of your mind! Up to now, Lin Su Porcelain has not had any sense of reality about the fact that Yan Bai Shen is a banquet. He quietly replaced the name in their mouth. After matching the name with Yan Bai Shen, he suddenly became irritable like thunder: "Who is my senior fellow apprentice? It doesn't mean that he killed you, Mr. Zuo!"! He had no reason to kill! And they were dead when we got here! Dead! Dead! How many times have we said that! Do you have paste in your head and don't listen to anything else? The man roared even louder than Lin Su Porcelain: "You find out who he is!"! Devil Banquet Ran! What reason does he need to kill! Indiscriminate killing of innocent people has become the devil of sex, and wherever he goes, people will be plunged into misery! Lin Su wanted to fight with him. He hated that the friar had no way at all now. He glared at the man fiercely, put his hand on the sword, turned over and jumped down. I'd rather break a bone than be on the same sword with the man who slandered his owner. Careful No matter how fiercely the man roared, he still had some sense of responsibility for Lin Su Porcelain, a young man who looked like a mortal. He was so frightened that his face changed and he reached out to fish for it. One step ahead of him is another person. Lin Su porcelain closed his eyes and fell down with his head in his hands. Suddenly, he was hugged by a big palm at the waist, which slowed down the speed of his body falling. Bai Shen! Lin Su-chi opened his eyes. Yan Bai's hood was blown off by the wind, revealing his exactly the same gentle face as before. Bad guy, come on! I let you out because I'm afraid you'll get hurt. It's better for you to get hurt yourself. Lin Su's porcelain fell on a sword again. When he stood firm, he opened his mouth, but suddenly he was nervous and did not know what to say. He looked sideways and saw that in the small courtyard, more than a dozen people were fixed in the distance and could not move at all. Bai Shen.. Lin Su porcelain "licked" "licked" dry lips, heart beat like a drum, barely calm down,smartboards for business, "this matter has to be explained clearly, you did not do it." Yan Bai looked at him with a smile and rubbed his fingers gently against his cheeks. "As long as you know the truth, it's enough." 。
Liang Yanyan scolded in her heart: What if I haven't seen it? Ask! What else don't you understand? The elder and the stone finished the interrogation and exchanged information with each other. They both felt very successful. The situation of this pair of students is clear, and they are waiting to be dealt with. You Xiaohui and Liang Yanyan should say, the original burden is gone, all of a sudden it doesn't matter, love how to do it! Anyway, it's a matter of killing the pig in the Spring Festival sooner or later. Wait for the expulsion! At worst, you have to play a punishment. We'll see! "Go home and invite your parents!" Before leaving, the old man and the stone told the two students like this. You Xiaohui said: "My father does not rest!"! "No rest, ask for leave!" Liang Yanyan said, "My mother won't come either!" "If your mother doesn't come, you won't go to school." After lunch, the parents of both sides came to the school. If something like this happens to a child, the parents will know it is terrible. The parents of both sides looked at each other for half a day and scolded each other in their hearts. It's all you ***ing bastards who have ruined our daughter. Look at you! The upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked! There is a flood in front of the door, and the waves come home! The fire on both sides is bulging. The two teachers, Lao Chang and Shi Tou,digital interactive whiteboard, were also very angry. Look at the children you raised. Shame on you! In the school, all let them this piece of stinky fish, stir up this pot of soup! Although they did not say so in their mouths, they scolded in their hearts. As soon as the two parents saw the teacher, they were busy smiling: "Teacher!"! This kid, he's an asshole! You have to educate well! Really not obedient,75 inch smart board, you give me a big ear post to the mouth. After listening to the old man and the stone, he could not stop the chicken pecking rice and nodding. It was as if their children had not done it, but they had done it themselves. Finally, they stood up and asked with trepidation: "You must not be expelled, forgive once!" " This is their main concern. If you really want to be fired, what can you do? In the future, it will be difficult to find a job, and it will add to the congestion at home? "It depends!"! We have to study it again! "You should be mentally prepared to go back and educate your children well!" "Yes!" The two parents fled. The two teachers went home victorious. Although they were busy all morning, they enjoyed themselves. This is a professional honor and satisfaction. At this time, the two teachers and the two parents had not eaten lunch. And for what? It's all for these two students who don't live up to expectations! The two students, regardless of that, electronic board for classroom ,4k smart board, had already filled their stomachs, which were growing up and increasing their appetite. Should eat two bowls, never eat one and a half bowls. After lunch at home, Zhong Lin returned to school and was called to the teaching office by Mr. Qiu to study the treatment of You Xiaohui and Liang Yanyan. Teachers Qiu and Shi advocated expulsion, and took this as a typical example to hold a school meeting to criticize, and asked all grades to send student representatives to speak. Teacher Qiu said very firmly: "We must grasp more ruthlessly and correct the atmosphere of the school!" I don't know where Zhong Lin got so angry. The students were more experienced than he was, and there was nothing wrong with their expectations. Expelled? Is it really a dismissal? He suppressed the nameless anger in his heart and asked, "Kill the chicken to show the monkey?" "Yes!"! Suppress the evil! The phenomenon of dating between students is too bad! "In this way, can students stop dating each other?" "At least it will be much less." "Mr. Qiu, frankly speaking, I don't agree with you." "So it's over?" Teacher Qiu spread out his hands. Are students more afraid of having nothing to fear? Teacher Shi said. Of course, expulsion is simple, but punishment is by no means the most effective way of school education. Zhong Lin's words made Qiu Shi's two teachers angry. After all, they are older than him. How could he talk about education in front of them? "Xiao Zhong, I can't agree with you." Teacher Qiu tried to put on an elder's demeanor. Deal with this number of students, you can not be soft! If you pity them, they will not pity you, so as not to make the mistake of the farmer and the snake. Teacher Shi also persuaded. Zhong Lin stopped talking. The two teachers thought he was convinced. Teacher Qiu patted him on the shoulder and said, "That's settled.". We need to make a quick decision: hold a general meeting on Saturday and let all grades prepare separately.. Zhong Lin is disgusted with this pat on the shoulder. His nameless fire jumped up again, and without waiting for Mr. Qiu to finish, he interrupted him: "I don't agree!" wwW、 Part III, Sections 36 to 37 , novel _ t _ xt heaven Part III Verse 36: Are you too capable of Zhong Lin? 'What's The matter? What benefits have these students given you, and you are so protective of them? Teacher Qiu is also a little angry. This provoked Zhong Lin: "Teacher Qiu, I have always respected you.". Because you are my teacher. In schools, teachers generally get along with each other in a conciliatory manner. Even if they have opinions about each other, they hide them in their hearts and never show them outside. Is this probably the legacy of Confucianism for thousands of years? There are not many people like Chung Lin who stand up to Teacher Chiu in front of gongs and drums. Many teachers were stunned. Teacher Shi immediately stopped the fight. When it comes to the critical moment, he can always play the role of this kind of fire brigade: "Xiao Zhong, your time is too short.". You don't know these students! Their quality is too poor and their thoughts are too complicated. All of a sudden, Zhong Lin interrupted Teacher Shi's words: "What is complicated thinking?"? Now, it is always said that students' thoughts are complicated. I think they are simple-minded, so this happened! This choked teacher Shi. Teacher Qiu tried to use a gentle language to say: "Xiao Zhong, don't be too angry.". Teacher Shi and I are more experienced than you in dealing with this kind of problem, aren't we? I don't agree anyway. If you still want me to be the head teacher of Class 5, Senior 2,interactive whiteboard for schools, please respect my opinion. Leave the matter to me. Otherwise, you will remove me! Zhong Lin said and turned away. When he sat down at his desk in the teaching and research group, he kept scolding himself: "What's wrong with me today?"? Is it because seeing yuan Jing brings back memories of the past? Why are you so angry with Mr. Qiu and Mr. Shi? Damn it!.