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Obviously is a very simple thing, but this time actually produced do not know how to say the feeling. She rolled her eyes at the blank chat box and took a deep breath. Thought about it. When Jin Xiaoming opened his eyes, he saw the Black Marshal looking at himself in surprise. Meow, meow? "Chirp?" "Meow, meow, meow!?" Looking at Lin Yuliang, who had fallen into a deep sleep on the bed. Jin Xiaoming: Meow Meow Meow? It feels shocked. For them, the birth of any new life is worth looking forward to. Life always has infinite possibilities. But Jin Xiaoming pricked up his ears and immediately felt a great sense of pressure and urgency! Isn't it wrong to say on the Internet that you can't keep a pet during pregnancy? Qin Feifan glanced at the list in his hand. The heart is a little surprised, Lin Yuliang has always been diligent, unexpectedly has not come yet. Although there is no play for her today, she is always present as a director. He made a phone call, and the voice on the other side was a little floating. I'll be right with you. I always feel a little out of my mind. When Lin Yuliang arrived,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, Qin Feifan was even more certain. Yes, I'm out of my mind. For Lin Yuliang, it is a very rare thing. What's more, her acting skills seem to have gone up to a higher level recently, and even herself is very surprised. Bottlenecks don't bother her much. It seems that one.. I realized something in the night. 。 He looked at Lin Yuliang in front of him and frowned. "Is everything all right?" Lin Yuliang shook his head,Small Dc Gear Motor, "it's all right." She pursed her lips again, remembering her operation. Although people are not here, but. She took a picture of the two red lines and sent it to Yang Jian. # Since it feels wrong to say anything, it's better to speak with photos # # If you don't know what to say, let the opposite side say # Qin Feifan: Although I keep calm, I always feel that there is something wrong with Lin Yuliang? It's very different from the usual calm feeling. It seems to have suffered a big blow? "If you have something to do, you can take a little rest first." Qin Feifan thought about it and opened his mouth to comfort Lin Yuliang. Lin Yuliang shook his head. "It's all right." "Really?" "Well.." I have something to do to go to the side. Looking at Lin Yuliang's quick departure, Qin Feifan shook his head and said that he was all right and felt that he was floating. It's no big deal recently. Is there something wrong with your relationship? He frowned, a little worried. Yao Ji:?? "What is this?" He frowned slightly and then quickly turned his head to one side. What expression are you going to make in this picture? After he clicked on the picture, micro gear motor ,small geared motors, after a long time, the picture finally loaded out, thought for a while before replying to the message, looking at the next grid signal, he was a little worried, but fortunately it was sent out. Lin Yuliang:.. As a meme contestant, she felt sad for the first time. This is a photo instead of a meme to act cute!!! She pressed hard on her cell phone. I! Huai! Pregnant! Here we go! Man. JPG!!! ". "Oh." Wait, what did you say? "Poof." Yao Ji looked at his son in front of him and threw his mobile phone on the ground as soon as he loosened his hand. "Hey, you're serious. At least you're visiting your father's grave. Don't play with your mobile phone." “……” I took a look at the mountain in front of me. Although I didn't say I was dead, there should be some. Yao Ji watched her son's expression change from calm to shocked, and finally it was obviously distorted. How. What's the matter? He looked at his son with a little shock. ……” With an expressionless face, he picked up the phone and pulled back the chat records. New news. Pulled it back. The opposite side sent another picture, and he clicked and stared at it for a while before it slowly came out. Congratulations on becoming a father.jpg. The pregnancy test stick with two red lines has been DIY and turned into a veritable expression picture. Yao Ji:?? Yang Jian:.. She looked at her son in front of her. "What's wrong?" Lin Yuliang looked at the mobile phone in front of him with a happy look. Happy. Obviously, I was not the only one who was shocked. Yang Jian pressed his cell phone. Then I found a little red dot on it. Your message failed to be sent. After all, the signal in this place is really bad. He tried to resend it several times. The signal is gone again. Worse than the signal of the underworld. ***, I don't know how his mother found this place in the first place. Yao Ji looked at her son. "Jiro??" "It's okay." He paused, looked at what was in front of him, tried a few more times, and found that there was no signal at all. Yang Jian:.. In this kind of place where Reiki is isolated, the signal is really bad. He thought for a moment and then looked at his mother in front of him. Mother. "Huh?" Yao Ji looked at her son in front of her with a little shock. She has rarely seen her son so pleasant since the last time King Kong did not fall. She is also relatively honest not to die recently: "Be nice to your father." Think about the recent events, she clearly did nothing! It's okay to play mobile phone. At least wait for the tribute to be finished. He looked meaningfully at Yao Ji. "Yuyu is pregnant, and then." I haven't answered yet. He shook the cell phone in his hand: "There is no signal." "Oh." Wait. After Yao Ji was silent, she was shocked to find out what her son had said. She immediately threw the basket in her hand in front of her. "Don't go to the grave. Let's go." Why did I come to see this ghost! If I had known, I wouldn't have come. All right, go, go, go. There's no need to waste time on the dead. Sorcerer Yang:.. Yao Ji, why didn't I knock you to death! Knock you, knock you, knock you to death! Chapter 380 Chapter 380 [Expression Emperor]: Very urgent,24v Gear Motor, I heard that pregnant women can not keep pets, as a pet, how can we maintain the status of the previous! [Former Emperor of Expression]:?? Aren't you at the fish? Why are you worried about this.

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