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Wu Pan suddenly panicked, "Ren Chujing, what happened?" Once, when she woke up and found herself in a different time and space and did not know where to go, she did not cry. She did not cry when she was burned as a scourge. So, she's really scaring him now. Ren Chujing did not pay attention to him, just let the tears vent heartily. She didn't care whether she was a queen or not, whether she would be laughed at or not. At this moment, she just wanted to cry. Even if she did not want to say, it is not difficult for him to guess the pressure and hardship hidden in her heart, over the past few years, she has done so many things, the motivation is from Qin Ming, because of his love, but also because of his love to support. Therefore, it must be him who can make her collapse. In the dark, Qin Ming saw this scene and could no longer hold back, approaching the two men. Aware of his footsteps, Wu Pan stood up slowly, but had no intention of leaving. The cold in the green eyes must be no less than his. Qin Ming just glanced at him in a hurry and put his eyes on the figure that made him worried. If Wu Pan was shocked by her tears, so was he. She did not seem to be aware of his appearance, perhaps,interactive whiteboard prices, for her, who now appears has nothing to do with her. He did not disturb her, nor did he pay any attention to her, but stood silently in front of her, bearing the pain that her tears had carved in his heart. If a woman who once loved deeply wants to shed tears behind her back, does that mean that he hurt her too deeply? But what did he do to her? He had never seen such a fragile Ren Chujing. It was a long time before he turned around and glanced at him again. His green eyes were full of anger. After a moment, he turned around and left silently. Crying enough, the heart is bright,interactive kiosk price, the gas is also smooth, she finally raised her head, red and swollen eyes let people see the heart like a needle prick. Who is this guy? Eyes cry blurred, how can not see the appearance of the people in front of him, Ren Chujing rubbed his eyes hard, but only saw a blurred outline. What are you doing here? As soon as the words fell, Qin Ming knelt on one knee in front of her and hugged her, imprinting the two red lips soaked by tears. His sudden kiss made the remaining anger in her heart erupt again, trying to push him away, but he hugged him tightly, even despite her biting his lips because of her struggle, but more firmly sucked all her weakness and helplessness. The tenderness she wanted to give her at first turned into aggression in her place of resistance. With a trace of heartache and apology in the wild kiss, she lingered between her lips and teeth. She was already crying in the dark, and there was no room for support. After exhausting the last trace of strength, she could only let him attack, outdoor digital signage displays ,smart interactive whiteboard, but the tears that had just stopped soaked her cheeks again. The salty liquid melted on the tip of her tongue, with a trace of bitterness, which seemed to be the taste of her heart at the moment. He sucked it for her again and again, until she finally calmed down in his arms and let go of the two lips that had already been trampled and slightly swollen, and his forehead touched hers lightly. Little witch, I can't lose you. Without more words, a few short words have expressed his heart. Although the hoarse voice was very low, she still heard it clearly, and the pain in her heart was miraculously much better. He couldn't lose her, and so was she? But something has happened, and you can't pretend not to care, and I can't pretend not to know. He's spoken his mind, hasn't he? "What do you mean?" What has happened? Somehow, there was a sudden pain in his heart, and subconsciously he thought of Wu Pan. Did he have to ask her to open the wound for him? Because she had just cried, her heart was much calmer now, although it was still very painful, but she was able to face him bravely. Do you know what is the most comforting and reassuring thing about you? It's your trust in me. She raised her head slightly and looked at him. Her black eyes were still full of affection, but she dared not let herself sink into it again. Once upon a time, his trust in her did not need any words to explain, no matter what happened, he was always on her side, even when Zuo went to expose all the truth, he did not have a trace of doubt about her. He was the only one who made her feel that he had given her his whole heart, even if she would break his heart into pieces, without complaint or regret. But now that his trust in her has been shaken, he will also feel that she is the kind of skittish woman, right? The black eyes suddenly became deeper and heavier because of her voice. "How can you think I have such an idea?" Didn't you tell me yourself? You don't want a woman who can flirt with everyone. If he didn't suspect her, how could he say such a thing? Qin Ming's throat suddenly choked, did he really say such a thing? At that time At that time, he had already lost his reason because of her conversation and behavior, and that sentence was just a vent. With regret, he pulled her into his arms, as if afraid that she would leave him, "I'm sorry." In front of you, I am also an ordinary man. I also have the selfishness and possession of ordinary men. How can I be indifferent when I see you with other men? What's more, that man is so good, good enough to make her fall in love. What you said.. Is it all from the heart? Or is it just to comfort me? I don't want us to be together in the future, there is still any rift in each other's hearts, if that is the case, I would like to make it clear now, even if. Even if it's with you. Realizing what she was going to say, he suddenly raised her chin, quickly pecked her lips, cut off her unfinished words, and finally sighed, "When have you ever seen me compromise?" ------------------ Finally, the second chapter came out. Oh, go to eat. I'm hungry. Happiness (36) Even if she was so spoiled and loved,face recognition identification, it was rare for him to say such a thing to her, which made Ren Chujing feel both shocked and delighted, but still asked uneasily: "But about me and Qin Yue.." 。

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