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Zhang Wuge was so angry that he trembled all over, twisted his face and jumped, and seized the whip in his hand. Look, it's made of cowhide and steel wire. Can be used to drive a horse, can also be used as a weapon, because of a sneer at a way: "The household goods is good household goods, but it is a pity that your ability is not as big as the shelf!"! I deserve to be whipped by you for nothing because of my low position? If you dare to fart (nine spoons) again, I won't stand on ceremony! Then he pulled and pulled, clucking a few times, and the steel whip was broken one after another. He threw his hand into the ditch by the side of the road. There were dozens of people standing nearby, all of whom were petrified at the moment. Olundai was surprised to see him doing so, but in front of everyone, he could not face down. He flew down and kicked the fifth brother at the waist, then raised his legs and feet to kick the fifth brother in the face. Zhang Wuge saw in a flash that his boots were nailed with hard teeth, as if he was going to take his own life. He jumped back hurriedly, lifted Olundai's tiptoe and turned it over. As soon as he got it, Olundai fell into the palace ditch ten feet away with a somersault in the air. Donkey dung and horse urine splashed all over his body and head. As soon as Olundai jumped up, he drew out his waist knife and forced him to come up. He ordered several small bodyguards who were watching from the side: "What are you waiting for?"! Tie this beast up and deal with it rudely before you! "What kind of gentleman are you, '?"? " Behind him suddenly came the voice of Kangxi, originally I do not know when, he took De Leng Tai, Liu Tiecheng, holding the eunuch came. Kangxi stood in the misty rain and fog. "I've been listening to you for a long time," he said with a livid face! I thought you were just a proud and arrogant son, but now it seems that you are deliberately humiliating people! "The slave dare not!" Olendai had no choice but to kneel down, but with an unconvinced look on his face, he kowtowed and said, "It's always the slave who is frivolous and impetuous. He doesn't serve well and makes the master angry." Although his face was not good,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, his words were not out of line. Kangxi was so angry that he swallowed his breath. "I know you're not convinced," he said. Is it because the eight elder brother recommended you to be the general of Gansu, not as you wish, you look like this, want to compare with Feiyang Gubi? You can only lift his shoes! Although Wu Dan is a member of the Han Dynasty, he has been a bodyguard for more than forty years. Even he is not in your eyes. Do you know the law? Did I treat you badly? "The slave didn't say that the emperor treated the slave badly!" Olendai twisted his face and said, "Although the slave has no military exploits, he has only done his best to patrol the south several times, but he has never dared to climb up the high branch.". The emperor just rest assured, the slave has a distraction to make a force, always want to be crushed to pieces to repay your kindness! When Kangxi read these words, he became more and more evil, but he could not find fault with them. "I also told you to rest assured," he said with a sneer. "If you are distracted, Brushless Gear Motor ,Small Geared Motors, you will get retribution. I never fail people, if people fail me, will not have a good end. Get up! On such a cold day, the car is parked in the rain. Is it possible to spend the night in the woods? "Yes!" Olundai glared at Zhang Wuge and kowtowed to Kangxi again, saying, "The slave is guilty. It's hard to spend the night here." He got up and went away. With a sullen face, Kangxi followed him far away, ignoring Zhang Wuge. He boarded the imperial chariot and urged the chariot to go. Stunned, he gazed out of the window at the grim autumn scenery. Remembering the rogue appearance of Olendai just now, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He lifted the curtain and ordered Liu Tiecheng, "Go to the back and ask Zhang Tingyu to come over!" Zhang Tingyu and Ma Qi followed the elder brother's car, wearing oil clothes and riding horses. Just now the front motorcade stopped for a long time, and I don't know what happened. Hearing Kangxi's call, Zhang Tingyu said hello to Ma Qi. He galloped to the front of Kangxi, dismounted and climbed the shaft. He wiped the raindrops on his head and asked, "What's the matter with you?" "You come up!" "This.." "Come up." Kangxi's tone was dull, and with another command in a low voice, he put down the window curtain. Zhang Tingyu hurriedly stepped back, looked at the imperial chariot with a respectful bow, got on the car carefully, and stood sideways beside Kangxi. As soon as the car shook, it rolled forward again. Neither of the two men spoke for a moment, only to hear the monotonous sound of the eight mules in front of them stepping on the muddy water. The emperor's face was a little pale. For a long time, Zhang Tingyu stammered. Is not the body uncomfortable? Or you're angry with someone. Would you like to pass on the Imperial Physician? Kangxi waved his hand, did not say a word, but breathed heavily for a day. From the back window, Zhang Tingyu saw several eunuchs close together. He stretched out his head and ordered, "Xing Nian, tell them to lean back.". You just stay here and listen. When Kangxi saw that he was so careful, he could not help nodding his head, and his face calmed down a little. Then he told him about the trouble caused by Olendai, and said, "For many days in a row, I have been in a restless mood.". I always felt like something was going to happen to this hunt. The bodyguard is close to the armpit. It's not a matter of carelessness. Ma Qiren is honest, but he is too kind. Tell me, is it unintentional or intentional for Olendai to do this today? Shall we send him out at once? Zhang Tingyu gazed out of the window for a long time without saying a word. Then he said thoughtfully, "Oroondai is a man with a rough heart. But because of his meritorious service in escorting him on his previous tour to the south, and because he is the cousin of the Eighth Master, he is still a relative of the emperor, so he is less polite in doing things.". Among the bodyguards, Delengtai was an honest Mongolian man, and Liu Tiecheng was pulled up from the mud by the emperor. They don't have two minds about the emperor. So you have to be relieved. When Olendai did this, the slave thought that he could no longer stay with the emperor. Rong Nucai consulted with Ma Qi and transferred him to a foreign post in Chengde. When Kangxi heard this, he smiled sullenly and said, "Your words are very euphemistic. I know you don't trust these people either.". You have your unspeakable place. The elder brother inside my heart is bright,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, Oren Dai is looking at the prince when these are not satisfied, save other ideas, unexpectedly in my side to play power and prestige. Who do you think will fill the vacancy after the departure of the Olendai? How about asking Zhao Fengchun to come up? 。

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