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"Huh?"? He? Good baby? Bing Ning is silly. Volume 2 Jia Ye's Journey Chapter 54 Unforgivable The air in the Dragon Hall is freezing. The neatly dressed Yuehua's eyes fluttered everywhere, but she dared not look at Bingning. Her hateful eyes could kill the dragon now. The other dragons in the hall did not dare to make a sound, and let the parties explain the trouble caused by their own prince, which was sooner or later, but they did not expect it to be so soon. Dragon: I wanted to tell her the truth after the prince ate her up. Xi:.. Dare to eat her ? Then the whole dragon clan will be finished. She's so angry! This is the reason for the strange eyes of the Dragon Clan last night. She was so silly that she hugged a big man for two months and kissed and rubbed him every day. What's more, she slept together every night, but he didn't refuse. (Xi: At first, the protest was invalid, but later he was too lazy to protest again.). That's what Solia was going to say last night, and he wouldn't let Solia say it, because it was clear that he was going to cheat her, and so were the other dragons, who knew it and helped him cover it up, a bunch of bastard dragons! (Xi: They also help their relatives but not their relatives. The dragons are very protective of their shortcomings, especially those of the royal family.) "Shining girl, don't be angry. Yuehua is also very cute. He is also one of the ten handsome men of our dragon clan.." Sister Moni reluctantly found a reason to explain for her brother. " Did you do it on purpose? Bing Ning asked coldly. Uh.. No Actually.. It was an accident We didn't expect you to pick Yuehua, who had just been plotted against and needed to change back to Xiaolong's body shape to recover.. "Moni told Bingning what had happened." Then you didn't tell me he was an adult! Are you trying to mess with me? Damn it, she's lost her face this time. This I forgot at first. Because everyone knows about Yuehua's coming of age, which is common sense to us, and we thought you also knew.. "Then why didn't you say it later, and were you going to hide it from me last night?" Gas! Gas! "It's really hard to explain. I'm afraid it's a big blow to you. Father has always stressed to you that Yuehua is his son's, and you don't understand..". Yuehua didn't let anyone say it last night. 。” Moni, who did not want to be embarrassed any more, kicked the responsibility back to Yuehua. I was afraid you'd hit me too hard, and.. It's humiliating "Yuehua finally spoke under the pressure of the frozen eyes." You know I've lost face, and you don't say when you recovered. Do you want to take advantage of me? Thinking of what had happened in the morning, her anger came up again, and she held the magic amethyst necklace tightly in her right hand. I don't know. It's the effect of the elixir last night. This morning, my body is also automatically restored to human form. I didn't mean to scare you.. "It's really not intentional. If it's intentional, I won't let her know. I'll eat her first..". "You.." When it comes to what happened in the morning, she thinks of Bian Long. She wants to leave. If she stays any longer, she can't help fighting. This can't be said to be the fault of the Dragon Clan. If you want to blame yourself, you can only blame yourself for choosing someone else's son as a pet without knowing anything, and you can't understand their advice, Agate Stone Price ,Agate Slabs Countertops, but.. She can't swallow it. ! Bing Ning fled from the hall to her room, locked the door, and the wall was restored by her restoration magic. She cried with shame and anger. Ning, don't be angry. The sound of the night called the ice up from the bed. Night, did you see it? Even he also saw, she did not live, even the ghost is not, who will let her out of her wits! Seeing her blushing and wandering eyes, the night knew that she was going to be upset again, knowing that the truth was a great blow to her, and he didn't say it last time. Ning, the dragons didn't do it on purpose. You always knew? And you won't tell me? The night also bullied her like this, she did not want to see people! Bing Ning pushed the night away, and she wanted to hide to the ends of the earth to grow mushrooms and mildew, and never let any creature see her again. Ning, don't be angry. I didn't mean it. I was just afraid that you would be embarrassed.. "The night took Bing Ning and tried to shake off his hand." I'm embarrassed enough now! Even you.. Even you ... Purr It's so irritating that everyone is not a good person. Xi: They are dragons and the God of death. They are not human beings. How can there be the saying of "good people and bad people"? "I'm sorry." The night hugged her and kissed the tears in her eyes. Night, my chest is so stuffy and painful, whine.. Everyone lied to me. In front of the night, the ice congeals to reveal the child's mind. (Xi: She is really small compared to Ye) "I'm sorry. It's all my fault that I didn't make it clear at the beginning. You're so angry. Do you want me to kill the dragons?" She was also very unhappy to see her holding the dragon all the time. (Xi: Calm people are more terrible when they are jealous.) “... Forget it It's my own fault, they hinted at it at the beginning, but I don't understand.. "But I'm still angry!"! Purr Looked at her to endure the grievance, on the face or the expression of resentment, the night knew that she had not completely put down. He sat down on the bed, held the ice in his lap, and gently stroked her hair to calm her down. Ning, will you go back to the nether world with me? Seeing more and more men submit to her charm, the night can not care. Night.. Wait, okay ? Let me spend the rest of my life with Mommy and Daddy.. Bing Ning did not want to refuse the night, but she clearly saw a flame in the eyes of the night, which was so strong that she was afraid. After some ideological struggle, the night agreed in the slightly frightened pleading eyes of the ice congealed. After twenty-five years of waiting, he was a little regretful for giving her parents such a long life. Xi: I tell you quietly, there is a big suggestion that you use some means to kill her parents, you can monopolize her, wow, want me to help? Shiny girl, are you in there? Don't be angry. We didn't mean it. Just forgive the prince. Shiloka knocked on the door and said. Ning,white marble mosaic, I'll go back to the nether world first. If you have something to do, you can ask Meihuang to go back to me. The night reluctantly let go of the ice. Night, I have a question. How did you know I was coming to Dragon Island? She was puzzled for a long time and had no answer. (Xi: She didn't dare to think about the real answer.).

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