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The action is a hundred times more wonderful. The swimming of Sakura, a wax dragon lady, is simply an amazing artistic performance. She is born to live in the water. Once she enters the water, her strength will be several times stronger than that of the land. Today is the first watch! Everybody continues to support, has the vote to smash the vote. Xiafei will try to update! bk Chapter 455: The woman who wants to touch me? Kill without mercy! Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/. Chapter 455: The woman who wants to touch me? Kill without mercy! Yueyang followed the graceful dragon lady and swam for another half an hour. From time to time along the way to avoid those hunting deep-sea Warcraft, for ordinary warriors, powerful and huge deep-sea Warcraft is almost invincible existence. For Yueyang and the Dragon Lady, it is not a big threat. The only trouble is that they are afraid that they will alarm the sea emperor when they are killed, so they adopt an evasive plan. Finally, the crimson cherry stopped at a very deep submarine cliff. In front of us, we found a small grotto entrance, which is not very impressive. Anyone who sees it will think that it is the residence of deep-sea electric eels, or the nest of deep-sea octopuses. The Dragon Lady spat out a string of bubbles and sent a message to Yueyang: "This is it. There is a big cave inside, and there is also an ancient transport array. Let's go inside first today and explore it. If the Sea Emperor has discovered the secret of the spirit liquid of the Earth Mother for ten thousand years, then we won't come out. Lurk up and wait for two days to grab it!"! I hope he hasn't found out yet, or he'll be in trouble. "Perhaps there is another treasure in the abyss trench, if it is the spirit liquid of the mother of ten thousand years, the sea emperor will say it out." Yueyang did not agree with her inference. This is true, the fire island unexpectedly came so many treasure hunters,Calacatta Quartz Slab, the sea emperor should not reveal that there is a treasure at home. Perhaps there is such a coincidence, there is another treasure in the abyss trench, perhaps the propaganda of the sea emperor, deliberately said so, so that more people come to the fire island to play. However, as far as we were concerned, this was not a good situation. The sea parrot was already alert and began to pay attention to me. Thanks to your good idea, you can bring me out,Artificial Marble Slabs, otherwise I will be trapped on it for two days! The Dragon Lady took the lead and swam into the small grotto. Narrow and deep at first. The grotto passages are several kilometers long and curved like intestines. At the end, there is a nearly circular cave, which seems to have been inhabited by fish creatures, but has been abandoned. Jiang Ying searched carefully and found an entrance under a black boulder. The huge stone weighs hundreds of thousands of kilograms. With it blocking the way, it is impossible to move, and there is no door to enter. Of course, this can only baffle ordinary people, but not the congenital strong. Dragon Lady Crimson Cherry and Yueyang determine the location, use a short distance of space transmission, and enter smoothly. After entering, I found that there was a hole in the hole, which was really a secret. Although in the fire island, also belongs to the sea emperor influence, under the innumerable shrimp soldier crab will patrol, still nobody discovered here. About two kilometers ahead, Grey Marble Slab ,White Marble Slabs, there is a big cave, inside the stone wall, I do not know how long the existence of the ancient transport array, in the wall slightly emitting brilliance. This is the only entrance to the Undersea Funeral Ground. The undersea funerary ground was originally a sub-space area connected by the Tower of Babel, called the Blue Water Palace. Because in ancient times, a super-large-scale naval battle broke out, at least 100 congenital strong people and 100,000 ships were buried here, the whole space collapsed because of the war, islands and all buildings sank to the bottom of the sea, all life was extinct, and lost contact with the Tower of Babel. Therefore, in the historical records, people call it the'undersea funeral ground '! No one knows that in the abyss trench of the Fire Island, there is still an ancient transport array leading to the undersea funeral ground. My God, this is really a funeral home! After being sent in, Crimson Cherry found that the sky here was dark, the vast sea was like a pool of stagnant water without waves, not even a ripple, nor any islands or human buildings, but it could be seen that there were a few huge and broken ships, either under the head and on the tail, or under the tail and on the head, firmly inserted across the sea, extremely broken. It shows the tragic situation of the great naval battle in those years. There doesn't seem to be any living things here. Dead and spooky. We have to be careful. My grandfather said that this is not only a funeral ground, but also a slaughterhouse. In the sea battle, some super-powerful Warcraft did not die in the collapse of space. They hid at the bottom of the sea and later became monsters. When my grandfather came here, he had experienced fierce fighting, and almost all his companions died. Jiang Ying was not strong enough before. She had only been to the cave of the abyss trench to confirm the entrance. She had not really entered the undersea funeral ground. She did not know the specific fighting power of the deep-sea monsters here. But she knew that although hundreds of years had passed since her grandfather's exploration, those deep-sea monsters were certainly not dead. They were still hiding somewhere, waiting for an opportunity to attack. ……” If Yueyang had not entered the temple of the prison emperor, he would not have guessed the reason why the deep-sea monster has survived since ancient times. However, after the previous battle in the temple of the prison emperor, he had already known a secret. When space collapses, there is life in it that would have died. When the prison emperor forcibly sealed the temple of the prison emperor, the space collapsed, but only a few of the strong people in the temple of the prison emperor died, and many of them escaped. The reason is that they used a very shameless secret art to blend their bodies with the war beasts, relying on the characteristics of the war beasts to survive. Undersea funeral ground here, I believe, is also the use of this shameless secret. Rather than say what deep-sea monsters, rather, those guys are the congenital strong who died in the war! In order to save their lives, they merged with their war beasts, became monsters, and finally survived. There were no waves on the sea, and it was dead silent. Calm as a mirror. Yueyang felt a kind of murder burst out from under his feet in an instant,Agate Slabs For Sale, and he reacted very quickly to embrace the crimson cherry and shoot angrily into the sky. The soles of the feet, almost at the same moment. A fish-shaped monster more than ten meters long rushed out of the water. It opened its huge mouth, ferociously chasing Yueyang and Crimson Cherry. forustone.com

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