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Zhan Feng is not interested in listening. "With the martial arts of the fierce mirror," said Yilang, "even if you take him by surprise, you can't succeed so easily. A fatal knife? Hum, it took more than ten strokes to defeat the fierce mirror in the dark night. Zhan Feng stopped. Yilangcan said with a smile, "Yingyi is the undercover agent of the underground river. You secretly practiced the martial arts of the underground river, secretly colluded with the city without knives in the world, planted the murder case of Duanleizhuang to Cao Renqiu, and shielded the knives of the army grass.." The fierce mirror knows all this. Zhan Feng straightened up. Yilang's voice was as cruel as a wild animal: "Do you know why Liemingjing never blames you?" "Because he feels guilty," said Zhan Feng hoarsely. "No one will tolerate you so much because of a guilty conscience." Zhan Feng said angrily, "He killed my father, Zhan Feitian. That's why he feels guilty!" Yilang smiled with a cruel and strange smile. "Liemingjing did all this because he loved you.". Besides, even if he feels guilty and he kills Zhan Feitian, it's not you who's sorry. Yilang paused. It's like a wolf waiting for its prey to die. The bag was mixed by Liemingjing himself. Lieruge is the daughter of Zhan Feitian. And you are Liemingjing's own son. This sentence is very light. There was a dazzling flash of lightning in the night sky. Thunder thundered in the distant sky. All the breath of Cantabile was taken away. Her mind was white. Yu Zihan was also stunned. The wave seemed to glance in their direction. The war maple looked up to the sky and laughed wildly: What a big joke! Do you think I will be deceived by you? Descendants wave way: "Why don't you ever wonder why your eyes are blue?" “……” The eyes of Zhan Feitian and Dark Night are black. Only there was a woman who was a dancer in the Western Regions. She had a pair of beautiful big blue eyes. When she was pregnant, she could dance as light as a swallow. The dark blue of Zhanfeng's fundus is like a storm: "Impossible!"! Cantabile is three years younger than me! Descendants wave way: "For fear that the night Luo suspected the identity of Cantabile, the fierce mirror found an immortal to seal her.". Seal her for three years,smartboards in classrooms, seal her three years of growth, seal the energy in her body, seal her appearance. Come to think of it, the seal of Cantabile has been lifted, because she looks more and more like Dark Night, and her preference for wearing red clothes since childhood is no different from her uncle Dark Night Luo. Zhan Feng clenched his hands: "Why did the fierce mirror do this?" Descendant wave looked at him,touch screen interactive whiteboard, slow track: "Because all the disciples of the Fire Villa are no match for Night Luo, and it is easy for Night Luo to destroy the Fire Villa.". However, the dark night Luo hated to marry the dark night of the war flying apsaras, so he made a condition, as long as the fierce mirror personally killed the war flying apsaras, he can let go of the fire villa. Zhan Feng is silent. He knew that this was the character of Night Luo, not only to let the man die, but also to let the man die in the hands of those he trusted, which would be more painful. So the fierce mirror killed Zhan Feitian? "Yes." "Did Zhan Feitian volunteer to die?" "No one knows." Yilang said, "I was still young at that time. I only remember that Zhan Feitian said to Liemingjing, 'Take good care of the child.' He probably knew that as long as he died, 86 smart board ,smartboard for business, the dark night would not live alone." "Later?" A lot of things happened that night. Zhan Feitian died, dark night Ming and dancing girl Feng Niang gave birth to a baby at the same time, after the fierce mirror switch, dark night Luo came. Dark Night Ming stabbed Dark Night Luo and forced him to swear that he would not show himself for nineteen years. After the dark night Luo left, the dark night Ming also let go of the world. Zhan Feng could no longer speak. He suddenly felt that everything was so funny. The sapphires glowed wildly, and the blue of his eyes billowed like a tsunami, and the downpour drenched his clothes and stuck to him like a wet snake. Rain wet his hair, strands like a surging river, cold wet his face. Zhan Feng began to tremble. His stomach seemed to be stabbed by thousands of frozen knives, and the intense pain made him bend over, and he began to vomit. It's raining cats and dogs. On the side of the grassy mountain road, Zhan Feng's face was pale, and his bent and trembling body was like a dying shrimp, spitting out only bile. Yilang looked at him with a strange look in his eyes, like hatred, like comfort, and some jealousy: "Liemingjing is your own father.". And you killed him yourself. He deliberately said very slowly, so that every word into the bone marrow of the war maple. That knife- Stabbed into the chest of the fierce mirror! Blood spurting! The fierce mirror suddenly opened its eyes wide! There seemed to be tears in his eyes. At that moment, Zhan Feng turned his head, but he always remembered the eyes of the fierce mirror. There are tears.. There is pain.. However, there is no hatred for him. Chapter 13 Rain, as if there is no end, has been falling for a day and a night. The leaves were washed wet and bright, the green was fresh and green, the flowers were scattered, the petals were scattered in the accumulated rain, and the air was filled with the smell of grass. Because of the rain. The spring day suddenly became cold. Cantabile hugged his knees and sat under the eaves. The rain flowed down the eaves, the rain poured down, the thunder roared, and the world was white and chaotic. Her mind was white, too. Suddenly it's like a nightmare! Originally, the so-called right and wrong, right and wrong can be so easily subverted. Zhanfeng's deliberate revenge, her hatred for Zhanfeng, became so strange and funny in an instant. Is it true what Yilang said? "Yes." "Zhan Feng is my father's child, and my father is Zhan Feitian?" "Yes." "Why didn't you tell us earlier that Dad had a lot of opportunities to say,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, why did he watch Zhan Feng hate him?" "Because the fierce mirror loves you." Ruge lips pale: "Dad loves me, doesn't he love Zhan Feng?" "Yes, so he wants you to marry Zhan Feng." A pain in my heart like a song.

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