Elder Martial Brother, he always covets me. from Cobb's blog

Yan Bai's face, which was covered under his hood, was half dark, and his eyes looked quietly at Lin Su's porcelain, and his lips moved slightly. Lin Su Porcelain saw the words clearly. Half ring, the people who can still stand in the yard move, but it is a clenched teeth, spell the golden elixir broken Qianjun potential, recruit the life of the instrument, sharp sword potential directed at the banquet cypress deep. Banquet Bai Shen's sword, Lin Su Porcelain once saw it. It's just too long ago. This time, he clearly saw how the sword flowing with dark light turned into the most brilliant light between heaven and earth in Yanbai's deep hand. Strong wind, Lin Su porcelain behind the bamboo forest has already been destroyed to break all over the ground, with the strong wind, many of the green bamboo with thick legs are broken at the waist. Bamboo leaves fell all over the sky, and with the wind, they drifted down to the ground in the small courtyard. Two more people flew out and fell to the ground, hitting the fence post not far away. The man opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. There are only two people left standing. A male nun and a female nun. The two men looked at each other with bitter eyes. Devil Banquet Ran! Even if you kill us all this time, someone will know about your crime. I,interactive panels for education, the Lin family, will certainly want you to pay for your blood! The woman held out her chest and her face was full of anger. Yan Bai Shen did not pay attention to the woman's words at all. He raised his hand and rushed away with a sword. The woman raised her hand and threw out the defensive amulet. She stepped back quickly, but she was always slow. The defensive amulet was directly broken by the sword gas and hit her firmly. There's only one person left. The man held the sword tightly in his hand and sweated on his forehead. Banquet! Are you going to make an enemy of the Lin family? The male nun tore his throat and shouted loudly. Yan Bai raised his eyelids and said, "It's you who are against me." The voice is still his voice, but his tone has changed a lot. As soon as Lin Su Porcelain heard his voice, he was in a daze. So cold, as if there was no trace of life in the glacier dry well,smart boards for conference rooms, totally different from the tenderness in front of him. You killed the people in Lin Zhixi's yard! You killed Mr. Left, too! What is this if not an enemy of the Lin family? The man stepped back warily, carefully helped the fallen nun up, and managed to move together with his already injured companions. In this way, Bai Qingkong and Lin Zhixi, who were not with them, were exposed. Bai Qingkong is fine, but Lin Zhixi has been blindfolded. He had just experienced a great tragedy, and the successive events did not give him the slightest preparation, and he was stunned one after another. Bai Qingkong tried to reason with people: "I came with this one. When we came, Mr. Zuo was already dead." "You guys still want to excuse him?!" In that group of people, someone cried and shouted, "Poor Mr. Zuo, 65 inch touch screen ,smart board whiteboard, he took care of Lin Zhixi so much before his death, but this little beast actually brought the devil to take his'sex 'life!" Lin Zhixi was scolded, and his dizzy head began to recall the deep existence of the banquet from last night to now. When they came, they were traveling together, and they led the way as he pointed. Finally, before arriving at the bamboo forest, he and Bai Qingkong were in front of him. Banquet Bai Shen, there is no such time. It's not me.. It's not him. Lin Zhixi's voice was trembling and weak. He shook his voice and said slowly. But no one listened to him. A sword through the heart, on the spot broke Mr. Zuo's golden elixir, this strength, in addition to the yuan Ying stage of the banquet, who else? "But yuan Ying Friar is not the only one." He's one. Bai Qingkong also helped, "your accusation comes for no reason." "There is indeed more than one yuan Ying Friar, but there is only one who kills innocent people indiscriminately, who has no'sex 'in his heart, and who can attack anyone without guilt." "What's more, it was he who killed the other people in Lin Zhixi's house, and the remnants of his spirit can be counted!" Yes, that's right! What's more, that said, the devil appeared, Mr. Zuo is in trouble, let us come to help as soon as possible. ” Lin Su-tsu heard these words clearly. He clenched his teeth, but he was too far away from the yard. What he said could not be passed on. He glared at the man behind him and said, "Are you sure that my Elder Martial Brother killed someone by one word?"? You must be out of your mind! Up to now, Lin Su Porcelain has not had any sense of reality about the fact that Yan Bai Shen is a banquet. He quietly replaced the name in their mouth. After matching the name with Yan Bai Shen, he suddenly became irritable like thunder: "Who is my senior fellow apprentice? It doesn't mean that he killed you, Mr. Zuo!"! He had no reason to kill! And they were dead when we got here! Dead! Dead! How many times have we said that! Do you have paste in your head and don't listen to anything else? The man roared even louder than Lin Su Porcelain: "You find out who he is!"! Devil Banquet Ran! What reason does he need to kill! Indiscriminate killing of innocent people has become the devil of sex, and wherever he goes, people will be plunged into misery! Lin Su wanted to fight with him. He hated that the friar had no way at all now. He glared at the man fiercely, put his hand on the sword, turned over and jumped down. I'd rather break a bone than be on the same sword with the man who slandered his owner. Careful No matter how fiercely the man roared, he still had some sense of responsibility for Lin Su Porcelain, a young man who looked like a mortal. He was so frightened that his face changed and he reached out to fish for it. One step ahead of him is another person. Lin Su porcelain closed his eyes and fell down with his head in his hands. Suddenly, he was hugged by a big palm at the waist, which slowed down the speed of his body falling. Bai Shen! Lin Su-chi opened his eyes. Yan Bai's hood was blown off by the wind, revealing his exactly the same gentle face as before. Bad guy, come on! I let you out because I'm afraid you'll get hurt. It's better for you to get hurt yourself. Lin Su's porcelain fell on a sword again. When he stood firm, he opened his mouth, but suddenly he was nervous and did not know what to say. He looked sideways and saw that in the small courtyard, more than a dozen people were fixed in the distance and could not move at all. Bai Shen.. Lin Su porcelain "licked" "licked" dry lips, heart beat like a drum, barely calm down,smartboards for business, "this matter has to be explained clearly, you did not do it." Yan Bai looked at him with a smile and rubbed his fingers gently against his cheeks. "As long as you know the truth, it's enough." 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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