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A new update to the role-playing game "Path of Exile" is finally released on the console! Like other leagues in "Path of Exile", "Harvest League" has a major update to the game with a brand new mechanism. If you are considering POE Currency, then this is the perfect time!

"Path of Exile" is a game very similar to Blizzard's "Diablo" series, but many gamers think it is more complicated and rich in mechanics. In addition, if you have played PoE in the past but haven’t checked it in a while, the constantly updated content may make you feel like a brand new game when you actually come back.

Chris Wilson’s view of the new alliance is “One of the harvest union’s favorite aspects is its production system. We do tend to design a handicraft system that is more powerful, accessible and unique than ever before. We can’t wait I want to see how players on the path of exile have pushed Harvest's powerful production potential to the limit."

The patch was released on PC last week, so whether you are a console gamer or a PC gamer, if you like ARPGS, there is no reason not to play this free masterpiece!

These improvements will appear in the form of patch 3.11.1, which will be released next week. The team has identified some improvements to Harvest they want to achieve, including new bonus items dropped from monsters and final bosses.

Adjusted and improved the color of the plant's growth instrument to make it easier for color-blind players to recognize them. Other Harvest improvements include the addition of stairs in the area surrounding the Holy Grove Portal to improve its accessibility. Increased the number of seeds placed on the map, especially the middle and rare seeds. Now you can get more seeds from POE Currency Buy in the highest level map.

The team will also improve the last Boss battle in Harvest, including the improvement of combat skills, the new progress percentage of sending telegrams to the next Boss rebirth, the Boss Debuff icon to apply the effect to you, and so on.

In November last year, Grinding Gear Games announced "Path of Exile 2". To this day, the first game is still welcomed by many followers, the developer revealed its intention to move forward and expand the legend, POE Orbs will continue to support players to continue to move forward.

The ambitions of the developers are so great that they even claim not to worry about the release of "Diablo 4". Knowledge and popularity, combined with the success of the original production, are enough to satisfy them with the community.

Unfortunately, as PC Gamer reported, fans on the path of exile will have to wait longer than originally expected to prove the sequel's proposal. Because of the Beta version of "Path of Exile 2", they reported that it will not be released this year.

Therefore, we have to wait until 2021 for production testing, because the team is focused on the content of the current path of exile, including its recent Harvest expansion.

However, the best way to wait for the Path of Exile 2 excitement is its predecessor. Works with PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Regarding the predecessor, we emphasized that ignoring the heir’s announcement, the title is more popular than ever. Therefore, you can enjoy a lot of content and the same number of players. The number of players on the road of exile will not decrease. The big reason is that its poe currency system. In the game, the player’s sense of fun is very important. Buy POE Currency has become the choice of more and more players. On the one hand, it not only saves players The time to do tasks in the game, on the other hand, improves the player's confidence in the game.

No matter what kind of updates and expansions, the ultimate goal is to provide players with a better gaming experience, we should also believe that new expansions can bring different new feelings to players.

Path of Exile 2 (Path of Exile 2) is a new product developed by Grinding Gear Games. It draws on the essence of Diablo and reached 2 million players in just two months and became the spiritual successor of the spiritual legend Snowstorm. The title was also announced, resulting in a new POE Currency, and added several categories, which will increase the first batch of product quotes.

In addition, "Path of Exile 2" will not appear as an independent title, but an update to the original "Path of Exile" (probably 4.0). Although originally planned for release in 2020, it was clearly stated in January last year that this was not the case, although they did hope to release the first beta version by the end of this year. Finally, due to the incident and the health emergency caused by COVID-19, the Beta has been postponed until after 2020, and there is no trace of the second delivery this year.

Instead, the studio will be fully committed to ensuring that its current league arrives on time, or if possible, as close to those dates as possible. This is due to the tremendous efforts to prepare these leagues. Take Harvest League as an example, mentioning that it needs 14 weeks to prepare, which makes it difficult to start its future updates.

With all of the above, currently, Grinding Gear Games is working hard to complete the requirements of the next league, and the league has announced that it will be much larger than Harvest. Now, we will have to wait for the grand update, "Path of Exile 2", which will incorporate a brand new story, which is divided into 7 behaviors and up to 19 different categories. On Generación Xbox, we will follow any news about the title. Until then, you can enjoy the path of exile for free on Xbox One and PC.

However, regarding whether the POE currency in "Path of Exile 2" is still one of the inseparable parts, this is of course certain. Players can better experience the fun of the path of exile through POE currency and increase their confidence in the game. , Which is why more and more players will Buy Exalted Orb website. In any case, we are willing to believe that the new expansion will get better and better.

Harvest is the latest expansion of the Path of Exile and will be available on PS4 on June 22. Like the previous update, it brings new items and some changes to the entire game, but it is a new mode that allows players to better control the POE Currency, which makes this BAFTA award-winning game very interesting .

One magical place is Sacred Grove. In every area of ??the game, you will find a seed cache. The seeds you collect can be brought to the sacred bush for planting. Growing will take time, and activating new seed caches worldwide will cause a unit time to progress in the holy tree.

When your plants are harvested, this is the magical place. After activating the collector you built nearby, monsters will pop out of your plants, and you will eliminate the pests in these gardens. The collector will accumulate the vitality of the defeated monster, so you can start making items with the required attributes.

After defeating the monster, you will still receive items, but there will be fewer items in the Holy Grove area. Everything becomes more valuable, and the more value you have, the more you get in touch with the new mechanism.

Different plants will determine their growth environment. Some plants may need to be adjacent to another plant to grow. You can plant in any area in the sacred bush, so you can start to design some complicated areas and networks to harvest up to 48 plants. If you can survive the battle, the rewards will be huge.

To make some of the best items, you need more difficult battles, and even some very difficult boss battles. If you are not too busy with survival, you can enjoy Harvest's new monster design. Due to business interruption, the team of "Path of Exile 2" contributed to the design of some of the new monsters, so its quality is higher than normal.

Harvest is a light cycle of urban construction, without micro-management, which is completely in line with the existing risk and reward system on the path of exile. All the seeds you find can be traded with other players. You can chase the seed type with monsters and rewards that suit you. When you face higher challenges and seed levels, you will get better returns. You can also choose Buy POE Orbs, or choose not to participate at all, and trade seeds to other players to get the items you want in the player-driven economy.

Grinding Gear Games has launched "Path of Exile: Harvest", the latest expansion of a long-running online action role-playing game.

In Harvest, players can cultivate POE Currency. Players can plant seeds in their own gardens and become seeds when they are ready to harvest. Once killed, the vitality of these monsters can be used to create increasingly rare and rare plants, thus opening up new manual options.

You can read more about the extension mechanism here and watch the trailer with developer comments below.

You are an exile, struggling in the struggle on the dark continent, because you are fighting for power, which will enable you to retaliate against those who wronged you. "Path of Escape" was created by die-hard gamers and is an online action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. Focusing on visceral action combat, powerful items and deep character customization, "Path of Exile" is completely free and will never win.

Due to your misconduct in the dark, cruel Wraeclast world, you are deported. You can play as Duelist, Witch, Ranger, Templar, Marauder, Shadow or Scion. From the forgotten coast to the ruined city of Sann, explore Wraeclast and discover the ancient secrets waiting for you.

Create and customize hundreds of unique skill sets from tradable itemized gems and our huge passive skill tree. Combine Buy POE Currency, auxiliary gems and trigger gems to create your own unique combination of power, defense and destruction.

Fight in the PvP Championship season and capture the Flag event to enjoy global popularity. Participate in daily leagues and competitions that run on their own ladders and economies as independent game worlds to win valuable prizes.

The latest NFL 21 trailer highlights Lamar Jackson because he is a cover athlete. But it also allows us to understand some of the key game content that the Madden team has been working on during this offseason. But it seems that EA Sports is working hard to provide gamers with more MUT Coins than ever.

Trailers are limited. It only shows us the 90 seconds that the new game can expect, and does not delve into new features. However, it is still interesting if you are the one who buys the Madden series every year.

At the end of the trailer, EA Sports stated that the game was subsequently released because video games are usually released on Tuesday, so it’s easy to add up. However, if you have EA Access, Origin Access or Origin Access Premier, you can play three days in advance on August 22, 2020. The trailer also shows that if you book Madden, you can play three days in advance.

Lamar Jackson is the cover athlete of Madden 21. Three different versions of Madden21 have three different covers. There are standard version, deluxe version and MVP version. There are three versions of Madden 21: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and MVP. Each of them has different functions, which you can get by booking games.

This seems to be an interesting new feature of Madden. It won't help people criticize "Breaking Hurricane 20" is too difficult to stop running, but for the offensive players, it should be interesting to get some new animations in the game. The trailer shows you the types of sticks you can show off with this new feature.

Basically, it's like EA Sports added its new Buy MUT 21 Coins feature and added it to defense, which makes sense. Madden 20 users complain that the pass is too dominant, especially for computer gamers. Joey Bosa, Myles Garrett and others almost became unable to guard with offensive guards.
The delusional alliance successfully made the path of  exile more difficult. Players who like the brutal encounter of this league will be happy to hear that once Harvest is released, it will be added to the core game.

Players will rarely have the opportunity to find POE Currency on the map. Unlike most league mechanisms that have become the core, as more league mechanisms appear on the map, the chance of Delirium spawning increases exponentially. For example, if players have "surpass", "invasion", "breakthrough" and "legion" maps on the same map, then their chances of finding a mirror are very high.

The frequency of recalling the brand can be reduced, and when the monster dies, the brand will land at its original location instead of below it. Although these are undoubtedly large nerf, GGG added two new brand types to keep the game style interesting. ance regrets that the brand's behavior is like a trap, which will cause damage in a short time before it detonates. The Arcanist brand activates supported spells, which should allow certain powerful spells to work together, otherwise it will not be possible.

The new Doryani prototype shown so far. This unique armor can reduce the damage of lightning strikes, while exerting lightning resistance to enemies near the user. Players will want to run with negative lightning protection performance to maximize their destructive power, but it is necessary to build enough armor to mitigate this major shortcoming, otherwise it will be impractical.

The Harvest League will give some love to two-handed weapons and grand slam skills. Now, skills such as earthquakes and constructive grand slams are considered grand slam skills, and new auxiliary gems can be used to enhance the game style. Now, these skills should have full-screen AoE when properly constructed, while also causing ridiculous damage to each slam.

For those who haven't played "Path of  Exile" recently due to performance issues, Harvest League may be the time to come back. GGG's new Vulkan Renderer has greatly improved game performance on almost all machines.

Most maps in the endgame are full of hundreds of monsters on the screen and trigger dozens of effects at the same time. This will cause serious failures on most machines and low frame rates, but even in the most intense Map encounters, many POE Chaos Orb players have reported stable frame rates. Once Harvest is launched, the feature leaves the beta, and for most people, the game should run better.

On June 19th, Grinding Gear Games will release "Path of Exile: Harvest". Here are a few things about expanding and challenging the alliance.

The path of exile passed for another three months, marking the end of a league and the rise of a new league. Players will harvest the enemy's POE Currency to create powerful items in the new Harvest alliance.

As with all new leagues, players participating in the new mechanics will receive new powerful equipment. In Harvest, the focus is on making modifiers on items or reinventing uniqueness. Of all the alliances that have joined, Harvest seems to be the biggest strength increase of all "Path of Exile" alliances released so far. Players need to know 10 things about the upcoming "Path of Exile" harvest series.

Players do not need to find new groups of enemies to fight, but can manage a garden called "Holy Grove".

Each area will have a seed bank for players to obtain and plant in the Holy Grove. With the completion of the map or story, the plants will mature and can be harvested. Spawn enemies, shoot down enemies, and gain new items and vitality to create modifiers on equipment.

In order to grow plants, the player's garden needs proper irrigation and a sturdy design. Grinding Gear Games made it clear that players do not need to be masters of "Factorio" to participate in this league, but optimizing the garden will not waste any energy.

In a typical ARPG method, players use the vitality of the enemy to grow plants instead of water. Monsters killed in this garden have a chance to drop some higher-level seeds that require certain conditions to grow, ranging from specific seeds around to more vitality. The remaining Lifeforce can be stored to plant future seeds.

POE Currency Buy on the Path of Exile is one of the most iconic features in the game. Its many options allow for almost unlimited construction, and it will get more options.

Many key elements of Legion's Jewels have been added to the core passive tree to allow more varieties to be built. On the new cornerstone, there will be new passive nodes related to passive weapons, war and anger mechanisms.

"Grinding Gear Games" in "Path of Exile: Harvest" explained the balance of the game in detail, including the modification of two-handed weapons and slow attacks, wars, branding and so on.

"In "Path of Exile: Harvest", we focused most of our balance on branding, warfare, and two-handed weapons. Since Delirium became the core, we also used POE Currency to balance clustered jewelry and its value in jewelry They wrote that we have been working hard to improve the slow-handed two-handed weapons by comprehensively improving these investment options."

Two-handed weapons are gaining some affection and regaining their place on the top of the power meter, while retaining the risks associated with using them on the path of exile. A slow and heavy blow will now cause enough damage to stun the most powerful boss, regardless of the stun mechanism.

The entire two-handed melee arsenal on the path of exile has been readjusted to provide ideal base damage for almost all types of players. In addition, most weapon types have implicit mods for specific mechanisms.

These changes increase the functionality and functions of the passive skill tree, such as Tribal Fury or the increased total life recovery rate per second. The brands of "Path of Exile" are becoming more and more annoying because they allow a boring but very effective way of playing, where the dead are everywhere.

GGG wrote: "When the enemies connected to it are killed, the brand will fall to its original or recalled position. This prevents them from being repeatedly restrained by the player and killing monsters who have not yet had a chance to meet the player."

Now, Warcries are more powerful, but they use longer, cool down longer, and are no longer shared between Warcries. Path of Exile: Harvest adds more Warcry passive clusters for cooling recovery, faster use time, use multiple Warcry, etc.

The developer wrote: "The goal of these changes is to hope that Buy POE Currency will have a greater impact on the battle, and to bear the huge reward for taking risks while standing still and using skills when surrounded."

Vitality is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in the Harvest League. It will be used as a handicraft resource for players to make various valuable items. Every monster you kill can provide you with production options, which will make POE Currency a material and potential.

When it comes to potential, it will appear in any stage of the game, allowing players to get better resources and reward tasks with less energy, and get more opportunities to collect XP and accumulate valuable currency to obtain More advanced resources. device.

It has not yet been determined how much life force is dropped from the monster, how much life force is needed to make, and how long it takes to plant different types of monsters, but we can’t know how much through the trailer, but this is the only thing that is certain The farming mechanism will generate more money-milling opportunities than before.

The seeds in the garden can be obtained from the seed bank or dropped from the growing monsters. Some seeds can grow spontaneously, but the vitality created by foreign seeds can be collected by various pipes, condensers and diffusers for the garden Fertilize.As always, it has been changed and improved in many aspects of "Path of Exile" 3.11.

To make it more versatile, a lot of branding skills have been redesigned and three new brands have been added, which is very different from past brands. Currently, Brand Recall is no longer dominant, but a useful tool to use with many new options. The three new brands are Arcanist, Penance and Wintertide.

The Arcanist brand will cast a chain spell when activated, and the ance regret brand will gradually spread to nearby enemies. Once removed from the target, it will explode, causing huge damage. Although the Wintertide brand may increase the cold damage to the attached target over time, the longer the attachment time, the greater the damage.

When it comes to war, it has a variety of skills, including durable crying, intimidating crying, ancestor crying, earthquake crying, hell crying, etc., each of which will give the character more damage and experience.

More importantly, Harvest also made changes to the passive skill tree, resulting in a large number of build diversity and many new builds, as well as new significant clusters, which can make the skill tree have more gains. It is worth noting that the newly added items include POE Trade, new skills, auxiliary gems, equipment and weapons, brands, and unique items in the June expansion.

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