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A new update to the role-playing game "Path of Exile" is finally released on the console! Like other leagues in "Path of Exile", "Harvest League" has a major update to the game with a brand new mechanism. If you are considering POE Currency, then this is the perfect time!

"Path of Exile" is a game very similar to Blizzard's "Diablo" series, but many gamers think it is more complicated and rich in mechanics. In addition, if you have played PoE in the past but haven’t checked it in a while, the constantly updated content may make you feel like a brand new game when you actually come back.

Chris Wilson’s view of the new alliance is “One of the harvest union’s favorite aspects is its production system. We do tend to design a handicraft system that is more powerful, accessible and unique than ever before. We can’t wait I want to see how players on the path of exile have pushed Harvest's powerful production potential to the limit."

The patch was released on PC last week, so whether you are a console gamer or a PC gamer, if you like ARPGS, there is no reason not to play this free masterpiece!

These improvements will appear in the form of patch 3.11.1, which will be released next week. The team has identified some improvements to Harvest they want to achieve, including new bonus items dropped from monsters and final bosses.

Adjusted and improved the color of the plant's growth instrument to make it easier for color-blind players to recognize them. Other Harvest improvements include the addition of stairs in the area surrounding the Holy Grove Portal to improve its accessibility. Increased the number of seeds placed on the map, especially the middle and rare seeds. Now you can get more seeds from POE Currency Buy in the highest level map.

The team will also improve the last Boss battle in Harvest, including the improvement of combat skills, the new progress percentage of sending telegrams to the next Boss rebirth, the Boss Debuff icon to apply the effect to you, and so on.

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