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Grinding Gear Games recently announced that it has stocked a free action role-playing game "RPG Path of Exile" filled with "Twilight Mysteries" boxes. These boxes contain a total of 38 kinds of POE Currency with Lunaris and Solaris-themed clothing effects. You can collect each piece of clothing to form two complete clothing sets, the sunrise armor set and the night armor set.

According to the official announcement, each "Twilight Mystery" box will cost you 30 points, but "guarantee that the value of a micro transaction is equal to or greater than the value of the box." The comment added, "The average reward value is 110 points, which is the cost of the box. "Three times more", which means that each box can hold items worth 30 to 320 points.

The announcement has a chart showing the rarity of the "Twilight Mystery" box items and their respective microtransaction point costs. The rarity is divided into common, rare and rare, and the percentages are set as 45%, 35% and 20% respectively. Also note that the microtransactions of these mysterious boxes "will be available in stores approximately one month after the heist alliance ends."

Both the "Sunrise" and "Twilight Armor" suits look super cool. Individual armor can be found in "rare" and "rare" mystery boxes, including gloves, boots, helmets, cloaks, body armor and wings. You will also find sunrise and dusk halo effects, sunrise wolf pets, dusk dragon pets, portals, weapon effects and character effects. Even ordinary mystery boxes contain alluring items, such as Sunrise Orrery Pet, Nightfall Cloud Pet, environmental impact, construction supplies, footprints, helmet attachments, etc. Buy POE Currency can link you to a short video that showcases the item in the game, so you can see how they look on the character.

Are you ready to accept another weird fact? Many mystery boxes contain cosmetics and clothing items that can be combined with another item to "create a hybrid version of the two designs for more in-depth character customization." For example, sunrise-style body armor and night-style bulletproof The clothes can be worn at the same time and combined into a Twilight body armor. For details on how to open the mysterious box, detailed information about microtransactions and more information about the merger project, please refer to the official announcement.

"Path of Exile" is still one of the largest online action RPG games, and its POE Currency system as a major feature has been loved by many players. And its audience continues to grow. Since August 2017, the game has been released in China and South Korea as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4, almost three times the number of "Path of Exile" player communities.

"Path of Exile" was released in October 2013 and received unanimous praise, including the PC Game of the Year Award from GameSpot. Since its launch, "Path of Exile" has developed into a global community with more than 20 million players, including localizations in English, German, French, Spanish, simplified and traditional Chinese, Russian, Thai, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean version. In 2019, "Path of Exile" became Steam's "Top Ten" list for the second time in a row. In November 2019, ExileCon’s first Path of Exile fan meeting was held in Auckland, New Zealand. "Path of Exile" won the prestigious BAFTA Best Evolution Game Award, thus ending its most successful year.

Grinding Gear Games has various backgrounds from artificial intelligence and software security to industrial design and professional competition games. After releasing its flagship game "Path of Exile", GGG has been committed to continuous expansion and release of new content for the acclaimed game. In 2018, Tencent acquired a majority stake in Grinding Gear Games.

Path of Exile is a relatively complex game. Players who want to play better cannot do without POE currency. Players can obtain the currency they want through various tasks in the game, or Buy POE Currency on the website. Let your skills be improved.

On November 12th, the madden franchise model has been updated, but this update is not as smooth as planned. The evaluations received are also mixed. If there is no Madden 21 Coins, the score may be even lower.

This is not to say that the proponents of the franchise model are dissatisfied, nor that they do not welcome the three-part improvement plan to the model. It's just because of the time and depth of the first update that all of this becomes fragile at this time. The entire update includes some additional features that increase the sense of immersion, such as the playoff screen, enhanced status monitoring and the biggest feature, that is, the X factor can be assigned to players in franchise mode.

A few weeks after the #FixMaddenFranchise hashtag pushed them to improve the model, I said that it is unrealistic to expect EA to make a breakthrough so quickly. EA appears to be working to make Madden and FIFA a real-time service, rather than an annual physical release, which may help make more meaningful updates more feasible.

The second update is still inconclusive, you might expect it to be close to the 2021 NFL Draft and might focus on improving this part of the game, but it is still very lacking now. Unfortunately, the first update will not arrive until a few days before the 10th week of the actual NFL season, the second game will be played between the NFL playoffs, and the third game will be played after the fans start. Most of them want to improve the replication of Buy Madden 21 Coins.

"Heroes and Generals" is a modest online shooting game, worthy of Vietnamese gamers who like FPS but are tired of traditional styles and want to find new dishes for themselves. In addition to shooting, it also participated in a large battlefield with thousands of players. It also incorporates many new tactical elements, flexible and customizable gameplay.

The Path of Exile (Path of Exile) hatched by Grinding Gear Games is the perfect successor to the infamous Diablo 2 and it proved its success when it attracted a large number of people. Huge attraction, especially its POE Currency system.

In fact, when the most typical feature of "Diablo II" is developed and developed by Path of Exile, Path of Exile can be considered a good choice for those who like role-playing games. Not only that, "Path of Exile" also has many new features in terms of character construction and gameplay. If you want to get high-quality free role-playing games from Steam, then "Path of Exile" is a name that cannot be ignored.

It was initially regarded as a copy of Overwatch, but the progressively developed Paladin has been officially released worldwide, confirming its great success.
The 15 best free games on the Epic Games Store (Part 2)-Photo 5.

Basically, the gameplay of "Paladin" is very similar to that of "Overwatch". Gamers also choose a certain level of champions and "drop" against each other on the map in a typical MOBA style. The player's task is to capture the necessary points on the map, and then continue to destroy the enemy team's base, of course, also protect their own stronghold.

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Those who like madden 21 but are discouraged by the price, you will be lucky, because EA Sports made Madden 21 a free game this weekend to commemorate the arrival of the NFL season. However, the star character requires Madden 21 Coins to unlock.

You may have seen EA Sports’ update this year to promote its new game mode "Yard", or you have seen the revised version of "Franchise Face" and thought it looked interesting. But in the first week of the game’s release, you may still see many negative reviews, which makes you afraid to buy.

EA Sports will provide Madden 21 for free from September 10th to 13th. The company said the game will be open to everyone to "celebrate the return of Colin Kaepernick (in video games) and the start of the NFL season." The free trial version of Madden 21 will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the PC version of Steam provide.

The free trial version should start from September 10 to 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST). September 13th, Pacific Standard Time. EASports states that you need an EA account and an advanced console account to play the free trial version. According to, you must have an Xbox Live Gold account or an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account to download the free trial version of Madden 21.

PlayStation Plus members can also choose Buy Madden 21 Coins, but this is not free on weekends. The PlayStation Plus version requires the purchase of PlayStation Plus, which means that the trial version is not completely free.