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The delusional alliance successfully made the path of  exile more difficult. Players who like the brutal encounter of this league will be happy to hear that once Harvest is released, it will be added to the core game.

Players will rarely have the opportunity to find POE Currency on the map. Unlike most league mechanisms that have become the core, as more league mechanisms appear on the map, the chance of Delirium spawning increases exponentially. For example, if players have "surpass", "invasion", "breakthrough" and "legion" maps on the same map, then their chances of finding a mirror are very high.

The frequency of recalling the brand can be reduced, and when the monster dies, the brand will land at its original location instead of below it. Although these are undoubtedly large nerf, GGG added two new brand types to keep the game style interesting. ance regrets that the brand's behavior is like a trap, which will cause damage in a short time before it detonates. The Arcanist brand activates supported spells, which should allow certain powerful spells to work together, otherwise it will not be possible.

The new Doryani prototype shown so far. This unique armor can reduce the damage of lightning strikes, while exerting lightning resistance to enemies near the user. Players will want to run with negative lightning protection performance to maximize their destructive power, but it is necessary to build enough armor to mitigate this major shortcoming, otherwise it will be impractical.

The Harvest League will give some love to two-handed weapons and grand slam skills. Now, skills such as earthquakes and constructive grand slams are considered grand slam skills, and new auxiliary gems can be used to enhance the game style. Now, these skills should have full-screen AoE when properly constructed, while also causing ridiculous damage to each slam.

For those who haven't played "Path of  Exile" recently due to performance issues, Harvest League may be the time to come back. GGG's new Vulkan Renderer has greatly improved game performance on almost all machines.

Most maps in the endgame are full of hundreds of monsters on the screen and trigger dozens of effects at the same time. This will cause serious failures on most machines and low frame rates, but even in the most intense Map encounters, many POE Chaos Orb players have reported stable frame rates. Once Harvest is launched, the feature leaves the beta, and for most people, the game should run better.

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