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On June 19th, Grinding Gear Games will release "Path of Exile: Harvest". Here are a few things about expanding and challenging the alliance.

The path of exile passed for another three months, marking the end of a league and the rise of a new league. Players will harvest the enemy's POE Currency to create powerful items in the new Harvest alliance.

As with all new leagues, players participating in the new mechanics will receive new powerful equipment. In Harvest, the focus is on making modifiers on items or reinventing uniqueness. Of all the alliances that have joined, Harvest seems to be the biggest strength increase of all "Path of Exile" alliances released so far. Players need to know 10 things about the upcoming "Path of Exile" harvest series.

Players do not need to find new groups of enemies to fight, but can manage a garden called "Holy Grove".

Each area will have a seed bank for players to obtain and plant in the Holy Grove. With the completion of the map or story, the plants will mature and can be harvested. Spawn enemies, shoot down enemies, and gain new items and vitality to create modifiers on equipment.

In order to grow plants, the player's garden needs proper irrigation and a sturdy design. Grinding Gear Games made it clear that players do not need to be masters of "Factorio" to participate in this league, but optimizing the garden will not waste any energy.

In a typical ARPG method, players use the vitality of the enemy to grow plants instead of water. Monsters killed in this garden have a chance to drop some higher-level seeds that require certain conditions to grow, ranging from specific seeds around to more vitality. The remaining Lifeforce can be stored to plant future seeds.

POE Currency Buy on the Path of Exile is one of the most iconic features in the game. Its many options allow for almost unlimited construction, and it will get more options.

Many key elements of Legion's Jewels have been added to the core passive tree to allow more varieties to be built. On the new cornerstone, there will be new passive nodes related to passive weapons, war and anger mechanisms.

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