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Animal Crossing: New fish will come in August. These new fish are scheduled to arrive in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" in August this year. This will be all fish in August, catching valuable fish for trading to obtain Animal Crossing Bells will become one of the important means of making money in the summer. Sunny summer is here, Animal Crossing: New Horizons celebrates with a grand summer update. In the summer update, players can run into the ocean and swim around their islands. In the ocean, players have the opportunity to encounter Pascal, which is a character that often appears in new horizons. When encountering Pascal, there is a chance to obtain precious marine life. A new season means that new fish suitable for this season will appear on the island.

Even during the virus epidemic in 2020, Nintendo Switch has sold millions of units. Retailers around the world have been closed, but the game has always been one of the best-selling games on consoles. Players use the items on the island to expand the island, build houses, habitats, and expand the island according to their own ideas, spend time and energy, thereby creating the ideal perfect island.

Go to any waters above and catch all kinds of fish. Fish available in August in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons": Arowana, Barred Knifejaw, Barreleye, Betta, etc. Now collect the Nook miles Ticket and set off to the mysterious unknown island to get more fish.
"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" has released many interesting new features, all of which can enable players to gain greater creativity. Terraforming is just an additional feature in my opinion, but after more than 300 hours of playing, I am fascinated by the game’s "Mysterious Island Journey" mechanism and "Island Jump". In "New Horizons", island hopping refers to the act of crossing a series of islands in rapid succession. Usually entering every unknown island is full of surprises and expectations.

Collect or buy Nook miles Ticket in large quantities and set off to the Mystery Tour Islands. This is the only way to win the bells and fill up the museum. Jumping on the seaplane to the island of Mystery Tour will bring you back to 2,000 Nook Miles. It's quite expensive, but given the variety of islands and guaranteed food you will take with you, it is worth going to the Nook Stop at the residential service office and redeeming some tickets.

"Mysterious Island Journey" revolves around ten island templates, each with different characteristics and advantages. But the rarity of these Island templates varies. For example, a hard-to-discover island has a lot of bells, while other more common islands provide a lot of flowers and fruits. Since sparse islands are so scarce, this is where the island hopping mechanic comes into play. In addition, each mysterious island you visit includes furniture items hidden in trees, rocks that can provide raw materials that you may use up in your hometown.

My favorite Mystery Tour island is Fin Island. Fin Island is one of the rarest island templates. The waters on this island are home to fishes, all of which have fins and are the most valuable of all fish. Fin Island is an ideal place to make a profit, but it is also an excellent choice for completionists who are eager to fill in their Critterpedia, because whale sharks, Suckerfish and even the elusive Ocean Sunfish will play in the water. If it were not for Fin Island, my museum would not be as complete as it is now!

If your home island meets some conditions, island hopping will become even more exciting. If you have an empty piece of land, an empty house waiting for one person, or fewer than ten villagers, then you will find drifters wandering around the Mysterious Journey Islands. And more than 300 potential friends met! If you like a particular drifter, you can invite them to move to your island. When I first came into contact with "New Horizons", villager hunting quickly became my favorite game, an unshakable impulse, spending as many as fifty Nook Mile tickets at a time to find the villagers I dream of.

Although it may cost a lot of Nook Miles tickets to face-to-face with the villagers of your dreams, for some people, this mechanism is an addictive and beneficial process, consistent with Nintendo's overall goal of "New Horizons." Of course, this allows players to increase the level of customization. New Horizons has changed the way of franchising, but now you can search for "dreamie" (a cute term created by the Animal Crossing community for their dream villagers), just to make things special.

There is another way to go island hopping. In the Animal Crossing community, there are a large number of players mixed together, and multiplayer games are no longer defined by close friends or family. Thanks to the stalk market, travel around the world is exciting, and players have opened their doors to strangers so that other players can harvest Animal Crossing Bells.

During the release of New Horizons, many people were unable to meet with friends and family due to the new crown virus. . In a socially distant world, the game bridges the gap between many people, including me, due to the inability to make physical connections. In addition, I was able to steal amazing design ideas from Animal Crossing players, they are more creative than me!
There are many ways to decorate Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island. Nintendo has helpfully provided players with hundreds of items: everyday items, such as TVs and refrigerators, to more adventurous collectibles, such as giant robots. These can be purchased or traded with Animal Crossing Bells. Microwave ovens and fitness equipment are wonderful items that improve the quality of life, but these are not the most precious items of New Vision. Sometimes, the most desirable items are those that are out of reach. It's like Huff's fence.

New Horizons' hippie dog Harvey lives alone on an island called Photopia. Most of his islands are inaccessible. These are all enclosed by objects called "Harv’s fence", and the only thing left is his slash photo studio.

The fence looks simple; it is made of branches. If it is a useful item in New Horizons, it might be ignored by me. But this is not. It is illegal. Technically, this is an item in the game, but it is not assigned to the player. It feels like everyone wants to surround the wall: whenever I see a post with "em" on social media, it must be the first to comment. A Twitter user joked: "Fortunately, players are only interested in illegal fences, not fake illegal houses."

The modifier can access Harvey's fence by modifying the code to change the state of the item. Then, these hackers copy the fence stack and pass them to the community through transactions. I have seen a lot of Harv fence giveaways appear on the New Horizons black market. You don't need to have a modified Nintendo Switch to get these items, but the invaded items are always at risk. The opposite of these hackers is that Nook miles Ticket is a 100% secure website, where you can purchase the currency and equipment that you need without any risk. Legally and reasonably complete your Animal Crossing is the most complete.
It's time to answer an old question. Many players around the world have been wondering what Animal Crossing is. This Sims game has attracted many fans to Buy Bells Animal Crossing with their own money. What is his attraction?

The earliest "Animal Crossing" game was released in 2001. The game is specially developed and published for Nintendo consoles. The "Animal Crossing" series has achieved major commercial success and has an active fan base. What is the reason behind the great success of Animal Crossing? Now, the plot behind the game is so simple that someone might even ask why it exists. In every game, players begin to live in one place. Then, they collect various items and build their own houses. You can also catch all kinds of creatures, but the creatures appear not based on the mood of the developer, but based on the season, time zone or even the time of day you are in.

For many players, this game is comforting, acting like a companion in their difficult times. For others, they see their villages or islands as solitary areas. Although many games are full of violence and competition, it is completely different. Not only can you calm yourself down, you can also trade with the Nook miles Ticket, get the items you dream of, and bring your friends to spend the most exciting moments in the game. Nintendo makes your life easier.
As the name suggests, marine creatures are creatures that can be found on the seabed by diving. They have their own Critterpedia page, although most of them are fish. To capture marine life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you need to purchase a wetsuit. You can buy one using ACNH Bells.

If you are not interested in keeping your catch, you can sell marine life for cash. There are even some creatures whose prices are extremely high, and players can use cash to buy other useful items.

How to catch marine life
After you have your wetsuit, click the "A" near the ocean, equip it and dive into the water. You can jump off the rocks, or more easily, wading peacefully from the beach. When swimming, you will eventually encounter bubbles. Swim over the bubbles, then press "Y" to dive down, you will encounter marine life. If the shadow starts to move away, you can continue to swim underwater by tapping "A", and once you exceed the shadow, you can capture elusive creatures by pressing "A".

The type of marine life captured in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is determined based on the specific month, season, and time of day you currently experience in the game. If you still don't get the ideal bio, you can trade with Buy Nook miles Ticket.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons already has many ways to celebrate summer: collecting special shells, diving in the ocean, and sweet new equipment. But as always, whether Buy Animal Crossing Bells to create exquisite diving sites or setting up clever pool designs, New Horizons players are always looking for new ways to make themselves interesting.

New Horizons does already have a swimming pool, but it is very small and looks more like a children's pool. But the player discovered a new method, using custom tiles, using the signs related to the pool, and cleverly creating these pools. Usually, players will use special patterns to create a comfortable water appearance. Whether it is the shadow of the pool light or the splashing waves, it satisfies the player's fantasy of the pool. Of course, the players also spent some effort on this.

Some players use the "New Horizons" project "Pool" to create a hot tub area overlooking the entire space. Beach balls, slides and floats that are perfectly placed in the water increase this size. However, the best part is that the villagers subtly interact with the objects in the pool. Other players enter the pool in a more natural way, using the actual water in the game to create different structures. If your equipment is not complete, then the animal community can trade, of course the Buy Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket is an important thing. After setting it up correctly, you will have an infinity pool with unlimited swimming.
When "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" was first released, some fans were disappointed by the lack of mermaid furniture. The furniture in this series is by far the most beautiful, and this is also one of the highlights of the game. The "Summer" update of the game re-added mermaid furniture to the game. If you can use Animal Crossing Bells to buy furniture in the entire scene, in order to quickly and easily retrieve the items you need.

Mermaid furniture will not appear in Nook's Crany or as individual furniture. Instead, you need to collect all the recipes and make the goods yourself. To find recipes for mermaid furniture, you need to go diving in the sea. When diving, occasionally catch scallops. These sea creatures are special because they have the opportunity to summon Pascal to your island. Pascal is an otter who likes scallops. He will trade a piece of mermaid furniture or pearls in exchange for your scallops, and then swim towards the horizon. If Pascal gives you a pearl, please grab it. Every mermaid furniture recipe requires at least one pearl to complete. They also rarely appear, so cherish it when you find it.

If you are looking for mermaid furniture and other items, and you need something worth trading, you can enter the Animal Crossing community to trade. In particular, the ACNH Nook Miles Ticket is an essential item for transactions. Other players will also collect mermaid furniture at a different speed from yours. You may have a chair that has not been discovered by others, and they may have a dressing table that you are missing.
When Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released in March, a few weeks after the pandemic, many people thought the game was a relaxant, a yearning for peace and calm during the turbulent period of 2020.

The appeal of the game is its authenticity. Going to Buy Animal Crossing Bells, catching and trading is similar to real life. In any case, the authenticity of the game is somewhat reassuring. In the end, these lovely content can and has become a part of life, and then inevitably produce expectations. And this expectation is the core of "New Horizons". Every day starts when you walk out of the front door, where did you go the night before. Is there the same visitor every week, what lines of narrative; four fossils buried in that piece of soil, are different.

Of course, one might argue that all video games will eventually fall victim to unconscious repetition, but New Horizons makes it an ability, not a loophole. Only by filling the island can you achieve the goal of a five-star rating for your island. Having more things is a key indicator of the success of the game, so you are looking forward to your island again and again, hoping to get more things.

Random items actually fell from the sky or from the tree, and should be kept or sold. The number of items in possession is limited, and the number of animals that can be captured is limited. Players need different products to circulate in Nook’s Cranny, and use different clothes in the tailor shop of Able Sisters. I can wear a sequined blazer and pretend to be a stand-up comedian or a Viking in a helmet and boots.

To be honest, there is no end. After arriving at the five-star island, the incentives did not decrease, Isabelle congratulated you, and gave you a golden watering can recipe, and then you can make one. In this way, you have begun to look forward to new expectations, which is the attraction of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Almost all mysterious islands are different. You will be excited about an even slightly different apple or peach. This is a new type of apple that can be planted and picked.

The neighbors seem to be an exception: they move to your island in search of adventure, and then move to other places to continue. However, this choice is firmly in your hands, and you must decide whether to let these friends live another life or stay. Just like ACNH Nook Miles Ticket, they will be your wealth.
The waters of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" are finally open. In the latest update of the popular Nintendo Switch game, players can start swimming. The summer update invites you to adapt and dive deeper. Although you can use the pier or walk into the sea, some brave players want to dive in more ways. For these fans, the atmosphere is as important as the game mechanics.

You can also swim marine creatures and use them in your own DIY recipes or to make the decorations you want. To swim in "Animal Crossing", players need to have a wetsuit, which can be purchased at Buy Animal Crossing Bells.
During the animal crossing, people held animal weddings and even had dinner with friends. Due to the certain dangers of marine sports in real life, video games provide a virtual world for people who like swimming to dive into the seabed and get close contact with sea creatures. Now, some players are building specialized diving areas where they can enter the water in various ways. The most popular technique involves the construction of wooden ramps or cliffs that can provide beneficial conditions for good diving. They will be decorated with nautical items at these dive sites, such as diving suits, surfboards, fish statues and water-themed patterns. For example, it is very common to see a swimming sign near a dive site as a sign related to a lifeguard or a sign warning people of potential danger. But this is not all cliffs and ramps. Some people are decorating their docks to make their docks look more like a diving version.
Nintendo said: "Since the time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has naturally passed, just like the real world, the game is always changing." Nintendo hopes that by providing updates throughout the year, these events will enable players to participate throughout the year. If you are busy with work and have no energy to build your dive area, then Buy ACNH Bells is a good way to make your success as soon as possible.
Path of Exile covers changes in harvest balance, is it worth playing?
Now that we have entered the Harvest League for three weeks, this is a difficult start. Although many players have been enjoying Harvest's production skills, there are still many people who complain that they feel like they are playing in the standard league. The rarity of important craftsmanship only exacerbates this situation, which means that even advanced players of the game rarely have the opportunity to improve their equipment. Most players need to  Buy POE Currency It is convenient and cheap. But after a large number of players dropped in two weeks, GGG launched a balance patch, which made this situation improve.

Probability of seed falling

The biggest complaint of many players is that they do not get more seeds in the high-level map, but they can use seeds on high-level items. Compared with the level 1 map, the level 15 map has no advantage in farming. In order to solve this problem, the newly released patch doubles the average number of seeds dropped on the 16th layer map. . Now, doing higher level content will bring more rewards. But they doubled the rate of discarding secondary seeds. In other words, if you want to run 16 layers, the number of the second layer you will get will be four times the previous one, and the probability of the same seed falling will also increase. However, they did not increase the drop rate of level 3 and level 4 seeds. Because the number of level 2 has doubled, the frequency of obtaining them is still much higher, but the frequency of obtaining each block individually is not high.

Seed processing rate

At the same time, they admit that the drop rate of high-quality crafts is too low, and increase their appearance. No flowers can feed you, you will find one of the average three crafts per level 1 seed. Flowers can increase the probability, you can find up to 3-4 per picture. It actually feels good enough that you can do your own equipment without buying seeds, which is what I and many others have been doing.
For more reference, in less than a week since the patch was released, I personally collected 6 key enhancement technologies, which required multiple upgrades before the patch was released. Therefore, when they say they want to change their face, I think they are serious.


I mentioned flowers earlier. They added these flowers, and they will fall from Harvest's ultimate leader and level 4 monsters. Flowers will increase the results you get from seeds. One of them simply provides more vitality, but the other two provide a higher chance to make better crafts and choose the best of 2-4 crafts. Using these two improved flowers together can greatly increase the chances of getting good results, especially if you use them together for rare crafts, I have multiple rare enhancements on the same land when using flowers.

Improved quality of life

They also added a huge quality of life to Path of Exile as a whole. Starting with this patch, you can now see which tags they have, namely life, key, etc. Outside of Harvest production, this may not have much use, but for Harvest, this is an absolute godsend, because it can accurately know which mods you may delete or what you can add to other projects, such as POE Items, so for anyone who is good at researching this league, this is a great quality of life improvement.

Look forward

GGG has stated that in the next few weeks, Harvest production will have more improvements. After the downturn, changes in the balance of payments have turned Harvest into a paradise. Anyone who likes crafts is satisfied with the status of the alliance.
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