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"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" has become the second best-selling game in Japan's history. After 21 years of challenges, it replaced the gold and silver of "Pokemon". Nintendo’s "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" will continue to maintain its dominance, as it has become the second best-selling game ever in Japan. Now the demand for Animal Crossing Bells has also become a hot topic.

"Pokémon Gold and Silver" quickly became one of the best-selling video games on all fifth-generation systems (including the original Playstation and Nintendo 64). Twenty years after winning the second place, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" won the titles of Pokémon Gold and Silver. Recently, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" became the second best-selling game on Nintendo Switch. According to tweets from the game database, it is now the second best-selling game in Japan on all platforms. A follow-up tweet stated that "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" has sold more than 7.5 million sets since its release, surpassing the 7.17 million sets of "Pokemon" gold and silver.

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" has only been on the market for a few months. It has already replaced many other acclaimed games such as "Super Mario Bros." and "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate". The game database shows that the development momentum of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" has not diminished, which means that it may become the best-selling video game in Japan's history.

Of course, with such a creative fan base to keep the game alive, it is not difficult to imagine "Animal Crossing:New Horizons" will eventually reach the 10 million mark. According to information from the game database, it still needs to add about 2.5 million units to become the best-selling game in Japan's history, which seems feasible on paper. Considering the game's accessibility to everyone, coupled with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has led more people to play more video games, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" seems to have everything.

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" undoubtedly has advantages, it is still in its early stages and has many years of support. "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" completes the widely acclaimed game process of the series, and managed to use the Nook miles Ticket trading method to maintain a steady pace.

It's time to let the speculation end. EA finally announced The Yard on Wednesday, which is much better than the speculation that has been heard recently. And this year's product is by far the best. EA is gradually making casual players more likely to form their dream team, and may design some Buy MUT 21 Coins transactions. Build your own stadium capabilities through microtransactions.

Yard and courtyard: underground
This backyard football concept is an alternative to traditional Madden games of 5v5 (mobile) and 6v6 (console). Users can create a custom avatar, they can build and equip various equipment. The gameplay is obviously well-designed, and it can provide arcade game experience through extremely high gameplay and deception. In the mobile form, the game is strictly a player. However, on the console and PC, users can play single-player, online cooperation against the CPU, or online face-to-face multiplayer games with multiple players. There have been rumors that The Yard will not play head-to-head or team matches online. But in fact, it's not. The three-on-three moves on the Q court should be fun. As long as it can increase the appeal of the game, it should create some interesting online moments.

EA said: "The house rules are the name of the game, and creativity is the creativity after The Yard's new game is fully functional. The new animation leads to moments of momentum transfer, and players can increase their scores through expanded game combinations. In Gillette In the style zone, players will be able to customize their avatars, including facial hair, hairstyles, etc., to express their own personality. Players will also develop their own game styles while winning in The Yard, gain experience points, and enjoy a unique atmosphere The changing rules compete in new areas.” Although the two versions are different, the two versions assist cooperation because your goal is to win the game and Madden 21 Coins and increase your Madden level. A shared inventory system will enable you to use your rewards on mobile devices and consoles.

No one has a better financial income this year than Tom Nook. He is the boss and allows you to build your own small island village in Nintendo’s popular game "Animal Crossing: New Horizons". At the same time, you need to charge you a Nook miles Ticket. . The game was released on March 20 and 22.4 million copies have been sold as of June 30. This game has achieved great success, helping Nintendo achieve an operating profit of 1.4 billion US dollars from April to June. Its total profit has surged by 42% year-on-year, which is really jaw-dropping.

"New Horizons" is a game department that started in 2001. You can build a picturesque village in the game and fill it with animal characters. It is partly an agricultural game and partly a construction game, a multiplayer social game that allows you to visit other players' islands. Although this series of games has always had followers, its current popularity is unmatched. Because the blockade locks in people's usual social life, many people who are not keen on games are attracted to enter the whimsical world of Animal Crossing for the first time.

Participating in the lifestyle of Animal Crossing has become a meme, breaking people's ideas. On social media, people have been sharing pictures of their houses, clothing, and special virtual events organized by many people during quarantine, such as birthday parties and weddings. There is also a stock market mechanism in the game, where players can buy and sell carrots based on fluctuating prices. Since the prices on each island are different and change twice a day, people keep advertising when the price is high-a player who did this received a DM from Elijah Wood and asked if he could pay her Sell ​​carrots on the island. Other celebrities including T-Pain, Danny Trejo, Chrissy Teigen and Lil Nas X also revealed that they are playing Animal Crossing. Since the game is regularly updated to add new seasonal events or mechanisms, the AC community always needs to discuss some new content.

Tom Nook owns the main store on your island and provides you with huge loans to build and upgrade houses, etc. In order to fully upgrade the house, you will eventually have to Buy Bells Animal Crossing to pay to Tom Nook. This triggered a lot of discussions about Nook. However, he never charged interest. Whatever your thoughts on the animal crossing economy, it is clear that there will be new gamers joining the Nintendo economy in 2020.

It's been some time since Grinding Gear Games launched Path of Exile: Harvest, which is the latest expansion of its long-term online action RPG. In Harvest, players cultivate mysterious holy bushes. Players plant seeds in their gardens, which become new seeds when harvested. Kill monsters and use the monster's vitality to create rare plants. Buy POE Currency is used to improve your own equipment and weapons and powerful items.

You can find a summary of the game below:
You are an exile, struggling on the Wraeclast of the Dark Continent, which will enable you to retaliate against those who wronged you. Created by die-hard gamers, "Path of Exile" is an online action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. Focus on visceral action combat, powerful items and deep character customization.

Main feature.Free. power. revenge. Being expelled due to your misconduct against the dark, cruel world of Wraeclast, you can play as Duelist, Witch, Ranger, Templar, Marauder, Shadow or Scion. From the forgotten coast to the ruined city of Saen, explore Wraeclast and discover the ancient secrets waiting for you.

Deadly mission. Everyone in the forgotten master has his own mission style, and each mission has many changes. As you further explore Wraeclast, the pool of available variants will increase, challenging you in new ways. All missions and their variants can occur anywhere in the game, including the final map.

Dress up to kill. The Path of Exile is related to items. Find, collect and trade magic, rare and unique items with arcane attributes, and then build custom characters around the deadliest combination you have.

Cruel competitive game. Fight in the season of the PvP tournament and capture the Flag event to gain a worldwide reputation. Participate in daily leagues and competitions. These competitions run as independent game worlds in their respective game worlds and economies to win valuable prizes.

Customize your hiding place. The masters traveled around in the dark world and found the ideal location for the exiles to use as their secret hiding place. After gaining Master’s trust, you may be taken to a hideout where you can create your own town. The master living in your hideout provides you with daily tasks and trains you in advanced handcrafting methods. Your hideout serves as a quiet place to be handcrafted after the battle, or it can be expanded and used as a personalized guild hall with hundreds of decorations.

Unlimited character customization. Create and customize hundreds of skill combinations from tradable Chaos Orb and huge passive skill trees. To create your own unique power.
It is now August 2020, which means it is a crazy season for all video game lovers. Madden 21 will not be officially released until August 25, but EA has announced most player ratings for the game. To get a good player card, you can Buy Madden 21 Coins. How did Syracuse Orange alumni make their mark in the competition? This is their ranking:
OLB Chandler Jones (Arizona Cardinals)-95
OG Justin Pugh (Arizona Cardinals)-76
P Sterling Hofrichter (Atlanta Falcons)-70
P Riley Dixon (New York Giants)-69
OLB Zaire Franklin (Indianapolis Colts)-66
DE Alton Robinson (Seattle Seahawks)-65
Chris Clayton (New York Giants)-61

Remember, the NFL team is still on the layoff list. This means that Madden will not necessarily assign a level to every player currently signed into the organization. It is worth mentioning that although Cody Conway, Kendall Coleman, Amba Eta Tauve and Triston Jackson have all joined the team, they still have not received Madden’s score. Evan Adams and Sean Riley have also been cut recently. They have no Madden score.

According to Madden, Jones recently ranked 15th in the NFL's top 100 player list, and also ranked second in the Arizona Cardinals. Jones is just behind rookie DeAndre Hopkins' 98 rating. In the "Cuse Rookie", although Hofrisert was selected two rounds later than Robinson, he still received a higher evaluation. Interestingly, Hoffrick Serge was slightly promoted from his predecessor at Syracuse in Dixon. Finally, Franklin and Slayton persevered and started their third and second seasons in the NFL respectively. Madden NFL 21 is the most popular game at the moment. To get a strong player card requires Buy Madden Coins.
The latest update of New Horizons launched the Fireworks Show over the weekend, and tickets can be redeemed through Buy Animal Crossing Bells Players can enjoy a colorful performance on Sunday night. Of course, as the game allows players to use custom patterns to make fireworks, this makes the firework show very confusing.

Since its launch, the players of Animal Crossing have proven to be very creative. Some people used various tools of the game to reproduce scenes from movies and TV shows, while others used terrain modification to turn their islands into beautiful (or unconventional) masterpieces. It turns out that the firework show is no different, with players posting elaborate designs, memes and (predictably) NSFW content. Of course, because it is the Internet, there are memes. Custom fireworks are made using existing patterns, including fireworks imported from 3DS games via QR codes, so it’s easy to find almost all memes you can think of. A player especially combined "Surprised Pikachu", the two fireworks where the woman yelled at the cat, Elmo and Nicholas Cage in the flames, they have been circulating for some time.

Although "New Horizons" has many furniture and customization options, it also lacks some popular features and items. Including the frog chair, which is a clumsy and likable piece of furniture. Although it may not have officially appeared in the game, a fan chose to commemorate it with a custom firework, proving that it may have disappeared, but it has not been forgotten by people. Of course, not all custom fireworks are for entertainment. Some people choose to use this mechanism as an opportunity to express political speech and promote social justice, such as "black life issues."

The special fireworks are a tribute to fans' favorite characters. Since being introduced in "Wild World", Celeste has been associated with the sky and stars, and this player chose to place her face in the stars she likes very much to pay tribute to her. There will be four fireworks displays this month, and we can only look forward to the next competition. Knowing the animal crossing community will be another healthy combination of creativity, important statement. Can’t wait to get the Nook miles Ticket and watch the fireworks show.
EA recently announced that Davante Adams, quarterback Aaron Rogers and cornerback Jay Alexander from the Green Bay Packers have "Madden NFL 21" X factor" ability. Now there is less than a month before the release of Madden NFL 21. For the promotion of your team, it is the best time to accumulate MUT 21 Coins early in the release.
There are a small number of players with the "X factor" function in the game, which Madden calls a "game-changing system. Packers have some star powers in the virtual world."

About the X-factor capabilities of the Green Bay Packers. Adams has a "Double me" X factor. Once activated, Adams can increase the success rate of active catches for single insurance. Rodgers has a "gambler" X factor. Once activated, Rodgers cannot be intercepted by AI defenders. Alexander has a "shutdown" X factor. Once activated, Alexander's coverage will be tighter and will generate more interceptions on disputed catches.

According to Madden, these "features are reserved for the most elite players in the league." Top players also have personal attributes, including several members of the Packers. He will destroy things in the room. Rodgers has Sprint Big Eye, Wandering Big Eye and Gunslinger. Once he breaks his pocket and wants to leave the field, he can hug him well. Adams has external apprentices, minefield threats and route technicians. It is impossible to cover Adams anywhere in the virtual realm. Left tackle David Bakhtiari has all-day and edge protectors, no sacks. Kenny Clark, a defensive rebounder, has inside players and instant kickbacks. From the stormtrooper Za’Darius Smith owns Edge Threat Elite, Mr. has a big stop and way out. Z has no X factor, but maybe he should. Alexandria has short routes, deep routes and acrobats.

You can check everyone's ratings on the official website.Buy MUT 21 Coins is now a top priority for your players.
Grinding Gear Games' "Path of Exile" was released on Microsoft Windows in 2013 and quickly attracted 5 million players to register. Then in 2017, "Path of Exile" entered Xbox One, and landed on PlayStation 4 in 2019. After landing on other platforms and making a splash, this fierce RPG has finally been introduced to the Mac.

But what makes this fantasy RPG so good? First, it can play and communicate with developers, Buy POE Currency to focus on "ethical microtransactions". Of course, there are challenging game options. You can fight in the game to learn how to play against other players or play the game with up to five friends.

This is an ever-evolving adventure, with a new expansion approximately every 13 weeks. In these expansions, players will discover new challenges, items, skills, and other changes that add more nuances and stimulate people's interest in gameplay. The expansion also introduces a new challenge alliance, allowing players to set up their own servers that can hold up to 2,000 members.

Machete and slash combat are not suitable for the weak, because it is more inclined to a punitive experience that fierce gamers will enjoy. In addition, players can choose one of seven different character categories, choose from 19 dominant categories and use the skill tree to customize their characters. This means they can create characters that match their combat preferences and play the game as needed.

If you like similar  Path of Exile  hardcore games and have a Mac, if you plan to buy Exalted Orb on your Mac now, then you should check the game when you start the game.
The second summer update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released last night, bringing new seasonal items and fireworks to the game. Another long-awaited feature has also been added, that is, the ability to back up and save data in an emergency. Now some players are ready to make use of Animal Crossing Bells. Not only that, there is also a surprising thing. Players who have launched the game found that Nintendo has added features that have been patched.

In early July, Nintendo patched a glitch that allowed players to close the New Horizons HUD when using the camera application in the game. The player frustrated them, and content creators and others used this feature extensively to shoot professional, clear videos, which is necessary for creating realistic Animal Crossing type trailers. However, now, failure has become a feature. Camera App Glitch, which allowed you to delete HUD in the past, has now been added as a feature of Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.4. Just press the right analog joystick to delete the user interface.

Nintendo wrote in the patch note: "A new feature has been added to the NookPhone camera application that allows you to close the guide information by pressing the R joystick." There are now two new in-game pop-up windows to remind you that someone Point out that the player "cannot close the guide when using the horizontal grip on the Joy-Con controller".

Players are very happy to see this feature in "New Vision". User-created videos are once again justified. Some players hope that other quality of life changes will eventually be repaired in the game. Finally, new limited-time seasonal products have been added to Nook Shopping. Buy ACNH Bells or Nook miles Ticket to trade to get new products.
The second summer update promised by Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be launched soon and will bring some exciting changes. According to Nintendo, the two main gameplay additions are the ability to dream and the new firework show. Some players have already started collecting Nook miles Ticket to prepare for watching the fireworks show. At the same time, a cloud backup system will also be available, so that for Nintendo Switch Online users, you will not lose your island.

The player takes a nap on any bed in his house. When you take a nap, you will find that you have entered a strange field, Luna will appear in your dreams, with his help, you can share your island with others, Luna provides the address to other people’s islands. She will provide an opportunity for those who share the island to become the player's dream land. Fireworks displays are also held regularly, at 7pm local time every Sunday in August. In these events, players will be able to purchase raffle tickets to win prizes.

Nintendo describes the cloud backup system as follows: Nintendo Switch Online players only need to activate the automatic backup system service, and the service will automatically back up your island. If your Nintendo Switch is accidentally lost or damaged, you can restore it by contacting Nintendo Switch customer support. Your island, new Nintendo Switch or repaired Nintendo Switch will automatically save user data.

Following the recent increase in swimming, this will be the second major summer update for the game. Buy Animal Crossing Bells builds your own ideal island, so you can experience these functions as quickly and as possible as possible. The update will be available on July 30, and the company has also released a fall update for the future.
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