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No one has a better financial income this year than Tom Nook. He is the boss and allows you to build your own small island village in Nintendo’s popular game "Animal Crossing: New Horizons". At the same time, you need to charge you a Nook miles Ticket. . The game was released on March 20 and 22.4 million copies have been sold as of June 30. This game has achieved great success, helping Nintendo achieve an operating profit of 1.4 billion US dollars from April to June. Its total profit has surged by 42% year-on-year, which is really jaw-dropping.

"New Horizons" is a game department that started in 2001. You can build a picturesque village in the game and fill it with animal characters. It is partly an agricultural game and partly a construction game, a multiplayer social game that allows you to visit other players' islands. Although this series of games has always had followers, its current popularity is unmatched. Because the blockade locks in people's usual social life, many people who are not keen on games are attracted to enter the whimsical world of Animal Crossing for the first time.

Participating in the lifestyle of Animal Crossing has become a meme, breaking people's ideas. On social media, people have been sharing pictures of their houses, clothing, and special virtual events organized by many people during quarantine, such as birthday parties and weddings. There is also a stock market mechanism in the game, where players can buy and sell carrots based on fluctuating prices. Since the prices on each island are different and change twice a day, people keep advertising when the price is high-a player who did this received a DM from Elijah Wood and asked if he could pay her Sell ​​carrots on the island. Other celebrities including T-Pain, Danny Trejo, Chrissy Teigen and Lil Nas X also revealed that they are playing Animal Crossing. Since the game is regularly updated to add new seasonal events or mechanisms, the AC community always needs to discuss some new content.

Tom Nook owns the main store on your island and provides you with huge loans to build and upgrade houses, etc. In order to fully upgrade the house, you will eventually have to Buy Bells Animal Crossing to pay to Tom Nook. This triggered a lot of discussions about Nook. However, he never charged interest. Whatever your thoughts on the animal crossing economy, it is clear that there will be new gamers joining the Nintendo economy in 2020.

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