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The latest update of New Horizons launched the Fireworks Show over the weekend, and tickets can be redeemed through Buy Animal Crossing Bells Players can enjoy a colorful performance on Sunday night. Of course, as the game allows players to use custom patterns to make fireworks, this makes the firework show very confusing.

Since its launch, the players of Animal Crossing have proven to be very creative. Some people used various tools of the game to reproduce scenes from movies and TV shows, while others used terrain modification to turn their islands into beautiful (or unconventional) masterpieces. It turns out that the firework show is no different, with players posting elaborate designs, memes and (predictably) NSFW content. Of course, because it is the Internet, there are memes. Custom fireworks are made using existing patterns, including fireworks imported from 3DS games via QR codes, so it’s easy to find almost all memes you can think of. A player especially combined "Surprised Pikachu", the two fireworks where the woman yelled at the cat, Elmo and Nicholas Cage in the flames, they have been circulating for some time.

Although "New Horizons" has many furniture and customization options, it also lacks some popular features and items. Including the frog chair, which is a clumsy and likable piece of furniture. Although it may not have officially appeared in the game, a fan chose to commemorate it with a custom firework, proving that it may have disappeared, but it has not been forgotten by people. Of course, not all custom fireworks are for entertainment. Some people choose to use this mechanism as an opportunity to express political speech and promote social justice, such as "black life issues."

The special fireworks are a tribute to fans' favorite characters. Since being introduced in "Wild World", Celeste has been associated with the sky and stars, and this player chose to place her face in the stars she likes very much to pay tribute to her. There will be four fireworks displays this month, and we can only look forward to the next competition. Knowing the animal crossing community will be another healthy combination of creativity, important statement. Can’t wait to get the Nook miles Ticket and watch the fireworks show.

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