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Path of Exile covers changes in harvest balance, is it worth playing?
Now that we have entered the Harvest League for three weeks, this is a difficult start. Although many players have been enjoying Harvest's production skills, there are still many people who complain that they feel like they are playing in the standard league. The rarity of important craftsmanship only exacerbates this situation, which means that even advanced players of the game rarely have the opportunity to improve their equipment. Most players need to  Buy POE Currency It is convenient and cheap. But after a large number of players dropped in two weeks, GGG launched a balance patch, which made this situation improve.

Probability of seed falling

The biggest complaint of many players is that they do not get more seeds in the high-level map, but they can use seeds on high-level items. Compared with the level 1 map, the level 15 map has no advantage in farming. In order to solve this problem, the newly released patch doubles the average number of seeds dropped on the 16th layer map. . Now, doing higher level content will bring more rewards. But they doubled the rate of discarding secondary seeds. In other words, if you want to run 16 layers, the number of the second layer you will get will be four times the previous one, and the probability of the same seed falling will also increase. However, they did not increase the drop rate of level 3 and level 4 seeds. Because the number of level 2 has doubled, the frequency of obtaining them is still much higher, but the frequency of obtaining each block individually is not high.

Seed processing rate

At the same time, they admit that the drop rate of high-quality crafts is too low, and increase their appearance. No flowers can feed you, you will find one of the average three crafts per level 1 seed. Flowers can increase the probability, you can find up to 3-4 per picture. It actually feels good enough that you can do your own equipment without buying seeds, which is what I and many others have been doing.
For more reference, in less than a week since the patch was released, I personally collected 6 key enhancement technologies, which required multiple upgrades before the patch was released. Therefore, when they say they want to change their face, I think they are serious.


I mentioned flowers earlier. They added these flowers, and they will fall from Harvest's ultimate leader and level 4 monsters. Flowers will increase the results you get from seeds. One of them simply provides more vitality, but the other two provide a higher chance to make better crafts and choose the best of 2-4 crafts. Using these two improved flowers together can greatly increase the chances of getting good results, especially if you use them together for rare crafts, I have multiple rare enhancements on the same land when using flowers.

Improved quality of life

They also added a huge quality of life to Path of Exile as a whole. Starting with this patch, you can now see which tags they have, namely life, key, etc. Outside of Harvest production, this may not have much use, but for Harvest, this is an absolute godsend, because it can accurately know which mods you may delete or what you can add to other projects, such as POE Items, so for anyone who is good at researching this league, this is a great quality of life improvement.

Look forward

GGG has stated that in the next few weeks, Harvest production will have more improvements. After the downturn, changes in the balance of payments have turned Harvest into a paradise. Anyone who likes crafts is satisfied with the status of the alliance.

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