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When "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" was first released, some fans were disappointed by the lack of mermaid furniture. The furniture in this series is by far the most beautiful, and this is also one of the highlights of the game. The "Summer" update of the game re-added mermaid furniture to the game. If you can use Animal Crossing Bells to buy furniture in the entire scene, in order to quickly and easily retrieve the items you need.

Mermaid furniture will not appear in Nook's Crany or as individual furniture. Instead, you need to collect all the recipes and make the goods yourself. To find recipes for mermaid furniture, you need to go diving in the sea. When diving, occasionally catch scallops. These sea creatures are special because they have the opportunity to summon Pascal to your island. Pascal is an otter who likes scallops. He will trade a piece of mermaid furniture or pearls in exchange for your scallops, and then swim towards the horizon. If Pascal gives you a pearl, please grab it. Every mermaid furniture recipe requires at least one pearl to complete. They also rarely appear, so cherish it when you find it.

If you are looking for mermaid furniture and other items, and you need something worth trading, you can enter the Animal Crossing community to trade. In particular, the ACNH Nook Miles Ticket is an essential item for transactions. Other players will also collect mermaid furniture at a different speed from yours. You may have a chair that has not been discovered by others, and they may have a dressing table that you are missing.

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