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"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" has released many interesting new features, all of which can enable players to gain greater creativity. Terraforming is just an additional feature in my opinion, but after more than 300 hours of playing, I am fascinated by the game’s "Mysterious Island Journey" mechanism and "Island Jump". In "New Horizons", island hopping refers to the act of crossing a series of islands in rapid succession. Usually entering every unknown island is full of surprises and expectations.

Collect or buy Nook miles Ticket in large quantities and set off to the Mystery Tour Islands. This is the only way to win the bells and fill up the museum. Jumping on the seaplane to the island of Mystery Tour will bring you back to 2,000 Nook Miles. It's quite expensive, but given the variety of islands and guaranteed food you will take with you, it is worth going to the Nook Stop at the residential service office and redeeming some tickets.

"Mysterious Island Journey" revolves around ten island templates, each with different characteristics and advantages. But the rarity of these Island templates varies. For example, a hard-to-discover island has a lot of bells, while other more common islands provide a lot of flowers and fruits. Since sparse islands are so scarce, this is where the island hopping mechanic comes into play. In addition, each mysterious island you visit includes furniture items hidden in trees, rocks that can provide raw materials that you may use up in your hometown.

My favorite Mystery Tour island is Fin Island. Fin Island is one of the rarest island templates. The waters on this island are home to fishes, all of which have fins and are the most valuable of all fish. Fin Island is an ideal place to make a profit, but it is also an excellent choice for completionists who are eager to fill in their Critterpedia, because whale sharks, Suckerfish and even the elusive Ocean Sunfish will play in the water. If it were not for Fin Island, my museum would not be as complete as it is now!

If your home island meets some conditions, island hopping will become even more exciting. If you have an empty piece of land, an empty house waiting for one person, or fewer than ten villagers, then you will find drifters wandering around the Mysterious Journey Islands. And more than 300 potential friends met! If you like a particular drifter, you can invite them to move to your island. When I first came into contact with "New Horizons", villager hunting quickly became my favorite game, an unshakable impulse, spending as many as fifty Nook Mile tickets at a time to find the villagers I dream of.

Although it may cost a lot of Nook Miles tickets to face-to-face with the villagers of your dreams, for some people, this mechanism is an addictive and beneficial process, consistent with Nintendo's overall goal of "New Horizons." Of course, this allows players to increase the level of customization. New Horizons has changed the way of franchising, but now you can search for "dreamie" (a cute term created by the Animal Crossing community for their dream villagers), just to make things special.

There is another way to go island hopping. In the Animal Crossing community, there are a large number of players mixed together, and multiplayer games are no longer defined by close friends or family. Thanks to the stalk market, travel around the world is exciting, and players have opened their doors to strangers so that other players can harvest Animal Crossing Bells.

During the release of New Horizons, many people were unable to meet with friends and family due to the new crown virus. . In a socially distant world, the game bridges the gap between many people, including me, due to the inability to make physical connections. In addition, I was able to steal amazing design ideas from Animal Crossing players, they are more creative than me!

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