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Without fear, he flicked the tip of Du Chen's sword. How's it going? You can't give me the price of the Demons, can you? Kill me, although I am dead, but I will become the greatest king in the history of the bone beast, the bone beast will always remember that it was me, Sean, who killed a demon with his own fate in exchange for the eternal life of the whole family of the bone beast! When Du Chen heard this, he sneered. "Kill me, the devil, and you will be the greatest king!" Sean's eyes popped wide open. The fire was even better, and the nine-level bone king had begun to crack in the flames, but he was laughing. Laugh wildly! Ha! Francis, am I wrong? Just now, do you know how many of my descendants are among the one hundred thousand dead souls that you and the Duchen God killed? Kill you. The most ferocious minion of Duchen God, the natural enemy of the undead! I can make my children live better! What a pity! He looked up to the sky and sighed. "Unfortunately, I can only kill you.". Can't kill the most powerful devil, Du Dun. Du Chen suddenly felt dizzy in his brain, and the lotus primordial spirit was also trembling! When killing hundreds of thousands of undead, Bill's words seemed to be in his ears, 'One day, there will be undead who will become great heroes and good people because they killed you!' Good and evil are only relative, good for people, evil for the dead, Du Chen has firmly believed in this truth! But when I'm in the middle of the fire.. Du Chen wants to scold his mother! If you want to be a hero among the undead,stainless steel toilet, if you want to be the greatest king among the bone beasts, you have to exchange Lao Tzu's life for something! The sadism from the street in his previous life came to his mind, and Du Chen stabbed him with a sword, but without waiting for the tip of his sword to cut off Sean's head, crackle, crackle, the bone king of beasts had been buried in the raging fire! Du Chen is stupefied, yuan Shen is a tremor again, this time the tremor is too violent,stainless steel squatting pan, almost shake Du Chen ears and eyes dizzy, almost faint in the past! He questioned in his heart, Lao Tzu killed the undead, sought a great blessing for mankind, Sean killed me, became the greatest king of the bone beast, the great hero of the undead. Who's right!? Anyway, I don't want to lose my life, in my heart, Sean is a bastard, damn it! Du Chen seems to have forgotten the fire, thinking about it, but unfortunately there is no answer, the dead need to survive their own personal danger, to be killed when Du Chen felt, you want to live, don't At the cost of your life!? Isn't there a win-win situation? Burned to death here, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, the big deal is reincarnation in the next life, but what about the missing lotus magic weapon? Du Chen's brain was in a mess! "One flower, one world." The sound of the old monk chanting sutras that had existed in his mind for a long time was like the sound of a bell and an axe. It was still the sentence that Du Chen had almost forgotten, but there were still words behind it, "One flower, one world, smelly boy, have you met a demon in your heart?"? Ha ha, hey hey! "Grapes!" Du Chen's mind is clear. Where are you "Don't look for it, it's just a wisp of divine thought left in your primordial spirit!"! Look at yours! Du Chen's mind hastened to explore, and before he knew it, the fourth hexagram, the lotus flower, had all opened. It must have been the defeat of Bonis and the great victory of the Holy See, so Du Chen's contribution to tipping off the news was sent, which contributed to the opening of the four hexagrams and the achievement of half of the lotus flower! But the magic weapon is still missing! The voice of the grape was suddenly misty and secret. It sounded like the owner of the Xieyue Cave in Sanxing Mountain. "A hundred generations of evil people, up to now, your sins of a hundred generations have been atoned for. As a teacher, you have been officially included in the door wall, and you have been given the Lotus Good Method and the Lotus Platform of Qian Kun. Do it yourself!" The sound suddenly stopped! What are these two things? Du Chen has no time to take them into account. He said hurriedly, "Old neuropathy, tell me clearly, and how to find the missing magic weapon!"? Am I supposed to figure out a way to do a win-win? Grape did not answer for a long time, it seems that there is no answer to this question in the mind! Du Chen asked again, "Good and evil are opposite, but people are hungry to eat food, is it a good thing for me to protect those vegetables and let human beings starve to death?" No one answered. Du Chen asked three times, "old neuropathy, what exactly is a good deed?" The voice of the grape disappeared completely, and the nagging voice of "one flower, one world" was restored in the brain. The grape did not give Du Chen an answer at all. Du Chen snorted, "the heart demon." Do I have to break through my demons to get back the magic weapon I lost? …… The needle-like pain on his body made Du Chen's brain suddenly clear, and at the moment he was still in flames! The bone minions and beasts had been burned so that there was no bone residue left. Du Chen felt the heat of the flame by relying on the strength of the title brought by the heavenly water body and the lotus inner strength. The snow-white robe on his body had been scorched and burned, but the mask on his face was a secret system of peeling, and connected with Du Chen's face skin, which could resist the burning of the flame. The wall of this open space in the labyrinth of life billowed with flames and burned into a fiery world, like the core of an alchemy furnace! When Sean was dead, Du Dun drank out his sword and slammed the wall of the maze, but the wall was still motionless and did not give Du Dun any way out! Fire lotus lantern, water shield, and two lotus platforms are all in the hands of Deuce, Du Chen is now left with only one lotus flower, as well as Steve inside, tree species, treasures and sundries, green ladle beasts. And Xueji! As soon as Du Chen's eyes brightened, he suddenly called out the lotus flower and jumped in. "Miss Xueji!" A layer of icicles congealed around Xueji in her hands to help her cool down. Xueji only felt that she was suddenly in the midst of a raging fire, and the scenery in front of her changed, only to see her benefactor Yali appear in front of her. God, the clothes on his body were burned seven holes and eight holes, half of the white jade skin, strong chest, and. Almost all of them are exposed. Had she not known that life and death were at stake now, Xueji would have blushed. She lowered her head and dared not look at Du Chen. "What's the matter,Flush valve price, Mr. Yali?" She asked. Du Chen poured his inner strength into the lotus flower so that it could resist the flame. He explained what had happened in the most concise language and asked, "Do you have any way to escape?" When Xueji heard this, her expression changed dramatically. "Is it the eye of fire in the labyrinth of life?"? This is the flame that can melt God! 。 cnkexin.com
He slowly withdrew his sword and said, "Miss, do you mean it doesn't matter?" "I have no right to decide what to do with your family," said the second young lady. "The best way is for you to go and see the big gentleman and ask him to give you a personal guarantee." Chu Hsiao-feng thought, Old Lu, who is looking at the horse, gave me a skin-tearing nameless sword spectrum. The twelve styles of Da Luo on it are the unique learning of that great gentleman. What do they want from me? Old Lu died, but did not see the body, empty coffin, clearly intended to play dead, what on earth is he doing? Heavy questions, one after another, came to mind, for a time, even forgot to answer each other's words. "What do you think?" Asked the second young lady with a smile. "Where can I see you?" Asked Chu Xiaofeng. "It's not too far," said the second young lady. "If you agree, I'll take you there." Chu Xiaofeng secretly said in her heart, "After all, I want to leave here. Tomorrow is the day when the Spring and Autumn Pen appears. It seems that their intentions are that they don't want me to see this thing." The second young lady seemed to have seen the dilemma in Chu Xiaofeng's heart. She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Chu Xiaofeng, are you full of curiosity in your heart?" Chu Hsiao-feng said, "The second young lady means.." "You really want to see the appearance of the Spring and Autumn Pen, don't you?" Said the Second Young Lady. All of a sudden, Chu Xiaofeng had no choice but to admit, saying, "Yes, the Spring and Autumn Pen has caused a sensation all over the world. Everyone knows it. Everyone knows it. This man must have a look to see how he appears and what he says." The second young lady hesitated for a moment and said,Self-closing Faucet, "Chu Xiaofeng, do you believe this?" Chu Xiaofeng said, "The rumor is conclusive. How can I not believe it?" "Master Chu," said the second young lady, "even if a man has the ability to reach heaven and earth, he can't move freely in Jianghu.." The words did not seem to be finished, but suddenly stopped. Chu Xiaofeng carefully commented on the lingering charm and felt that he had something to point to. He secretly analyzed it and said, "Did you buy the Spring and Autumn Pen or kill it?" "Chu Hsiao-feng," said the second young lady, "some things can only be sensed,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but not expressed in words. Think about it yourself. If you figure it out, put it in your heart." Chu Xiaofeng secretly sighed, thought: "It seems that I still underestimated them, this combination has the ability, the precision of the plan, can be considered unprecedented.". "Chu Hsiao-feng, have you figured it out?" Chu Xiaofeng in the heart moves, the secret way: "I cannot display very stupidly, but also cannot display too cleverly." Witnessing the difficult situation, Chu Xiaofeng suddenly aroused a strong fighting spirit. He heaved a sigh of relief, shook his head, and said, "Miss, I haven't quite figured it out yet." "If you can't figure it out," said the second young lady, "take your time! However, it seems that it is very difficult for you to witness the appearance of the Spring and Autumn Pen. Chu Xiaofeng said, "Second Young Lady, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Time Delay Tap, if I ask to stay here to see the appearance of the Spring and Autumn Pen, I wonder if I can get permission?" "No," said the second young lady. "You must leave here before the sun goes down." "To see Mr. Da?" Asked Chu Xiaofeng. "If you care about your parents and family," said the second young lady, "there's only one way. Go and see the big gentleman." Chu Xiaofeng nodded and said, All right! I'll talk to them. "Who?" Asked the second young lady. "The man who came with me," said Chu Xiaofeng. "All right," said the second young lady! I'll wait for you, tell them, and we'll be on our way at once. "Are you going to take me with you?" Asked Chu Xiaofeng. "What's the matter?" Asked the second young lady? Do you think I'm ugly, so you don't want to go with me? "No," said Chu Xiaofeng! I already know that I'm not the girl's enemy. If I lose, I'll admit it naturally! He turned to Chien Fei-hsing and said, "Brother Chien, I'm going with the second girl." "Why?" Asked Chien Fei-hsing. "Because I can't beat her," said Chu Xiaofeng. "Brother," said Jane Feixing, "I'll help you fight her to the death." Chu Xiaofeng said, "Elder brother, naturally, my younger brother also wants to go with her to see what kind of person is the one who commands this group.". ” "Brother," said Chien Fei-hsing, "aren't you throwing yourself into a trap?" "Elder brother," said Chu Xiaofeng, "I have no choice." "For your family?" Asked Jane Feixing. Chu Xiaofeng said: "Besides for my family, there are two reasons." "What's the reason?" Asked Chien Feixing. Chu Xiaofeng said, "First, I'm not her opponent. Second, if I don't go to see that big gentleman, I'm afraid we can't escape their fight." Chien Feixing frowned and said, "Is it so serious?" "Yes," said Chu Xiaofeng. "Can we fight a free hand?" Asked Chien Fei-hsing. Chu Xiaofeng way: "The odds are too small, and, once put in, is hundreds of lives, the price is too high." Chien Feixing sighed and said, "It's also a very strange thing to think about. In the past, every time the Spring and Autumn Pen appeared in Jianghu, the leaders of all the major sects in Wulin would come. This time, it seems that not many people came except us." "Yes," said Chu Xiaofeng! Little brother also has this feeling. Chien Fei-hsing said, "I once attended a meeting for the appearance of the Spring and Autumn Pen. It was at Nanyue Hengxing. Before the appearance of the Spring and Autumn Pen, there were as many as four or five hundred people on Hengshan Avenue. Moreover, many of them were the hosts and leaders of various portals. It seems that none of them came this time." "Brother," said Chu Xiaofeng, "if they hadn't come, it would have been a good thing." "You mean they're coming," said Chien Fei-hsing. Chu Xiaofeng way: "This, little brother dare not assert, nevertheless, they do not come, it is a very suspicious thing." Jane Feixing also thought of a terrible thing, but did not say it. Wang Ping said in a low voice, "Sir, you must go. Can we go with you?" "Yes," said Chien Fei-hsing! Brother, if you want to go, you should take at least two people with you. Chu Xiaofeng said, "I can't think of any help to take them there." "You have a point,Flushometer valve, brother," said Chien Fei-hsing. "But there are more misfortunes than blessings. If you take two more people with you, you can at least have one more person to discuss things." 。 cnkexin.com
The medical worker who assisted in monitoring Lin Fei's treatment were somewhat shocked to see a large box full of black malodorous liquid. The original treatment of a patient, will only discharge a small layer of dirt, is this prisoner ten years did not bathe. The medical worker looked at the treatment cabin to consume the value of the recovery fluid, unexpectedly caught up with the consumption of ten seriously injured and dying personnel, if not for the life display system of the treatment cabin also showed that Lin Fei's life was normal, these medical worker thought that this time put into the treatment cabin is a corpse. After the cell evolution was completed and the pain passed, the tired Lin Fei passed out. When Lin Fei woke up again, he found himself lying on a bed in a high infirmary. Not far in front of him, the warden, a middle-aged man with a scar on his face, was looking at him happily with a big cigar in his mouth. Behind him stood a line of heavily armed prison guards. You're awake, prisoner Lin Fei. A large amount of advanced yellow energy spar was found under the exploded spar mine. This time, in recognition of your heroic action of slaying dragons, I can give you a reward. What do you want? The warden asked Lin Fei in the hospital bed with a smile. Hearing this and this good thing, Lin Fei thought about it and replied: "Give me an acquittal, or secretly let me go, for example, let me follow the spaceship of the next group of tourists who come to visit the life-and-death fight." Hearing Lin Fei's answer, the warden was stunned and his smiling face disappeared immediately. Forget I said anything about it. The warden said to think about it and turned away. Well, how about giving me clearance to fly a mecha in prison? Lin Fei, as expected, then asked. Are you trying to organize another escape? The warden said to Lin Fei in a tone of distrust. That allows me to surf the Internet freely. Lin Fei sees mecha this kind of weapon,Service Sink Faucets, if not, can only settle for the second best, after all, now online mecha fighting games are also many, can also practice hands. Do you want to contact the outside world through the Internet to help you escape from prison? The warden then asked Lin Fei, for Lin Fei, who had two criminal records of organizing escape from prison, although he had rendered meritorious service now,stainless steel shower tray, the warden could not but guard against it. Forget it, give me a delicious drink and a beautiful woman! Lin Fei answered helplessly. Hearing Lin Fei's request, the warden nodded with satisfaction and left with a row of prison guards behind him. The head of hypocrisy. Looking at the back of the warden's departure, Lin Fei muttered in a low voice. Lin Fei was the only one left in the senior ward. A few minutes later, a baby-faced red-haired girl in a doctor's uniform, Ouyang Feng, came in and blushed as if she was going to do something she was afraid others would see. After seeing that the beauty arranged by the warden was Ouyang Feng, the baby-faced beauty intern, Lin Fei's unhappiness disappeared immediately. I have to go, Lin Fei, my internship is up, I have to go back to medical school to finish my graduation thesis, and then I don't know which government or military hospital of Tianlong Empire I will be assigned to. Ouyang Feng walked to Lin Fei's hospital bed, blushed like a small apple, and sat on Lin Fei's hospital bed and said gently. Lin Fei wanted to get up, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,Self-closing Shower Valve, but found that his whole body was sore and he could not move at all, so he could only nod his head slightly. He ball ball, unexpectedly encountered such a good thing, his body did not recover, is it possible to let Ouyang Feng take the initiative, his passive acceptance, Lin Fei began to think at random in his mind. Lin Fei, thank you for saving me during the prisoner riot last time. If it wasn't for you, I couldn't imagine the consequences. I believe you are a good man, and you are a hero in my heart. After leaving this time, I guess we will never have a chance to see each other again. When I heard about your death a few days ago, I cried for several nights and prayed to God that you, a bad guy, would come back safely. Now, old innocent mercy, let me see you again before I leave the prison of the innocent star Carl. Ouyang Feng said to Lin Fei with a smile and embarrassment, and hit Lin Fei in the leg with a small fist. Lin Fei, lying in bed, has now begun to fantasize about the exciting events that will happen next. I am so happy that this time I was assigned to the prison of the innocent star Carl. It was God's arrangement to meet you. The experience with you is the most unforgettable experience I have ever had. If only you weren't a prisoner. Before I go, let me pay for you once. Don't tell anyone. "Ouyang Feng began to take off Lin Fei's hospital gown with embarrassment.". Two double effect hands began to touch Lin Fei's body, starting from the legs, rubbing hard. Lin Fei is already excited at the moment, blood boiling, feel Ouyang Feng's small hands, press their own very comfortable. But after waiting for more than ten minutes, Ouyang Feng was still massaging her legs, and there was no other movement. Why don't you go on? Why don't you take it off? Lin Fei finally couldn't help asking doubtfully. Am I not continuing to massage your body? Why don't you take it off? The warden said that you were seriously injured and had just come out of the treatment cabin. You need to massage your whole body to recover quickly. It could have been done mechanically, but in order to repay you for saving me last time, I will massage you manually to speed up your recovery. Ouyang Feng said the voice is smaller and smaller, finally the face does not dare to look at Lin Fei, both hands continue to massage Lin Fei's leg muscle. After hearing the answer, Lin Fei was so depressed that he didn't know what to say and began to enjoy the massage of Ouyang Feng, an intern. Chapter 24 The Emergence of Crisis Lin Fei, who knew that he had misunderstood Ouyang Feng's so-called meaning of repaying, began to relax and enjoy Ouyang Feng's massage. Really don't say, as an intern Ouyang Feng's technique wants to be good, I don't know if it's the psychological effect of the little beauty massaging herself, anyway, Lin Fei feels that where Ouyang Feng has pressed, the pain has improved, and it's cool. Lin Fei, who enjoyed a comfortable massage, soon fell asleep again. After two cosmic hours of hard work, Ouyang Feng, who was already sweating, had finished her massage. Looking at the face of Lin Fei, who had begun to sleep soundly in the hospital bed. Bye-bye, my hero. Ouyang Feng said,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, suddenly had a kind of impulse, came forward to kiss the lying Lin Fei's forehead, red face trotted out of the infirmary. cnkexin.com
I feel very embarrassed to sink down. Poirot continued to think, searching every room and cupboard with a discontented expression on his face. Suddenly, he let out a cry of excitement reminiscent of a Pomeranian. I rushed to his side, and he stood theatrically in the storeroom, waving a leg of mutton in his hand. My dear Poirot! I said, "What's wrong?"? Did you suddenly go crazy? Please look at this leg of mutton carefully. Take a closer look! I watched as carefully as I could, but I couldn't see anything unusual. I think this is a very ordinary leg of lamb. I told you the truth. He gave me a stern look. You don't see here & # 8212; & # 8212; here & # 8212; & # 8212; and here ——” Every time he said "here," he poked the innocent joint with his hand, and as he did so, the little icicles on it fell off. Poirot just said that I was fantastic, but now I think he is more excessive than I am. Does he really think of these slender icicles as deadly poison crystals? This was the only explanation I could get for his unusual remark. "It's frozen meat," I explained gently. "You know, imported from New Zealand." He stared at me for a moment and then laughed strangely. My friend Hastings is so funny! He knows everything but stops at the surface of everything. ! What do people say? The ins and outs of everything must be explored. 。 That's my friend Hastings. He threw the leg of mutton on the plate and left the storeroom. Then he looked out the window. Our friend the inspector is here. Yes,Concealed Flush Valve, I have read what I want to see here. He tapped on the table absently, as if he were concentrating on calculating something. Then, out of the blue, ask, "What day is today?"? My friend "Monday." I said,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, a little surprised, "What & # 8212; & # 8212;?" "Ah!"! Monday, isn't it? A bad day of the week. It was a real mistake to commit murder on a Monday. Walking back to the living room, he tapped on the glass on the wall and looked at the thermometer. Hey, 70 degrees Fahrenheit. A typical English summer. You're not very interested in this case? Sir Said Poirot. The other smiled. You know, it's not my area of expertise. I'm an expert at some things, but not this. So, I'll stand aside and let you go. In the East, I learned to be patient. The inspector rushed in quickly and apologized for his departure. He insisted on taking us around again, but we finally turned it down. Thank you for your courtesy, Prison toilet for sale ,Flush Retrofit Kit, inspector. Said Poirot. We went back to the streets of the town. "I have one more request." "You want to see the body, don't you, sir?" "Ah!"! God! No! I'm not interested in the body. I want to see Robert Grant. 。” 'You'll Have to drive back to Morreton with me to see him, sir. ' All right, let's do it. But I have to talk to him alone. The inspector stroked his upper lip. Yes, sir. I don't know if I can. "I assure you that if you ask the Metropolitan Police for instructions, they will comply." Of course, sir, I have heard your name, and I know that you have always been good to us. But it's against the rules. "But it is necessary." Poirot said calmly, "Grant is not the murderer, so I must do it." "What?"? So, who is the murderer? I guess the murderer is a young man. He came in a cabriolet, left it outside, went in to kill, came out, and drove away again, without a hat, and with blood on his clothes. But someone in the whole town should have seen him. !” "Not in some cases." "Maybe not at night, but the murder happened in broad daylight!" Poirot just smiled. "Besides, there are horses and carriages, sir. How can you be sure?" ? Any vehicle will pass outside. No one saw any particular car. "Perhaps the study of the body does not see, but the eye of the mind can see." The inspector touched his forehead thoughtfully and smiled at me. I'm completely confused, but I have a lot of confidence in Poirot. We all drove back to Morreton with the inspector and ended the argument. Poirot and I were taken to Grant's, but this meeting had to be with a police officer. Poirot came straight to the point. Grant, I know you had nothing to do with this. You tell me what really happened. The prisoner was a man of medium height who did not look very pleasant on the outside. He has the appearance of a prisoner. I swear to God I didn't kill him. He said sadly, "Someone put those little glass people on my two-wheeled carriage.". It's a setup, that's all. Like I said, when I go in, I go straight to my room. I had no idea what was going on until I screamed. I swear. God, I didn't do it. Poirot stood up. If you don't tell me the truth,Time Delay Faucet, there will be no need for us to talk. "But, my Lord!" 'You Did go into the parlour & # 8212; & # 8212; you did know that your master was dead. When that Bessie found out about the tragedy, you were trying to flee the scene. The man stared at Poirot with his mouth drooping. Tell the truth! Isn't that right? I solemnly tell you to tell the truth. Your only chance is to come clean. 。” 。 cnkexin.com
The fact is true, Cai Mammy was sent to this is framed, now can not go back because the Tian family simply forgot this number of people, will not reuse. Cai Mammy has been quite embarrassed in the Ming family for so many months. She thought that the Tian family would take her back if they knew that Ming Yuexiang would not enter the palace, but now she finally recognized the reality. She had thought that one day she would be personally sent back by the Ming family, or that she would lick her face and be laughed at by the old women, and then be thrown into a corner of the Tian family to fend for herself. But she is not reconciled, not reconciled to their own life so finished, fortunately, fortunately, God has not abandoned her, and finally let her wait for the opportunity. In Xuandi, it was almost impossible for a merchant to marry a wife of an aristocratic family. Even if the children of those aristocratic families were to marry some of the poor people of the aristocratic family or the mud-legged people of the farming and reading families, they would never be willing to marry a merchant's wife. Although Xuandi did not restrain the merchants, the idea of those people in the aristocratic family was deeply rooted. In order to maintain mutual benefit with the merchants, they were more willing to marry some concubines of the merchant family. So when Mammy Cai learned that Ming Yuexiang was going to marry the general, she was as surprised as Master Ming. Then she made up her mind immediately after confirming the news. There was still a Mammy missing from the nine girls, a Mammy who could help her take charge of the family. Do you want me to marry you to the General's Office? Mingyuexiang listened to her without any beating around the Bush and sympathetic statement,push button toilet flush valve, she had a calculation in her heart, she really needed a Mammy who knew a lot, even a little about the palace, Mammy Cai herself was trained for the Tian family girl, and it was not easy for the palace maid to get big, but Mingyuexiang could not guarantee that the Mammy's dowry would not be ambitious in the past. And then he tried to control her. And ask the girl to help. Cai Mammy character is there,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, can not say anything particularly nice, life is also very pragmatic, otherwise the Tian family will not be bewitched by other people to push her out. It's just that your indenture is still in the Tian family. Mingyuexiang turned a few corners in her heart and looked at Mammy Cai's expression. In fact, she was already half willing. After all, she could not find a more suitable candidate, but if Mammy's indenture was not in her hands, she would feel very uneasy. The girl was going to marry the general, and if the girl had sent someone to buy an old slave from Tian Fu, Tian Fu would have been willing. The Tian family was eager to please the future general's wife with her useless old woman. Bright Moon Fragrance overflowed a smile, only considered for a moment and then answered. Mammy Cai was overjoyed and waited for her to go out. Many people knew that Mingyuexiang would take Mammy Cai's dowry to the General's Office, so more people came to the door in private. Pow! A budding flower just floated down on the table. Girl Shallow Creek hurried over and took the scissors from Ming Qingwan. "Why should the girl be angry with the old woman?" The branches and leaves were filled with righteous indignation and said that she knew that the girl had invited Mammy Cai many times, but who knew that Mammy did not enter the oil and salt, only said that the servant of Tian Fu could not make the decision, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Manual Flush Valve, and this time the old woman at the head of Mingyuexiang made the decision? It's too much of a bully! I'm a concubine, she's a wife. Climb high, of course. No matter how good Ming Qingwan's temper was, this time she also brought out her anger. In her opinion, Mammy Cai was much better than the average educated Mammy. The maid who taught her her skills in those years must have been hidden, but it was a pity that the Tian family was blind and stupid and mistook fish eyes for pearls. She wanted to take the Mammy to the Kong family, which would surely become a help in the future, but she didn't expect to be cheap again! "It's just an old Mammy. Are we looking for anyone in the future?" "Don't forget, girl," the branches and leaves whispered carefully. "Our aunt also had several nuns around her at that time." Ming Qingwan said nothing, but looked coldly at the broken flowers on the table. Night falls and everything is silent. Mingyuexiang just fell asleep and felt wrong. She wanted to struggle to get up, but found that consciousness was still there, but people could not wake up. She was suddenly shocked, only to feel that the master of poison was killed this time, afraid that it was necessary to take her life this time. The more struggling, the more disappointed, Ming Yuexiang was so anxious that he could not help shouting Qin Jiao's name in his heart. It seems that someone is already stationed in Nvtan Yue's heart? Fluttering, an old man's voice came. Ming Yuexiang felt strange and was afraid that someone was pretending to be a ghost. Don't be afraid, Nvtan Yue. Lao Dao is just entrusted by others, not a person with evil thoughts. At first, Mingyuexiang felt dark in front of her eyes, but slowly there was a warm light in front of her, and there was a person standing in the warm light, as if he was holding a piece of floating dust in his hand. Unable to speak, Mingyuexiang could only say silently in her heart: Who are you? The strange thing was that the old man seemed to be able to hear it. He laughed and said, "Lao Dao is a man who has a long history with Nu Tan Yue." Mingyuexiang didn't believe it at all. Nu Tan Yue came from another world. What did Lao Dao say? If Ming Yuexiang had not been unable to speak, she would have exclaimed at this time. It took her a long time to think, "Are you going to send me back?"? "No, no, no. Nvtan Yue is destined to come here. The old way can't go against heaven." The old Taoist said in a mysterious and mysterious way. Ming Yuexiang breathed a sigh of relief. The days here are so good. Who wants to go back and suffer? Nu Tan Yue can feel that life is worry-free and everything goes well at the moment? The moon should be fragrant. Ha ha ha, very good, very good. Lao Dao is here today about the future of Nu Tan Yue. Mingyuexiang felt a chill in her heart. Could it be that she would be in trouble in the future? "Nu Tan Yue don't want to guess.". Lao Dao left only one question. The more the female sandalwood wanted to sit on the phoenix, or the lovebird? Mingyuexiang immediately felt that she was not good, the branch phoenix that is to enter the meaning of the harem, but she clearly has lost the opportunity to choose into the palace, is her marriage to have any waves? But what does the lovebird mean? A congenial husband? Is she and Qin Jiao? To say that the old way is really really see through her mind, she was born with ambition, if she could enter the palace at the beginning, she would never be willing to hook up with Qin Jiao, even if you can do the general's wife,Time Delay Tap, compared to the wife of a courtier, she is more willing to mother instrument world in the future, do the queen mother. cnkexin.com
“……” Mu Donghan gritted his teeth, listening to the beep from his cell phone, and his face was black and dripping ink. Nima, hang up on me again. General Manager Mu has such an expression that the rescuer didn't come. The proud voice made Mu Donghan's face stiffer. Mu Donghan restored his domineering power and turned the car key in his hand: "Isn't my dear spoiled by me? You can rest assured that my bet with Liang Zong will naturally count." ***, Luo Shu, your soul is weak. If you don't come, I will die. Liang Dongqiang smiled in a low voice and hugged the girl beside him. He did not hesitate to cover the girl's chest and pinch her round, which made the girl exclaim. If Gu Jin were here, he would naturally recognize that the girl was Liang Yun, who was thrown out by her today. Mu Donghan eyes with disgust, took a look and no longer look. He never thought that Liang Yun, who should have said a few days ago that she only loved him in her life, would climb into someone else's bed so quickly, and even come to the door with someone else. As soon as he arrived at the entertainment venue, he was stopped by this man, saying that he was gambling a few games. But he didn't expect that it would be a pit. Now he is penniless, temporarily detained here, Luo Shu is his secretary, only she can move money out of the company. Mu Donghan glanced at Liang Yun,14 needle valve, who was snuggling beside Liang Dongqiang with a charming smile, and his eyes turned deep. Long fingers press the number of Luoshu. Mu Zong, if you are too idle to call me, then forgive me for not accompanying you. Gu Jin took out the key from his bag and planned to open the door. Bring a hundred million, or you'll only see my body. Mu Donghan this time did not wait for Gu Jin to hang up his phone, roared this sentence and hung up the phone. Gu Jin is stupefied, a well character appeared on the head again irrepressibly. Take a deep breath and suppress your tyrannical mood again. Gu Jin did not intend to do what Mu Donghan said,38 tube fitting, anyway, she did not go and he would not die. And she found these days that as long as she was 500 meters away from Mu Donghan, the subtitles would not appear. It's a bit of a relief for her. [Gu Xiaodai: A Jin, if you don't go, Mu Donghan will really die ~ (/ω \)] Gu Jin's action of taking off his shoes:. [Gu Xiaodai: He seems to have been set up to lose completely in the casino.] Gu Jin: If I don't go, he will die, right? [Gu Xiaodai: get √] Gu Jin held his forehead, put things away, went back to the room to change the clothes that were in the way, and opened the door. As for Mu Donghan said 100 million, she felt as if she had not heard it! Mu Donghan left and right and so on is half an hour past, but still did not see the figure of Gu Jin. It's impossible to say that you're not in a hurry. The casino has its own rules. If he loses today, he will lose his life here. Let you be amorous, tube fitting manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting supplier, let you provoke a woman, let you provoke a snake scorpion woman. Mu Donghan thought that when he was interested in Liang Yun, he only wanted to give himself two slaps through time and space. Liang Dongqiang was dressed in a gaudy dress with a glittering gold chain around his neck. Even ten fingers were covered with golden rings, and Mu Donghan only felt his eyes hurt. Mu always lost everything except Mu Shi. What else do you have to bet on? Liang Dongqiang laughed, thinking that he had won several hundred million yuan today and was in a very good mood. Mu Donghan's heart was blocked, and he knew clearly that the man in front of him was cheating, but he was stunned that there was nothing he could do. How about gambling on your life? Light voice, but also with a little sweet, but let Mu Dong cold eyes instantly a happy. Amitabha, heaven and earth, this ancestor has finally come. Mu Donghan instantly had confidence, did not understand what Gu Jin said, and then said: "That is, how can we gamble.." "***.." Mu Donghan suddenly turned to look at Gu Jin and lowered his voice: "Don't choose to take revenge at this time, OK?" Gu Jin rolled his eyes and used the idiom in reverse, only for the people in front of him. Mu Donghan has noticed Gu Jin's clothes, a suit of clothes is obviously changed, not the afternoon that a white business suit, white sweater with jeans, very casual and comfortable. It's like she's not in a casino, she's in a vegetable market. The problem is, it's a gamble. This man is here to make trouble! This man definitely doesn't want to come to the rescue! "Have you brought the money you were asked to bring?" Mu Donghan grabbed Gu Jin, took a look at Liang Dongqiang, who was still unknown, and scolded him in a low voice. No Gu Jin took a gentle look at Mu Donghan and said that the wind was light and the clouds were light. No Mu Donghan only felt that his blood pressure soared in an instant, which made him dizzy and dizzy. Liang Dongqiang looked at Gu Jin with special interest, and his eyes flashed with interest: "Do you want to gamble with me?" "It's boring to play at twenty-four o'clock." Gu Jin stretched out his finger to push aside the cards, pulled out the big ghost and the small ghost, raised his eyebrows and chuckled: "It's better to play the lucky wheel." Liang Dongqiang eyes more interesting, push aside Liang Yun's hand, reach out to pull Gu Jin's hand. Gu Jin took back the opportunity, as if he had not seen this scene: "a gun has six bullet holes, four empty rounds, and two bullets." "You are the little devil, and I am the big devil." "If you draw my card, you will shoot me," said Gu Jin, shaking the two trump cards in his hand and then putting them between his fingers. "If I draw yours, I'll shoot you. Do you dare to play?" Liang Dongqiang only felt that half of his body was softened by Gu Jin's horizontal glance. He nodded: "The little beauty is willing to play. We don't want to add more bets." "Yes." "You're crazy." Mu Donghan grabbed Gu Jin, and the expression in his eyes completely revealed his disapproval. This madman, he really took the wrong medicine. To pull this maniac over here and *** around. Gu Jin took a light look at Mu Donghan and whispered, "Don't you want to get back what you lost today?" "How can those things compare with human life? Are you sick?" Mu Donghan looked at Gu Jin so calm and indifferent,brass tube fitting, gas on the heart, do not want to roar in the past. If this lucky plate is really blocked, I really can't walk today. He didn't take medicine when he went out. Did this woman take medicine when she went out. chinaroke.com
Que Ziyuan's hand holding her chin slowly dropped down and looked at her red eyes. "How can you be so greedy?" Gu Qiqi was speechless and his eyes were filled with tears. Not a little while, he is overbearing ground to embrace her again, ", we still have time, later, what your heart installs can be me only." Gu Qiqi shed tears and shook his head. "Master, I may not be able to do it." "Year!" Que Ziyuan gave a low roar and held her shoulder even harder, inexhaustible anger and helplessness. Gu Qiqi looked at him with burning eyes and spoke firmly, "I want to see him, and I want to see him now." Que Ziyuan's state of mind had already cracked, and his bloodshot eyes were frightening. He said word by word, "Impossible!" "The master of the house." Gu Qiqi tried to grab his hand, but he dodged. He stood on the edge of the bed and looked down at her, his expression changing from frantic to his usual sullen coolness. "Don't think about seeing him again, or I'll make him disappear from this world." Gu Qiqi looked at the back of Que Ziyuan's departure with dull eyes and reached out to wipe his eyes, but he did not expect to wipe more and more tears. She's probably too involved in the play. [Xiao Qiqi.. What happened to you Xiaowu suddenly jumped out. Gu Qiqi looked at the direction of the door, feeling stuffy, and said perfunctorily, "It's all right." After that, Xiaowu stopped making a sound. After that day, Que Ziyuan put Gu Qiqi under house arrest,38 needle valve, and all the communication equipment was taken away, so that she could not contact the outside world. Even when she went out of the door, she was followed by people, as if she was afraid that she would suddenly run away. Que Ziyuan was more silent and cold than ever before. Every night, he would toss her around, as if he really wanted to use this method to dispel all the memories of Lu Yunshen in her mind. Gu Qiqi also did not resist, but a stream of tears,stainless steel tube fitting, he will stop, just quietly hold her and do not speak. After a few days of this, while he left Que's house, Gu Qiqi opened the window and climbed down with the curtains and sheets. After Gu Qiqi landed safely, he avoided the security guards of Que's house and walked in the direction of the gate. Xu was that Que Ziyuan did not expect her to escape at all, so he did not inform the people below to take good care of her. So she went out of Que's house, and according to the route in the memory of the original owner, Gu Qiqi came to Lu Yunshen's private apartment. Chapter 80 Lu Yunshen had no intention of working these days, so he happened to be at home. When he opened the door and saw Gu Qiqi, he was stunned for a moment, then hugged her excitedly, "!" Gu Qiqi hung his hands at his side and did not hold him as usual. I don't know why, although there is a scene of hugging him in my memory, but Gu Qiqi is not used to it, even some resistance, ball valve manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, but she did not show it. Are you all right? Did Que Ziyuan do anything to you? Lu Yunshen asked with concern. Gu Qiqi shook his head and whispered, "I'm all right, Brother Lu." Lu Yunshen recognized the strange tone of her voice, thinking of the last time he heard her voice to Que Ziyuan, his eyes suddenly sank. He kept telling himself that it was the beast of Que Ziyuan who had done it to her, and that she was innocent. But in spite of this, he felt that his chest was full of anger that could not be vented. Tell me, what's going on? Did he force you?! His voice was full of anger, and he squeezed her thin shoulder. No, he's very kind to me. Gu Qiqi spoke in a low voice, but did not dare to look into his eyes. Lu Yunshen saw her hesitant appearance, as if suddenly understood what general, the heart felt a burst of suffocation. He has always known the existence of Que Ziyuan, but also know his feelings, he has been worried that one day he will be moved. I didn't expect this day to come. I seem to have fallen in love with Que Ziyuan. He was good to you? That's not what you said before. You said you hated that he was always in charge of you. You hated that he always threatened you. You hated that he was always cold like a robot! Lu Yunshen retold slowly, his mind burning with anger, his eyes ready to crack. Gu Qiqi listened to his words, but could not help but defend Que Ziyuan, "but his nature is cold, he just does not know how to express-" "Enough, Nian!" Lu Yunshen gave a drink and interrupted her with a sullen expression on his face. Brother Lu, I.. Gu Qiqi did not finish the words, and silently shed tears, as if encountered a big problem. Lu Yunshen loosened her shoulder and looked at her coldly. "You like Que Ziyuan, don't you?" Gu Qiqi reached out to grab his hand, but he stepped back and roared, "Answer me, Nian!" "Big Brother Lu." Gu Qiqi's eyes were red and moist, and her little face was full of tears. "I'm sorry." Lu Yunshen looked at her sarcastically. "Why are you sorry?"? I asked you if you liked Que Ziyuan! "I like the master of the house, but Brother Lu, I like you too." Gu Qiqi learned from the memory of the original owner that Lu Yunshen was usually easy to get along with, but in fact he had a strong self-esteem. If he knew that she had two people in her heart, he would be angry and give her up. According to his dull temper, it is possible to regret later, but it will be too late by then. So now Lu Yunshen's reaction, Gu Qiqi is not surprised. After Gu Qiqi's words, Lu Yunshen remained motionless, the temperature in his eyes getting colder and colder, as if she had refreshed his cognition. He turned his head slowly, looked at the man beside the elevator, and said with a sneer, "Que Ziyuan, did you hear that?" Gu Qiqi turned his head and stared at Que Ziyuan, "Master, why are you here.." Lu Yunshen's face changed and he reached out to pull her to his side, but this time she threw her away. She even stepped back and distanced herself from him,pipe fittings manufacturer, as if she were afraid that Que Ziyuan would misunderstand something. He had seen her like this before, but at that time he and Que Ziyuan played opposite roles. So, what she likes more now should be Que Ziyuan. chinaroke.com
I've heard it a thousand years ago, and I've heard it many times. Oh, yes. Xia He added, "We gave you these eyes, too." I was stunned: "What do you mean?!"! The ghost eye belongs to the king of demons. When did it belong to you again? "This pair of ghost eyes was taken out by the King of Demons from Wang Baoku. It was us who stole the ghost eyes and put them on you." Xia He said. I was too shocked to speak. I always thought that the person who stole the ghost eye to me was Song Lingfeng, but I didn't think that the people behind it were these people! A pair of ghost eyes, a thousand years of conspiracy, the words of ghosts, come true. And the last sentence, I will eventually lose the most beloved person, do you want to come true? No, I won't! I won't let that happen! "Mrs. Shahe." Although I don't know what to call Leng Mo's mother, well, that's it: "So, are you here to stop us?" Xia He was silent. After a pause, he immediately said, "Anyway, if you come here and don't go to have a meal, I won't entertain you well. Let's go. I'll cook for you." With these words, she walked towards the house. Leng Mo stood there and did not move. I dragged him: "Leng". He suddenly turned around and held me in his arms. "No matter what happens,needle valve manufacturer, you will be by my side, won't you?" I was stunned, his breath, his temperature, his breath, his heartbeat, so clear, so clear. In an instant,14 tube fitting, the image of holding my body and crying until my heart was broken came to my eyes again. Chapter 712 memories of the past. My nose was sour and I hugged him back: "I will be by your side, forever, no matter what the future is, no matter what will happen in the future.". Leng Mo tightened me even harder. Anyway, we rarely meet the people behind it here. Maybe we can find some clues about the people behind it. Let's see what your mother is going to do first. Leng Mo took a deep breath, finally let go of me, looked at me a few eyes, and immediately held my hand: "In this way, I will not be afraid." He took my hand, said to me, so holding you, I will not be afraid, no matter what cruel things ahead are waiting for me, I can go on without hesitation. Because I know I have you by my side. I paused, stainless steel needle valve ,12 needle valve, clasped his hand, looked ahead and said, "Let's go." In front of the summer lotus pushed open the door of the room, smiling gently: "Speaking of, this is the first time that Xiao Mo took the girl he liked home for dinner." If we abandon our hostile identity, abandon the place we are in, abandon the countless companions waiting for me to save, this scene is really like what Xia He said. If Tong Sheng is here, he will say Xia He is hypocritical. I'm not afraid of what tricks she wants to play. Now I can deal with any unexpected events calmly. What I'm worried about now is Leng Mo. This man has been very wrong since he saw Xia He. I can feel his intense emotional fluctuations. Come on in. Don't be afraid. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have done it already, wouldn't I? Leng Mo fixed to see Xia He a few eyes, after all, is his biological mother, his attitude finally softened down, led me in. Probably the decoration and room layout in the house were exactly the same as before, which made Leng Mo feel moved. He raised his hand to touch the wall and said to me: "When I was a child, my ability was unstable. I burned a big hole in the wall here, and my mother took a board to fill it again." I looked at the patched wall, paused, and asked in a low voice, "Didn't your family use to be aristocrats?" "Yes.". But my mother never relied on her father's power to make a living by growing flowers and vegetables, and her life was very poor. "Well" Leng Mo pointed to the corner of a chair again: "When I was a child, I was lazy and had no breath. My father was angry and swung the chair to hit me. It was my mother who blocked it for me. The corner of my father's powerful chair was broken." There was a chair with a missing corner in the corner. The house was full of memories of Leng Mo's childhood. He pulled me to talk constantly, recalling the past as he talked. Sometimes a smile appeared on his face, and sometimes sadness appeared. I listened to him quietly and admired him for remembering so clearly. He must have loved this family deeply. Xia He also stood quietly beside, with a warm smile on his face, listening to Leng Mo's words, sometimes saying a few words, Leng Mo laughed, such a scene, how like a wanderer finally came home, finally saw his mother, mother joy, son joy. Having said so much, the little girl must be hungry. Sit down quickly. I looked at Xia He a few times and then sat down at the table. Leng Mo sat beside me. Xia He brought up a table of delicious food and sat down opposite us. "Eat it while it's hot. Don't worry. There's no poison in it." I wanted the green tortoise to help test, but I couldn't call out the green tortoise for a long time. Don't waste your efforts. This is a special space. The four mythical beasts can't get in. The green turtle on your waist was isolated from the outside as early as you entered this space. Xia He said. She seems to know everything and know everything. It makes me even more curious about the man behind her. Xiao Mo, don't you tell me how you know the little girl Tong Tong? Xia He asked Leng Mo. Leng Mo a meal, turned to look at me, I am also looking at him. He thought for a moment and said, "From the first moment I met her, she was a troubled woman." My first encounter with Leng Mo was not so good. I was drugged naked and pressed on the bed by other men. He killed the man and then pressed me and said to me, "You can't bear me for a while." Now think about it, from the beginning to meet me and Leng Mo is so dirty, but also doomed to become an old driver behind Leng Mo. Perhaps it is from the beginning of that eye, then unwittingly quietly growing feelings,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, a fall, this life, she is her own robbery. Leng Mo said. I smiled and shook my head. "Maybe you were wrong to choose me from the beginning." "I am willing to make mistakes." He stared at me. Will be wrong on the wrong? I'm not. chinaroke.com
Outside the home of the blind NPC aunt, there was a crowd of bright players, dressed in glittering armor, personalized clothes, and colorful satin. One by one, they gathered outside the door, chatted and waited, or entered the house, took the task, buried the stones, watched the flowers bloom, and concentrated on embroidery, hoping to embroider a work that satisfied the NPC aunt and learn the story about the curly chrysanthemum. When the flower pond several people arrive, the star clear blue sky is talking with Ali in a low voice, two people line up in the long player line, waiting for the task. No way, there are too many players to take the task, so they can only organize their own queues, which is the consensus reached by the players after several shopping trips. Seeing several people coming in from Huachi, Xingqing was a little surprised in the blue sky. He raised his eyes and said with a smile, "Huachi, do you also come to take over the task of increasing the ability value?" Paused, say again: "Still, also want to try to be able to finish loving task?" The third volume of China travel records of the unicorn volume 106 blind NPC aunt Chapter 106 blind NPC aunt looked around and saw the waiting players in small groups. All kinds of team emblems were flashing in the sunshine. It was bustling and noisy. The door of NPC aunt's house was as lively as a vegetable market. Hua Chi smiled and said to Xing Qing, "I'm here with a friend to join in the fun and take a look at the magical chrysanthemum." After a few pleasantries, both sides never mentioned that day when Baili Feng pulled the flower pond to escape and jumped into the river. They only talked about the weather, the clouds in the sky and the flowers and plants on the ground. Copper pea came forward, took out the tricolor stone, traded it to Xingqing Blue Sky, and got the money as he wished. He was so happy that he rushed to the blacksmith shop to report the good news, leaving a few people in the flower pond behind the long line, waiting to see the legendary golden chrysanthemum. Looking at the tricolor stone in the blue sky, Xingqing was slightly stupefied and said to Huachi with a smile, "Your luck is still so good. As long as you form a team together, you can produce a lot of best treasures." He sighed lightly and sighed with emotion: "I miss the days when we formed a team together in the novice village. Although the time was very short, I was very happy. I could hit a few little players every day." The flower pond remembers in the novice village, meets the blue wing the person, is also misses very much, said: "Yes, everybody plays together, hits the monster also not to feel bored, quite amusing." In a twinkling of an eye, he looked at Ali, who was standing beside the starry blue sky and was silent. The thief smiled, grabbed his hand and touched it, saying, "Especially when there is slippery and tender tofu to eat every day. I really miss it!" Ali's cheeks were slightly red, and he did not pull back his hand, but looked at the flower pond without making a sound. The flower pool sees he is not angry, the reaction is very ambiguous, not by a startled in the heart, the dark sigh joke opens some to go too far, hurriedly lets go of his hand. Smile shyly, a little embarrassed. Bailifeng looked at Ali's hands and said, "Come on.". The http://www.16K.cN of the computer novel station is the fastest to update. I know someone who has such hands. It's perfect. After a pause, he smiled and whispered, "Qinglongcheng, you have the same surname as me in the game." Hua Chi Wen Yan suddenly turned his head. Looking at Baili Feng, he was stunned for a moment and asked, "How many people are there in the game whose surname is Baili?" Baili Fenglang smiled and said, "As far as I know, there are at least five. The man in Qinglong City is one, side impact door beams ,cold drawn tubes, and so is Queen Ace, whom we just met.". Her full name is Bailiace. I count one, white tiger, rosefinch also have, in addition there are some messy people. Also all take a hundred miles of surnames, "look at the pool.". Ponder slightly. "There is also a game whose name is not Baili, but whose real name is Baili," he added. That's how it works. That's a lot. In front of the door of the blind NPC aunt, the players gathered in small groups and chatted. From time to time, some people laughed loudly and made a lot of noise. Looking up at the white clouds in the blue sky, the bare Chinese parasol trees in front of the house, and the withered winter grass trampled by the players in the yard, I suddenly feel that the world is strange and confusing. You The flower pond looked at the hundred-mile maple, hesitated to speak, did not know how to say, what to say. "I what?" Baili Feng smiled, blinked his eyes and said, "My surname is Baili, too. This is my real name." After a pause, he narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, "The only contribution of the man who gave birth to me is this surname." Flower pond is a little indissoluble, ask: "Be to say your father?" He frowned and felt that Bailifeng did not respect his own father very much. No, "Bailifeng shook his head, some childishly curled his lips and said," But I just provided a sperm cell. Physiologically speaking, it's the one who gave birth to me. "He beeped his mouth and said willfully and stubbornly," My father is not him. My father is the brother who gave birth to my man. "At this point, Bailifeng's face showed a serious expression for the first time. "In my heart, there is only one father," he said with respect. Other people, even if I came to this world because of his impulse, I will never admit it. Bailifeng, eyes complex, bow their heads and keep silent. After a moment of silence, the players in front came out, and finally it was Huachi's turn to go in and pick up the task. Into the house, just feel NPC aunt home, in fact, is not big, but the lighting is very good. The wide window opens to the south, and the warm winter sun pours down, sprinkling gold on the wooden table near the window and at the head of the bed, which makes people feel comfortable. The furnishings in the room are simple, and the tables and chairs are less angular and more curved. As soon as the flower pond entered the door, I saw the ancient celadon flowerpot on the wooden table, with green bamboo on the edge of the pot, which was very lovely. But what did not match it was the brown withered plant planted in the pot. Yes, brown, it is a plant that looks like a withered and dead plant, brown stems, withered and yellow leaves, bare branches, no flowers and fruits, looks lifeless, if this is not a game, if not in the game task flow, then it can be asserted that this flower is dead. However, here is the game, nature is able to bring the dead back to life, the dead wood back to spring. In the game, the dead can come back to life, not to mention a mere flower. With her eyes closed and her voice hoarse, the blind NPC aunt looked up and asked, "has someone found the stone that can reopen the curly chrysanthemum again?"? Well, I don't know if I can do it this time. Sighed lightly,stainless steel tube 304, say again: "Try, bury a stone in basin, see a flower can open how long." 。 cbiesautomotive.com
But now, Liu Qing knew that she was self-sentimental, embarrassed people replaced by themselves, how can she also care to maintain the face of the male God Jiang, ah, quickly dig a hole to bury themselves. Liu Qing now to Jiang Jingxing is a bit to avoid, aware of the person is not only a Jiang Jingxing, Liu Yanning they all found this. Liu Yanning said that he was gratified that as a qualified sister control, of course, he did not want his sister to have a more "competent" brother than himself. He was eager for his sister not to play with Jiang Jingxing. That day, Liu Qing once again said hello, deliberately ignored the eyes of the male God Jiang who had something to say, and went to the backyard without waiting for him to open his mouth. Liu Yanning looked at a flash of depression in her friend's eyes. She was in a good mood. She could not stop feeling proud. She seemed to be relieved and sighed with emotion: "Qingqing has grown up to be sensible. At least she knows how to avoid suspicion.". Jing Xing, don't take it to heart. Jiang Jingxing in the bottom of my heart "ha ha" two, take back the line of sight to look at Liu Yanning, if you want to compare eloquence, he will not lose to Liu Yanning, Jiang Jingxing quickly asked: "listen to the meaning of Yanning, I am an outsider?" Anyway, he won't be Qingqing's brother, and he can't compare with himself. Liu Yanning replied in her heart and said with a smile, "Jing Xing misunderstood me. I mean Qingqing is a big girl after all. She may get married in two years. Naturally, she can't play like she was a child." Listening to his friend's proud tone, Jiang Jingxing intentionally asked, since you want to avoid suspicion, how can you not see the difference between them and before? Even brothers and sisters have to pay attention to the defense of men and women. Just compared to their brother and sister's way of getting along,Cold Drawn Tubes, Jiang Jingxing more mind the other side mentioned that she wanted to marry, not by squinting his eyes, like unintentionally asked: "Speaking of." Haven't you heard from the Suns yet? Things in the past few months, Jiang Jingxing has long wanted to ask, but there has been no movement at his friend's home, he knew that if he had been engaged, it would not be so quiet, he wondered if he had encountered any problems. If there is really no marriage, he is even more difficult to ask,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, in the end is not a glorious thing. Of course, Jiang Jingxing still had some expectations in his heart, even rejoicing, but now that he heard Liu Yanning mention this stubble, he suddenly had a bad feeling. Liu Yanning also paused, thinking that he was complacent, how to mention this stubble again? Just as Jiang Jingxing was afraid that the result would be "bad" and asked him to be embarrassed, Liu Yanning was also embarrassed. His sister's life event was hidden from many people at home. No matter how harmonious his relationship with Jingxing was, he could not take it as a talking point. At most, he would invite friends to attend the wedding banquet later. It is not easy to say these details now. At first, however, the master gave the matter of inquiring about the Sun family to Jing Xing, which meant that Jing Xing had helped his family a lot, but now he was hiding the result from him, which was somewhat suspected of "burning bridges across rivers". Liu Yanning was embarrassed for a moment, but he still told the truth, saying that the other party was still in filial piety, and it was not good to discuss marriage, beam impact tubes ,side impact beams, so he would only mention it a year later. A year later? Jiang Jingxing's heart sank, so sooner or later he would be engaged to Sun Shaoyu. Jiang Jingxing was a little upset for no reason. He couldn't help saying, "Is it a bad omen to have an accident at this moment?" Liu Yanning was stupefied for a moment, thinking that everyone in the capital was fastidious about this. He immediately said with a smile, "It doesn't matter. The magistrate Sun doesn't mind. We also left letters to each other." Jiang Jingxing is even more unhappy, even the token certificate has, what is the difference with the formal engagement. Liu Yanning is still in the sincere thanks: "I think Lord Sun Gui as a parent official, easily will not go back on his word, Jing Xing need not be oversensitive." What was he worried about? He was eager for the magistrate to go back on his word. Jiang Jingxing is not the taste of thinking, he took the girl as a sister, the girl may not take him as a brother, but the mouth said well, now for a man who has not seen and he will avoid suspicion, how did not see her with Yanning to avoid suspicion? It can be seen that she did not take him as one of her own, such a heartless girl, what did he worry about her? Jiang Jingxing was extremely unbalanced at the moment, so he did not realize that he was too "vicious". The little girl was burning bridges and forgetting righteousness, but it was not so serious that he cursed people to be repented of marriage. He has hidden selfish motives! It's a pity that Jiang Jingxing didn't get his mind, but he got angry with Liu Qing. Of course, he did it unilaterally. Jiang Jingxing thought that the girl would forget her righteousness for the sake of a man she had never seen before. Why didn't he help her? So for several months in a row, Liu Qing went in and out of Jiangfu every day as usual, and Jiang Jingxing was under the same roof, but the number of times they met could be counted on both hands. Liu Qing is aware of this anomaly, but just like Jiang Jingxing's resentment, she is really heartless, even glad that she rarely met with Jiang Jingxing, she is less embarrassed once, in another year and a half, she will probably be able to forget the stupidity that has been turned over. However, God did not ask Liu Qing to do so in the end, because the Chinese New Year is coming again. Life is comfortable, time is as fast as running water, another year has passed in the blink of an eye, Jiang yuanchen father and daughter still do not intend to return to Beijing this year, but he asked the meaning of Jiang Jingxing. Although far away in Jiangzhou, has been almost two years didn't return to the capital, Jiang yuanchen they and Jiangning Hou fu contact is not broken, before Hou fu is sent every three or five things, for fear that they suffer in the countryside, then Jiang Jingxing managed the business here, in the house people come and go more frequently, Hou fu there even Liu Qing and Liu Yanning birthday did not forget to send a gift, Not to mention communication. Jiang yuanchen specifically asked Jiang Jingxing, because he received a letter from his elder brother, that is, Jiang Jingxing's father, Hou Fu hoped that Jiang Jingxing would return to Beijing for the New Year, in addition to the elders in the family, but also because of the age of Jiang Jingxing. In fact, even without this letter, Jiang yuanchen will call Jiang Jingxing back to Beijing, he knew that his nephew also wanted to take the imperial examination, he also hoped that he would take the imperial examination, but now the time is not yet ripe, Jingxing temporarily took over the general affairs of the government, another two years of experience,beam impact tubes, and so on after a few years of chaos in the situation, the various forces have no time to take into account so much, Jingxing will have a chance to emerge. cbiesautomotive.com
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