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The medical worker who assisted in monitoring Lin Fei's treatment were somewhat shocked to see a large box full of black malodorous liquid. The original treatment of a patient, will only discharge a small layer of dirt, is this prisoner ten years did not bathe. The medical worker looked at the treatment cabin to consume the value of the recovery fluid, unexpectedly caught up with the consumption of ten seriously injured and dying personnel, if not for the life display system of the treatment cabin also showed that Lin Fei's life was normal, these medical worker thought that this time put into the treatment cabin is a corpse. After the cell evolution was completed and the pain passed, the tired Lin Fei passed out. When Lin Fei woke up again, he found himself lying on a bed in a high infirmary. Not far in front of him, the warden, a middle-aged man with a scar on his face, was looking at him happily with a big cigar in his mouth. Behind him stood a line of heavily armed prison guards. You're awake, prisoner Lin Fei. A large amount of advanced yellow energy spar was found under the exploded spar mine. This time, in recognition of your heroic action of slaying dragons, I can give you a reward. What do you want? The warden asked Lin Fei in the hospital bed with a smile. Hearing this and this good thing, Lin Fei thought about it and replied: "Give me an acquittal, or secretly let me go, for example, let me follow the spaceship of the next group of tourists who come to visit the life-and-death fight." Hearing Lin Fei's answer, the warden was stunned and his smiling face disappeared immediately. Forget I said anything about it. The warden said to think about it and turned away. Well, how about giving me clearance to fly a mecha in prison? Lin Fei, as expected, then asked. Are you trying to organize another escape? The warden said to Lin Fei in a tone of distrust. That allows me to surf the Internet freely. Lin Fei sees mecha this kind of weapon,Service Sink Faucets, if not, can only settle for the second best, after all, now online mecha fighting games are also many, can also practice hands. Do you want to contact the outside world through the Internet to help you escape from prison? The warden then asked Lin Fei, for Lin Fei, who had two criminal records of organizing escape from prison, although he had rendered meritorious service now,stainless steel shower tray, the warden could not but guard against it. Forget it, give me a delicious drink and a beautiful woman! Lin Fei answered helplessly. Hearing Lin Fei's request, the warden nodded with satisfaction and left with a row of prison guards behind him. The head of hypocrisy. Looking at the back of the warden's departure, Lin Fei muttered in a low voice. Lin Fei was the only one left in the senior ward. A few minutes later, a baby-faced red-haired girl in a doctor's uniform, Ouyang Feng, came in and blushed as if she was going to do something she was afraid others would see. After seeing that the beauty arranged by the warden was Ouyang Feng, the baby-faced beauty intern, Lin Fei's unhappiness disappeared immediately. I have to go, Lin Fei, my internship is up, I have to go back to medical school to finish my graduation thesis, and then I don't know which government or military hospital of Tianlong Empire I will be assigned to. Ouyang Feng walked to Lin Fei's hospital bed, blushed like a small apple, and sat on Lin Fei's hospital bed and said gently. Lin Fei wanted to get up, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,Self-closing Shower Valve, but found that his whole body was sore and he could not move at all, so he could only nod his head slightly. He ball ball, unexpectedly encountered such a good thing, his body did not recover, is it possible to let Ouyang Feng take the initiative, his passive acceptance, Lin Fei began to think at random in his mind. Lin Fei, thank you for saving me during the prisoner riot last time. If it wasn't for you, I couldn't imagine the consequences. I believe you are a good man, and you are a hero in my heart. After leaving this time, I guess we will never have a chance to see each other again. When I heard about your death a few days ago, I cried for several nights and prayed to God that you, a bad guy, would come back safely. Now, old innocent mercy, let me see you again before I leave the prison of the innocent star Carl. Ouyang Feng said to Lin Fei with a smile and embarrassment, and hit Lin Fei in the leg with a small fist. Lin Fei, lying in bed, has now begun to fantasize about the exciting events that will happen next. I am so happy that this time I was assigned to the prison of the innocent star Carl. It was God's arrangement to meet you. The experience with you is the most unforgettable experience I have ever had. If only you weren't a prisoner. Before I go, let me pay for you once. Don't tell anyone. "Ouyang Feng began to take off Lin Fei's hospital gown with embarrassment.". Two double effect hands began to touch Lin Fei's body, starting from the legs, rubbing hard. Lin Fei is already excited at the moment, blood boiling, feel Ouyang Feng's small hands, press their own very comfortable. But after waiting for more than ten minutes, Ouyang Feng was still massaging her legs, and there was no other movement. Why don't you go on? Why don't you take it off? Lin Fei finally couldn't help asking doubtfully. Am I not continuing to massage your body? Why don't you take it off? The warden said that you were seriously injured and had just come out of the treatment cabin. You need to massage your whole body to recover quickly. It could have been done mechanically, but in order to repay you for saving me last time, I will massage you manually to speed up your recovery. Ouyang Feng said the voice is smaller and smaller, finally the face does not dare to look at Lin Fei, both hands continue to massage Lin Fei's leg muscle. After hearing the answer, Lin Fei was so depressed that he didn't know what to say and began to enjoy the massage of Ouyang Feng, an intern. Chapter 24 The Emergence of Crisis Lin Fei, who knew that he had misunderstood Ouyang Feng's so-called meaning of repaying, began to relax and enjoy Ouyang Feng's massage. Really don't say, as an intern Ouyang Feng's technique wants to be good, I don't know if it's the psychological effect of the little beauty massaging herself, anyway, Lin Fei feels that where Ouyang Feng has pressed, the pain has improved, and it's cool. Lin Fei, who enjoyed a comfortable massage, soon fell asleep again. After two cosmic hours of hard work, Ouyang Feng, who was already sweating, had finished her massage. Looking at the face of Lin Fei, who had begun to sleep soundly in the hospital bed. Bye-bye, my hero. Ouyang Feng said,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, suddenly had a kind of impulse, came forward to kiss the lying Lin Fei's forehead, red face trotted out of the infirmary.

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