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The fact is true, Cai Mammy was sent to this is framed, now can not go back because the Tian family simply forgot this number of people, will not reuse. Cai Mammy has been quite embarrassed in the Ming family for so many months. She thought that the Tian family would take her back if they knew that Ming Yuexiang would not enter the palace, but now she finally recognized the reality. She had thought that one day she would be personally sent back by the Ming family, or that she would lick her face and be laughed at by the old women, and then be thrown into a corner of the Tian family to fend for herself. But she is not reconciled, not reconciled to their own life so finished, fortunately, fortunately, God has not abandoned her, and finally let her wait for the opportunity. In Xuandi, it was almost impossible for a merchant to marry a wife of an aristocratic family. Even if the children of those aristocratic families were to marry some of the poor people of the aristocratic family or the mud-legged people of the farming and reading families, they would never be willing to marry a merchant's wife. Although Xuandi did not restrain the merchants, the idea of those people in the aristocratic family was deeply rooted. In order to maintain mutual benefit with the merchants, they were more willing to marry some concubines of the merchant family. So when Mammy Cai learned that Ming Yuexiang was going to marry the general, she was as surprised as Master Ming. Then she made up her mind immediately after confirming the news. There was still a Mammy missing from the nine girls, a Mammy who could help her take charge of the family. Do you want me to marry you to the General's Office? Mingyuexiang listened to her without any beating around the Bush and sympathetic statement,push button toilet flush valve, she had a calculation in her heart, she really needed a Mammy who knew a lot, even a little about the palace, Mammy Cai herself was trained for the Tian family girl, and it was not easy for the palace maid to get big, but Mingyuexiang could not guarantee that the Mammy's dowry would not be ambitious in the past. And then he tried to control her. And ask the girl to help. Cai Mammy character is there,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, can not say anything particularly nice, life is also very pragmatic, otherwise the Tian family will not be bewitched by other people to push her out. It's just that your indenture is still in the Tian family. Mingyuexiang turned a few corners in her heart and looked at Mammy Cai's expression. In fact, she was already half willing. After all, she could not find a more suitable candidate, but if Mammy's indenture was not in her hands, she would feel very uneasy. The girl was going to marry the general, and if the girl had sent someone to buy an old slave from Tian Fu, Tian Fu would have been willing. The Tian family was eager to please the future general's wife with her useless old woman. Bright Moon Fragrance overflowed a smile, only considered for a moment and then answered. Mammy Cai was overjoyed and waited for her to go out. Many people knew that Mingyuexiang would take Mammy Cai's dowry to the General's Office, so more people came to the door in private. Pow! A budding flower just floated down on the table. Girl Shallow Creek hurried over and took the scissors from Ming Qingwan. "Why should the girl be angry with the old woman?" The branches and leaves were filled with righteous indignation and said that she knew that the girl had invited Mammy Cai many times, but who knew that Mammy did not enter the oil and salt, only said that the servant of Tian Fu could not make the decision, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Manual Flush Valve, and this time the old woman at the head of Mingyuexiang made the decision? It's too much of a bully! I'm a concubine, she's a wife. Climb high, of course. No matter how good Ming Qingwan's temper was, this time she also brought out her anger. In her opinion, Mammy Cai was much better than the average educated Mammy. The maid who taught her her skills in those years must have been hidden, but it was a pity that the Tian family was blind and stupid and mistook fish eyes for pearls. She wanted to take the Mammy to the Kong family, which would surely become a help in the future, but she didn't expect to be cheap again! "It's just an old Mammy. Are we looking for anyone in the future?" "Don't forget, girl," the branches and leaves whispered carefully. "Our aunt also had several nuns around her at that time." Ming Qingwan said nothing, but looked coldly at the broken flowers on the table. Night falls and everything is silent. Mingyuexiang just fell asleep and felt wrong. She wanted to struggle to get up, but found that consciousness was still there, but people could not wake up. She was suddenly shocked, only to feel that the master of poison was killed this time, afraid that it was necessary to take her life this time. The more struggling, the more disappointed, Ming Yuexiang was so anxious that he could not help shouting Qin Jiao's name in his heart. It seems that someone is already stationed in Nvtan Yue's heart? Fluttering, an old man's voice came. Ming Yuexiang felt strange and was afraid that someone was pretending to be a ghost. Don't be afraid, Nvtan Yue. Lao Dao is just entrusted by others, not a person with evil thoughts. At first, Mingyuexiang felt dark in front of her eyes, but slowly there was a warm light in front of her, and there was a person standing in the warm light, as if he was holding a piece of floating dust in his hand. Unable to speak, Mingyuexiang could only say silently in her heart: Who are you? The strange thing was that the old man seemed to be able to hear it. He laughed and said, "Lao Dao is a man who has a long history with Nu Tan Yue." Mingyuexiang didn't believe it at all. Nu Tan Yue came from another world. What did Lao Dao say? If Ming Yuexiang had not been unable to speak, she would have exclaimed at this time. It took her a long time to think, "Are you going to send me back?"? "No, no, no. Nvtan Yue is destined to come here. The old way can't go against heaven." The old Taoist said in a mysterious and mysterious way. Ming Yuexiang breathed a sigh of relief. The days here are so good. Who wants to go back and suffer? Nu Tan Yue can feel that life is worry-free and everything goes well at the moment? The moon should be fragrant. Ha ha ha, very good, very good. Lao Dao is here today about the future of Nu Tan Yue. Mingyuexiang felt a chill in her heart. Could it be that she would be in trouble in the future? "Nu Tan Yue don't want to guess.". Lao Dao left only one question. The more the female sandalwood wanted to sit on the phoenix, or the lovebird? Mingyuexiang immediately felt that she was not good, the branch phoenix that is to enter the meaning of the harem, but she clearly has lost the opportunity to choose into the palace, is her marriage to have any waves? But what does the lovebird mean? A congenial husband? Is she and Qin Jiao? To say that the old way is really really see through her mind, she was born with ambition, if she could enter the palace at the beginning, she would never be willing to hook up with Qin Jiao, even if you can do the general's wife,Time Delay Tap, compared to the wife of a courtier, she is more willing to mother instrument world in the future, do the queen mother.

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