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I feel very embarrassed to sink down. Poirot continued to think, searching every room and cupboard with a discontented expression on his face. Suddenly, he let out a cry of excitement reminiscent of a Pomeranian. I rushed to his side, and he stood theatrically in the storeroom, waving a leg of mutton in his hand. My dear Poirot! I said, "What's wrong?"? Did you suddenly go crazy? Please look at this leg of mutton carefully. Take a closer look! I watched as carefully as I could, but I couldn't see anything unusual. I think this is a very ordinary leg of lamb. I told you the truth. He gave me a stern look. You don't see here & # 8212; & # 8212; here & # 8212; & # 8212; and here ——” Every time he said "here," he poked the innocent joint with his hand, and as he did so, the little icicles on it fell off. Poirot just said that I was fantastic, but now I think he is more excessive than I am. Does he really think of these slender icicles as deadly poison crystals? This was the only explanation I could get for his unusual remark. "It's frozen meat," I explained gently. "You know, imported from New Zealand." He stared at me for a moment and then laughed strangely. My friend Hastings is so funny! He knows everything but stops at the surface of everything. ! What do people say? The ins and outs of everything must be explored. 。 That's my friend Hastings. He threw the leg of mutton on the plate and left the storeroom. Then he looked out the window. Our friend the inspector is here. Yes,Concealed Flush Valve, I have read what I want to see here. He tapped on the table absently, as if he were concentrating on calculating something. Then, out of the blue, ask, "What day is today?"? My friend "Monday." I said,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, a little surprised, "What & # 8212; & # 8212;?" "Ah!"! Monday, isn't it? A bad day of the week. It was a real mistake to commit murder on a Monday. Walking back to the living room, he tapped on the glass on the wall and looked at the thermometer. Hey, 70 degrees Fahrenheit. A typical English summer. You're not very interested in this case? Sir Said Poirot. The other smiled. You know, it's not my area of expertise. I'm an expert at some things, but not this. So, I'll stand aside and let you go. In the East, I learned to be patient. The inspector rushed in quickly and apologized for his departure. He insisted on taking us around again, but we finally turned it down. Thank you for your courtesy, Prison toilet for sale ,Flush Retrofit Kit, inspector. Said Poirot. We went back to the streets of the town. "I have one more request." "You want to see the body, don't you, sir?" "Ah!"! God! No! I'm not interested in the body. I want to see Robert Grant. 。” 'You'll Have to drive back to Morreton with me to see him, sir. ' All right, let's do it. But I have to talk to him alone. The inspector stroked his upper lip. Yes, sir. I don't know if I can. "I assure you that if you ask the Metropolitan Police for instructions, they will comply." Of course, sir, I have heard your name, and I know that you have always been good to us. But it's against the rules. "But it is necessary." Poirot said calmly, "Grant is not the murderer, so I must do it." "What?"? So, who is the murderer? I guess the murderer is a young man. He came in a cabriolet, left it outside, went in to kill, came out, and drove away again, without a hat, and with blood on his clothes. But someone in the whole town should have seen him. !” "Not in some cases." "Maybe not at night, but the murder happened in broad daylight!" Poirot just smiled. "Besides, there are horses and carriages, sir. How can you be sure?" ? Any vehicle will pass outside. No one saw any particular car. "Perhaps the study of the body does not see, but the eye of the mind can see." The inspector touched his forehead thoughtfully and smiled at me. I'm completely confused, but I have a lot of confidence in Poirot. We all drove back to Morreton with the inspector and ended the argument. Poirot and I were taken to Grant's, but this meeting had to be with a police officer. Poirot came straight to the point. Grant, I know you had nothing to do with this. You tell me what really happened. The prisoner was a man of medium height who did not look very pleasant on the outside. He has the appearance of a prisoner. I swear to God I didn't kill him. He said sadly, "Someone put those little glass people on my two-wheeled carriage.". It's a setup, that's all. Like I said, when I go in, I go straight to my room. I had no idea what was going on until I screamed. I swear. God, I didn't do it. Poirot stood up. If you don't tell me the truth,Time Delay Faucet, there will be no need for us to talk. "But, my Lord!" 'You Did go into the parlour & # 8212; & # 8212; you did know that your master was dead. When that Bessie found out about the tragedy, you were trying to flee the scene. The man stared at Poirot with his mouth drooping. Tell the truth! Isn't that right? I solemnly tell you to tell the truth. Your only chance is to come clean. 。” 。

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