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But now, Liu Qing knew that she was self-sentimental, embarrassed people replaced by themselves, how can she also care to maintain the face of the male God Jiang, ah, quickly dig a hole to bury themselves. Liu Qing now to Jiang Jingxing is a bit to avoid, aware of the person is not only a Jiang Jingxing, Liu Yanning they all found this. Liu Yanning said that he was gratified that as a qualified sister control, of course, he did not want his sister to have a more "competent" brother than himself. He was eager for his sister not to play with Jiang Jingxing. That day, Liu Qing once again said hello, deliberately ignored the eyes of the male God Jiang who had something to say, and went to the backyard without waiting for him to open his mouth. Liu Yanning looked at a flash of depression in her friend's eyes. She was in a good mood. She could not stop feeling proud. She seemed to be relieved and sighed with emotion: "Qingqing has grown up to be sensible. At least she knows how to avoid suspicion.". Jing Xing, don't take it to heart. Jiang Jingxing in the bottom of my heart "ha ha" two, take back the line of sight to look at Liu Yanning, if you want to compare eloquence, he will not lose to Liu Yanning, Jiang Jingxing quickly asked: "listen to the meaning of Yanning, I am an outsider?" Anyway, he won't be Qingqing's brother, and he can't compare with himself. Liu Yanning replied in her heart and said with a smile, "Jing Xing misunderstood me. I mean Qingqing is a big girl after all. She may get married in two years. Naturally, she can't play like she was a child." Listening to his friend's proud tone, Jiang Jingxing intentionally asked, since you want to avoid suspicion, how can you not see the difference between them and before? Even brothers and sisters have to pay attention to the defense of men and women. Just compared to their brother and sister's way of getting along,Cold Drawn Tubes, Jiang Jingxing more mind the other side mentioned that she wanted to marry, not by squinting his eyes, like unintentionally asked: "Speaking of." Haven't you heard from the Suns yet? Things in the past few months, Jiang Jingxing has long wanted to ask, but there has been no movement at his friend's home, he knew that if he had been engaged, it would not be so quiet, he wondered if he had encountered any problems. If there is really no marriage, he is even more difficult to ask,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, in the end is not a glorious thing. Of course, Jiang Jingxing still had some expectations in his heart, even rejoicing, but now that he heard Liu Yanning mention this stubble, he suddenly had a bad feeling. Liu Yanning also paused, thinking that he was complacent, how to mention this stubble again? Just as Jiang Jingxing was afraid that the result would be "bad" and asked him to be embarrassed, Liu Yanning was also embarrassed. His sister's life event was hidden from many people at home. No matter how harmonious his relationship with Jingxing was, he could not take it as a talking point. At most, he would invite friends to attend the wedding banquet later. It is not easy to say these details now. At first, however, the master gave the matter of inquiring about the Sun family to Jing Xing, which meant that Jing Xing had helped his family a lot, but now he was hiding the result from him, which was somewhat suspected of "burning bridges across rivers". Liu Yanning was embarrassed for a moment, but he still told the truth, saying that the other party was still in filial piety, and it was not good to discuss marriage, beam impact tubes ,side impact beams, so he would only mention it a year later. A year later? Jiang Jingxing's heart sank, so sooner or later he would be engaged to Sun Shaoyu. Jiang Jingxing was a little upset for no reason. He couldn't help saying, "Is it a bad omen to have an accident at this moment?" Liu Yanning was stupefied for a moment, thinking that everyone in the capital was fastidious about this. He immediately said with a smile, "It doesn't matter. The magistrate Sun doesn't mind. We also left letters to each other." Jiang Jingxing is even more unhappy, even the token certificate has, what is the difference with the formal engagement. Liu Yanning is still in the sincere thanks: "I think Lord Sun Gui as a parent official, easily will not go back on his word, Jing Xing need not be oversensitive." What was he worried about? He was eager for the magistrate to go back on his word. Jiang Jingxing is not the taste of thinking, he took the girl as a sister, the girl may not take him as a brother, but the mouth said well, now for a man who has not seen and he will avoid suspicion, how did not see her with Yanning to avoid suspicion? It can be seen that she did not take him as one of her own, such a heartless girl, what did he worry about her? Jiang Jingxing was extremely unbalanced at the moment, so he did not realize that he was too "vicious". The little girl was burning bridges and forgetting righteousness, but it was not so serious that he cursed people to be repented of marriage. He has hidden selfish motives! It's a pity that Jiang Jingxing didn't get his mind, but he got angry with Liu Qing. Of course, he did it unilaterally. Jiang Jingxing thought that the girl would forget her righteousness for the sake of a man she had never seen before. Why didn't he help her? So for several months in a row, Liu Qing went in and out of Jiangfu every day as usual, and Jiang Jingxing was under the same roof, but the number of times they met could be counted on both hands. Liu Qing is aware of this anomaly, but just like Jiang Jingxing's resentment, she is really heartless, even glad that she rarely met with Jiang Jingxing, she is less embarrassed once, in another year and a half, she will probably be able to forget the stupidity that has been turned over. However, God did not ask Liu Qing to do so in the end, because the Chinese New Year is coming again. Life is comfortable, time is as fast as running water, another year has passed in the blink of an eye, Jiang yuanchen father and daughter still do not intend to return to Beijing this year, but he asked the meaning of Jiang Jingxing. Although far away in Jiangzhou, has been almost two years didn't return to the capital, Jiang yuanchen they and Jiangning Hou fu contact is not broken, before Hou fu is sent every three or five things, for fear that they suffer in the countryside, then Jiang Jingxing managed the business here, in the house people come and go more frequently, Hou fu there even Liu Qing and Liu Yanning birthday did not forget to send a gift, Not to mention communication. Jiang yuanchen specifically asked Jiang Jingxing, because he received a letter from his elder brother, that is, Jiang Jingxing's father, Hou Fu hoped that Jiang Jingxing would return to Beijing for the New Year, in addition to the elders in the family, but also because of the age of Jiang Jingxing. In fact, even without this letter, Jiang yuanchen will call Jiang Jingxing back to Beijing, he knew that his nephew also wanted to take the imperial examination, he also hoped that he would take the imperial examination, but now the time is not yet ripe, Jingxing temporarily took over the general affairs of the government, another two years of experience,beam impact tubes, and so on after a few years of chaos in the situation, the various forces have no time to take into account so much, Jingxing will have a chance to emerge.

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