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Cheap Gun Cleaning Brush Set For Sale Toronto

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(1) Single-ended brush with plastic handle; (6) Needles;

(3) Black nylon tube brushes; (1) White nylon tube brush;

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(1) Area black nylon brush; (5) Mini brushes

Great for cleaning thin tubes, nozzles, spray guns, tattoo equipment, airbrushes, etc.

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Features of this set include the following:

(1) Single-Ended Brush with Plastic Handle
-Length: 7"
-Individual bristle diameter: 1/16"

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(3) Black Nylon Tube Brushes
-Large size:
Overall length: 11-1/2"; Diameter: 7/16"; Working length: 4"

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-Medium size:
Overall length: 6-1/4"; Diameter: 25/64"; Working length: 2-1/4"

-Small size:
Overall length: 6-1/4"; Diameter: 9/32"; Working length: 2-1/4"

(5) Mini Brushes
-Sizes: #15, #16, #17, #18, #19
-Kept together as a set on a split ring

(1) White Nylon Tube Brush
-Overall length: 8-7/8"
-Diameter: 25/64"
-Working length: 3-1/4"

(1) Area Black Nylon Brush
- Length: 3-7/8"
- Diameter: 13/64"

(6) Needles
- Sizes: #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14
- Kept together as a set on a split ring

This is a great little set of cleaning tools. I am using it to clean my spray guns. This is a great price for what you get! There are many uses for these that I can think of. I would buy it again. Add this set to your tools today.


Even though these are advertised as spray gun cleaning tools, I keep them in my gun cleaning kit and really helps me reach those places that get dirty but are hard to get to.


Appear to be good quality. I previously purchased, at a fair booth, a set of small brushes attached to a ring, just as one of those pictured here. They are far inferior to the ones included in this set. I'd buy again if I needed another set. Recommended.


Multiple sizes and perfect for just about anything small you want to clean. Quality is very good and I use them on a daily basis.


Husband needed this so got it for him works great cleans his military guns no problem nothing worked better :)

Cheap Gun Cleaning Kit Supplies for Rifle Sale Toronto

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Cleans In 1 Quick Pass! Pre-scrub Solution Can Be Applied First, Brushes Then Scrub The Barrel; Cleaning Cloth Cleans-up, And Remaining Length Can Apply Any Lubricant You Wish - All In A Single Pass!

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Solvent Safe, Machine Washable & Reusable Hundreds Of Times.

Gun Cleaning Kit Canada

Lightweight And Compact - Fits Easily Into Your Pocket, To Assure It’s Always Ready.

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Packaged In Clamshell. Beware Of Competitor Products Which Are Packaged In Zip Baggies.


Works great. Shot 200 rounds with my Colt AR 15 and ran this through when I got home from the range and started to clean. It cleaned it out in one pass. Made of good quality it seems - only used once. Added Hoppes to part of it. I didn't run any patches down to see if it was super clean - dang wish I would have done that now. But I looked down the barrel from the receiver and it seemed totally clean.


I prefer using this bore cleaner compared to using my steel rod and patch system - this is MUCH easier and QUICKER.


Spend the extra bucks and get these instead of the the Richen brand. These have more materials engineering though they look the same in diameter and have double the bristles. The dark green one is the Ultimate BoreSnake and the tan one is a Richen. Keep in mind the Richen one is for a rifle so that is why it is longer. The Richen brand makes me worried it will snap when tugging on it to pull it through. These Ultimate boresnakes feel much more sturdy.


The bore snake is handy and cleans the barrel efficiently to go on for a week or more - by just using the Ultimate Bore Cleaner in my case for Shotgun (Trap). At home, I can add a little spray CLP liquid (e.g Ballistol, Barrel Cleaner, and similar products) for a quick, non-detailed barrel cleaning. For visual effectiveness replacement, the bore cleaner is in white color, this helps to see when it needs to be replaced.

I purchased this Bore Cleaner for my S&W MP15-22 so that I could get it cleaned well after using it. This product stood out because it is American Made, has a brush attached to the cleaner that runs through the barrel before the rest of the material, and I appreciated their video on how to use the product. This is a great bore cleaner and I was really amazed at how well a SINGLE pass through the bore of any of my .22 caliber weapons cleans the bore shiny clean!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great bore cleaner!

Bore Snakes are awesome and a great way to clean a shotgun after a fun day of hunting or shooting. I bought a 16 gauge a few years ago, and never got a bore snake just for 16 gauge. It seems that though 16 gauge is becoming a more popular gun, accessories for it are not as popular. I finally found this one and used it right away. So easy, much better than trying to pull a twelve-gauge bore snake through it. Works beautifully.

Cheap Gun Cleaning Brushes Picks Kit Set For Sale Toronto

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different material brushes from soft to hard (Nylon, Brass, Steel),protect and brush off the dust or dirt clearly on your firearms .

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The stainless steel pick helps to clean stubborn areas on your firearm. The plastic pick is perfect for light cleaning and prevent scratching.

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Larger end(0.71'' high) for bigger areas,small tip(0.51'' high) to get into narrow areas.

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General all-purpose cleaning kit for anyone whom looking for tools to work on and clean their guns or metal work.The brushs can be other use that requires a brushes, such as carburetors, cars etc.

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I give 4 stars as the brass brush small end is wearing out already, HOWEVER, really the value to cost ratio is great. The picks are worth way more than the cost of the set everything else is just “free”.

Case zipper is a bit flimsy but holds everything in its proper place.

It’s worth it for the money. The picks are very useful for cleaning. The bristles on the 2 metal brushes were bent when I received it, but this was surely the fault of the shipping and handling rather than the product manufacturer. Not a big deal

Very nice kit, good price. Pretty good case comes with it also. I like the different tips on the picks And the brushes are sturdy. Used to clean a 22, 9 mm an AR 15.

Nice kit great for getting in the small spots, would recommend this product and seller.

Great and a pack to keep together.

Great value.

Works perfectly. Sleek and fits easily in my range bag.

Very nice little kit. Sturdy enough. Would purchase again.

good stuff guys, used almost all of it already. good price, good products.

Only used the groove sharper for cleaning the club.
Did a good job, better than using a steel brush.

Great combo for keeping your gun clean. Decided to go with this product thanks to its package to keep all the tools nice and tidy. Soft metals without scratching your gun. Highly recommended item.

Cheap Gun Snake Cleaner for Pistol Shotgun Toronto

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The Gun Snake cleaner scrapes gunk out of the barrel and follows with a smooth cloth to wipe it clean and lubricate in one quick pull-through.

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The Gun Cleaner Snake made of sturdy material, high-quality stitching, not easy to be tear. The brass bristles are strong and can be used repeatedly. The brass counterweight is weighed and can be easily inserted into the barrel without being stuck.

Gun Cleaning Kit Canada

They are great for a quick cleaning. It only takes tens of seconds, you don't even have to break down the weapon; just pass the brass through the barrel and drag the Gun Snake through it a couple of times.

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Cleans in 1 quick pass with Gun Cleaning Snake, pre-scrub solution can be applied first. The nylon gun cleaner snake absorbs gun cleaning solvent well and there is no exposed metal to damage sensitive rifling or crown.

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It is easy to carry and can be easily put into your pocket to ensure that it is always available.

I use this (two passes) as the last step in cleaning a handgun or rifle. Just to make sure there's nothing in there and that it's dry. The lead with the weight is plenty long enough for a rifle, and the business end is definitely thick enough to provide real friction, so I know it's doing something.

I don't have much worry that it'll wear out or break soon, but I gave the second one to a friend, so I might buy another two-pack as backups.

In between range visits, when you don't feel like slaving over your weapon, this is a great alternative. Easy to use, and great to keep on top of gun hygiene between serious cleanings. Not meant as a replacement for bore brushes and what not, but incredibly helpful. It arrived quickly, and I would definitely look forward to getting them for other calibers.

Very handy going to give some for Xmas stocking stuffers fit right in pocket so can take with you great product.

Great Snake for my bores! Have a 357 38 special, and a couple of 9 mms. Great fit for my barrels. Got to love a good snake for a good bore!

Great bore snakes for a fair price...the only bad thing is there is no way to identify which is which. But its not too hard to figure out.

Good enough and gets the job done!

This is a really great product if you want an easy perfectly clean barrel. These bore snakes are the only thing I use to clean my weapons now and they last for quite a long time. Pretty darn good deal as well for these specific ones.