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Brass Catcher, Universal Shell Catcher Net for Rifle Range

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PICATINNY RAIL MOUNT INCLUDED: Easy to install on any Picatinny rail hand guard

ZIPPERED BOTTOM: Convenient zipper design at bottom of mesh bag allows you to empty your spent brass simply

UPGRADED HEAT RESISTAND MESH: Durable nylon mesh prevent hot brass from melting a hole when ejected

BEARING WEIGHT: Ideal for reloaders and easily holds 100 rounds of empty brass

It attaches very easily and securely but pops right off when it is time to empty the bag.

Heat Resistant Mesh

Internal Metal Wire Frame

Compatible with Most AR models

Mounts Anywhere on a Picatinny Rail

Quick Installation and Removal

Zippered Bottom Designed

Adjustable Distance

I’ve been looking for a brass catcher for a while now and after looking around for a while I realized there was a huge assortment of brands out there. I’ve been more than happy with everything I’ve purchased from XAegis that I decided to give them a try on the brass catcher as well. I attached the rail mount on my Custom AR picatinny rail and adjusted the catcher basket to the ejection port and went straight out to give it a try. I mounted this brass catcher in 2 minutes and was shooting in 5 minutes. I shot fifty rounds in a matter of minutes and was ready to leave the range. Normally I’m spending 10-15 minutes picking up brass... not anymore. I love this thing. I’d highly recommend this XAegis brass catcher to anyone that’s wanting to save some time or has other shooters to the side of them.

Mounted on a Rugar PC9 w/o issues, works very well. Solid mount, tools included, easy to install and remove with button press. Zipper to empty w/o removal. Holds fifty cases easily, maybe more that's all I shot. Some issue with mounting under a scope due to limited room. Had to add I/2 inch rails to raise the scope. In the PC9 it easily fits at the front of the rail and you can slide the catcher back and forth to easily adjust. Have tried a couple of other brands and this is the best so far. Concerned about the netting as it is poly or nylon but the hot cases did no damage with my limited range test. UPDATE 2nd one came today and installed on my AR w/o issue looking forward to testing it soon..

I am a reloaded and get tired of looking for my brass or picking them out of the dirt . I purchased this to use on my AR which has a picatinny rail on top and it works great . It allows me to focus on my shooting and not waste range time looking for brass . One other advantage is that whenever I switch bullets from a different company , I can empty the bag and keep my brass head stamps from being mixed . Hot brass have not effected this bag and it is small enough I can use it without it being cumbersome or effecting the balance of my rifle while shooting . This catcher it a great purchase .

This brass catcher is very sturdy but at the same time super light. It has a metal frame but still weighs slightly under 6 ounces.


Airsoft Target with Auto-Reset, Stand, Trap Net Catcher

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

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Mechanical Auto Reset Target, No Battery Required

Mesh Trap is removable and catches BBs for easy clean-up

Included 3 Circle Targets and 2 Paper Targets

Perfect for Airsoft Shooting Pratice

Airsoft Target with Auto Reset. The targets will fold down when hit and automatically pop back when the last one is hit. Mechanical Auto Reset Target, No Battery Required.

It’s a great choice for a beginner to train to focus. I haven’t tested it yet with my sniper. It’s lightweight. It came without being assembled so I put it together and it’s fun, quickly and easy to assemble.

my son loves this target , its safe and easy to pick the pellets and through them away.

good target but wont catch 6mm bbs.

We’ve had it for 3 years and my son uses it in the spring/summer/fall constantly. No complaints!

Easy to use, durable.

Quality product.

Got this to gift out to niece figure she need this to go with gun to go with it .and this target was low price.



Shotgun Shell Holder with Leather Backing

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell Pistol Cleaning Kit,cheap Gun Cleaning Brush.the price of hunting gear is cheap.best hunting gear Canada.

The purpose of designing this shell holder. So many people complain that a loaded shotgun is dangerous. But if they lock it, it will also be inconvenient when they need a gun in an emergency. Our shell holder makes ammo HANDY. It does save your time looking for shells.

Great construction. To create the most durable shell holder, we spent 1-year to find out reliable material. We use the most rigid nylon, high-quality leather, and durable sleeve to make it sturdy. Also, Electronic Positioning Solution ensures every round is accurate so that they can hold shells securely and allow easy extraction when needed.

Easy to get on and take off. It’s a bit of a challenge for most shell holders to set on the shotgun. However, ours don’t require you to remove the butt or spend a lot of time. You need to install the shell holder from the barrel end, and all the process only takes 5 SECONDS. ONE MORE THING, Though our products are easy to install and uninstall, it does attach firmly to the stocks Good fit and wide application. The shotgun shell holder fits most shotguns, such as Remington 870; Mossberg 500 Series, 590A1, 835, Maverick 88; Dickson 12 gauge; Benelli shotgun; H&R Pardner; Etc. And it has a wide application, such as home defense, trap shooting, hunting, law enforcement, three gun match, etc.

The shotgun shell holder has elastic loops, not easy to deform when pulled, holds 5 shotgun ammo. No need to carry extra shells in your pockets and save space as much as possible.

This shotgun ammo holder designed with toughest nylon leather,durable stretch sleeve and can adapt to irregular shotgun handles. Attaches firmly to the butt of most long guns without slipping.

Fits snug on my H & R break barrel .holds .410 shells tight. Would hold 357 mag cartridges as maybe tje smallest cartridge. It will not hold hornet.

This Bandolier works well for your common shotgun shells. 12 gauge & 20 gauge. You also can easily switch up from wearing it around the waist to strapping it over the body across your shoulders.

Perfect for my self defense shotgun, no need to spend a lot of money.

It fit the stock without a problem. Extra shells are held snuggly and don’t come loose until needed.

This fits tight and was a little struggle to put over the butt stock swivel this insures a long lasting tight fit.

It's nice secure fit holds the shells nice and snug allows for optimum freedom flinging within a moment's notice.



Rifle Cleaning Kit, Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell Gun Cleaning Kit,cheap Gun Cleaning Brush.the price of hunting gear is cheap.best hunting gear Canada.

GUN BOSS CLEANING KIT: Compact, portable, well-organized in a zippered, weatherproof pouch which stores easily and fits in your range bag. This all-in-one rifle maintenance kit is all you need for fast gun cleaning at home or at the range.

PREMIUM QUALITY: professional, gunsmithing quality rifle cleaning tools and components include 7 section brass gun cleaning rod with ergonomic t-handle, bronze bore brush, nylon slotted bore patch tip, chamber brush, bore cleaning patches, rifle chamber patches , exterior gun cleaning brush, brass cleaning pick and bore obstruction removal tool.

QUICK REFERENCE FIELD GUIDE: step-by-step, easy to follow instructions and expert advice on disassembly, take-down, field stripping, gun cleaning, lubrication and rifle maintenance.

Gun Boss Tactical Pro-Pack is premium quality, comprehensive, specialized cleaning kit for America's favorite design firearms. It includes everything you need to keep your entire firearm free from carbon build-up and to keep your action cycling reliably.

Comprehensive bore, chamber and action cleaning tools. Deluxe quality, brass rods and brass implements.

Efficiently and thoroughly remove carbon build-up from critical surfaces of your bolt and BCG.

Precision machined to fit mil-spec designs in .22cal-.224cal.

Concise, step-by-step tips and expert advice how to disassemble, clean and maintain your firearm.

This kit has everything the new AR owner needs to learn how to clean your AR. I’ve bought 2 of these already. Highly recommend.

My daughter's boyfriend needed a cleaning kit for his gun collection. Thought this would be a good universal kit since it was a lot like the one I was issued in the army.

I can’t complain at all about this kit, have used it multiple times to clean and it all wakes well and as Intended. The info on the dog tags is very good for new gun owners or weekenders who don’t clean very often.

Seriously one of the nicest gun cleaning kits I've ever had or been around. This kit has everything you could possibly need.

Very useful and compact tool kit.

Could not be happier with this cleaning kit. Has absolutely everything you need to sufficiently clean a AR-15.



Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag,cheap Gun Cleaning Brush.the price of hunting gear is cheap.best hunting gear Canada.

[ULTRA DURABLE] - Constructed With Heavy Duty Industrial 600D PVC Nylon.

[ULTRA SPACIOUS] - Holds 2 Rifles & 2 Pistols w/ Additional Pocket Compartments.

[ULTRA SAFE] - Lockable Zipper Sliders On Both Firearm Compartments.

[ULTRA DELUXE] - Molle Grid, Paracord Zipper, D-Ring and Backpack Straps.

I love this rifle bag. What a great way to transport all (or all for that day) your guns to the range. I currently have my saiga 12 and ak in the bag in the main compartment. 2 12 round magazines fit in the side with the saiga 12 and I have 2 30rd mags in with the ak. The front zipper holds my taurus judge(it's fun) and the other side holds my glock19. The three pouches in the front hold 3 extra mags for the ak, 2 boxes of 12 guage(25rds each) and 1 box of 45 long colt and 410 guage. Oh and I have 4 extra mags for the glock in there also. My cleaning kit also fits. The back strap works but I honestly won't ever use it that way. The divider in the middle can be taken out and used as a station to clean or modify your toys. I will be buying more of these cases. Please keep up the great quality and being a veteran my self I like how it's a veteran owned company. Yes the holes for locking the zipper do work and all the velcro and clips feel nice and sturdy. Will last a while I think.

This is my second Savior rifle bag. I love them both. I compared my Savior bags with bags available locally and there was no comparison. To get anything near this quality I would have to pay more locally. This one has the ability to be worn like a backpack. I do not use it that way, I just use the handle. There is a divider that lets you put in two rifles without having them scratch each other. There are a lot of pockets, they can be secured a couple of different ways. The quality is excellent in my opinion.

My friend opened the back of his SUV and my Savior bag with 2 modern sporting rifles fell out on its end. I was worried but nothing happened to either one. I may have just been lucky and it wasn't on concrete. It was a good distance to the ground though. The padding around the sides helped for sure. I hope to never have that happen again but I feel like this bag protected my rifles more than my previous case would have.

1. Overall Construction: Great durable material, tight stitching, well thought out pockets and inserts, zippers are smooth and feel strong.

2. Usability/Function: I have my fully accessorized shotgun, Rifle, and a few handguns, ammo, along with various tools I absolutely don't need all comfortably packed for transportation. The Backpack feature is cool, though I rather hold it on one shoulder like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando, while humming the Terminator Theme song..

3. Price/ Shipping: Well worth the price, and the shipping was almost next day (for me at least)

4. Overall: Extremely satisfied with my purchase. The case looks great even when strapped to my fat ass trying to waddle across the range in style.

I've tried several other rifle bags but not many dual. This is well constructed with double stitching throughout the bag. D-rings are metal and clips are of the larger size. Compartment space is abundant and well thought out, with room for extra magazines but also miscellaneous items. I carry a Colt 6920 and Rem 870, both with optics and customized. The double shoulder straps make for carrying over long distances no problem. I've carried at a fast pace for over 200 yrds and had no problem.

The orientation of the long guns took a little time to figure out but I'm not carrying 2 similar guns so the placement had to be figured out for balance and easy closing. If the rifles become unbalanced or are not secured, it can make zipping up the bag difficult but this is not an effect of design but application and usage. I have added additional loop velcro patches to the exterior for applying added identification information. There's plenty of space for much more velcro and could be an improvement by the manufacturer. Overall, a solid double long gun bag.

WOW. I was skeptical about buying this bag. I never thought the bag would be as nice as it is. I’ve had similar bags including one that’s comparable to this one but that bag was over $200. The quality of this bag from material to construction is top notch. I’ve told several military and law enforcement buddies of mine about this bag and they plan on buying one. I’d buy It again and again if I had more rifles to put into them but I don’t and I highly doubt the bag I have now will need to be replaced at all. Tons of storage and protection. Padded interior and zipper latches that can be locked protect and secure your firearms very well. I have an AR12 shotgun and an AR15 rifle. The bag holds 6 mags for the AR15 and 4 mags for the AR12, a couple eye protection cases, sights, ear pro, tools and has plenty of room for more. You can carry the bag like a duffle bag with a great padded Velcro handle OR it has great quality straps to wear as a backpack. I couldn't be happier with this bag and I recommend anyone that wants a two rifle bag to buy this one.



cheap portable target stand for All 6-24 Inch Wide Targets

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we sell portable target stand,cheap Gun Cleaning Brush.the price of hunting gear is cheap.best hunting gear Canada.

Our TOUGH polymer stand is EASY TO USE and designed for sportsmen, firearms trainers, gun ranges, law enforcement, military and competition.

The DURABLE polymer is BETTER than wood, SAFER and LIGHTER then metal and has shoot through self sealing properties. Vertical sticks are held SECURELY with patented design. No more shimming or thumb screws required to hold vertical uprights secure.

Compatable target widths include: 6", 7", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 23", and 24". Uses rough cut 1"x 2" wood fir strips (actual dimentions: 0.75" x 1.5"), not included.

Target Stands are designed for anyone who wants a tough, lightweight, stackable, portable target stand that is MADE IN THE USA. Our stands are better than wood, safer and lighter then metal, and more durable than PVC. The perfect target stand for shooting Targets.

WE have a bunch of steel targets which are heavy. This stand was easy to get 1x2s stick them in and staple targets to them. The only problem wasin the wind there is no support for the target with the 1x2s so you have to either stable cardboard up top or a beam of some sort. I bought 2 1"x2"x8' at Home depot for $1.25 each had them cut 2 feet off and put velcro on them and made a portable cross beam. Some people complain about the price and I can see why. Then again people pay $30+ for a tiny UpLula magaine loader made of plastic. It was worth it for me.

Almost didn't order because of price. Final decision was based on weight and simplicity of set up. All the others were metal and had some clamping screws to hold the wood furring strips. This model takes all sizes of targets and you simply push the 1x2 furring strips into the base, no screws to adjust. Only downside is the price, however I would recommend this product highly.

I gave it a lower score for value because it seemed to me like a high price for a single piece of molded plastic. But I must admit that it is a sturdy material with great construction and design so I guess it is worth the money. I have only used it once so far but it was easy to transport in the trunk of my car and goes together easily once I arrived at the range. The ranges around here have a 40 inch minimum height for targets and a maximum 60 inch height. I was able to cut the boards (I bought 8 foot length) to 5 feet 60 inches and some to 4 feet (48 inches). I marked them at the 40 inch point so I could place the targets and stay within the requirements. They are light weight and sturdy so attaching the targets in the staging area and then walking them out when the range “goes cold” was very easy. I will buy a second one when I get the money. That’s how much I like them.

Excellent idea and so easy to set up and use. Will work with all the target sizes we use. Highly recommended!

Well thought out and constructed. All hardware was included and everything fit properly. I used two1"x2"x8ft fir strips: 1) I cut in half (48") for the uprights and 2) I cut at 48" for a spare upright and two 24" cross braces. The cross braces were made by inserting a 1/4" x 3" steel hanger bolt into the uprights and boring holes into the cross-braces. The cross brace is secured by 1/4" wingnuts. The modification creates a more rigid target mounting structure as well as more places to secure the targets. The wooden parts are cheap and easy to replace when the inevitable bullet strikes happen.

I am impressed with the quality and layout. Good choice. I am happy.



gun cleaning brush 10 Pack AP Brush, Bonus Blue Receiver Brush

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell cheap paper shooting targets.the price of hunting gear is cheap.best hunting gear Canada.

10-Nylon all purpose brush.

1-Bonus blue nylon all purpose brush.

Double ends allow for large surface scrubbing on one end and precision Cleaning with the smaller end.

Includes a bonus blue nylon brush for an increased level of aggressiveness.

Double ends allow for large surface scrubbing on one end and precision cleaning with the smaller end. This 11 Pack includes 10-Nylon All Purpose Brushes and 1-Blue Nylon All Purpose Brush. The nylon brushes are the least aggressive, meet Mil. Spec. and are safe for everyday use. Recommended for use on virtually any surface including wood surfaces.

I Use these brushes for everything from brushing my teeth cleaning carburetors and awesome cleaning on guns.

So there I was going through my tool boxes and storage boxes trying to find one of my multi purpose brushes and could not find one. I cleaned my pistol the best I could, and wound up using some compressed air and cleaner to finish up without being able to scrub like I usually do. Went inside and when I was helping with dishes later, opened the little storage thingy under the sink and there was four of them! I asked my wife and she said they work so great for cleaning. Rather than argue, I said yes they do dear, and ordered these.

The multipurpose brush, is great! I use them at home for kits of things like cleaning parts, tools, guns, removing the loose caulking when recaulking, and now in the house.

I also have gotten my supply tech to start ordering them for me at work for scrubbing flux and solder residue from circuit cards at work. My coworkers all wonder how they ever made it without them. (They don't have to bring in old toothbrushes anymore.)

The blue is a stiffer brush, but not to the level of brass or steal and my wife uses it on grout.

Glad I bought them, much better than using old toothbrushes. Hundreds of uses, I placed them all over the house, tools boxes, garage, cars etc. Have come in very handy knowing they are there. Also an excellent under the fingernails bush when cleaning dirty hands. Came with one stiffer blue bristle brush as a sample - I would say you need both and will be buying a pack of blue bristle now as well. Recommended for all households, tradesmen, hobbyists, everyone.

Nice firm bristles, much better than a toothbrush for cleaning small areas and removing greasy residues. I didn't think the tiny bristles would be useful at all, but I was totally wrong, they are very nice to have.

The large brush head is smaller than most toothbrushes so they will fit in to tighter spaces. Will absolutely purchase again.



Cheap Bullet Box, Rated for .22/.17 Caliber

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell cheap paper shooting targets.the price of hunting gear is cheap.best hunting gear Canada.

RATED FOR .22 CAL PISTOL OR RIFLE: This steel target is specifically rated for soft nose lead .22 or .17 rimfire bullets. When using .22LR, a minimum target distance of 30 yards should be observed; when using .17 rimfire, a minimum target distance of 75 yards should be observed.

TARGETS INCLUDED: This portable bullet box comes the monster clip shown and includes 2 Accu Blue paper targets, allowing you to hit the range after the quick and easy setup.

SAFE DOWN RANGE: The angled back plate and bullet trap area capture spent ammunition from the intended calibers of .22 or .17 rimfire.

PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This portable shooting range only weighs 20 pounds and comes with an instructional DVD. The hex head assembly bolts and hex wrench are also included.

HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Our product features heavy-duty powder coated steel construction offering maximum durability to accommodate even the most avid of shooters. The product’s dimensions are approximately 5 x 11 x 14 inches with a 10 x 11 inch target area.

I exclusively use this for .22 pellets on pump air rifle and pistol.


1. Very solid build


1. About 1/2 the time, the pellets bounced off the back and did not fall into the catch bin. Knowing this, I don't know if I'd shoot any real bullets at it. Perhaps the added velocity would just cream the lead and not have it bounce back out, but I didn't buy it for shooting real bullets at it.

My setup

I knew that all bullet boxes have tendency to bounce off the back and the box on the floor would do me very little good. basically built a frame (very tight) to hold the box in place and mounted it on a saw-horse leg. This now provide the elevation I need for me to shoot using a bench or standing up. I also stapled (using a staple gun, not a stapler) a cardboard box to prevent the pellets bouncing off the back and being tossed back out.

I noticed many questions regarding how effectively this catch will work for BB/Pellet guns. I've had it for almost a year and I can tell you with no hesitation what so ever that it works wonderfully! I have a breakbarrel .25 that hits at 700 fps (EASILY) and it barely leaves a mark on the backstop of this catch. Occasionally I take a bit of coarse steel wool to work down some of the ding marks and then hit those spots with a bit of black spray paint. Looks good as new.

I will say it's HEAVY so I went ahead and built a stand for it out of some spare 2x4s so that it's about head level.

If you have any concerns about ricochets I duct taped a bit of inch thick pink foam insulation to the front of mine. I simply spray glue my targets on, shoot til they're done and peel them off. When the insulation is more holes than foam I just cut a new piece from the large sheet I bought and in a few minutes I'm shooting again.

This thing ROCKS! Dont hesitate to buy it - especially for the price!

Every bit as good as ones twice its price. Had to make sure threads were correct for bolts. Assembly takes a little figuring out since there are no directions or diagrams. Used antiseize on bolt threads since the taps were exposed/untreated steel. That way moisture or humidity won't start from threads & seize bolts in future. The target holder rods had to be drilled a 1/16th inch larger to allow ends of rod to slip in place, a small retrofit for an otherwise sturdy & useful backstop. I had an old one (rusted out at welds) where I put an old facecloth(s) in the oval trap area to slow pellets & bullets or reduce the richoceting from within. This unit can be disassembled in future to coat with whatever to keep it in shape, unlike my old one (of 30 years) that rusted from welds within area you couldn't reach.



Universal Gun Cleaning, All Caliber, with Mat and Carrying Case

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell cheap paper shooting targets.the price of hunting gear is cheap.best hunting gear Canada.

Universal gun cleaning kit provides all the tools needed to properly clean any type of rifle, shotgun or handgun.This gun cleaning supplies kit has everything you will need to do a great job cleaning. Full-featured user guide for beginners is also included.

Universal pistol, rifle and shotgun cleaning kit also includes a cleaning mat which is large enough to hold additional gun accessories. Comes with 3 utility brushes: stainless steel brush,phosphor bronze brush,nylon brush.

6 solid brass gun rods for multiple gauges and calibers, 12 spear pointed gun jags, 9 mops, 14 bronze brushes, 3 muzzle guards, 3 utility brushes, 4 slotted patch loops, 1 black power jag, 3 accessory adapters, 4 polishing cloths, 100 cleaning patches, 2 oil bottles (empty).

Includes portable convenient storage case which is specifically molded to fit all multi gun cleaning kit accessories. You can neatly place components in their own compartments to prevent losing anything when you are done cleaning your guns. The gun cleaning kit with oil and cleaner bottles (30ml and 50ml), so you can store them in your pocket.

we have full range of accessories stored in our Las Vegas warehouse. If you meet any issue during the cleaning process, just reach us by Amazon message then we will follow up sending the replacement parts immediately!

This gun cleaning kit works as it should and is of good quality. This product gets the job done and has much more for your money then the last kit I bought that was a little over half the price of this one with a 1/4 of the stuff and the case and cleaning mat are convenient. This product is as described and meets my needs for my .22 and .223/5.56 rifles. You will need to purchase the hazmat to put in the bottles but other than that you should be good to go. They offer a good warranty just in case you have issues with their product as well. I would recommend this product to those that are in need of a gun cleaning kit.

I was very impressed by the build quality of this kit. This company has literally thought of just about everything a gun owner would need to clean and maintain their firearms, airguns and black powder guns. I own all three and am blown away by all the quality and value packed into this kit. Well thought out and organized and this kit is surely to keep you organized after you use the tools in it. Blown away and the overall value of so much for so little! Add to that the lifetime warranty and... is it my birthday?!? You won't be disappointed in this purchase!

I had just shot a couple of guns and the kit arrived before I had cleaned them. I opened it up and was surprised to see it included a nice rubber gun mat. Everything was just as described, very sturdy and pretty much everything you could ask for when cleaning your firearms. This is my second purchase from this seller and I highly recommend their products.

We have a different guns and having 1 kit for all of them, is Terrific. Plus it came with a cleaning mat. Which is a great thing; my husband doesn't have to use our hand towels now,lol.

There is no way I would clean RPG with this kit, but for the rest of my weaponry it is more then enough. The kit is self explanatory and the added case is making the purchase even juicer. I like to have my things organized.

I had a pleasure to communicate their customer service. The lady on another end was surprisingly fast. I almost suspected she was a machine or some Skynet software. Every time I sent a message the respond appeared almost immediately. The reason to contact was a missing slotted patch loop. I received a replacement SET of BRASS (10 USD on Amazon) patch loops within less then a week of reporting. For now, I have three plastic and four brass at the set. It was a pleasant experience and very attentive customer care. Overall good product, good service and overall good buy.

The only minus is the included carpet which is not fit the supplied box. But since it was an additional free option does not matter much. I will keep it separated.

The company that sells this cleaning kit is top notch. The kit is complete and has everything you need to clean any hand gun or rifle. My kit was missing the cleaning mat and a small jag and I returned it. Ada from customer service got in touch and made it work out very well. I will buy from this company again just for their superb service!



cheap The Patriot 35" 41" 45" Single Scoped Long Rifle Case Gun Bag

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell cheap paper shooting targets.the price of hunting gear is cheap.best hunting gear Canada.

[Innovative & Smart Design] - 13-Inch Width Design Fits Most Rifles with Custom Attachments Such as Sights, Scopes, Bi-Pod & Extended Magazine Without Any Issues.

[Affordable Without Sacrificing Quality] - 600D PVC Shell & Heavy Duty EVA Foam Interior Padding Provide 360-Degree Protection to Your Rifle.

[Fully Adjustable Hook-N-Loop Strap w/ 2-Way Lockable Zippers] - To Secure Any Size of Firearm in Place to Prevent Unwanted Movement or Damage During Transportation.

[ALL-IN-ONE Bag] - Additional Large Pouches with Adjustable Flap & Fast Pull Tabs To Fit Your Magazines and Other Accessories.

Internal straps to secure rifle +1. Many others at twice the price do not have this feature. Very high quality construction. Adjustable Mag pouch flaps are nice touch. Did NOT come with described and illustrated sling. No issue for me, just be aware. Ordered a second for my other AR I liked this so well. Fits 16" collapsible stock AR very well. 18" looks like will work, snug, will report when I put that upper on the rifle. Edit: regarding sling, second bag (black) came with sling. Update. This will fit 18" barrel AR15 with collapsible buttstock. I looked at several AR cases. This one was what I needed. I'm traveling with other guys in a pick up and space is limited. this case will protect my AR hold 6-30 round Mags,Sling & Chest rig too. Other AR bags Square gun cases are 8"-12" wide this bag is 4"-6" wide. I would like carrying one gun,one bag. This gives us more flexibility when traveling. The Quality & durability after a 2 week on the road.( I'm not easy on cases ) no problems. Stitching & material showed no wear. The case cleaned up with soap & water. I Vacuumed the inside and brand new. Well made with great materials.

I have many tactical bags but this one is the best. I like how it has straps on the side wall inside to hold my rifle in place and not moving around, the lock system on the zippers is very effective and the overall quality of materials used in making the bag are very good. I highly recommend this to anyone with a ar15 or ar10 tactical rifle.

Heavy duty material & high quality craftsmanship. Fits my Ruger AR-556 perfectly with the stock collapsed (& with a butt pad), and with a large scope mounted. I can't find anything to complain about other than the excessive number of magazine pouches (does anyone have more than two magazines?), but you can use them for storage of other stuff, and that seems to be standard with other mfgs. The velcro straps are longer than need be, but you could cut them to fit (or just fold one end back like I did).

I was surprised at the low price. I was amazed when I saw the quality. This 36" bag fit my Panzer Arms Bullpup 12ga. shotgun perfectly. The four pockets held my 5 shot magazines just right. The internal reinforcement and quality stitching make for a great case. I recommend it to one and all.



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