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The Gun Snake cleaner scrapes gunk out of the barrel and follows with a smooth cloth to wipe it clean and lubricate in one quick pull-through.

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The Gun Cleaner Snake made of sturdy material, high-quality stitching, not easy to be tear. The brass bristles are strong and can be used repeatedly. The brass counterweight is weighed and can be easily inserted into the barrel without being stuck.

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They are great for a quick cleaning. It only takes tens of seconds, you don't even have to break down the weapon; just pass the brass through the barrel and drag the Gun Snake through it a couple of times.

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Cleans in 1 quick pass with Gun Cleaning Snake, pre-scrub solution can be applied first. The nylon gun cleaner snake absorbs gun cleaning solvent well and there is no exposed metal to damage sensitive rifling or crown.

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It is easy to carry and can be easily put into your pocket to ensure that it is always available.

I use this (two passes) as the last step in cleaning a handgun or rifle. Just to make sure there's nothing in there and that it's dry. The lead with the weight is plenty long enough for a rifle, and the business end is definitely thick enough to provide real friction, so I know it's doing something.

I don't have much worry that it'll wear out or break soon, but I gave the second one to a friend, so I might buy another two-pack as backups.

In between range visits, when you don't feel like slaving over your weapon, this is a great alternative. Easy to use, and great to keep on top of gun hygiene between serious cleanings. Not meant as a replacement for bore brushes and what not, but incredibly helpful. It arrived quickly, and I would definitely look forward to getting them for other calibers.

Very handy going to give some for Xmas stocking stuffers fit right in pocket so can take with you great product.

Great Snake for my bores! Have a 357 38 special, and a couple of 9 mms. Great fit for my barrels. Got to love a good snake for a good bore!

Great bore snakes for a fair price...the only bad thing is there is no way to identify which is which. But its not too hard to figure out.

Good enough and gets the job done!

This is a really great product if you want an easy perfectly clean barrel. These bore snakes are the only thing I use to clean my weapons now and they last for quite a long time. Pretty darn good deal as well for these specific ones.

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