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Last weekend, WoW held a Proving Grounds event that featured over 7,500 teams with a staggering number of players that towered over the number 37,000, but that number has been whittled down to only six teams for the upcoming Great Push season 2 for the World of Warcraft Esports scene.To get more news about safely buy wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

The Great Push season 2 starts today, allowing players to test their mettle against one another for the right to glory in World of Warcraft. Over the course of three days, teams will need to utilize teamwork to push Shadowland Keystones and show idolatry to the fan-favourite expansion of the world that started the entire event of Mythic Dungeon international, Legion. With a prize pool of $20,000, nothing is off-limits, except for the rules that need to be followed, of course.

Teams will need to complete six dungeons in order to achieve results, while obtaining the highest Keystones overall.
The event will take place throughout the weekend, and the dungeon order can be chosen at each team’s discretion.
Only 4 of the available 6 dungeons will be playable on the first day.
One more dungeon will be revealed on day two, with the final dungeon showing its face on day three.
A time limit of 5 hours each day will be given to the contestant teams, to showcase their mettle.
The final dungeon run needs to have at least started before time runs out.
At the end of the first two days, standings will be determined by the overall World of Warcraft Keystone count. The team with the lowest Keystone score will be eliminated here.
Speed and skill are key in this competition for glory, and sweet cash prizes.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was originally scheduled to launch on October 27 but was postponed until November 23 to give the development team some extra time to polish and balance the experience. Now that day is almost here!

If you can't wait to journey into the realms of the dead and fight against the threat of the Jailer and Sylvanas Windrunner, you'll want to be logged in at launch time. The game will be launching simultaneously in most major markets around the world, which means that the time will depend based on your location. We've put together a handy list:


日本の性人形がどのように作られるか見ましょう!まず第一に、職人の中心的なアイデアは:ゲストがより良い経験を与えるために、彼らは人形を現実的でかわいいようにあらゆる努力をする必要があります!第二に、良いセックス人形の詳細は、最も重要な、頭と手が焦点です。明確な関節で優しい手のペア。植毛技術は日本の製造工程を具体化し、目は静かで生き生きとしている。To get more news about リアルドール販売, you can visit official website.




人形はあなたを決して恐れません。実際のセックスドールは非常に従順で、感情的なスイング、口論やホルモン不均衡なしで行動する準備ができています。人形が持つことができる唯一の調整は、あなたによってセットされます。一方、食事や他の高価な外出せずに、彼女のためにいくつかの服を選択するため、実際の人形を持つことは非常に経済的です。To get more news about リアルラブドール, you can visit official website.



Best Cheap Bongs for Sale Online

We’ve all been there. You want to buy a sweet beaker bong, but you keep spending your weed budget on actual weed.To get more news about rick and morty bong, you can visit official website.

Don’t worry. There are plenty of cheap bongs for sale. You can get a decent bong for less than the price of the pizza you order after using it.

This glass bong includes some extra bells and whistles you’d normally find only with more expensive glass bongs.

For one thing, it’s a percolator bong. Percolators help filter your hit, by breaking up the smoke into tiny bubbles. This bong includes what appears to be an 8-arm tree percolator. For more information about how percolators make provide a cleaner, healthier toking experience, check out our post on percolator bongs.

Of course, this percolator is not mentioned in the product description. Thanks to Amazon’s Terms of Service, this bong is categorized as a “wine glass.” The photos and reviews make it very clear that is indeed a bong. (Hopefully, no Amazon customers have tried to put wine in it.)

Due to the complexities of Amazon’s requirements, some bogus bongs have been sold, which is why you need to be careful. That’s why we’ve done the research on cheap bongs for you. (So you don’t get confused, and buy an actual wine glass.)

This bong also features ice notches, which keep your ice cubes from falling down onto the more fragile percolator. It looks like there’s room for an ice cube or two, to cool your hit at the top of the bong before it reaches your lungs.

This bong is completely transparent, which lends a classy look to an affordable bong. (Many affordable bongs come with cheesy graphics.)

The downstem and bowl are removable, which makes it easier to clean. However, the tree percolator will not be easy to clean. And with a completely transparent glass bong with zero patterns or colors, you definitely want to keep it clean, because otherwise it just looks gross. You may find yourself shaking this with rubbing alcohol more often than you’d like.
If you’re looking for a glass bong on the cheap, this is your best bet — as long as you don’t mind a fun pot leaf design, and potential shipping delays.

Finding a glass bong that works well in this price range isn’t that easy. Although this list includes an ultra cheap bong, that model is made out of plastic. Glass bongs are superior to plastic bongs.

In fact, glass bongs are superior to any other material, unless you’re prone to glassware-throwing tantrums, in which case, you need to get that bong yesterday. If you urgently need a bong, maybe you should check out our other, less-cheap bong lists, because these cheaper models mostly ship from China. And if you’re freaking out enough that you’re throwing things around your room, you need a high-quality bong, and you can’t risk having it held up in international customs for days.
Of course, you’re aren’t getting some beautiful centerpiece, created by an actual glass artist. (If you’re looking for beautiful glass bongs, check out some of our other bong posts. Of course, to get a heavyweight glass bong, you should expect to spend closer to a hundred bucks, instead of just dropping somewhere around the price of a good sandwich.)

Acrylic bongs get a bad rap. They don’t produce hits as smooth and delicious as you’ll get from a glass bong. They also feel and look pretty cheap.

On the other hand, if you live in a dorm room, frat house, jungle gym (or any number other rambunctious environments), this could be the perfect bong for you. If you’re tired of spending a fortune on bongs that get broken by your clumsy friends, maybe you should get an acrylic bong like this. In fact, at this price, you could probably order a few of them. This is perfect for the stoner who wants a matching bong in every room of their home.
Do you find yourself taking bong hits in dark rooms? (We’re not judging.) This glow-in-the-dark bong could make a great gift, too. It’s perfect for the friend who enjoys amateur laser light shows set to Pink Floyd.

The glow-in-the-dark tree design also appears to add some texture to the exterior of the bong. Reminiscent of glow-in-the-dark puffy paints, this texture could make it easier to grip. And when you’re using a two-foot bong in the pitch dark, added grip could be a helpful feature.

If you’re hesitant to put glow-in-the-dark stars on your bedroom ceiling again — but you miss that eerie neon glow — this bong could be perfect for you.

This bong is sold on Amazon. Because cannabis is still federally illegal, this bong is called a “Wine Glass Ice Bowl.” It is categorized under “Wine Accessories.” We do not advise drinking wine out of it.

Because of the hoops bong purveyors jump through on Amazon, some sub-par products have been sold, and some reviewers have been unhappy. But with this seller, customers have been satisfied. Most find that the cheap price justifies the long wait for shipping.


What are the best bongs of 2020? We love pipes and each year there are some great bongs released as well as great classics that remain market staples. Today we will look at some of the industry leading pipes. We tried to consider form and function as well as general availability. We looked for trends and characteristics of some of the premier bongs, like the use of percolators and multiple chambers. So lets take a look at the best bongs of 2020!To get more news about mushroom bong, you can visit official website.

As we dug into this some of this year's glass, we looked at some of the newest best bongs on the market from reputable companies to put together a list of the Best Bongs of 2020. The first example is the Snoop Dogg Mothership Bong. Its made with high-quality borosilicate glass and two chambers each with its own separate perc. It has an horizontal matrix perc and a UFO perc, which is very similar to a showerhead perc, but with more slits. Both of these help to give maximum diffusion.

Looking at another line of good quality glass from Famous Brandz, the makers of Snoop Pounds and other up and coming brands is Dopezilla. Check out the Dopezilla 12" Cerberus Bong but we would opt for just a bit more power and size with the Dopezilla 16" Cerberus Bong. The 12 inch has two and the 16 inch has three honeycomb percs that filter the smoke as it rises through the pipe, thus cooling and cleaning the smoke effectively to deliver a mythical beast of a hit.

Another amazing dual percolator bong with extraordinary form and function from a great company is the Diamond Glass Warp 14.5" Beaker Bong. This thing has an awesome combined dome and matrix perc that is really unique and effective. Pair that with the ice pinch and you have huge super smooth cool hits every time.

If you like Diamond Glass but want a little bit more height and want the percs in separate chambers then you should look at the Diamond Glass Ranger XL Double Tree Perc Beaker Bong. This awesome pipe has two 4-arm tree percs with an ice catch. You are sure to get effective filtration and massive rips with this tube.

The last beautiful bong with multiple chambers and multiple percolators on our best bongs of 2020 list is the 8Tree American-Made Medicali 14" Tree Perc Beaker Bong. We may have saved the best pipe for last with this handcrafted gem of a piece made with high quality borosilicate and fire polished for a seamless body. It is crafted in a Glass Beaker style and features a dual perc design that allows smoke to flow first through an 8-arm Tree Perc before rising up to an awaiting Dome Perc in the second chamber.

5 Best Ice Bongs: Which Is Right for You?

Ice bongs contain notches (or donut-shaped rings) to keep your ice cubes in the ice chamber, where they cool your smoke before it enters your lungs. Read on to discover the best ice bongs available right now.To get more news about cheap beaker bongs under $50, you can visit official website.

This Tank Glass “Max” Beaker Bong stands out because of its unbelievable durability. This bong is virtually indestructible. (You can find videos of people dropping their Tank Glass bong from rooftops — and the bong, bouncing on concrete, stays intact.)

This durability results from their 9 mm thick borosilicate glass. (The next thickest bong on this list clocks in at 7 mm thick.)This bong is 18 inches tall, making it one of the tallest bongs on this list. With a donut-shaped ice catcher, this height creates tons of room for extra ice cubes. The ice catcher also doubles as a splash guard, according to happy customers.

Note: This is not a percolator bong. But customers love the simplicity of this classic beaker bong design. Also, because the bong’s beaker base is so large, customers report that the extra water and ice filters and cools their hit plenty, without any additional percolator features needed.The best bongs will always be glass bongs. The glass is easy to clean, built to withstand extreme temperatures, and more aesthetically pleasing than plastic or acrylic. Plus, the glass is translucent so you can see when the ice is melting and when the water needs to be dumped out. (Hopefully, before it creates a messy problem on your table.)

But glass bongs are more expensive than plastic or acrylic bongs. Fortunately, you can still get a high-quality classic ice bong for under $60. This Glasscity water bong is a customer favorite.

Some reviewers note that the neck is narrower than expected, and they can’t fit ice cubes from their ice tray. This actually isn’t all that uncommon. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: just make smaller ice cubes. When you’re refilling the ice trays (like the conscientious roommate you are), you just don’t fill them to the brim. Hopefully, your roommates won’t mind. (If they’re fellow ice bong lovers, they’ll probably high-five you for your foresight.)Tree percolators are awesome. Each “branch” divides the smoke into separate streams, providing added filtration as the smoke bubbles up through the water. More bubbles mean more of the smoke’s surface area comes into contact with the water. The water cools down the smoke, making for a smoother inhale. It also filters the smoke, making it healthier for your lungs.This model’s removable downstem makes it easier to clean, compared to bongs with fixed stems. The slits in the glass downstem also break up your smoke into smaller bubbles, further adding to the filtration.

This bong comes in three colors: amber, blue, or charcoal. The colors are only on the aesthetic accents; the tube of the bong is still made from clear glass. This means you can see how much smoke you’re about to inhale. (This can be useful for anyone, especially novice bong users.)

This model is 11.5 inches tall, and includes a bowl that fits the 14.5 mm joint. If you click to view the product, you’ll also have the option to add a ceramic dab nail or quartz banger.

How to clean your bong to ensure you're not inhaling mold or bacteria

When you smoke cannabis out of a glass water pipe, called a bong, then the resin from the cannabis will slowly build up over time. This leads to a sticky residue on the sides of the glass stem. Eventually, the stickiness will render the bong unusable if it gets too built-up. It also discolors the water and dilutes the tastes of the cannabis you're smoking.To get more news about cheap recycler bong, you can visit official website.

"It's about safety," says Harrison Baum, CEO and founder of Daily High Club, an innovative digital glass shop within the cannabis space. The safety threat is that mold can grow in the water, according to Baum. "A dirty bong is a health threat, and also can leave a bad impression if you're smoking socially," he says. "Don't be that person who pulls out the dirty bong."

As our culture becomes more accepting of cannabis, it is wise to remain diligent on marijuana etiquette. Thankfully, the ingredients you need to clean your bong are commonly found around the house. There are also products on the market meant specifically for bong cleaning. Most experts say you should clean your bong after a few days to a week of use. You must replace your bong water often, ideally after every smoke session, in order to avoid mold. Any water that sits in a water pipe is at risk of molding.

"You're literally inhaling through your bong and mold can grow in as quickly as 24 hours," says Baum. "If you had mold in your house you'd probably freak out, so why would it be acceptable to inhale it?"

The color of your bong water is your best indicator of when to give it a deep clean. Even if it's clean, water in a dirty bong will appear brownish-green due to the stuck-on resin on the glass. If it's dark, becoming almost black, then it's way past time for you to clean out your bong.

Fresh water and a clean glass mechanism help to improve the quality of the experience. You'll be able to taste the flavor profile of your cannabis more effectively. Cleaning your bong will also increase the life and value of the bong over time. Unlike glass, you need to take special care in cleaning latex, plastic, or acrylic bongs. Use only hot water and a pipe cleaner or a large straw brush. This is because alcohol can break down and strip certain acrylic and latex materials.

Fill the bong with hot water and rinse it out over the sink. You will rinse and repeat until the water runs clean. Latex or acrylic-safe bong cleaning solutions are also available.Cleaning your bong is essential for your health and enjoyment. While you can buy mixtures in the store that promise to clean your bong quickly and efficiently, you can also use a combination of isopropyl alcohol and salt, and it will clean your bong well. It's quite a sticky job, so wear disposable gloves and avoid dumping dirty bong water down your drain.

Bong Joon Ho’s Favorite Movies

Bong Joon Ho has long been one of South Korea’s best filmmakers thanks to acclaimed movies such as “Memories of Murder,” “Mother,” and “The Host,” but it wasn’t until 2019 that Bong become a worldwide cinema superstar. With “Parasite,” Bong vaulted himself permanently into the topmost echelon of the world’s best directors working today. “Parasite” world premiered at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, where it made history as the first South Korean film to win the prestigious Palme d’Or. The months that followed brought Bong to nearly all of awards season’s biggest festivals (Telluride, Toronto, NYFF) and ceremonies (Golden Globes, SAG Awards, DGA Awards, Critic’s Choice, etc.). Bong’s incredible journey with “Parasite” culminated in six Oscar nominations and historic wins for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature. The drama is the first foreign-language movie to win Best Picture, and Bong is the first South Korean filmmaker to win Best Director.To get more news about cheap big bong, you can visit official website.

With Bong now a household name across the world, it might be of interest to watch some of the films the South Korean auteur considers to be his personal favorites. Bong is a great director, but he’s also an avid cinephile who loves talking about films and raising awareness for some of the best Asian filmmakers who came before him, including Kim Ki-young, Shohei Imamura, and Keisuke Kinoshita. Check out a handful of Bong’s favorite movies in the list below.
As the #StopAsianHate movement took over the national conversation this year following a rise in hate crimes against Asians and Asian Americans, Bong called on his fellow filmmakers to create art that meets the moment and singled out Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” as an example of the kind of art he wants to see.

“I think creators and filmmakers can be bolder with dealing with issues and they shouldn’t be afraid to confront them,” Bong said during an April 2021 masterclass with Chapman’s Dodge College. “‘Do The Right Thing’ came out in 1989; it was three years before the LA Riots but almost predicted the riots were going to happen. I think that’s the role creators and artists can play, not necessarily to predict what will happen in society, but to use your insight to portray the issues that are currently boiling underneath the surface of society that can explode later on.”
In naming 20 directors who will shape the future of cinema, Bong selected Italian film director, editor, and screenwriter Alice Rohrwacher. The filmmaker made her feature directorial debut with 2011’s “Heavenly Boy,” but it was her 2014 drama “The Wonders” that served as her filmmaking breakthrough. “The Wonders” won the Grand Prix at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Rohrwacher’s third narrative feature is “Happy as Lazzaro,” winner of the Best Screenplay prize at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. Bong told Sight & Sound magazine that “Happy as Lazzaro” is “an astonishing cinematic miracle.”

The 2020 Academy Awards were a full circle moment for Bong, as he landed in the Best Director race opposite two of his favorite filmmakers: Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino. When Bong won the Oscar, he thanked Tarantino for always mentioning his movies on lists and in interviews as Tarantino’s love for Bong films helped raise Bong’s profile considerably in the United States. Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” was one of the more essential films Bong fell in love with during film school

“The film school that I went to, in the same building as my classroom, there was a screening room,” Bong told Collider. “I would open the door for my lecture hall, and go straight to the screening room and watch films. ‘Pulp Fiction’ was playing there, and I remember being so shocked at just the incredible screenplay of that film. These days, I’ve been running into [Quentin] Tarantino very often, at all of these awards ceremonies, so I’m very happy.”


The art of glassblowing dates back to some of the earliest civilizations but it was not until the late 1970s that the first patent was filed for a glass pipe meant to be smoked out of. Little did anyone know at the time just how large of an industry, and a culture, would form around this simple design.To get more news about big bongs, you can visit official website.

In the past 10 years we have witnessed a renaissance of mind-blowing functional glass art created by incredibly talented individuals, some of whom ride that talent to the top of the game and stay there, and some who burn out quicker than a busted kiln.

It’s not ever easy to make it as an artist, but for many years this particular form of art came with a real risk of running on the wrong side of the law so those who made it through those darker days and are still blazing borosilicate on the other side deserve our respect.
Olympic Glassworks based out of San Diego, CA was at the top of the glass game a decade ago, putting out flawless glass bongs with innovative percolator designs that led to unrivaled diffusion and bubble stacking function.
A small-town Oregon native, Buck’s love for nature is expressed in every piece of art he makes. For a decade or more, his signature style has defined the upper end of what a glass artist can accomplish, and of what a functional glass piece can command, price-wise.
It doesn’t get much more old school than a Jerome Baker bong or bubbler. If you want to go back further than JBD, you’re talking about Bob Snodgrass, and that is who Jason Harris honed his craft with early on in his career. The earliest JBD bongs did not yet feature glass on glass fittings for the bowl and downstem, instead using a rubber grommet to create the airtight seal at the joint.
Perhaps the best way to remain relevant in a saturated glass market is to create a base of dedicated collectors who love your signature style. For Elbo, the style is dope dinosaur dab rigs and the collectors can’t get enough.
Known by most glass fans for his colorful, functional, dreamlike renditions of raindrops falling from clouds, our earliest memory of this artist’s work was when he created a dual function Nintendo Entertainment System… out of glass! Yep, you could dab or smoke with it, or play Duck Hunt or Super Mario Bros.
Probably the best motto in the glass game – “Only one carb!” – is a brilliant play on the fact that KGB glass is known best for making dry pipes (with one carb hole) shaped and created to resemble delicious donuts! Aside from the occasional collaboration that may fetch a higher price, KGB Glass pipes and wearable pendants have remained virtually the same in price over the years and can usually be had for a few hundred bucks or less, without that regretful stomach ache later!
So, the most money that a functional piece of heady glass art has ever gotten at auction is ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Yep, you read that right. The third highest amount ever paid for a heady glass rig was $300,000. What did they both have in common? Banjo Glass was in on the collaboration. Most people shake their heads in disbelief at prices like that but when you are as uniquely talented as Banjo, you just need a couple of people to literally buy into your vision.
Another real OG of the glass game, Phil Siegel’s work has always pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible with borosilicate glass. His earlier work was usually in the $500-1000 range for super heady bubblers featuring flawless discs, horns, and color combos.
SLX Grinders Toro GlassSome people favor function in the glass. Some favor form. For those who demand both, Toro Glass has been the standard for over a decade and counting. You will not find any sculpted creatures or delicate design here. Instead, you get a perfectly proportioned, flawlessly functioning, hard-hitting, durable dab rig. They’ve never been cheap, but the good stuff rarely is, right? For $300-$1000 you’ll never be disappointed with your Toro Glass and if you take care of it, it could be the last rig you ever need to buy.
Much like Mothership Glass, it becomes a hyped event anytime a high-end headshop or smokeshop is due to get a new drop of Sovereignty Glass pieces. They are not outrageously priced – plan on spending around a grand for one if it ever crosses your path – but these thick, massive, American-made bongs will sell out within hours of landing in a shop and good luck finding one just chilling unsold in any online glass shop. With demand like that and full control over the supply, Sovereignty Glass gives glassblowers the perfect playbook for how to build a brand that lasts.

The Best Electric Motorcycles To Ride in 2021

The first years to immediately follow the invention of the motorcycle saw an enormous slew of small companies and startups enter the space, with literally hundreds of different outfits all simultaneously trying their luck in the emerging motorized two-wheeler market. More than a century later, and history is now repeating itself as this dramatic influx of manufacturers is occurring once again as the EV sector rapidly expands, constituting what’s been dubbed the “Electric Revolution.”To get more news about davincidynamic, you can visit official website.

Thanks to several key players like Zero and Energica consistently pushing the envelope over the last decade, the proton-powered moto space has evolved at a staggering rate. And with production costs finally starting to decline as performance and range have hugely improved, the market has recently been witness to an increasingly impressive array of production models across a myriad of genres and styles. For this reason, there’s never been a better time to consider going electric, and with more options available than ever before, now seems the perfect time to round up our picks for the best electric motorcycles currently on the market, shining a light on the finest EV motos that money can buy while also delving into what makes these battery-powered bikes unique and what to consider when shopping for one.

When electric vehicles first rolled onto the scene, they were largely still novelties and their main selling point was undoubtedly their more environmentally-friendly nature. As time has gone on, however, both fully electric cars and fully electric motorcycles have experienced absolutely enormous technological and mechanical leaps and bounds. This has ultimately resulted in electric motorcycles that boast performance that’s on par with, if not objectively superior to that of their gas-engined counterparts, as well as a few other idiosyncratic traits that are largely unique to the battery-powered bike segment. Below, we’ll briefly touch on some of the factors and traits that make electric motorcycles unique.

Zero Emissions: Though performance and autonomy have massively improved, all-electric motorcycles remain completely devoid of emissions output, and as such are a much more sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative to ICE bikes. Additionally, just like with electric cars, electric motorcycles can qualify their owners for tax rebates, use of HOV lanes, and other benefits, incentives, and perks.

Lack Of Noise: Alongside spent exhaust fumes, another thing that electric motorcycles are devoid of is sound. Aside from the somewhat quiet whirring of the electric motor and the sound of the two tires rolling across the tarmac, electric bikes don’t emit noise, offering a stark contrast to the roaring gas engines that power the majority of the bikes out on the road. This not only means your neighbors won’t hate you but also allows you to more readily connect with and appreciate your surroundings, letting you take further advantage of the completely unobstructed view of the road and your surroundings afforded in the saddle of a motorcycle.

Power Output & Deliver: Almost certainly the most distinctive and unique aspect that distinguishes electric motorcycles from traditional ICE models is power delivery. Unlike gas-engined motorbikes that deliver peak torque and horsepower at a certain point in the rev-range, electric motorcycles make 100% of their torque instantaneously at any time. What’s more, EV bikes don’t just deliver their torque instantly, but they deliver absolutely insane, unparalleled amounts of it, putting even the most high-performance gas-engined superbikes to shame.

Unique Designs: Without having to follow the design elements of traditional motorcycles which are at least partially dictated by the need for and presence of a gas tank and internal combustion engine, electric motorcycle designers are afforded markedly more freedom when penning electric bikes. As such, electric motorcycles can boast markedly more distinctive and unique designs and styles.

Twist-&-Go Throttles: While there is a growing handful of acceptions, the lion’s share of production gas-engined motorcycles come fitted with a manual transmission. The opposite is true with electric motorcycles, which, like most scooters, have automatic — or “twist-and-go”) throttles (or rather transmissions) that don’t require the rider to feather a clutch or punch through the gears — which is admittedly one of the more difficult and intimidating parts of first learning to ride. This ultimately makes electric motorcycles more accessible and conducive to new riders.

Raw Performance: On top of the gobs of torque afforded by two-wheeled EVs, electric bikes generally possess their own personality and performance. They accelerate insanely fast off-the-line and tend to exhibit a low center of gravity (typically due to the battery placement). There are electric motorcycles capable of cracking the 200mph barrier, though most electric bikes do sacrifice top speed in favor of acceleration. With that said, this can always be tweaked by changing the gearing.

Technology & Connectivity: Today’s electric motorcycles utilize state-of-the-art motors and ultra-advanced batteries with wildly impressive energy densities. Because they rely so heavily on other cutting-edge elements, EV moto makers tend to lean into the high-tech nature, being outfitted with connectivity to smartphone apps for monitoring a bike’s battery level or GPS location or downloading over-the-air firmware updates. In addition to offering multiple power modes, electric motors can also be tuned on the fly on the bike itself or through a connected smartphone app. Onboard vehicle diagnostics, digital geofencing, and automatic data-logging have also started to become increasingly common.

Reduced Maintenance: Without one or more pistons pumping up and down within a cylinder(s) and the rest of the accompanying internals that keep the engine ticking, electric motorcycles require substantially less maintenance and upkeep. There are some factors like dealing with brake fluid and tires that you’ll still have to do, but as a whole, EV ownership is markedly less involved than doing upkeep on a gas bike.

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