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I rode an electric motorcycle for the first time

The Zero FX electric motorcycle is an exciting machine with a top speed of 85 miles per hour and enough acceleration to frighten yourself if you twist aggressively enough on the throttle.To get more news about electric motorcycle, you can visit official website.

But as a relative beginner to the motorcycle world, I didn’t ride it anywhere near its maximum speed when I had the chance to check it out for about a week in November. I’d never driven an electric motorcycle before, and a sense of curiosity coupled with pandemic-induced boredom urged me to try it out for rides in Manhattan (while another, very present feeling of caution urged me to do so carefully).

I’m not the only one hopping on a two-wheeler these days: Sales of new motorcycles and scooters are up by about 10 percent in the third quarter of this year, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. That bump is a smaller version of a large surge in bicycle sales.

If you’re curious about climbing onto one—whether as an alternative to public transportation during COVID, for fun, or some combination of those reasons and others—here’s what I learned as a beginner on a fancy new electric motorcycle.A standard-issue gas-powered motorcycle requires that its rider shift gears by pulling in the clutch with your left hand and changing gears with your left foot.

But an electric motorcycle strips away that requirement. Because you don’t need to shift, operating it is a cognitively easier task for a beginner like me. The Zero FX I rode, like other electric bikes, is operated simply by rolling on the throttle in your right hand. The rear and front brake controls are in their usual spots—engaged using your right foot, and right hand, respectively.

Because you don’t need to shift, accelerating is an easy, linear experience—twist that throttle and zoom forward. That allows you to zip away from any cars that you think might be encroaching into your space, but it also means that you can scare yourself if you twist it too much. Also, it’s very quiet—it makes a whirring sound when you drive it, and when you’re sitting still with it turned on, it’s completely silent. It’s wise to stay ready with the horn to warn others that you’re there. The common motorcyclist phrase “loud pipes save lives” doesn’t apply here.

The FX is a dual-sport bike: It’s great for both the paved streets of New York City and for venturing on rougher gravel roads as well. This type of ride is also on the rise: The Motorcycle Industry Council reports that sales of dual-sports were up nearly 21 percent from January to June of this year. A plush suspension and all-terrain tires help with its versatility, and I found that it absorbed the urban bumps I encountered well. And the torque, which helps power its strong acceleration, clocks in at 78 ft-lb: that’s a lot.
The bike was taller than I initially felt comfortable with—the seat height is 34.7 inches—and when I was on it, I could only touch the ground with my toes; its height made swinging a leg over it harder than I expected, and backing it into a parking spot was also a little challenging. But I found that my initial intimidation with the machine faded as I rode it around my neighborhood, and the fact that it felt maneuverable and easy to swerve around with helped me become more comfortable on it.

New World Beta: How to Get the Closed Beta

Set in the colonial era, New World is an upcoming MMORPG by Amazon Games taking us to a mysterious island filled with mysticism, magic and all-out warfare. The game has gone through several beta tests over its development period, however, that phase is coming to an end, with the final New World Beta scheduled for July 20. The closed beta will feature almost all the New World content features you’d expect at launch. If you are wondering how to get into the New World Closed Beta, or perhaps how long the beta lasts, we have everything you need to know.To get more news about buy new world coins, you can visit official website.

There are a couple of ways to get into the New World Closed Beta. The guaranteed way to gain access to the New World Closed Beta test is to preorder the game. It doesn’t necessarily matter where you preorder the game, so long as the beta invite gets sent to your email address or Amazon account, depending on how you signed up.

If you would rather leave it to fate, you can sign up for the closed beta by heading over to the testers’ page on Amazon’s website. There is no guarantee you will get a key since Amazon haven’t revealed how many beta keys will be available.The New World Closed Beta kicks off on July 20 2021, with the test lasting until August 2. It gives players a two-weeks to dive into the beta and test out the levelling process, quests, crafting, housing, and other features.

If you are wondering what time the New World Closed Beta kicks off, we believe it will be at 9 am PT. The start time coincides with Amazon’s dev stream to celebrate the Beta’s launch on July 30. We will update the beta’s launch time when it’s confirmed.If you do manage to get into the New World Closed Beta, remember to give crucial feedback on the game’s progression. Amazon Games Studio has had quite a disaster with game launches in recent years. No one remembers there is a Grand Tour game, followed by Crucible’s and Amazon’s LOTR MMO cancellations in the last 12 months. Furthermore, New World has been delayed for over 18 months, with Amazon’s original intention to launch the game back in Spring 2020. So, make sure to submit those bug reports and balance reports to the devs. If New World launches with as few issues as possible then it will be good news for MMO fans and Amazon Games.

To encourage players to begin their quest on one of these newer servers, Amazon Game Studios decided to grant each player a free server transfer token when the server transfer service becomes available. This token allows players to join their friends and reassess their server choice once things calm down a little.To get more news about buy new world coins, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

When New World server transfers initially went live, the process resulted in a few unintended glitches, including a gold duplication bug that led to the transfers being closed down again. Transfers were later re-enabled and are currently live. There are a few things you need to know before packing your bags and leaving for a new server – here’s how to transfer your New World character.New World server transfers are currently live, however some players are unable to close all their open trading post contracts in order to transfer characters across. Additionally, there are a few reports of players being erroneously banned after transferring servers.

Before transferring, ensure you leave your company and remove all your trading post buy and sell orders, and leave your character in a settlement or outpost. Also note that your friends list will not carry over, so say your farewells now.

When you transfer, you keep your levels, currency, inventory, quest progress, houses, and crucially, your New World faction alliance. Bear this in mind if you intend to join a different faction on your new server. You can change factions once every 120 days, but you cannot switch to the faction that controls the most territory on the server. Therefore, if the faction you want to join on your new server controls the most land, be sure to switch factions before switching servers – that is, of course, if that faction isn’t also dominant on your current server.Once you’re ready to move servers, it’s time to redeem your character transfer token. This can be obtained for free from the in-game store after logging in to the character you want to transfer. Simply open the store, navigate to the ‘World Transfer’ section on the left, and redeem your free single use token.

The available servers will be displayed – choose your destination and click ‘Select World’ to proceed. There is a final confirmation screen before you lock in your server transfer.That’s all there is to it – if you’re interested in PvP on your new server, check our New World PvP guide; we’ve also got a guide on how to get the best New World gear and find the best New World fishing spots.

WoW: Shadowlands' New Raid Cinematic Shows The Fate Of Sylvanas

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' new raid, the Sanctum of Domination, culminates in a confrontation with Sylvanas Windrunner, who for multiple expansions has served as one of the game's primary villains. A new cinematic that plays upon the raid's completion shows what's next for Sylvanas, and it's left more than a few fans divided.To get more news about buy wow items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

At the end of the Sanctum of Domination, the Jailer, the big-bad Sylvanas has been working for, achieves his goal of obtaining the sigils of the various realms of the Shadowlands, becoming more powerful and receiving a wardrobe change in the process. He then opens a portal to...somewhere, and tells the various leaders of Azeroth in attendance, as well as Sylvanas, to kneel and serve him as he plots to unmake and then remake reality.

This rubs Slyvanas the wrong way. She has served the Jailer willingly up to this point, but seeing the Jailer making use of a brainwashed Anduin Wrynn reminds her of being forced against her will to serve Arthas, back when she was killed and turned into a banshee in Warcraft 3. Sylvanas shoots an arrow at the Jailer in defiance and says she will "never serve." To which the Jailer decides to (checks notes) reward her by apparently giving Sylvanas her soul back, which had been claimed by Arthas via Frostmourne all those years ago. The Jailer then says he will leave Sylvanas to the mercy of the Jaina Proudmoore, Thrall, and Bolvar Fordragon, before proceeding to step through his magic portal with Anduin at his side.

Many players, particularly Alliance and Night Elf players, have been itching for payback against Sylvanas. And while the cinematic does seem to imply the former Banshee Queen might have to answer for her war crimes eventually, the fact that Sylvanas has reclaimed her soul and defied the Jailer all point towards a redemption arc that many fans were not interested in seeing.

It will likely be months before fans learn what's next for the WoW storyline when the inevitable patch 9.2 releases, but just when players thought Sylvanas might finally meet her end, it turns out she still has a big part to play, for better or for worse.

The game's latest patch has drawn the ire of players not only for its story but also over its new Shards of Domination system, which many players felt didn't respect their time and efforts over the past seven months. It's decisions like that, as well as the game's storyline, that have seen more than a few longtime WoW players jumping ship from Blizzard's MMO to Final Fantasy XIV. WoW's biggest streamer, Asmongold, recently played Square-Enix's MMO on stream for the first time July 3, helping to break the game's concurrent player record on Steam in the process.

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